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freizel Jul 18, 7:14 PM
Totally agree on your Berserk review , is so overrated, many 10s for a manga that is a 5 at most a 6 , too much rape scenes too D:
DoctorWasabi Jul 8, 11:21 AM
Nice Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer profile pic u got there
AironicallyHuman Jun 11, 4:35 PM
PS: AoT season 2 OST out. First 7 tracks on disc 1 are mostly amazing. https://nyaa.si/view/928997
AironicallyHuman Jun 11, 4:25 PM
Heya. Glad you messaged me 'cause I'd left other message so long that, with depression bollox added on top getting in the way, might not have got back to you for... awhile. Will give your older msg a re-read and reply whilst here as well, though.

Rigtyho, AoT: you're deffo not the only one that felt the reveal lost all momentum with the flashback explaining why Eren was all 'I'll have a long think about this, I not angry'. Despite me linking you to that vid, I fully agree. I can't remember if the manga was the same but it's a classic anime failing: flashbacks being thrown in willy-nilly, internalised chatter fucking with the flow, etcetc. Manga can get away with that sort of thing since there's no motion. But 9/0 an anime adaptation will copy EXACTLY, without re-working for the adaptation. Gantz's TV anime was especially shitty in this regard. You don't see that sort of things in series targeted at Western audiences, like Game of Thrones--in fact the series goes to great lengths to put everything in conversations or cut it entirely.

As for the reveal itself tho, I was actually really underwhelmed when I read it in the manga, years ago. I was like, 'Why is this being revealed so anti-climatically?... WHY WAS EREN SO DELAYED WITH HIS TRAITOR REACTION!?'. In the anime, with time to kinda come to appreciate how the author just threw it in there, no fucks given, I thought - flashback killing the flow aside - it was the best part of the series. You have to understand I've already been demented by watching 100's of shitty anime, so I was less irked by the badly timed flashbackery. The music once flag blew down/sky porn and Reiner's emotionally charged voice acting... I got chills both when he called himself a half-arsed piece of shit and when he called himself a warrior, before Mikasa did her thing.

The really strange thing is my favourite part of the manga - the Eren/Reiner MMA grappling showdown - didn't impress me like in the manga. Annie's flashback was less irritating since it was actually needed but the fight itself as it was presented lacked the 'wow' factor the Reiner/Bert reveal had, what with the new music + visuals. ANYWAY, you aren't wrong to be critical of ep6: your viewpont is that of a non-anime fan watching anime. The Red Wedding comparison is a good one: if GoT was an anime, you woulda got the Roose Bolton/pedo bridge guy scene inserted before Rob died wih his mom. 100%.

Your old msg now:

What is the deal with the AoT manga's '2000 year' thig, being as you mentioned timeskips up the wazzoo? I don't know if I mentioned already but, at complete random, I found a surprisingly excellent YT vid of the manga Levi vs. Beast Titan fight that I'm assuming is the latest chapters. Beastie's baseball rock serves were... interesting. Playing the AoT PS4 game at the moment and got to fight him in the epilogue as well. Here's the 2mil view manga fight vid, btw--guess I don't need to read the manga! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiT00UXwC90

You mentioned Twin Peaks, and I actually watched that up to ep9 of S2 a few weeks ago. I couldn't stomach the pacing and increasingly trying soap opera filler. I was gonna try to make it to S3.. but I couldn't. Years ago I played a JP game called Deadly Premonition, which is basically Twin Peaks gone Japanese. Srsly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxSujfA-FLE Not even heard of Leftovers--what's it about? Title doesn't read like an emoional rollercoaster but your yank TV recs have always been on point.

What do I think about Brexit / UK politics? The UK is a country run by old people. They outnumber mostly uninterested younger voters. Usually they vote in the Tories - a party that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer - and the country has developed a major poverty issue as a result, not helped by open door immigration. The Brexit thing came to pass because the Tories underestimated the stupidity of old people, with older Brits mostly being against people coming over and taking money. So now the country is in a terrible situation with a government that cares only for the rich and has to somehow get a deal worse than being in the EU that won't make rich business owners leave. In short, the country is run by kunts, is a multicultural hell hole and the people on the lower end of the scale suffer. I've been lucky so far to get enough money to kee existing, but the country is edging towards totalitarian isolationism seen in Children of Men and the like. New law going come into effect passed that will allow censorship and regukated internet access.

