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Bestgirlz Apr 30, 6:39 PM
Great profile picture
Tumerking Apr 22, 5:17 PM
Hey, I'm alive too. Sorry for the late-ish reply. No real excuse. I'm just lazy.

Girlfriend visit went well, as usual. The trips really aren't that expensive for me. In the 3+ years I've known her I've visited her three times. Two of those times I used a $200 delta gift card I got for Christmas and the other time my dad just outright "bought" a ticket for me with his saved up miles. He's crazy about traveling and leaves the country at least once a month with his partner (My dad is gay for real. Seriously.) so he's always got tons of miles. So I'm pretty lucky with that aspect. Plus I've worked for several years and just lived at home saving up money. Also my girlfriend is a not-insane feminist and insists that I never buy her anything outside of birthdays and stuff. So she always buys her plane tickets, meals, movie tickets, etc herself. It's pretty sweet. I'm really lucky.

But now she's interning for a year and working 80 hours a week and I'm graduating in like 10 days and should hopefully be getting a full time, grown-up job soon so it'll be next to impossible for us to visit each other over the next year. It's going to suck, but what can you do? I study Dutch 30 minutes every day and hopefully in around two years I'll get to move over there permanently.

But enough about that. I always feel super weird about talking about my relationship with other people. Maybe it's because I spent 24 years "foveralone" and know what it feels like to absolutely NOT want to hear about that shit. As far as mental problems go, yea having a relationship does not cure them in any way. I feel like I have enough field research in both areas to make that conclusion. Though getting catfished by a catgirl certainly wouldn't help anything. That's rough dude.

Sorry, that you're officially semi-retarded. If it helps, you come across like a normal guy in your messages. I would never have thought anything otherwise unless you told me. But hooray for money? Idk. It sounds like one of those gray area, mixed bag situations.

I started Ajin and was pretty into it for a while, but for whatever reason I lost interest and have since ghost-dropped it. The CG really didn't bother me too much and I think it even helps bring an otherworldly quality to the ajin ghosts. And have you seen the old man in the hat? He looks so badass strutting around with his arms out like a gorilla. No, Ajin didn't really do anything poorly, but after around 10 episodes I started to realize that it wasn't going to truly end with the anime and the manga is still ongoing. Watching 13 or 26 episodes and not getting an ending felt really dissatisfying. I would either have to wait around several years for more anime or start over and read the manga and then wait a month for each chapter.

I just don't have that kind of commitment inside of me anymore. I've tried a few times, but I just don't think I'll ever like any manga or anime again. I read Shingeki once a month and that's really it. The only anime I've seen in the past several years that I really like is One Punch Man. Maybe another smash hit like OPM will come out one day and I'll love it, but until then I'm going to stop looking for it.

I have my fantasy books which give me just as much if not more enjoyment than manga or anime did. I watch football and it's baseball season now and I just don't have a ton of extra time to dedicate to even more media consumption anymore. Christ, I sound like such a grumpy, middle-aged man. I've grown out of anime/manga. Whatever. It happens.

As for Boke dake Machi, I watched it like two years ago and wasn't using MAL at the time so I forgot to put it on my list. Another one of my failed attempts at liking anime again. That was the time travel anime with the least amount of actual time travel I've ever seen. So disappointing. Also lolis make me fucking vomit.

I think I'm pretty typed out at this point.

In summary: I don't read or watch anime/manga anymore and I don't know what I'm still doing on this site aside from conversing with you. Well actually I guess I do know.

Until next time, friend.
luxray_lord Mar 11, 1:04 PM
ah thank you for the wishes, always nice to know some fellow aria/akatsuki no yona fans are actually around
Fall Mar 10, 8:09 PM
No, usually it'd be the ceiling, you know.
Fall Mar 8, 9:56 PM
Hey, what's up?
xbobx Mar 5, 8:40 PM
Did I mention the main characters are turbodykes?

10/10 masterpiece.
xbobx Mar 5, 8:23 PM
Yo, no biggie.

>I did once come across a story about an actual serial killer that reviewed items, such as shovels, locks, handcuffs and the like, giving accurate opinions on their usefulness through experience.
Heh. If that's what got him busted, it would be pretty funny. Imagine the headlines:
"Serial killer tracked down after police receives anonymous internet tip about suspicious marketplace review: 'they say milk makes your bones stronger, but I didn't expect it to be stronger than this shitty axe' more on page 6"
Somewhat unrelated but kind of reminds me of this video that was floating around Facebook a few weeks ago. We have a Craigslist equivalent here and oh boy, this video is so accurate. You never know who is 69_GhostDragon_BR that's selling you this used My Little Pony plushy.

Ah, those movies are actually quite accurate representations of the state of Rio de Janeiro and its homonym capital city. Imagine Detroit or City of Mexico but with an even more corrupt government, the same amount of guns and drugs, plus some soccer fanatics that also happen to be drug lords (how's the hooligan situation on the UK, anyway?). It got to the point where just last month, it was declared state of emergency and the goddamn army is on the streets.
Luckily for me, though, here in my state people are kind enough to just rob you, no stabbing or shooting necessary. A more elegant crime for a more civilized region.
(If you're into international cinema, I definitely recommend you watch this one, it's like Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand but a bit more critical and less ...stupid.)

>How come Chrno still, iirc, killed Aion off-page in the manga? To stop him as he'd gone too far by then?
Now I'm the one with a foggy memory, but I'd guess it's something along those lines. I see it more as like Aion wanting a "knight's death" by Chrono's sword than anything else. I mean, he knew he was done and he'd either go down with Pandaemonium or spend the last of his days in some top secret prison.
Having him charge at his opponent after speaking the truth about his intentions and giving closure to their relationship is something I grew to expect from a writer whose ancestors would "honorably" kill themselves when facing "honorable" defeat.
Nips are a weird bunch.

>I suppose the shounen-ish looking male lead didn't appeal to me.
Inuyasha (as a character and series) can be quite annoying sometimes. Either it's because they are jobbing to some lame monster of the week, due to irrelevant side-stories about a village nobody cares about or even thanks to Inuyasha's constant screaming and yelling.
My guess is that I only made it through the entire series in a single run because of my obsession with Kagome. Every time she'd show up with a different outfit or expression it would be eye candy, and the episodes about her "normal" schoolgirl life were simply the best.
It had potential to be an excellent series but it dragged on for too long and Rumiko's stubbornness to keep it a prince saving the princess in distress until the very end spoiled it for me.
Still a solid 7 thanks to the lovely character designs, Mikuru/Sango chemistry, soundtrack and Kagome.

Still on topic of action/fantasy, Nanoha is a franchise that I just recently had the pleasure to fully experience.
I found about it years ago but the first couple of episodes threw me off, it looked just like another repetitive Sailor Moon, so I dropped it and never looked back.
Decided to give it another try because why the fuck not and HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE BEST SERIES EVER OH MY FUCKING GOD.
The first season sure starts slow but as it gains momentum things go from "been there, done that" to me physically punching the air whenever Nanoha was beating the shit out of bad guys. AND IT GETS BETTER. The second season is so action packed that I just took a break after I realized it was already 5 AM and I had classes in a few hours. Finally, the hype comes to a end with the 3rd season as your main lolis are no longer fun-sized but instead busty MILFs (that can still kick your ass) and the franchise takes a more political/philosophical turn. Less punching, more intrigue but still exciting.
The triumph of this series is that it isn't a dumbed down mahou shoujo but instead, is filled with overly-complicated sci-fi elements, mecha-like power ups and an incredibly detailed and well developed universe.
It's been 2 months and I'm still in love with it.
LipstickOnMyDick Mar 3, 8:35 AM
I don't understand why you ignores me.
Tumerking Jan 30, 5:39 PM
Hey, how's it going? On your profile it says you last logged in a week ago so you're probably at least alive. Also, while I'm on the subject of your profile what happened to our anime/manga affinity? 11.2/14.9% respectively? What the hell is going on with that? Back in the day it was like 50-60 right? MAL must have fucked with the formula at some point. They've fucked with a lot of shit on this site.

I'm getting side tracked. Life update: Literally the day after I messaged you my girlfriend told me she had enough time off in February to come visit me. She got her plane ticket right then and her flight gets here the day after tomorrow. That's why I'm writing this message now because otherwise I would have had to put it off for two more weeks and then I would have been feeling shitty after she left and put it off for two more weeks and it just would have been a whole thing. Besides I finished Inuyashiki a few days ago and It's better that I type to you with it fresh in my mind. Also, because my girlfriend is coming to visit I stopped applying for internships/entry-level jobs temporarily until she leaves. I didn't want to deal with work or interviews while also trying to cram six months worth of sex into thirteen days. My priorities are out of wack, I know. Getting a girlfriend didn't fix my mental problems.

Inuyashiki: I rated it a 6, but it has the same Gantz-like quality of being so in-your-face, over-the-top that I couldn't help but keep watching. There were actually a lot of parallels to Gantz I saw other than the blatant posters on the bedroom wall (which, yes, I did enjoy a lot. Proof that somewhere deep down inside of me a tiny little anime heart still beats). Oku can write a really good premise and he's really good at ramping up violence to absurd and shocking levels. But substance-wise? Character development? Plot? He's hopeless. The reason that Gantz worked (for most of it's run) is that most of the main plots (missions) didn't lead into each other fluidly. The randomness of being teleported from slice-of-life to hyper death mission was an actual physical part of the story. Oku didn't give himself that same luxury in Inuyashiki so his biggest glaring weakness was on full display.

Oku could never decide where he wanted Hiro's character to end up. At first he was a pretty interesting sociopathic serial killer, but then that girl let him live with her for some reason which didn't make any sense. Why would a school girl let a known serial killer live with her? Just because she thought he was cute? Like he was using her apartment as a home base for mass murder. He literally told her to her face that the news was right and he regularly shoots people. I saw it as Oku's failed attempt to try and humanize Hiro, but we've seen him shoot small children in the head on separate fucking occasions and you just can't come back from that so quickly. His little redemption at the end felt stupid and hollow. I feel like Oku should have kept him purely sociopathic instead of doing a half-assed attempt at making him likable.

I also felt like Oku could have done a lot more with robotic super hero Jesus people. For example, why didn't people in the world about it? Hiro went into a police headquarters and killed 100 police officers and SWAT members and left without a cut. People were shooting him with machine guns point blank. He was CLEARLY shooting them with his finger tip. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HIM BEING AN IMMORTAL ROBOT. It wasn't mentioned in any of the several news reports we saw. People weren't talking about it on the internet. It was bizarre. Gantz could get away with it because the characters were mostly just interacting with themselves and they were invisible on missions, but in Inuyashiki characters are directly interacting with the flying Jesus robot people all the time. And at least in Gantz when people finally did see the Gantz members they had the wherewithal to question what the fuck they were looking at. It made the Inuyashiki universe feel cheap and fake. The CGI parts were mostly ugly too.

But hey, even with all that I still found a way to enjoy it. Oku is just good at crazy violence. It was fun if I turned my brain off.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Are you up to date with the manga? It's about the only thing I still read outside of books (I'm on the second GoT book btw). Shingeki has actually been pretty good lately. I'm legitimately liking it a lot. The build-up to the 'final' battle was really tense and I actually have some hope that it might even have a good ending. Mikasa finally appeared post-timeskip and I think you'll like her design.

How is there going to be an anime on vol 24-26 when they haven't adapted the chapters that come before? Are they going to do like a quikie recap thing? I don't get it.

Vikings: I guess I'll put season 3 on my hypothetical watch list. I'm not making any promises that I'll actually finish it though. 20 episodes seems like a few too many.

I'm out of energy now. I'm going to recharge by playing some Minecraft and then take a good long sleep. Good luck with your retard test.

