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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 6: Stone Ocean
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 6: Stone Ocean
16 minutes ago
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Shinsaku Anime)
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Shinsaku Anime)
17 minutes ago
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Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu 2nd Season
Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu 2nd Season
18 minutes ago
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Meakashi-hen
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Meakashi-hen
Apr 19, 5:29 PM
Completed 21/21 · Scored 7
Apr 19, 5:18 PM
Completed 50/50 · Scored 7
Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
Apr 4, 4:10 PM
Completed 112/112 · Scored 8


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Marufunk Jul 12, 3:14 PM
wow you watched 1,000 animes?
Kinaro Jun 28, 9:42 PM
I see you're a Magilou of culture as well
Tumerking May 12, 9:09 AM

So, Shingeki no Kyojin is over. I remember you had a falling out with the series and aren't up to date anymore so I won't go into any specifics about the ending. But, what a ride eh? It always feels so strange when a long running series come to an end regardless of the actual quality of the ending. It reminds me of when Naruto came to an end. I remember watching the premier episode on toonami when it first aired. I'd eventually start going over to my neighbors house and we'd watch the new episode(s) together as they premiered. It was the anime that first got me to google search "watch anime online free". And then eventually, once I watched every available episode, I went searching for websites where I could read the manga. Which of course lead me to other manga and my habit grew from there. When it ended in 2014 (I had to look it up and fuck that seems like so long ago) it felt like a bit of my childhood ending. That series is pure nostalgia for me and despite the objective shittiness of several stretches of the manga I'll always have a biased blind spot for the series.


I imagine that's what Shingeki no Kyojin is going to become for this current generation of weebs. We both know the series isn't perfect and you've undoubtedly heard the harsh critiques of the ending (which are both valid and also WAY overblown), but i imagine once the dust settles people will look back at Shingeki with a lot of nostalgia too. It's definitely no Game of Thrones. It hasn't "ruined" it's own legacy. That's for damn sure.

The only thing I've consumed anime/manga wise over the last 4/5 months is some of Attack on Titan season 4 and a small bit of smut manga. I was very disappointed to see that Vagabond, despite being listed as complete on MAL, has actually been "on hiatus" since 2015... in other words it will never finish. Awesome. I watched the first episode of demon slayer and wasn't feeling it whatsoever. I get that the animation is great, but aside from that it didn't seem that special? Demons kill a guy's entire family so he decides to kill demons as Maybe my disinterest in all things anime/manga kicked in just as I sat down to watch it? Idk.

EDIT: WAIT! It's been so long I completely forgot that I finished Stravaganza a few months ago based on your rec. The main character indeed has some very nice lines. Bath scenes were always much appreciated. And when she unknowingly met a stripper on the job and she started to perform? More of that please and thank you. But mostly, I feel like the mangaka had no idea what kind of series he wanted to make. Comedy, action, tit appreciation? Each chapter seemed to rotate like they were written by completely different people. Towards the end it found a sort of rhythm, but it was overall very shallow. Bad guy does bad things because he's bad. Oh well. At least it never dragged.

I checked out the fuedal Japan Gantz thing and I just really couldn't after the first chapter. It's just SO similar. Two dudes who don't know each other well randomly decide to risk their lives to save an innocent person and, while managing to save him, end up dying themselves. God, it's just so lazy. Why write the first chapter EXACTLY the same? If the effort put into that first chapter is any indication of the effort Oku intends to put into that whole series I'm staying far the fuck away. Do you know how much effort it takes me to still refer to Gantz as my favorite series after what Oku did to the series in "phase 2"? I'd rather not read that quality of manga for an entire series.

Also yea, my wife never ended up reading or watching any new series after AoT. She's already seen Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist. I tried recommending Bebop, but she wasn't interested. I think she lost interest in anime/manga rather quickly as well. I do appreciate your attempt at recommendations though. She did end up buying a visual novel for the switch and she's been playing that semi-regularly when she has the time. Idk which one it is, but it's definitely weeby. Also you asked in the last message and she's going to be a GP once her residency is over in a year and a half. Although right now she's doing a 6 month residency in the geriatric ward in a hospital. Fun story from earlier today: One of her patients "escaped" and my wife later found her in an unused room down the hall completely naked. The end.

The wedding: Already kinda happened in September. We went to the town hall with my wife's immediate family while wearing wedding clothes, signed some papers, had some pictures taken and then ate some catered food at home. My family obviously couldn't come because of covid, but we don't have any plans for anything bigger. We never wanted anything big or "attentiony" to begin with. Covid didn't really change our plans all that much actually. My family does want to all come over at the same time when they can travel again to celebrate our marriage, but we're not going to have a ceremony or anything.

I think I'm out of stuff to type right now. Unfortunately, I've fallen back into a non Japanese culture consuming period. Ah well, it seems like your interest has fallen over the years as well so you can probably relate. Until next time, Danny boy.

PS: And yes, my name is Adam Smith. Also women don't take last names in Belgium so my wife was spared. Goodbye again.
Yuiiin Apr 8, 12:11 AM
Thank you for adding me !
It's a pity you couldn't finish it. It ends pretty well actually, Miroku chooses to atone for his crime since redemption is the only way to regain his humanity and to be with Echika.
The theme that catches my attention in Stravaganza is the liberty Vivian seeks.
I think it would be interesting to develop this theme and show the contradiction of being bound by her duty while seeking freedom.
I can't figure out the author's intentions though, everything goes quickly, the thing that confuses me the most is the way the humour is both comic and tragic.
I look forward to continuing to read Stravaganza !
Tumerking Jan 28, 5:08 AM
If it feels like I ended my last message too abruptly its because I did. I was in the middle of typing it when my wife came home from work and I didn't feel like saving it and finishing it later so I basically just sent what I had.

A few things I wanted to expand upon: My wife suggested she wanted to watch another anime together, but as of yet nothing I've suggested has caught her interest. She usually likes Shoujo stuff (Nana, Fruits Basket and Sailor Moon are her favorite anime/manga) and I really don't so idk if we'll ever find something else to watch together. She recently started watching Vampire Knight on Netflix on her own so yea, that's about where we're at anime wise. A bit of an impasse. In terms of manga she's dabbled with some other shoujo stuff the past couple weeks but nothing that's grabbed her. I've tried suggesting some stuff but she's really picky and so far nothing has stuck. So who knows what the future holds in that department.

When it comes to me, apart from Record of Ragnarok, I think I'm going to finish some old series I put on the backburner about a decade ago. Vagabond is one that I can finally finish although I've forgotten basically everything about it. I might have to reread a few dozen chapters leading up to where I left it off. The other is Crime and Punishment. If I remember correctly you rec'd this one to me a ways back, right? I see you haven't finished it either but you did make it further that I did. You think it's worth it to go back and finish it off?

Also a fair warning: by the time you read these messages I might have lost all interest in everything Japanese media again. Such as it is these days. I wish I was more consistent, but alas my motivation comes and goes like the weather. Impossible to predict.

I'll finally leave you alone for good now until and if you message me back. Until next time.

Tot ziens
Tumerking Jan 27, 12:53 PM
Okay, I'm a liar and started reading some manga again about one month after sending you that message. It started with my wife wanting to watch the attack of titan anime out of the blue and of course I was going to gladly watch it with her. I hadn't seen the first couple seasons since they came out and I never watched season 3 so I was actually pretty interested to see how I experienced the series fresh all over again and of course I was curious what my wife was going to think about it. She had only seen the first season and she had read the manga up to the human vs human boring talky part before dropping it.

To cut to the chase she was absolutely hooked from the beginning. Of course, one of the reasons AoT is as popular as it is these days is because the opening act is so over the top and crazy. It presents so many questions coupled with so much action and violence its hard to just forget about it after a few episodes. So we burned through the 25 episode first season in about one weekend. Season 2 had the titan reveals and even though the flashbacks very much halted the momentum I think the epic music score really saved it. It's probably just the fact that I was sitting next to a hyped up girl, but season 2 worked better for me the second time through. I'm glad they shorted up the talky part of season 3, but even still both my wife and I realized how the series shifted in tone completely in part 1. Probably too much. And Kenny feels SO goofy and out of place in the anime. Just some random western cowboy with a dumbshit name is all of a sudden some world famous serial killer/Levi's "dad"? It's hilariously bad.

Then we get to season 3 part 2 and that's when everything falls into place. The entire series has been working towards the retaking of the last wall/district and getting to Eren's basement and the only thing standing in the way is literally every active titan we've seen up to this point. Watching with a neutral observer who had no idea what was going to happen it really looked insurmountable. The Beast titan was set up very well as this almost way too smart tactician. So many characters died. The fights worked really well. My wife's favorite character was Erwin so when the Armin vs Erwin choice came up she of course thought they made the wrong choice and I mean yea the choice never really makes much sense. The captain of the survey corpse and of basically everyone vs a really hopeful dude...i mean okay i guess? In any event season 3 worked almost perfectly. Although I will say the basement info dump hits the nazi and jew comparison way too hard on the nose.

We watched the first few episodes of season 4, ran out of episodes, and my wife couldn't wait any longer and caught up to the manga in about 2 days. I was actually kind of surprised that she loves it as well. Like me, she couldn't keep up with all the side switching bullshittery even while reading every chapter back to back, but she loves that Eren is evil now. It's made me rethink some things and given me a bit more excitement for the series now that I have someone to talk to about it, but I don't think I'll ever be quite as excited about the series as she is right now. I've never had anyone I could talk to in depth about anime/manga...well except for you really. It's kinda nice having someone else even if it's only about one series. It's helped me appreciate the AoT series as a whole a bit more. I can't sing it's praises all the way through, but when the series hits its high notes it really hits them.

The Attack on Titan series binge with my wife sort of resparked my interest in the anime/manga sphere. I finally got around to finishing I Am a Hero - a series I started 10ish years ago and never though I'd finish in my lifetime. I see you've dropped it which I think is an okay decision. The first half is absolutely the best. The second half is super bizarre and weird. It shifts perspective a lot to a different group of characters and becomes less thrilling zombie manga and more giant monster movie. Also I saw in your tags you liked the strong female characters...yea, it's safe for you to keep dropped.

The next manga I started reading is Record of Ragnarok. 13 famous humans throughout history vs 13 famous gods in 1v1 battles with the fate of humanity on the line. It's super over the top, but the action is great. Also it's a pretty easy read and the artwork is great. I think it's at least worth checking out.

Okay, well I'm sure this is strange after my last message.

Anyways, see ya

Telmi Jan 10, 10:07 AM
Larger than life recommendation (Ressentiment and that one Gantz mangaka manga)
Tumerking Nov 25, 2020 8:03 AM

So I live in Belgium now. Also I'm married. So that's cool I guess. I was able to get into the country despite Covid thanks to my dad being from the UK and having an EU (for now) passport. I still only speak a very small amount of Dutch, but I just started my language classes on Monday. Now I sit in a room 3 hours a day, 4 days a week (+1 day online) with 8 immigrants and practice saying out loud "Ik kom uit De Verinigde Staten" "Ik kom te voet naar school" over and over again. It's surreal and makes me feel anxious and I don't enjoy it, but I've given myself no other options on purpose. The best way to make myself do something is to jump in headfirst and leave no escape routes.

I have a very healthy brain.

Aside from that I have a decent amount of free time these days since I have no job and my wife (feels weird to type) is a doctor during a global pandemic. Even with that I still haven't watched any anime since being here. With the move and the marriage and everything I kind of lost interest again. So my lists will probably remain frozen in time for a while longer including Fate/Zero second season. But as you can tell I did finish watching Vinland Saga since I last messaged you and I need to tell you my thoughts:

It's strange watching an anime adaption of a manga you read 10ish years ago. In many ways Vinland Saga is better and worse than I remember. First of all this is not and never was Thorfinn's story. Askeladd is the protagonist and absolute driving force in the series. The Thorfinn fights I so fondly remembered in the manga were only brief moments in the anime. In fact, Thorfinn as a whole is a much weaker character than I remember. It should have been obvious to me at the time that as soon as Askeladd died the series would crash and burn and never recover. I guess it was the angsty teenager in me that loved Thorfinn so much before, but now the slightly less angsty adult in me can see how great of a character Askeladd was. With this realization I think I can finally stealth drop the Vinland Saga manga and stop kidding myself. The mangaka always intended to have Thorfinn be a pure hearted pacifist with a loveable gang of kooky characters in tow as they travelled the land and...solve world peace or something idk. Askeladd made Vinland Saga. Full stop. It was pretty awesome. But he's gone now and the series with it. All good things come to an end eventually even if they don't actually end. Very Game of Thrones-esque actually.

The Fate scene you linked me is insane. If only they kept some (actual) smut in more modern Fate series' I might've actually felt compelled to finish it. How many series are there? Like a dozen? More? If I ever finish Fate/Zero I don't think I can be bothered with any others. Too much work.

The Boys has been on my radar for a while now and I might have to watch it at some point. I hear nothing but good things about it. Same thing goes for Demon Slayer which is why I added it to my list. You seen it? Everybody won't shut up about it online so I thought I'd add it just to not forget of it's existence.

AoT is still kinda shit. I just want it to be over already. Not sure how the anime is going to end it with the manga still being written. Could we be going GoT again?!? Where the anime is rushed and ends like shit and the manga just keeps being dragged on and on. Staining the legacy of Shingeki no Kyojin forever. Or are weebs too fangirly to let that happen? Will they eat up everything AoT until the end of time no matter what slop they're served?

I think that's about everything. There's more stuff I could say about living in another country and being married I guess, but i have no complainsts. It's all been pretty good so far. The lockdown has actually been kinda nice because there's no pressure on me to go out and do things and I don't really like going out and doing things anyways. Hope you're doing well yourself, Daniel. Tot ziens.


PraiseTheSun123 Jun 7, 2020 11:52 AM
I just want to say is that your Death Note review was the best review I have read so far on this site.
Ezekiel_01 May 21, 2020 9:40 PM
Random Stranger Saying Hello

Boxter May 10, 2020 2:12 PM
She basically becomes an historian. Zestiria refers to her by Maguelafica, her original name... She has written a lot of historical books in the 500 years that follow beseria.
Yautja May 6, 2020 12:33 AM
Despite knowing all that I can't help but get drawn into them. It's something I try to ignore, but can't help myself with sometimes. I definitely could not agree more though. Especially with how most people nowadays, especially around the anime community (at least the ones that engage) seem to have no problem ignoring negative or positive comments they agree with or don't care about, but then get morally outraged at negative or positive opinions they disagree with, on the basis of a laundry list of ludicrous justifications which generally wind around to "I don't like what you said, so go away". I've at least managed to, generally, force myself into ignoring people I find predictable or who talk past me and my views into a shadow of them.

In spite of my negative views of MI, I can see there was genuine effort put into it, and plenty of "originality". It was, to some extent, realistic and certainly illicited genuine emotions beyond low hanging fruit like "I'm annoyed" or "this is stupid". Unfortunately, realism wasn't the and often isn't, the sole or defining factor of how I judge a story. If it was, I definitely would have given it a very high score.

While I think it definitely deserves a negative scoring, it's simply not comparable to some other things which I've branded with similar scores. Numbered scoring is so restrictive and lacking context, it's very 2D, and sometimes I wish there was a third dimension to it, to add needed context. While I do not like MI, I wouldn't "hate" or be irritated (re)reading the same way I'd hate, be irritated or worst of all, apathetic, (re)reading some genuine, unequivocal garbage like KanoKari, a manga I find which has an astounding amount of similar flaws to MI, with absolutely none of the virtues.

KnH is a whole other bag of worms, while I didn't score it as low as MI, I definitely would have a harder time rereading it precisely because of the lack of enjoyment, which I guess would be better expressed as emotion. I didn't feel anything reading it besides annoyance, unlike while reading MI. A really fine example of where scores simply do not tell the full story.

Cheers, it was nice meeting you. A true blue moon encounter on this website.
LoneWolf May 2, 2020 6:41 AM
I'm getting there bro... 4 more years. I'm reclusive as well, but my job is essential so I'm ok with work. My mood has been kind of shit tbh, I enjoy going out and seeing friends so it was. I just don't have much motivation these days. Hopefully sometimes happens with my work and stuff... I just can't seem to let myself go low enough to the point where I feel like I need to achieve a new high. It sounds weird, but if I'm too comfortable with anime and videogames I just can't seem to get myself to do much else. I have an online course I'm doing too, but I've kind of put that off. I don't have much left though.

Speaking of Hiroaki 2 of his manga got anime recently. Blade of the Immortal and Waves, Listen to me... I'm actually really enjoying Waves. It's a nice change of pace and yeah I might actually consider buying the omnibus as the scans don't seem to be available and will probly not be for quite a while. It's just a matter of delivery time, cause everything is kinda crazy these days in terms of delivery lol.
Yautja May 1, 2020 7:18 AM
To each their own, thank you. I really appreciate and respect the way you went about saying that. Most people nowadays cannot handle, for the life of them, different opinions / views merely existing, let alone ignore or forgo attempts to rebut them. Speaking of them reasonably is nearly unthinkable.

Having read your own review, many of the observations we make, particularly around the characters are identical, which makes the extremely contrasting conclusions and ratings all the more interesting. I could not agree more on love and hate.
Boxter Apr 29, 2020 4:41 PM
Bandai seems not really interested in making true anime out of its best series handdown. (tales of) At least, most of the games themselve doesnt seems rushed and the sub studio behind the series seems like they can and will improve with time.