Sucks about the whole citizenship situation, btw. You'll need a a visa rather than just being able to go ver now, I take it? Is the relationship still going strong and the July Belgium trip going ahead? Assuming you're talking about your girlfriend wanting you to go with her to anime conventions... good luck with that! Only reason I'd want to go is to see non-fat women cosplaying as slutty anime characters. But the amount of fat, seaty males and awkwardness would put the fear of God into me. You can't say no if she's excited and you get quality... hotel time outta it though. Not a bad thing to be motivated by.

There is some more but this will hafta do. Typed out. Cba to even update my MAL crap. Up to ep11 of AoT, and the budget / stop-start talking that was deffo in manga ruined it. Balls.

PS: In case you cba to watch Levi OVA, here's Levi showing emotion:
AironicallyHuman May 16, 4:01 AM
PS: This is the music/Levi's theme. Only 3mil views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jqSy8E9JLQ
AironicallyHuman May 16, 3:59 AM
I know, I know: still no msg. It's coming. Can't do line breaks where typing at the mo. You watching S2 of Shingeki reminded me that you haven't watched the best part of the anime: Levi's 'No Regrets' backstory. Way better than the manga spinoff it adapts and has an OVA-onry piece of music that stays with you. I didn't like Levi until I heard him cry in despair, liek. Also: I watched a YT vid that showed manga fight between Levi and Beast Titan, btw. Baseball pitching...
AironicallyHuman May 13, 4:50 PM
Hey, just fyi, I haven't forgotten to reply. Your 'dun expect reply until May' made me lazy, and my Windows Tablet (I type using bed/TV nowadays) died at start of May. Will deffo send message back your way soon..ish.

I came to show you the amazingly epic (music, omg) Reiner AoT S2 reveal but I see you've seen it already. So, I'll share what I've been enjoying: ep6 casual Reiner chitchat WTF reactions on YT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ibIR6ZVTQY&t=4m40s
Pantsu May 4, 6:04 PM
oh i see, thank u! :)
Pantsu May 3, 7:25 PM
the guy with the big mouth kaka
Pantsu May 3, 4:14 PM
u probably get dis alot but where's dat profile pic from? also dat strip
Naman97 Apr 3, 12:37 PM
Nice about me

Came here from Shingeki no Kyojin's review and since,you are still reading it.It's good enough..i guess

-Just passing by
AironicallyHuman Mar 2, 9:01 PM
Huh, you liked Gantz: O(gasm) more than I expected given how they did a 'if you're new to Gantz' first half. Can understand why you'd go high tho given the eye-candy/fanservice. That was the last time the manga wasn't shite: the Osaka 100p alien.

This reply deffo counts as late given I said a few days over a week ago. Gone 4AM UK time as usual, but I'll try.

I honestly don't know how I'd handle that transition to a 'fulfilling, normal adult life' where I'd balance education with work and have no time for anything else. The thought of becoming a cog in a machine with no purpose beyond continued survival scared me. Naturally that would've been my path had I not run away from school but I've never thought I'd be any happier with that lifestyle. I do get how you'd come to cherish wasting those few precious hours each day on important tasks such as monging on Reddit/the internet--you come to value pointless time wasting things when time limited. Think everyone experiences that in some form or another.

The thoughts you type of - that your fragile facade will eventually be eroded as pressure mounts and the general fear of existing around others but not being one of them is a core theme of No Longer Human / what my username is a play on, as it happens. Some people do seem to have either a natural stupidity that makes them insensitive to such things or they simply have the mental strength required to just push on. They get a release from stress by socialising, parting and all the rest. But for introverts that want to enjoy their own time, that time being limited and needing to hide stress around others makes life very different. My manchild existence is to avoid that, as much as anything. The fact you're enduring, even, at least means you have more about you than me.

$165 per month, even the £ exchange rate wasn't a joke, would still be a farcical amount. You ain't got much choice but to be depressed/anxious for that amount! In the UK you only have to pay a minimal sum towards your medication, or are even fully covered depending on benefits. But the NHS is breaking down to the point patience now have quotas and, rather than the health of people being prioritised, you get given 5min appointments to mention one problem at most then shown the door. So, the other side of the expensive coin ain't ideal, either.

