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DigestingAnime Mar 17, 10:18 PM
For quite some time now, I always find myself saying how the author of Bleach copies his own work. I knew I didn't come up with that, and I went through some of the Bleach manga reviews recently just to find out where I read it from. It was you; while rereading that review, it still cracks me up: "...A different girl got captured and they had to go and save her. HE HAS SO FEW IDEAS HE'S COPYING HIS OWN FREAKING WORK!"

I really enjoyed reading your opinion. That's all I wanted to say :)

AironicallyHuman Feb 27, 12:10 PM
Hello once again, with another month+ in-between messages. I am still alive. Yay?... Time flies when you're not having fun/getting older. Or so it seems. I was always going to reply before Feb ends, and ofc: left it until the very end.

How was your girlfriend's latest visit--all still well in the alien-to-me land of long distance love? It's got to be pretty damn expensive to keep this flying around going until you live together. