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Tumerking Feb 12, 8:00 AM
Been a while buddy. I know we’re no strangers to year long hiatuses, but I’ve been going through a bit of a weeaboo renaissance lately and haven’t had anyone to share/vent with. Figured I might as well dump my thoughts here while they’re still somewhat “fresh”. Feel free to respond to or ignore however much you want. Let’s start with something you’ll be familiar with.

Attack on Titan: It’s done done. The finale that never wanted to end. Good god, did they ever drag this out to stupid proportions. Felt more like something I had to watch rather than something I wanted to. Also, idk if it’s just me but I felt like they fucked up the one last good moment in the series - where Mikasa chops Eren’s head off. In manga, it’s more ambiguous and you don’t realize she did it until her little vision is over and she’s tonguing him. But in anime you fully see her sword go through his entire neck before her vision starts. I get it’s a small thing, but not a fan of that interpretation. Also thankfully they cut out the “Thanks for the genocide, Eren xD” dialogue, but still wasn’t nearly enough to salvage the ending. First half of the series was lightning in a bottle and nothing they changed/cut would ever make this last half hold a candle to it. Glad we can all finally move on now (pls god don’t let there be an AoT: The next generation)

Heavenly Delusion: Not exactly sure how this one landed on my radar to be honest. I think it was rec’d by a youtuber or something. In any event, the premise really intrigued me. Post apocalyptic world, strange monsters, and a very bizarre side story involving a futuristic school with strangely powerful children and a hidden agenda. It’s all connected, but how exactly is a mystery the show isn’t quick to reveal. It’s a recent show only premiering in 2023 so only one season (13 episodes) out at the moment and I think that’s to its advantage. A big part of the appeal is all the unexplained crazy shit that comes out of nowhere so I think once the series progresses and it needs to start explaining some of this stuff, it might lose some appeal. But at the moment it’s an entertaining watch which is good at grabbing your attention and stringing you along.

Nana: This one is because of my wife. A few months ago she started learning Japanese out of the blue. She likes learning and studying and wanted a challenging subject which would take her a while to master, thus she landed on learning a difficult language. This has included hours and hours of Japanese flash cards, Japanese vocab books, podcasts, and of course anime. One of the anime my wife watched when she was a teenager was Nana and so she wanted to revisit it again as an adult learning Japanese. I joined her at her request and this show has definitely been…strange. It was partly what I expected: Very shoujo art style, lots of melodrama, lots of focus on romance. But there were some parts I didn’t expect: Like how the main character states in the very first episode that she had an affair with an older married man when she was still in high school…and that she loved him…and that she didn’t even know his name. Just an all-time naive and delusional character, but also I’ve never seen a main character get taken advantage of so consistently like this. Like I’m 21 episodes in and it’s happened kind of a lot to her so far. I really just want her to grow a spine and mature a bit, develop as a character, etc. But according to my wife things actually get worse as the series progresses. Apparently the series will just keep getting more and more depressing. I never dabbled much in Shoujo so this has been a bit of an eye opening experience for me. I still can’t say it’s actually any good (It tackles adult themes of sexual relationships and self worth and doesn’t handle them particularly gracefully), but it’s more interesting than I thought it’d be. Why on earth my wife was watching this when she was 14, I have no idea.

Hunter x Hunter: God, what a shitshow. I fully blame this one on a Youtuber I like. He mentioned it was his favorite shounen in a few videos over the course of several years, and I figured I was already watching one anime so I might as well start another one. My job was also pretty busy at the time and a bit stressful so I wanted something simple and nostalgia-y to watch after work. So a shounen that aired around the same time as Naruto, Bleach, etc. felt like a decent fit. It started out pretty fucking awful. But then again lots of anime / manga start out slow and then eventually build to something greater. I kept waiting for HxH to have its “Zabuza arc” moment or its “Chunin Exam” epic level fights or something akin to Gaara vs Rock Lee or some twist or death or betrayal or literally anything at all interesting that would hook me. I’m 77 fucking episodes in and it never happened. All of the fights are shit. Every single one. The most entertaining thing they did was transport their souls into a video game and play dodgeball. That isn’t sarcasm. It was nice to turn my brain off for 20 minutes and watch a cartoon after work, but I wish I had spent that time watching an actually good cartoon instead of this mess.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Speaking of good cartoons. This was actually one my wife wanted to watch and I figured at the very least the fights in this show would be much better than Hunter x Hunter. And yes, I was correct. The 1st season is mostly about cool, epic fights. And that’s kind of it. And then the 2nd season surprised me with just how much better it was than the 1st season in every way. Characters get more depth and the fights get even more epic and larger scale. Animation is also top notch. Funny how MAPPA animated both JJK and the final seasons of AoT. They clearly had a favorite and spoilers it wasn’t AoT. This series is mainstream popular right now and I think it’s pretty deserved. I rec it if you’re in the mood for a bit of action with great production quality. Probably my favorite thing I’ve seen in the past few years next to Chainsaw Man. (yes, I understand I haven’t seen much, but still…)

Chainsaw Man: I never really had any intention of reading the manga, but when I saw the announcement trailer for the Chainsaw Man movie “Reze Arc”, it gave me a good vibe and I decided to take the dive. And I’m glad I did. It’s sometimes sweet and sometimes batshit insane, good characters, hyper violence action, and some solid twists and turns. Despite it being ongoing, “Part 1” has ended with most of the main storylines concluding and “Part 2” is a bit of a sequel + reboot combined. Part 2 is a bit slower and not as good as part 1, but then of course it would be. But I still think part 1 is good enough on its own to recommend.

Blood on the Track: Almost not worth mentioning since I can see you already dropped it. I finished it only because I noticed all the chapters were out and it’s also a very quick read with lots of textless pages. Still not worth your time. MILF goes to jail/asylum, there’s a 20 year time skip, main character is a depressed loser factory worker, his mom is free now but old with dementia or some such, they meet, she gives her childhood backstory about her parents not loving her, she falls down stairs or something and he takes care of her until she dies. The end. Saved you a bunch of time and spared you from seeing the main dude wash the literal shit off of his old decrepit mother. And yes, that does take up an entire chapter. Thank me later.

I think that’s about everything anime/manga related for now. Maybe more to come in the near future. We’ll see how long my renaissance lasts.

In real life news, my wife and I are in the process of buying a house. Our offer was accepted and once all the paperwork, loans, etc. are done we’ll probably be moving in in a few months. Took longer than I would have liked to get to this point (3 and a half years living with her family), but it’s finally happening. A lot of time and effort and furniture will need to be put into the new house, but I’ll gladly pay that price for a bit of privacy. Can’t even shit in our house right now without someone listening.

Okay, that’s all. Way too typed out but had to blow this load before too much time passed and everything went soft. Hope you’re still alive and such.

Goodbye again, my friend.
Tumerking Apr 24, 2023 6:36 AM
Hi again,

Feel like it's about time for my yearly message. I'm actually typing this out at work right now since I aint got nothing else to do atm. One of the reasons IT support is a nice job. When it's slow, I can always watch youtube, browse the internet, etc. I even read that web comic, solo leveling, at work. I think it was rec'd by someone on youtube or something. As you can tell by my rating it a 6, it wasn't really all that good. It's kind of a typical story about a world where some people were randomly granted powers one day and the protag was one of them. But SHOCK he's actually super weak. Until one day when he's randomly granted powers AGAIN but this time he's super strong and keeps getting stronger! I guess that's what you call an Isekai? Where there's like a leveling system like a video game? For all my weebness, I'm actually completely unfamiliar with Isekais so this was my first attempt at the genre. Quite disappointing eventually. It started off as a kind of power fantasy which is perfectly fine, but once the main character basically becomes the strongest person in the universe it gets extremely stale extremely quickly. The isekai leveling aspect is almost entirely dropped, and the author feels it's necessary to remind you how super awesome and strong and cool and badass the main character is ALL THE DAMN TIME. It's incredibly cringe. I would not recommend it to anyone. But it was a quick and easy read while at work and once I was about half way through I just felt like completing it even though my heart wasn't in it anymore. Spoilers: Even though women blush at the very sight of him since he's so strong and cool and handsome (also yes, he gets sexier as he levels up), he never gets with any of them. I get it's not that kind of story, but still. Kind of pathetic.

Oh yea, my job: Natsu is what Natsu is. Pretty cringe and weeby, but I guess my line of work attracts that kind of person. In another life where I don't grow up with crippling social anxiety I could've turned out similar. I don't watch enough (re: any) anime to engage in weeby conversations with him so thankfully I feel like I'm spared from the worst. Work is mostly fine, all things considered. I don't think my company really attracts weebs, but there are a handful of actual Japanese people who move here temporarily to work in our office. And let me tell you, it's kind of a trip. The first time I helped a Japanese guy with a computer problem and he unironically gave me a half bow and said "Thank you Adam-san" a small part of me felt fulfilled. Definitely something my weeb brain will never forget.