That was a pretty cool girl from your dad: helping to cover the cost of seeing your girlfriend. Have you made a date for when you next fly over, in-between work/studying? I know my words over not relying on someone too much were meaningless: I have a friend (male, rather than female) I've typed to on the internet daily to for around a decade. I can't just tell myself not to lean on that friendship to cope, in case we stop talking or whatever. Whether its love or friendship dependence, there's no off switch for that kinda thing when you're a lonely sod. But, yeah: whilst telling someone depressed to always expect the worst is retarded, when you're emotionally vulnerable, all you can do is expect the worst so you aren't totally crushed. But, heyho: I'm sure you'll be fine if you and your girl have gone as far as to discuss the subject/understand each other.

Well, one day, be sure to watch Vikings and fall in love with Travis Fimmel's eyes. His performance compares to Walter White, tho you may have seen him before in Son's of Anarchy. I ain't watched that so I just saw Travis Fimmel=Ragnar. I haven't watched Twin Peaks, tho I did try an episode in ages past, but I have played a game called Deadly Premonition that has a cult following and was inspired by its cheesy mystery-weirdness surrounding murders. Iirc, second season it was cancelled/goes to shit. As for the books you mentioned, I shall look them up on the internet to get a better idea tomorrow/see how they compare to Game of Thrones as far as premises go. George artin does strike me as a guy that just got lucky by drawing people in with what seemed like unflinching 'kill main character off' medieval brutality. Ofc, it was only later people realised the REAL main characters have plot armour.

Guess that'll do for now, anyway. Sorry for usual delay and hope you feel better than when you sent the last msg. If you need another Gantz booster tho, read Inuyashiki. Getting an anime later this year but it's Oku does his entertaining weirdness thing we both loved in Gantz.
AironicallyHuman Feb 22, 8:29 PM
Heya. Will get to your message in coming days (4AM UK time when I came on) but, just in case you still have Netflix/babes and don't know, that amazing looking CG adaptation of the Gantz Osaka arc is exclusively available via Netflix atm. With your med cost woes not sure if you're still subbed but thought I'd mention. They do some shitty edits, making Kato a first-timer (kinda) and removed some charas, but the Osaka aliens + Osaka team are awesome. Hopefully it'll cheer you up.

Link: https://www.netflix.com/title/80149259

PS: Watch in Japanese. The Eng dub is like they got a bunch of asians to speak Engrish.
BardJungle Jan 14, 11:48 PM
Herro came across your profile from your Himizu review.

I was snooping through your manga list, and you should *really* read Oyasumi Punpun. It has everything you like in manga - artwork is wonderful http://imgur.com/6pFzhc9, story is extremely depressing in a realistic way, and it's by the same author as Nijigahara Holograph and Sekai no Owari to Yoake Mae; Punpun is widely considered his best work.

I usually don't go out of my way to recommend people stuff (I know it's pretty annoying for a stranger to tell you to invest a couple hours of your life into something, 'believe me, it's soooo good'), but given your list I just can't help but push this manga.
AironicallyHuman Jan 4, 6:29 PM
Thanks, I was hoping you'd be understanding given the whole two years thing. I never... dealt with my last dog as a puppy (/lazy arsehole), so having my sleep pattern adjusted and babysitting was a rather unwelcome surprise when already low. The lesson: never do I want a child. Ever.
My new dog doesn't read quite as much of a pain as your sister's but he'll cry pitifully if left in his cage. 2016 was just a shitty year: nan died at start of it over the course of 2-3 weeks, then my dog towards end. And the older I get, the more I seem able to understand how so many members fade from existence on MAL as years pass: loss of passion for everything I once held affection for. That could just be depression, mind you.

...Oh, and a belated happy xmas / new year, by the way. I now have a Windows Tablet can can type using my TV. Did you get anything useful, or just junk?

You paint a lovable picture of the family dog you had. I'd be worried about a dog getting its eyes scratched if it tried to referee a fight between two cats. Never owned a cat myself - my mom hates them - so I'd instead get Princess to go up the garden by saying "CATSSSSS!", and predictably she'd dart out. Eating specific underwear reads strangely perverted but, as my new dog shows, destroying things is fun for young dogs. He ate thru a Christmas decoration wire when I left him downstairs/likes ripping paper. I'm not sure if the sudden nature of your pets end was a good or a bad thing: in our case, Princess had always been finicky with food and started eating less and less. Still fine in herself. Before we knew it was a tumour, I stupidly told her off/threatened to hit her, thinking she was just seeking attention over her food. We took her backforth to vets over a number of weeks. Then, suddenly, after being left at vets, she seemed... drugged when she came back. We assumed they'd give her a sedative. Turns out she was bleeding internally and had a massive tumour that ruptured. Left a lot of regrets over what could have been done different.

