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Days: 12.4
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One Punch Man
One Punch Man
Jan 26, 9:35 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 10
Mar 6, 2018 6:03 PM
Watching 10/13 · Scored -
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Feb 22, 2018 2:04 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
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Days: 61.7
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Mar 30, 2:24 PM
Reading 115/? · Scored 9
Mar 9, 5:22 PM
Completed 50/50 · Scored 7
Oct 1, 2017 4:09 PM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 6


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hellodarknesss Jun 5, 6:00 AM
Also, I'm aware you know One Piece. Obviously who doesn't, however I'm questioning whether you actually know anything concerning its actual content going further than the few first chapters/episode that you have seen, so I just shared to you a review and in depth analysis of One Piece which I invited you to watch but most people like you are to high and mighty in their ideas that they don't wanna bother actually getting informed
hellodarknesss Jun 5, 5:53 AM
Fuck my msg got canceled xO!

I basically said how far it was from just a boob monster alien gory fest. I read it when I was 17, re-read it recently and loved it even more. At the end of the day tastes and opinions are entirely subjectives but it would always be for me a masterpiece on accomplishing what it's trying to achieve, delivering a most thrilling experience. That I even found extremely deep and emotional.
AironicallyHuman Jun 2, 5:10 PM
PS: Tell hellodarkness my old friend that Gantz is more trainwreck than masterpiece, and that being a (male) teenager helps appreciating it. Shounen Jump One Piece people, I tell you--they need to read some Naruto. Shikamura for the too-lazy-to-be-fucked win.

Bye, for real. Maybe.
AironicallyHuman Jun 2, 5:08 PM
Rest assured in advance, this is not a 'plz msg meeeee' reminder-thing, as this might be the last time I can be arsed to use MAL. Fret not.

No, I just wanted to share that I am glad I skipped GoT's final season until the final episode; just for old times' sake. Season 7 was bad, season 8 even worse, and I shall eventually die having convinced myself it ended with Charles Dance in S4. Jon Snow was a morn, Daenarys randomly insane, Arya a child-woman powa comedy act and I wish the Night King had won. Not a lot else can be said. Everything I liked about the series died years ago when it became a CGfest with plot armour up the arsehole. Did you finish the series and feel as broken as Bran?

...oh, and I don't feel any hype for AoT any more, either, so I didn't watch Beast Titan baseball for myself. I did check out a few reactions on YT: people actually think Armin is dead, bless their naive souls.

That's all, nothing too fancy. I hope you're doing well and still on-course for country switching marriage. Farewell.
hellodarknesss May 20, 10:03 PM
Also I beg you to check this first link. If you enjoy it go ahead and check the second as well. Please do watch the video 🙏🏼🙇‍♂️


hellodarknesss May 20, 10:00 PM
Hey dude, love your list! Gantz is actually my top 1 favorite Manga of all time with One Piece which I consider even better. I would love to have some in depth analysis from you concerning Gantz with some personal opinion on it. So many people completely fail to appreciate any aspects of this extremely brilliant masterpiece.
honey--mint May 20, 4:54 AM
hey your 'about me' is awesome :D
marcbrito97 May 19, 3:56 PM
Hi, what's the manga of your profile picture?
ZainKean Apr 20, 2:14 AM
WoW!! ... That's a quite fairly creative profile you got there.
AironicallyHuman Mar 27, 9:09 PM
Ooooo, Happiness is finished, then? I honestly couldn't tell if it was close to the end or not, with how the main character vanished and the cultist arc took over. Kinda fitting for the author, tbh: don't think even he knows when he's ending until he does. Sooo, what's the verdict? You don't list-tag anymore and 7/10 to one man is another's 5/10. Or sumat. PS: You didn't really spoil the nipple removal, as it turned out: I just wasn't very observant. Doh.

I'm not 100% sure why I'm messaging you back, over 2 months later, at 3:32AM either tbh. I meant to do so a month ago but, as ever, felt much felt too lazy. A phase of the moon thing, I suppose. It helps that you are a-ok with possibly-will-never-reply messaging chain thing. Another guy I used to type to felt he'd done something wrong when weeks went past with radio silence. It's normal to think that way, mind you. We're abnormal. Maybe that's why I'm responding.
My time these days is torn between video games on my Xboner X and Youtube monging, for the most part. That and 1hr West Highland Terrier dog walks as he pursues bitches. No girlfriend Skype calling for me, still (40yo Virgin sequel, here I come~)... thankfully? Not sure if I'd want the girlfriend bit without the sex bit at the same time, tbh. In general though, I get it: it's hard to be fuckered enough to type mini-essays when can chill watching racoon videos on YT.

Sharing a windowless office with a guy 'working' watching Naruto must most certainly feel surreal, now you've moved on from your orange ninja days. I'd automatically judge anyone that hasn't dropped Fairy Tail harshly, irl. Life is weird like that btw: I had this big black dude trainee psychologist guy come out to me, and he liked Attack on Titan. Then there was my older cousin when my nan was dying: I showed him the manga shrine in my room... he liked OPM and JoJo (look up Jojo Bizarre Adventures, if you liked OPM outlandish OTT shounen-ing~).
You still sharing an office with him? And how does one manage to get a payrise whilst simultaneously going from a single office to 2-in-1?

AoT: I kinda like the change of tone/direction, after the timeskip and everything went... WWII Jew discrimination. I mean, I didn't like that itself - lazy copying from history - but Eren becoming what he hated for the greater good, Sasha being killed off, and the series generally transitioning from wall-thing after that climatic battle where Erwin died is what's keeping me reading. Will have to see how I feel, after v27. I never did finish S3 of the anime, btw: still a boring arc. I did however watch the two liveaction movies where naked real people were used as titans. That was something.

About OPM, if I was rating only the animation, action and fun factor, it'd be a 10 for me as well. Problem is, balding one-hit-win premise never really did it for me. I know the final zomgomg fight against alien invader worked around that aspect a little but, for the most part, I only enjoyed the cyborg-guys action (cuz he wasn't invincible) and Baldy being indifferent to cliched bad guy spiel before one-hit twatting them into oblivion.

Btw, S2 about to come out, and... no. Different animation studio, and all the animation gone. Director that made the action so amazing, as well. Not gonna end well, that.

...ugh, Game of Thrones starting up again soon, for the last time. I don't even want to watch the final season. Idc who lives or dies: Cersei maybe the only one interested about left, and she's obv a goner as a villain-ess. Only remnant of interest remaining is hints as to how the novels were supposed to end. Ol' George still ain't got Winds of Winter out, my God...

I am literally Autistic/Assburger'd enough to recommend things, no matter how long/busy/indifferent the other person is, but I do appreciate you not expecting me to get crackin' with a 15 novel fantasy series so I can share my thoughts. That said though, the brief description of Farseer Trilogy I found made it seem like a compelling multi-perspective saga, similar to GoT. Something I'd probably like.

As for 1984 (aka the last novel I'll be arsed to finish, ever) and Brave New World, I liked 1984 a lot more. Brave New World was a lot more... descriptive and far less compelling as far as human psychology/relatable characters go. I'd go as far as to describe 1984 as timeless, much like Monte Cristo, in that any person can start reading and see themselves in the characters via ze human condition. Human as is human does, I suppose. I couldn't stop reading 1984, once I got invested, and the ending broke me. You follow the main character (and his waifu; "you're a rebel only from the waist down" may be the greatest line ever, describing her), wanting him to succeed despite it all, and it crushes both him and the reader in such a way that drains you of all hope. It's hard to put into words quite how powerful the end is, and scary how convincing the situation/world is presented vs where ours is going controlling free speech/thought. Very much ahead of its time.

PS: Still yet to have a proper driving lesson, despite having 5 or so gear-clutch sessions with my neighbour. You only get automatic cars in your part of the world, rite?...

...well, that'll do. I hope your $21 per hour work (how much is that per week/month btw? u rich?) and eventual marriage is still on-going. How did it go when your saw your girlfriend, in Feb? I'm so lacking in trust I'd be imaging NTR manga shenanigans/betrayal when living in different countries. The weak-minded cannot do long distance. And on that note, farewell. Again.

Sad_but_Rad Nov 12, 2018 4:36 PM
Came to drop a hey because saw you again in review of some other manga I was checking out called Dragon Head.
halfpastnein Sep 18, 2018 2:49 AM
I hope to see you back around anytime soon...
AironicallyHuman Sep 1, 2018 6:18 PM
You would definitely be hard to e-stalk, were I to Google you, that's for sure. Probably for the best when last time I did - out of boredom - I discovered the woman I'd been having 30-60 paragraph message ping-pongs with was obese. I referenced her size without thinking and she died a MAL death. 'Tis tragic.

... Anyway: I think the only way possible for you to have a more generic name is if you were called John, tbh. Not that I'm any better: Daniel Rowley is hardly... exotic. I have no Facebook, Twitter or any of that 'normie' social linking stuff. Just MAL for OCD listing needs. Yay for me.

Don't worry about messages, 'tis cool. I don't know how many more updates I've got left in me on MAL: updating my list with those sodding mini-review tags is a tedious hobby, and you're the only person I can be arsed to message on 'ere anymore being as my e-husbando/waifu/idfk quit anime for a life/girlfriend. It's the normal thing these days: finding a life outside of cartoons/comics.

I noticed MAL went down just after I got around to messaging you last. What happened was a mystery, last I looked into it - they're STILL re-adding features to the site, even now! - but I do believe it's to do with how you can buy digital manga and whatnot from MAL these days. Either that or the MAP app gave away site/user data. Whatever happened was bad enough for them to refund users and keep the site down for an extended period. IUNO.

Having a windowless office all to yourself must have its benefits when it comes to taking breaks to waste time on the internet in--between whatever most likely tedious tasks you have to do every day. Reminds me of how on a forum I used to lurk at people would have to add 'NSFW' to avoid people loading... suggestive images/anime porn whilst on their work computers. The downside has to be your work hours: getting up to be at work 6-3 is not quite as appealing as the extra sleep time 9-5 would provide. That would require some serious sleep pattern modification to endure for most.

I can see how surreal it must be to go from dropping out / living with your dad and all the rest - being one of loserkind - and now suddenly being 'normal'. A decent paying job, an educated foreign woman wanting you to immigrate to get married... it would make a good otaku loser-to-normal manga. I do believe my nan used to say good things happen in threes. Maybe this period of your life is where all your luck comes through. I only really type to you and my e-husband/waifu, and with you both now having girlfriends and abandoning loser activities, I think it's more surreal for me, mind you. I feel I'm being trolled in some abstract kinda way. 'Tis odd.

I wasn't going to bother with S3 of AoT until Beast Titan baseball pitches - really, I wasn't - but I was bored and kinda curious given the author worked with the TV staff to heavily edit the zZz arc. He himself is aware it's his worst work in the series. In the end, he re-arranged events so it got to the action faster and cut a fair amount of dialogue... but it's still shitty, overall. The 3DMG bit in ep2 was nice tho.

Where I left Happiness - at ch35 - Gosho had been tricked, captured and her cuck friend guy was gonna try to save her. Or something. I have not yet seen her nipples/vagina mutilated but, given last I saw she'd been beaten and I do not think the author has a clue wtf he's doing, I'll take your word for it. My thoughts are it somehow transitioned from a fairly aimless vampire drama with some decent bullying>fwiend>girl dead characterisation... to vampire cult torture porn with a heroine. Or something. The artist/author is one of the best at letting his art tell the story, rather than dialogue. A 'show dun tell' master. But, much like Oku, he can't write a story to save his life.

If you ever have time or are bored enough, check out Aku Hana / Flowers of Evil: his most popular, most highly rated series. Starts out as lulzy girl-blackmails-pervy-loser, before becoming one of the most gripping psychological reads around. It focused on characterisation and had no supernatural story bollox, so it catered more to his strengths, much like Gantz did for Oku until the end.

Barry looks pretty cool, in the trailer. The way the lead is acted reminds me a lot of the lead from Dexter. Never did finish that show: got worse and worse with every season, and I believe it ended with incest?... Anyhow, I could go with a more comical take on that, maybe. Your recommendations always hit the mark - I think you also rec'd that series with 'Booth' in the title/I forget. I feel oddly done with yank/British TV, though. Game of Thrones turning out to be utter dogshite after S4 and Vikings suffering a similar fate has killed my interest. I doubt I'll ever see a series as good or as fun as Breaking Bad or Firefly.

Btw, before I end this (no clue how long due to tiny box typing in), how has reading GoT been going? I think you were still at the earlier novels, going slow, last I checked. No Arrianne(sp)?/non-butchered Dorne yet? I don't read much but I did recently read 1984 and Brave New World. 1984 unsettled me more than perhaps anything else I've read with its Brit setting + the hopelessness it ends with.

ANYWAY: that'll have to do. As for how I'm doing, same as ever. I got my provisional driving license at the age of 30 (was my birthday last month). Now need to decide if I'm too far gone to get in a car with another person and learn... for no apparent reason. Hard, being a recluse 'n all.

Until next time / never,

- Daniel Antonio Rowletta

wonderedy Aug 19, 2018 10:40 AM
Hey! I really love your 'about me' section but at the end I was so freaking scared whether I've sent you a FR or not xD
Annyway, it's great!
Sad_but_Rad Aug 6, 2018 4:14 PM
"Also you should probably cool it with the "Everything is meaningless" shtick. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy at this point. Your mental health is all fucked up. You're literally sick and need medication and treatment. Get some help, man."

-You are right dude but even if my mental state's not alright,i realise logically that objectively it all really is meaningless.

There must be something wrong with the world not me to end up like this,hating the world.