I'm indeed still married, but it's not all sunshine and daisies. We still live in her mom's house with her two (lazy and messy) brothers and as a fairly recently married 32 year old I would like to move out and live together just with my wife. But my wife doesn't want to move out...yet. She doesn't want to rent something or buy an apartment. She wants to buy a house and she doesn't want to take out a big loan. This means we'll be living with her mom and two (again, VERY messy) brothers for some indefinite amount of time. Possibly 2-3 more years. Or longer. Idk. As a very private and introverted person I really crave a place of my own which is nice and clean and organized and quiet and right now I live somewhere which is kind of the opposite of that. And now my wife gets mad at me for essentially dishonoring her family home whenever I bring up wanting to move out. Very frustrating. I don't know if life ever stops being hard no matter what you do. As sad and unhealthy as it is I sometimes find myself craving my old life of sitting in a room, alone, with no responsibilities. Old habits die hard and all. I'll just need to keep powering through. It's not like we'll be living in her mom's house forever...

Chainsaw Man: Back to fun stuff. I wasn't 100% sold on the first episode either. Kind of strange and directionless I felt. But the animation was just so damn good. And I agree with you completely, the show is just such a vibe. The first few chapters of the manga that I tried some years ago just didn't have that. I love how Denji is motivated by and thinks about sex all the time, but I do wish he wasn't literally 16...I don't know why literally every shounen character has to be a child. He could've easily been made 18 to remove a lot of the creepiness factor (Wasn't eye patch girl an adult? Was her seducing him predatory? Also why was it so hot?), but I digress. It still feels like a shounen for people who are tired of shounen. That episode where the snake girl and katana man attack the squad and eye patch girl dies was actually a revelation. They came completely out of nowhere and tragically killed off a character we had just gotten to know and like. Just like that. So sudden. So impactful. Legitimately one of the best episodes of anime I've ever seen. Also that scene when the main lady who recruits Denji does that whole thing where she like strokes his hand and make him squeeze her boob...also a great episode. I'm all for female seduction. Give me more. Excited for season 2. Oh yea, and also the action is good too or whatever.

Shingeki: About time you finished it. I absolutely didn't like the ending. I think everything that happened after Eren and the squad came back from overseas is pretty weak. When I said I didn't hate the final chapter it was because it was par for the course with what Shingeki had been for the past couple years. The final chapter by itself doesn't deserve the hate it gets because that hate should be spread evenly across like 40 chapters. The final chapter didn't ruin Shingeki. It had already been ruined slowly and meticulously over time. The best days of AoT were well and truly in the past. Female titan reveal, Bertholt and Reiner reveal, beast titan, Erwin charge and that whole fight basically. Even Erin's sneak attack on Marly and the ensuing Paradis invasion was pretty epic. But the story telling after that is just messy and bad all the way until the last chapter. Fans just coped so hard that they believed the 40 bad and messy chapters were all going to eventually make perfect sense and the last chapter would be some God chapter which proved Eren was a 5D chess grandmaster brain wizard. But The story really does just fall apart into an incomprehensible and uncompelling mess. That's kind of it. I still had a ton of fun reading/watching the earlier parts. No swath of bad chapters will ever change that. It's the same reason I find the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones to still be some of the greatest television I've ever watched. Shit last few seasons, but I'll never not enjoy the first few.

I did watch the season 4 part 3 part 1 episode 1 part 1 extended episode and they did a good job animating it all. I'm curious how they'll treat the "Thank you for committing genocide" part, and if even main stream normies will react poorly to that. But who knows. I'm not holding my breath for the "final final part for real this time part 15" episode to drop.

Okay, that's about as much as I can type today. Thanks for the sundome milky way rec. I've got it favorited on my second web browser for a rainy day.

See ya.
Tumerking Dec 16, 2022 9:02 AM
Hey, been a while. I have no idea what we were talking about last time either so thanks for giving me a pass. I finally got a job in Belgium a few months ago, and I've had a lot less free time to type messages and such. So yes, I am still very much alive and married. The job is IT support, similar to my previous job in the states, and it's a very multinational company so everyone in the office speaks English. It's actually a Japanese company so there's probably a bit of irony considering I'm a weeb (former weeb?) typing about it on an anime website. Speaking of weebs, my new colleague, who started just a couple weeks ago, is a real treat. He loves Fairy Tail so much that he convinced his friends to call him 'Natsu' (This is the name of a Fairy Tail character I've recently learned) in real life, at least according to him... he also uses words like 'waifu' and even strongly recommended I watch the anime 'How Not to Summon a Demon Lord'. His reasoning? "It's very close to being Hentai!". He also chain-smokes and slurps redbull like he's some sort of caffeine vampire. A true work of art.

