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Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen
Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen
Mar 24, 5:42 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Granblue Fantasy The Animation
Granblue Fantasy The Animation
Mar 24, 5:20 PM
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2
Mar 19, 7:37 PM
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Jigokuren: Death Life
Jigokuren: Death Life
Mar 10, 7:11 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Ito Junji no Neko Nikki: Yon & Mu
Ito Junji no Neko Nikki: Yon & Mu
Mar 10, 6:49 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 7
Youkai Kyoushitsu
Youkai Kyoushitsu
Mar 10, 6:38 PM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 6


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Tumerking 5 hours ago
All my replies to your messages are going to take a few weeks to a month so don't sweat for a minute about replying "late".

I've never even been able to stomach anime CG before, but Gantz: O absolutely blew me away. That was really top tier quality animation and the best CG I've ever seen. Seeing the fight scene at the beginning with Kei made me want to see the whole series as CG movies - which is something I never thought I would want. I can see why they did the whole "Kato is new to Gantz" plot since it's unfortunately a standalone movie. Plotwise it felt pretty average, but this movie was about slick as fuck visuals and fanservice for Gantz fans. Oh, and also the Osaka characters were awesome. I approve.

I'm doing better now than I was the last time I messaged you. I think in my last message I was still coming down from the high of anti-depressants and wasn't accustomed to functioning with this level of serotonin. I also actually just got decent insurance thanks to Obamacare (And the Republicans failed to repeal it!) so I could get my prescription back if I really wanted to, but I think I'm going to fly sober for a bit and see how that works out. I had a bumpy start for sure, but so far so good. Fingers crossed.

And this might be coming out of the blue, but what do you think of this Brexit stuff? I know you don't get out much, but still is this going to affect you in any way? I don't know if you remember, but I'm half British and I was really depending on my EU citizenship to get me into Belgium in a few years. Now it's just going to be that much harder to move to my girlfriends country. I'm a little pissed.

Speaking of her, I'm going to be in Belgium this summer for practically the entire month of July. I got my ticket just a few days ago. It's kind of our last hurrah before she starts her two-year, no-free-time, sometimes-she'll-have-48-hour-shifts internship, and at the same time I'll be in my last semester of college and looking for a full-time, grown-up, real job. She went to her first convention like a month ago in Brussels and now she's insisting that we go to Japan Expo in Paris while I'm there. I gotta be honest, I've never waned to go to a convention in my life, but she's way too excited so I sort of can't say no. At worst it will be a shitty day followed by hotel sex in Paris. I'll put up with a lot for hotel sex in Paris.

Okay, yes, season two of Twin Peaks is bad and I stopped watching it. It's like three time longer than the first season, but with the same amount of content. It's just too slow and shit. Have you seen The Leftovers? The first season has some minor plot issues, but that show can hit emotional levels most other shows can only dream of reaching (*cough*Westworld is turds*cough*). I'm so ready for Game of Thrones to be back.

I'm still not really reading any new manga series or watching anime so sorry for not replying to those parts of your message. I've been keeping up with Shingeki and it's...just really strange. Lot's of time-skips and I honestly lost the plot so I don't understand whats happening anymore. I'll also probably try to snag the first few episodes of Inuyashiki out of respect for Oku later this year.

Anyways, that's going to do it for this one. I've got finals at the end of April so don't expect to hear from me again until May. Until then take it easy.
CheekyKunt Mar 20, 5:27 PM
Velvet's overrated af kek
2B_or_not_2B Mar 20, 5:18 PM
velvet is lame and edgy
2B_or_not_2B Mar 20, 5:08 PM
I like magilou
pinkarray Mar 20, 9:17 AM
I watched The Wind Rises when I was 15, at a younger age, I liked more movies. I watched some of it again, I don't like it as much as I used to but the reason why I liked it was because I think it's cute. It has smart, sweet and realistic characters, it is heart-warming, the romance was cute, and a good balance of drama and comedy. I think it's sweeter than most movies I've seen of this type. Yes, there are a few annoying characters but the animation is still amazing by Ghibli standards.

