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Days: 194.3
Mean Score: 5.96
  • Total Entries1,347
  • Rewatched2
  • Episodes10,739
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Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga
Apr 29, 7:39 AM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 8
Apr 29, 7:24 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower
Apr 29, 7:10 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Manga Stats
Days: 122.5
Mean Score: 6.17
  • Total Entries871
  • Reread0
  • Chapters18,254
  • Volumes2,449
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Apr 22, 5:48 AM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 9
Stravaganza: Isai no Hime
Stravaganza: Isai no Hime
Apr 22, 5:25 AM
Completed 34/44 · Scored 8
Ningen Shikkaku
Ningen Shikkaku
Apr 22, 4:53 AM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 7


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PraiseTheSun123 Jun 7, 11:52 AM
I just want to say is that your Death Note review was the best review I have read so far on this site.
Ezekiel_01 May 21, 9:40 PM
Random Stranger Saying Hello

Boxter May 10, 2:12 PM
She basically becomes an historian. Zestiria refers to her by Maguelafica, her original name... She has written a lot of historical books in the 500 years that follow beseria.
Yautja May 6, 12:33 AM
Despite knowing all that I can't help but get drawn into them. It's something I try to ignore, but can't help myself with sometimes. I definitely could not agree more though. Especially with how most people nowadays, especially around the anime community (at least the ones that engage) seem to have no problem ignoring negative or positive comments they agree with or don't care about, but then get morally outraged at negative or positive opinions they disagree with, on the basis of a laundry list of ludicrous justifications which generally wind around to "I don't like what you said, so go away". I've at least managed to, generally, force myself into ignoring people I find predictable or who talk past me and my views into a shadow of them.

In spite of my negative views of MI, I can see there was genuine effort put into it, and plenty of "originality". It was, to some extent, realistic and certainly illicited genuine emotions beyond low hanging fruit like "I'm annoyed" or "this is stupid". Unfortunately, realism wasn't the and often isn't, the sole or defining factor of how I judge a story. If it was, I definitely would have given it a very high score.

While I think it definitely deserves a negative scoring, it's simply not comparable to some other things which I've branded with similar scores. Numbered scoring is so restrictive and lacking context, it's very 2D, and sometimes I wish there was a third dimension to it, to add needed context. While I do not like MI, I wouldn't "hate" or be irritated (re)reading the same way I'd hate, be irritated or worst of all, apathetic, (re)reading some genuine, unequivocal garbage like KanoKari, a manga I find which has an astounding amount of similar flaws to MI, with absolutely none of the virtues.

KnH is a whole other bag of worms, while I didn't score it as low as MI, I definitely would have a harder time rereading it precisely because of the lack of enjoyment, which I guess would be better expressed as emotion. I didn't feel anything reading it besides annoyance, unlike while reading MI. A really fine example of where scores simply do not tell the full story.

Cheers, it was nice meeting you. A true blue moon encounter on this website.
LoneWolf May 2, 6:41 AM
I'm getting there bro... 4 more years. I'm reclusive as well, but my job is essential so I'm ok with work. My mood has been kind of shit tbh, I enjoy going out and seeing friends so it was. I just don't have much motivation these days. Hopefully sometimes happens with my work and stuff... I just can't seem to let myself go low enough to the point where I feel like I need to achieve a new high. It sounds weird, but if I'm too comfortable with anime and videogames I just can't seem to get myself to do much else. I have an online course I'm doing too, but I've kind of put that off. I don't have much left though.

Speaking of Hiroaki 2 of his manga got anime recently. Blade of the Immortal and Waves, Listen to me... I'm actually really enjoying Waves. It's a nice change of pace and yeah I might actually consider buying the omnibus as the scans don't seem to be available and will probly not be for quite a while. It's just a matter of delivery time, cause everything is kinda crazy these days in terms of delivery lol.
Yautja May 1, 7:18 AM
To each their own, thank you. I really appreciate and respect the way you went about saying that. Most people nowadays cannot handle, for the life of them, different opinions / views merely existing, let alone ignore or forgo attempts to rebut them. Speaking of them reasonably is nearly unthinkable.

Having read your own review, many of the observations we make, particularly around the characters are identical, which makes the extremely contrasting conclusions and ratings all the more interesting. I could not agree more on love and hate.
Boxter Apr 29, 4:41 PM
Bandai seems not really interested in making true anime out of its best series handdown. (tales of) At least, most of the games themselve doesnt seems rushed and the sub studio behind the series seems like they can and will improve with time.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 23, 11:33 PM
Good Day! Randomly passing by.

I just made my Junketsu no Maria Anime Review. Here's the link to the review. Hope you check it out.

It's an anime I considered a hidden gem for the year 2015 in my opinion.

I value your feedback in my review. And if you find the review helpful and informative. I appreciate if you click the Helpful button to show your support.
LoneWolf Apr 21, 3:28 PM
Just wanted to say what's up. Hope you're doing ok during the crisis.
Boxter Apr 18, 4:50 PM
I see you are another fan of Maguelafica, alias Magilou.

Its also my favorite character of that game.

Probably my favorite comic relief character.
Tumerking Apr 16, 11:48 AM
Of course people assumed you were dead. Have you read your profile? That, coupled with being offline for 10 months would have lesser detectives deduce that you had died. Alas, I am now a grizzled veteran when it comes to the internet so I wasn't so easily fooled. I was aware of your PSN/XBONE activities for months. It was only after watching so much anime in such a short amount of time that I decided to give you a quick ring. What I didn't expect was for you to answer so quickly. Was this a coincidence or were you checking your page regularly without logging in? I've done the same thing myself in the past many times so I wouldn't blame you. Anyways, I think one surprisingly quick response deserves another.

I had forgotten Vinland Saga got an anime adaption. I might have to check that one out later. And I'll be sure to drop it post time-skip if the adaption decides to go that far. It's really a shame how the manga/main character turned out.

Kakegurui: Orgasming school girls in tights is kind of my jam. The gambling made for a nice environment to get everyone all riled up. The fact that in TWENTY-FOUR episodes they've never once played strip poker or something similar feels like a wasted opportunity. In fact, they could really do with slutting up the show a bit more. The whole show is seductive school girls gambling and let's be honest the gambling is pretty lame half the time (Not one, but TWO different "talent" competitions? Really?) and there's maybe one o-face every episode or two. And I feel like season 2 went backwards in terms of realizing the shows potential. A shame.

Devilman: Went in completely blind and was not expecting something so wild and crazy. Also wasn't expecting it to get so emotional at parts. Definitely in my top 5 anime. I've been looking for something else like this in terms of unabashed violence and nudity, but haven't been able to find anything. I think Gantz or Berserk might be the closest, but of course those are old news at this point. I will say that the ending of Devilman kind of fell flat for me. I feel like the show could've been longer and they could've spent more time developing all the side characters and their relationships with one another, but instead the world goes to shit and everything blows up all in the span of like one episode. I guess it's better to be left wanting more than wanting less...looking at you Game of Thrones.

FSN: To be totally honest I don't understand the order I'm supposed to watch the shows. Some sites say one is prequel to the other, some say it's a re-imagining of events. I have no idea. I've started Unlimited blade works on Netflix and after a god awful prologue which is mostly idle slice of life chit chat and way too long (45 minutes???) I actually started to enjoy episode 1 onward quite a bit. I'll have more thoughts once it's all over, but I'll look into Fate Zero afterwards.

I still very much have my job, but I'm working from home now. This means I get paid to watch youtube videos and send messages to you. To be fair I've been pretty busy the past few weeks since I work in the IT department and a bunch of old people are trying to figure out how to work from home for the first time in their lives. I'm even on-call after hours this week so I'll be getting paid a little bit of overtime every time someone needs help after 5:00. But because I no longer have to drive to and from work I essentially gain about an hour to an hour and a half every day. Which I guess I'm using to watch anime.

Other than that the quarantine hasn't really effected my daily life at all. I never went anywhere aside from work anyways. Although it has made my eventual move to Belgium a bit messy. Earlier this year we decided on a move date of September 1st and I started gathering all the necessary documents and then some dude went and ate a fucking bat and now everything is kind of up in the air. Everything SHOULD still be okay for September since there really isn't that much left for us to do, but still we just gotta play it by ear for now. Also we decided to forgo the domestic partnership and just get married right away after I move there. So there's that.

It's scary to leave everything behind and essentially start my life over, language and all, but the alternative is to stay home and do nothing at all for the rest of my life and I know what that feels like and it's fucking miserable. The sex aint bad either.

AoT: Glad I'm not the only one who just isn't feeling it anymore. Manga should have ended way back when Eren was on the mainland (whatever the fuck it's called) and fighting the founding titan. The reveal that he had been there undercover all along was great and it could've been a great "beginning of the end" type of twist. Kill the founding or whatever titan, collect the rest of the titan powers, force everyone to live in peace. Curtains. I admire the mangaka for turning the main lead into the main villain, it's just a shame he revealed it so sloppily along with the rest of the story. Seems like he's another Oku. Can come up with brilliantly entertaining concepts, but when it comes time for storytelling he just isn't very skilled. Or maybe he was ready to end it at a certain point, but was pressured into keeping the cash cow going (as is known to happen with manga) and now he's just doing whatever. Oh well. I'm still up to date with it. 30 minutes a month isn't too much commitment. And just FYI it hasn't gotten any better.

Okay, I think that's it for me. If you reply immediately don't expect another quick response. This is a one-time thing driven by a backlog of anime I had to report on. Thank you for giving me the chance to unload all of my thoughts before my opinions faded.

See ya.
Tumerking Apr 14, 12:42 PM
I know you're alive because you linked your psn profile on MAL and I can see you're still playing games /detective. I started watching (a few) anime again because of the quarantine: Kakegurui and the orgasm girls, Devilman Crybaby, and TWO different anime movies. And I've just started fate/stay night: unlimited blade works. I've watched more anime in 2 months than in the past 5 years combined. And now my only weeaboo companion is gone!

Such is life. Enjoy your sabbatical.
Naman97 Apr 1, 11:59 AM
Randomly found a post from you on Midori Days

Just completed, i liked it
MatchaTee Mar 28, 6:24 PM
Just wanted to say hi, incase you ever stopped by. I understand the anime escapist life all too well
Weeb_G0D Feb 1, 4:48 AM