...ANYWAY: good to know that, at worst, the author of Shingeki was just stalling with the non-titan arc and it does pick-up again, with the quest to reach Eren's basement from sodding ch1 FINALLY going somewhere. I glanced at a random chapter and saw that Erwin died, and Armin took over fully... or sumat. I'd actually like to know why those giant titans reside in the walls/how and all the rest. I'd basically given up on ever receiving answers. I don't know if you've seen it, btw, but the S2 anime trailer came out recently--looking forward to that Reiner vs. Eren MMA fight. Seeing the best of the manga before the human vs. human bollox should motivate me to get back into manga. Maybe.

The Count of Monte Cristo is definitely long-winded, with a lot of chapters that weren't required (the Italian gangster character backstory), and it was never explained how Edmond transitioned into a master swordsman/shooter. But I felt, reading it for the first time, it had aged wonderfully as far as exploring the rights and wrongs of vengeance, what true justice is and psychological suffering. I couldn't get past the slow, overly descriptive start of Les Mis but with Monte Cristo I couldn't put it down. My situation is unusual in the sense I saw a barebones, artsy version (Gankutsuou), then was able to bridge the gaps that left; such as the entire first 300 pages/prison part.
As for Game of Thrones: I think I did type to you about that, years ago: those last few books are nowhere near as good as what came before, but they are worth reading. Arrianne - one of the best characters - was totally cut in what the TV series butchered into the Sand Snake TV shite. And Jamie's character arc is waaay different: he's off to see Lady Stoneheart unwittingly via Brianne where books left of, having given up on Cersei.

On a related note: the overly depressing quotes on my profile are from a famous novel. A sort of semi-fictional suicide note in novel format, written before the author, Osamu Dazai, committed suicide. World famous and has had a fair few adaptations, including one done by Madhouse, with Death Note's art style: Aoi Bungaku. A collection of adaptations of the most famous of JP novels. /random

I think you should respect yourself for enduring with university failures. If it were me and I'd struggled with studying and ultimately had to go back home, I would've given up, mentally scarred and sure any other attempts would be meaningless. I get you were pushed by your parents but you found your own motivation in the end and are now on course to reach your goal. Must feel at least a little satisfying, boring or not. That was my problem during my school years, btw: I never knew what I wanted from life, or put better I never wanted anything. I was bad at memorisation, I didn't care about what was being taught and I just wanted to escape. Maybe I'm just a lazy sod.

It sounds almost like the plot of a 2chan love story like Train Man - your romance - but when it reads so sappy, it has to be true. I've only ever seen forum threads where depressed/lonely sods get laughed at or ignored, but I'm happy for you that reddit proved so life changing. I once made a thread on a random religious forum asking for someone to talk to and was told God would save me. He still hasn't. Kunt. About your 8hr phone call: I can't even imagine how a conversation could last that long without awkward, self conscious silences. You're either very smooth or just made for each other, as you suggest. BUT, as happy you are and I hope you remain, you should never put all your eggs in one baskets, as the saying goes. I can understand you cutting old weed smoking friends / anime losers outta your life but, if you become totally dependent and sumat goes amiss, the anxiety would be crushing. Just sayin'.

You weren't kidding that Mangastream don't have any manga. I use MangaHere, myself... or rather I use an app on my tablet, and that lets you pick from various manga reading websites. Tablets are a godsend for manga. Not that I read much anymore. The author of Happiness' best work is Aku Hana: goes from stupid to relatably traumatic. Happiness I stiill can't make my mind up on: already seems to have ran out of ideas and gone with a 1D villain and lots of sudden murder/death, tho I did like the Nao chapter.

Thar'll hafta do. Reply to what you want and ignore what you don't. Best way to deal with long msgs, I find. I kinda missed our exchanges as well, so if you want someone to type to every now and then, you know where my MAL page is. No worries if you're too busy or whatever.

PS: Do you watch Vikings? No doubt you do. You watched every Yank show it seemed, way back. Travis Fimmel is amazong. Fills a void Game of Thrones leaves.