What I don't understand is why people like Spice and Wolf. The wolf is very immature, sassy, flirty, and naughty, which goes with her 13-14 year old appearance. It's not funny, it's just annoying. And she is a stereotype. Compared to the Wind Rises, the main character is far from that.

??? I didn't drop Twelve Kingdoms? So far, I think it's pretty good. I love the voice acting and it kind of reminds me of Kenshin. Except the main character is a bit too whiny.

I am critical towards anime with annoying kids in them, weepy serious anime, silly comedies, musicals, stories that don't have much conflict in them, and mean characters.
Matthappy Mar 6, 10:13 PM
hey buddy, how is it going? you know where can i read the complete manga of ikigami in english?
ZephSilver Mar 5, 5:08 PM
I really liked the look of Macross Zero as well. It might be the best looking Macross installment so far. I just don't care for the narrative. I feel like it was a bit hamfisted with its themes and not to mention it muddies up the original macross.
Raging_Berserker Mar 3, 6:26 AM
I'm used to watching anime subbed, never fancied dubbed anime for the life of me. It just don't feel right at all. I kinda glanced through the movie, can't help but feel like Kato having no memories of Kei is just wrong. Plus, where's the vampire dude at yo!!!! I cringed at the whole movie, damn, it was terrible. I'll take the manga over this, thank you. At least, Gantz was made into a movie, that's the only positive thing here. Sigh.

Hahaha dude hasn't finished Ikigami yet. Bruh, I'm still surfing around finding what next to read. Do you read I am a Hero or Kamisama no Iutoori (if I got the spelling right. Wanted to namedrop it off my dome)?
Raging_Berserker Mar 3, 12:07 AM
Ahh thanks. Lastly on the Gantz:O movie, is it the 2hr 9mins version like I see on MAL that's on Netflix? I saw that the kissanime version is just 1hr 35mins long so I'm kinda trippy about which is which.

Hell, even I forgot my own comments in a lot of places. It's natural. Ahhh, I've added Heads as well to my PTR list tho. Sooner or later, I'll read both of 'em. Now that I think about it, you wrote a review on Ikigami huh? I see. I was looking for the reason why your profile seemed familiar to me before yesterday. I must have read your other reviews.

Anyway, cheers for the help. Have a nice day.
ZephSilver Mar 2, 8:52 AM
Nah, Ota is a good lad. The kind of guy that you could actually talk to and take comfort in the fact that he isn't going to use prenotions to pick things apart. The best way I could sell him to you is that he's the reason I watch Koi Kaze and he's one of the few other people to have it in his top 10 as well. A fan of the highest caliber lol
I only added Piano no Mori to my ptw list since I saw it on your list to be honest.
The movie looked 100x better, I was really surprised just how vastly they improved their craft. I was actually contemplating placing it in my top 10 favorite anime movie section. But I'll have to rewatch GITS first to make that verdict. If it doesn't pass the test, then the movie is on its way in to the inner circles. It's crazy how it's 2 hours and never once feel like it. Usually anime movies feel longer to me, but with Macross, it was a breeze.
Raging_Berserker Mar 2, 4:41 AM
Yo. I saw your comment on the author page of Ikigami (was it?) because I decided to add it to my PTR list. What do I see when I opened your profile? You've watched Gantz:O movie? Damn son, where'd you watch it? If it's online, can you get me the link? I'd really appreciate it. Anyway, cheers!
Tumerking Feb 11, 9:41 PM
I don't know if this reply counts as late or not since we haven't established a rhythm since my return, but a month and some change between messages will probably have to do for now because my winter break is over. I'm taking one more class this semester than I did last semester and I'm also still working 2-3 days a week. The transition from full time stay at home internet user to semi-functioning member of society is bumpy and I still retain some of those qualities from back in the day. After spending either hours at work or hours at home doing school work I'm mentally drained and desperately crave some form of the internet. Usually this translates to me browsing reddit for random gossip and memes, watching youtube videos, and/or playing some video games. It's a part of me now. I need to waste at least a few hours on the internet every day being absolutely unproductive otherwise the pressures of every day life get to me in a bad way.