Tot ziens!
Mello6 Dec 31, 2017 8:21 AM
Hello! Nice review on Battle Royale, Can you tell me where you read the novel?
Kisumi24 Dec 28, 2017 10:57 PM
One questionnnn, where is the picture on your profile from?

Edit: Wait nvm, found it
xbobx Dec 15, 2017 1:15 PM
A belated reply to a belated reply makes everything fine.

Amazon reviews are a surprisingly good source of information. There's a lot of people with obscure niche blogs that reviews the product on their site and then paste it on Amazon. So you can sometimes find actual comprehensive reviews with pictures, details and et cetera. It's also fun to read the passive-aggressive rage reviews and the baits "I bought this for my shy daughter and now she spends a lot of time with her girlfriends" for series like Prisma Illya.
>Whereabouts do you live if it cost you THAT much for shipping?
Brasil. The only place on Earth that can't be ICBM'ed or invaded by any foreign nation because upon arrival they would be submitted to customs and get taxed 150% + fees on their belongings. Not to mention their weapons and supplies arriving through cargo planes and ships would also be lost by our excellent and reliable public postal service.
Jokes aside, I usually end up paying ridiculous amounts for shipping because, aware of the chaos, most online retailers already boost it so it can include the import taxes, theoretically speeding up the process.
For Chrono, though, the huge price was a result of me choosing FedEx instead of USPS so when it arrived here it would be handled by FedEx BR instead of "Correios" (our USPS) which would certainly destroy and/or loose all my books.

>but didn't Chrno and Aion have a heart-to-heart at the very end? I distinctly recall Aion referring to Chrno as his brother... been too long.
In the manga, yea. But not in the anime.
It's one of my favorite chapters actually. By volume 7 we already knew Chrono and Aion, along with the other sinners, were long-time friends thanks to the previous flashbacks but it's during their final 1v1 that we get all the truth (and the stuff about the demons actually being aliens). They were indeed blood-related brothers.
When the "demons" arrived, their AI supercomputer that controlled most of the ship's (Pandemonium) system malfunctioned and they required a replacement. After attempting with multiple demon "voluntaries" they found out that a human woman was a perfect match (for PLOT reasons), therefore abducting her and stitching the girl to some tech-whatever-control-core. It just happens that she was pregnant, of twins. Then, once again for PLOT reasons the demons decided to keep the kids and raise them because they believed both would become very powerful thanks to this organic affinity to Pandemonium's goo or whatever.
They eventually do become strong. Strong enough to make the elders fear them and discriminate against them. Aion tries to understand why and eventually discovers the whole story.
Already pissed with the manner their society was organized and the dictatorship of the elders, he decided to rebel and start an uprising. The uprising became a civil war, and the rest we all know.
I can't really hate him. Just like Chrono concludes in the end, he had a "good" goal but got lost along the path.

> Is that Kyouko from Maison Ikkoku?
Same author, different series. That's actually my wife Kagome from the first Inuyasha ED (the ferris wheel one).
I rewatched everything (EVERYTHING) a couple of months ago. Mostly out of nostalgia after listening to some Do as Infinity songs again, but also because I never got to watch the Final Act.
Nostalgia truck hit like a fully loaded train. I honestly can't listen to any of those ending themes, especially Ayu's Dearest, without tearing up.
They are just too damn good.
Tumerking Nov 30, 2017 8:33 PM
Hello, again. Like you, I don't really know why I keep coming back to MAL. Usually I come back here to look up a manga or anime I happen to hear about by chance online somewhere. A part of me still has the desire to read a really engrossing manga or watch some new interesting anime, but it hasn't happened for years. I recently tried watching 'Made in Abyss' with it's ridiculous 8.9 rating but only got two episodes in before the overly fluffy cute character designs bothered me too much to continue. I doubt I'll find any manga/anime series worth consuming anytime soon. Still eagerly awaiting the next season of One Punch Man though so no reason to delete my account quite yet. Plus there are my messages with you of course.

About my internship hunting: Applied to dozens of places and barely heard a peep. Never got interviewed. Shit is way tougher than I thought. I'm focusing on trying to get an internship that starts around January/February, but my hopes aren't high. Still going to try, though. Nothing else to do. My last semester starts in a month and I'm honestly looking forward to school work. The past few months have been me sitting at home not working or studying. I'm falling into old procrastinating habits and becoming comfortable with lazy days filled with reading, television, and video games. It really scares me how much I enjoy that kind of life. I can't wait for the miserable day to day grind of being productive.

Have you had your 'Am I crazy enough to get money?' interview yet? What exactly are you hoping for? On the one hand you're mentally challenged, but you get money. On the other hand you're mentally okay-ish, but then you have to get a job.

About Belgium: My girlfriend's home town is a little mining town made up of a lot of second/third generation immigrants mostly from Greece, Italy, Turkey, and other southern European countries. She's half Greek herself. It seemed perfectly fine to me, but I wouldn't call it classy. There are a few bad areas in Belgium and even one city my girlfriend calls "terrorist town", but we obviously didn't go there. We went around Antwerp and Brussels with no issues. The only problem we had with anybody was in her tiny town when she got cat called by some (white) guy she went to high school with. I had no idea what was happening at the time since he was speaking Flemish, but she told me later he said stuff about her ass. It was a really awkward and gross situation, but it didn't involve Muslims or migrants.

Of course you're the one guy who didn't like Witcher 3. Don't get me wrong, it's not the kind of game I'd ever play by myself, but sitting next to somebody it was kind of great. The only games I actually play on my own are pokemon and jrpgs. I'm all about that turn based gameplay.

Also you read the Game of Thrones books right? I just finished the first one. I'm purposefully not going to rush through the series. I'm reading some other books before I start the next one to try and preserve 'good GoT' as much as possible. I keep getting told over and over again how bad books 4 and 5 are and I believe it. The only thing that gives me hope is that they can't possibly be as bad as season 6. I know I said it in my last message, but season 6 fucking blows dicks. Really.

I watched the first two seasons of Vikings. You've been pushing this series on me for years and I hate to say it, but it was just kind of average. Maybe even bellow average. Ragnar is an interesting main character and his wife is as MILF as MILFs get. Seriously, like damn. But every character in the show goes through rapid and unfounded development. Ragnar's brother goes from a rapist wanting to murder his brother so badly he starts a war to...not wanting to murder him. I'm assuming because the plot demanded the main character not to die. Then you have the monk who is a fucking monk and after a time skip he's slaughtering his fellow countrymen with an ax. No explanation given. Or was the shrooms and sex scene supposed to tell the viewers that he's an ax murder now? By the way that dude got literally nailed to a cross by his hands and feet and two episodes later was walking around with no scars on his hands. Apparently crucifixions are only minor flesh wounds. And Siggy. Why is Siggy in the show at all? And we have to talk about the pacing. The pacing is as wild as I've ever seen in a TV series. Over the 19 episodes I watched there were like 5 time skips and they all came at such random times. Sometimes in the middle of an episode. It was nauseating. I never knew when I was. Also Ragnar's second wife has an ugly bitch face. Doesn't make any sense that he'd cheat on his hottie wife with a girl you can only fuck in the dark.

Anyways, sorry for shitting on one of your favorite shows. It just wasn't for me.

I'll look into maybe watching Inuyashiki in the future. I will say that my love of Gantz hasn't aged well. It's more of a nostalgia-ish "I loved it when I was an angsty teenager" kind of love. Maybe I just don't like manga/anime anymore? Ugh. I don't know. Problems for later. I've been typing for way too long.

I'll see you later, man. Good luck with everything.
OfficialRage Nov 27, 2017 8:06 PM
you recommendation text on NLH-aku no hana is beautifully written. great view
Ankithadam Nov 2, 2017 6:48 AM
Cos I read your review of when you cry part part 2 there is good conclusion...please watch it...and you could watch it online in or etc