But I digress, let's talk about House of the Dragon: Similar to you, I didn't have high expectations going in, but goddammit if I didn't get sucked in after only a single episode. Season one was fucking great. Full stop. The performances by the actors of Daemon and especially King Viserys were incredible. All the acting really was very strong. I didn't mind the actress switch too much and I actually feel the increased pacing was good to make it feel more different from Game of Thrones. It's definitely a different kind of story. I'm looking forward to season 2 as well. Should be a lot of dying. I just hope they eventually stick the landing otherwise I'll never trust another show based in the GoT universe ever again. You heard they're working on a Jon Snow spin off too right? Should be utter shit.

As for the side story books, I don't think I can handle reading another unfinished GoT series. George recently said in an interview that he's still got 500 pages left of Winds of Winter. That could still take another decade and that's IF the 75 year old obese man has relatively good health. We're all doomed, my good friend. Doomed.

Sweet Home: I think we did talk about this in our old messages a bit? Yea, I definitely stalled. It just kind of kept going and going. The same characters kept fighting the same monsters over and over again. Started to get repetitive and the characters themselves were just never all that interesting. It's probably a drop from me. Was fun at the beginning, but overstayed it's welcome.

Chainsaw Man: Are you watching this? What the absolute fuck is this show? I tried reading the manga a long while back and never got past the first few chapters. It just didn't vibe with me. But the anime is a different beast. MAPPA really really put their A team on Chainsaw Man and it shows in every aspect. I don't see it on your list so I won't spoil anything, but I think you need to check it out. Trust me. I don't rec things lightly.

Naruto: I had seen that video before you posted it on my page. I'm a true Narutard through and through. I don't know how or why they would remake Naruto since I'm pretty sure they covered the entire manga beat for beat (with a lot of filler in between of course), but fuck me if I won't still watch it if they come out with a remake.

I think that's about all for now. Until next time, whenever that will be.
OneChad Jul 17, 2022 5:00 PM
Just finished Gantz and found your Battle Royal recommendation, and i'm hella sold thank u
necro_dancer Jul 2, 2022 5:59 AM
oh damn, i can't imagine paying for something like that XD

i actually think i found DearS through Chobits page ("similar to this anime"), thats another anime im avoiding for sure lol.

i have been looking into more obscure shows tho. i just finished Gilgamesh and... it was definitely a weird experience. the music and atmosphere were great but the animation and story/characters were absolutely terrible. it had one interesting idea that i hadn't seen anywhere else. basically some chemical explosion/nuke or whatever happens. now the sky just mirrors the ground and it has a "silver, murky look". added so much to the mood

>make me geek out to music when memories are attached

oh i know what u mean haha

my recommendations are "Sim City" and "Technique Of Relief" (sim city feels similar to berserk's ost so probably start with that. ToR is an awesome record too, many say its his best)
Estod Jun 10, 2022 9:18 AM
Cool Blue Flames recommendations. lol
I bet you wrote it long time ago and when you where much younger. Not many people are this bold nowadays.
ilalochezia Jun 4, 2022 10:05 PM
Your comment about the Laughing Man case having a more 'human edge' is curiously on-point; I've never thought of it like this before. Also your comparison between S.A.C. 2nd GIG and the Patlabor 2 Movie is insightful, especially the extent of Oshii's influence on the first one.
necro_dancer Apr 18, 2022 1:55 AM
Hey! i just saw your "DearS" review and i have to say its genuinely the funniest review i've ever seen on this site and its from 2009! looking up old posts/reviews is oddly fun lol

the art does look real crappy tho, so does the premise. i wonder what goes through their mind when they make stuff like this

on a side note, u got nice favorites! i really need to check some of these out. have u listened to Hirasawa's albums too or just the OSTs?
pyroisafk Apr 18, 2022 12:44 AM
I loved your recommendation on many series and I also see series like Maison Ikkoku, Rainbow, NHK, Ashita No Joe, Ginga Tetsudou 999, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu and Touch all being appreciated by someone which brings immeasurable happiness to my heart.
Tumerking Mar 18, 2022 10:40 AM
I know it's been a few weeks since my message, but I feel like I didn't really give you too many of my thoughts about Squid Game - of which I have many. My wife refused to watch it and I don't have any other friends on the internet or IRL so I haven't been able to vent about it until now. Anyways, here goes:

Positives: I thought the beginning was very strong. Shooting hundreds of innocent people so quickly and mercilessly in the first game was a huge shock and I think it was an excellent hook for the show. Nothing grabs people like piles of innocent dead bodies. The second episode being much slower and entirely about character development was also a good choice. In Gantz, some of the better chapters were just following the characters between the games and getting to know them in normal life a bit. It gives the story and the characters a lot of much needed weight. The marbles game was hands down the best part of the show specifically because we had grown to know and like the characters. Brutal and tragic just the way I like it.

Negatives: I already mentioned the horrible American actors in my first message so I won't go into that anymore here, but I do feel like their appearance, performances aside, is the weakest part of Squid Game. Finding out the game is run by psychotic rich people is kind of...meh. It's just not interesting. I think the cop character was doing some interesting things, but it was disappointing when his arc basically ended with a giant "See you in Season 2" screen.

Worst part of the show by far though is the glass jumping game. Every other game is more or less skill based with everyone having a somewhat equal chance...more or less. But the glass game is absolute pure randomness. They could have just as easily replaced the game with Russian roulette. And making people jump in a specific order is super duper not fair. Shit "game" design. And why the fuck did a random dude who worked in a glass factory show up out of fucking nowhere at the very end??? That's unforgivably lazy writing. And then after they beat the shitty fucking game all the glass explodes??? And because of that unnecessary explosion one of the 3 remaining characters gets mortally wounded by a shard of glass. Nothing like that happened at the end of any other game so it just felt like a shitty plot device. Which it was. And I don't know why. I think seeing the last 3 people in an empty room duke it out in a 1v1v1 knife fight would've been incredibly tense. But instead the girl can't fight at all and basically just dies of her wound. Pretty lame.

Overall: Despite it's flaws I thought it was mostly great. An 8-9/10. But as I mentioned in my first message I do really worry about season 2. They'll have to introduce an almost entirely new cast of characters, which isn't easy to do in a second season. Also people will be expecting horrifically brutal games of death from the get go so the shock value will be completely gone. And it seems like they might be focusing more on the people behind the Squid Games and the overarching plot which was the weakest part of the show to begin with. Similar to Gantz, this doesn't feel like a show that should want to spend time explaining itself. That didn't end well for Gantz and I can't imagine it will for Squid Game either. I'm glad more shows like this are being made, but this one in particular feels like it will be a one-season wonder. Hopefully I'm wrong. But I am excited for all the copycats that are going to come afterwards.

Anyways, NOW my 10 month break is going to begin.

- Adam
Tumerking Feb 23, 2022 9:45 AM
I haven’t waited too long to reply to your message, right? I think I ghosted you and left MAL for a couple years at one point so compared to that these six months should be nothing. Just need to re-read your messages and try to remember everything I’ve done in the last year or so.

I last sent you a message in May and you STILL haven’t finished Shingeki yet? Did cowboy Kenny really have so much of an impact on you during your re-read that you decided to drop the manga all together? You can knock out the final few volumes in an afternoon and finally put to rest what you started (and what you recommended I start) 10+ years ago. Yea, it’s not the same crazy shit balls thing we started reading pre-anime weebs, but there’s still a few good moments on the way to the end. Don’t turn into one of these anime-only “I wuv when da stowy haz cuwers and mooves” knucklefucks.

Berserk: Don’t show this message to anyone else, but Miura dying is almost certainly a mercy when it comes to Berserk tbh. Like our buddy George RR Martin he was writing so slowly and was so far away from the ending he was never going to finish it anyways. Both were writing their (needlessly way too long) magnum opus and both ran out of steam and ideas a fair bit ago. All anyone is waiting on now is for George to follow suit. It’s a shame. I love the Game of Thrones books. Even the 4th and 5th ones, which are absolutely worse than the first 3, I still like a ton. And like Berserk we’ll never even get close to a GoT ending. Makes me wish I actually hated the last couple books like some people because now I have something I want that I’ll never have. Fucking sucks.

Also, I don’t mind all those random people commenting “Berserk good, your taste is trash idiot!!!1 LOL” on my page. We were all fanboy weebs once. Some of us still are. I do have to delete a few of them sometimes to keep everything under control a bit though. And that snakepenises line in my Berserk review still makes me laugh to this day. I’ll never delete those reviews. I’m too sentimental.

Desuraba: It is what it is. The boobs to non-boobs pages ratio is quite good. Essentially about 5 women trying to sexily seduce/basically rape 5 virgin guys, but if the guys give in then they’ll turn into a monster or die or something. I’m into the whole ‘hot women trying to seduce guys trying to resist’ thing so it scratches an itch.

But I know a couple korean webtoons that are much better and smuttier and aren’t listed on MAL

Sweet guy: about a dude who gains the ability to touch people and make them super horny. Pretty cliche premise, but the artwork, women designs and ‘action’ scenes are exceptionally top quality. Didn’t really know they made smut with such good artwork until reading this one.

Sexercise: about a dude who signs up for a gym and finds out that (oh my god) you fuck hot girls for exercise. Again, artwork and women designs are really really good and I’m just personally a sucker for hot girls in spandex/exercise clothes which this webtoon has a ton of.

Yes, I’m married. So what?

Also I tried Prison School, but something about the artwork/character designs just doesn’t do it for me. A little too absurdist if you know what I mean? Appreciate the rec, but just not my jam personally.

An actual manga I actually read: Blood on the Tracks aka Chi no Wadachi. It's kind of meh. I see you dropped it at chapter 42 which was probably the correct move. The mangaka does the same shit he always does by just making shit up as he goes along. Works really well for a bit as he’s good at setting a creepy atmosphere and really emphasizing every “important” line of dialogue or twist in the story, but eventually you realize it’s not really going anywhere. It’s just twisting and twisting and twisting in on itself with nowhere to really go and nothing else to say. It’s one of those zombie manga that’s done all it set out to do, but I guess people keep buying it so the mangaka just keeps churning it out week after week. And my guess is that he’ll keep doing so until it isn’t popular anymore or he gets burnt out. Such as it is with most popular manga these days. Admittedly I did only read it because my wife kept talking about it, but even she agrees that it lost its way a while ago.

Real life: Family hasn’t been able to visit me, but my wife and I went to America a month ago for my older sister’s wedding.
Day 1: Saw my mom and sisters.
Day 2: Saw my dad and aunt.
Day 3: My wife tests positive for covid and we spend the next 6 days in a hotel room by ourselves and don’t see my family again for the rest of the trip. Shit. By some crazy random chance I tested negative every single day, and so I was actually able to go to my sister's wedding. I wore a mask and didn’t stay for the reception, but I was still there at least. Took a few pictures with my family too. Nobody else ever tested positive so luckily my wife was spared from becoming patient 0 and ruining a wedding, but it did kind of suck to only see my family for 2 days after not seeing them for 18 months. Oh, well. Next time, I guess.

Games: Don’t have any playstation or next gen console, unfortunately. We’ll probably get one at some point in the future (Elden Ring looks pretty good), but right now my wife and I are playing World of Warcraft. I know you’re not an mmorpg person, but it’s pretty chill if you’re not trying to min-max and get all the best gear and PvP and stuff. We pretty much exclusively collect mounts from old expansions that we literally can’t die in because we’re so overleveled. It’s fun to do while drinking on a Friday/Saturday night.

Shows: Squid Game like everybody else on the planet. I did almost turn it off when the American actors showed up. The cringe was unbearable. Though you know my tastes well enough. I love life or death games and Squid Game was no exception. Great stuff, dogshit American actors aside. I’m a little bit worried about season 2. No way it can possibly live up to the atmospheric level of hype the first season created.

The only other show I can tentatively recommend is Severance. I say tentatively because there’s only 2 episodes out at the moment, but it’s a good 2 episodes. It’s about the “severance” program which separates peoples work brain from their private life brain. It’s very psychological and mysterious. It’s a bit hard to describe so I’ll just link you the trailer

That’s all I got for now. Time for my regularly scheduled 10 month message break. Until 2023.

See ya.

- Adam
XyanZSE Feb 17, 2022 2:15 PM
Sorry for you but Hitoribocchi no Duet is a great opening!
TheMangaManiac Nov 6, 2021 7:33 PM
Anyone who likes Ikigami is goat in my book
Ezekiel_01 Oct 31, 2021 12:02 AM
Hello There! Randomly Stopping By

Gilsaber Aug 23, 2021 10:42 AM
Thanks for rec. I will surely check this out.

Do you have any other recommendations(any genre acceptable with little to no-romance)??
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