I've devised a schedule to space out my school work as much as possible so I have maximum free time to waste. It requires that I have no social life to interfere with my work time or wasted time, and thankfully I lost all my friends two years ago so it works well enough for me. I am afraid however that it's not sustainable long term. That one day I may be required to do too much in too short a time, with none of my scheduled breaks to recharge, and be overwhelmed. It's a fear I've carried my whole life, really - that I can't do what others do. That one day my 'person' charade will be exposed and I'll be told to go back home to my room because I don't belong with the regular people.

And yet I try. Because I don't know what else to do.

I'm off my anxiety/anti-depressant medication if you couldn't tell. I'm too old to be on my parents insurance anymore (26) and the American healthcare system is a good joke. Instead of $5 a month for pills it's $165. It's more cost effective to just be sad. Maybe I'll try that Japanese suicide note novel/series while I'm in a bit of a downer mood.

Let's see...what did I get for Christmas? Some clothes, some books, some cash, and that's mainly it. My dad got me a Delta gift card so the next plane ticket I buy to visit my girlfriend is more affordable so that's pretty nice. About putting all my eggs in one basket: yea, you're about two years too late. I appreciate you looking out. I would do the same to you if the situation was reversed. We've talked about our dependency on one another several times and have both come to the conclusion that if something happens to one of us the other is fucked six ways to Sunday. No getting around that. I think that's how all love is? Oh well, nothing I can do about it.

I've never seen Vikings. I've heard good things about it from you and the internet in general, but never bit the bullet. Right now I'm watching Twin Peaks. It's a weird mix of mystery and humor. It's dark at times, but also has a healthy dose of 90s cheese. I just finished the first season and should start the second relatively soon. I'm also trying to read 20 books this year which translates to me reading mainly fantasy books just about every day. I recently finished Robin Hobb's Ship of Magic (It was amazing) and just started reading N.K. Jemisin's The Fifth Season. You probably don't care, but there's so many good fantasy books in the world and I think it's a shame that more people don't read them. George RR Martin isn't even regarded as one of the better writers in the genre. He's just the one that got famous. I've probably read 10 times more great stories in the past couple years than I've watched the previous 24 years of my life combined.

Anyways, I'm tired now. I'll see you when I see you. Later.
Vaporizz Jan 28, 10:04 AM
RIP Ragnar! ;)
ZephSilver Jan 23, 4:02 PM
Lmaoo, sure, that's exactly how it happened. My friend Zach (0taking09) had it in his top 10 for as long as I've known him and I thought it was about time I watched it. Little did I know that the story would be so touching and best of all, handled the taboo subject matter responsibly, instead of sensationalizing it like most anime would do. I'm so glad they played the story as is and didn't take sides. It makes their decision and that ending that more bittersweet. Windaria has been on my radar for awhile, just never bothered to add it. Ajin gets too much flack for semantics and honestly, this kind of dumb hive-mind mentality that MAL users seem to adopt in order to avoid having an opinion. Being "edgy" is not a bad thing if handled right and it's about time that a shounen in the 2010s did just that.

Macross had lots of derpy faces, like there's a girl in the show with green hair (Milia is her name, I think) and all of the time she was on screen, they drew her eyes cross-eyed or just plain fucked up lol Just look at these images:

I like how our last convo was Dec 2015 XD

RediceRyan Jan 6, 12:49 AM
You've seen Paradise Kiss, really liked it, and still haven't watched Nana yet. Get on that!
Btw, really liked your take on the anime Touch.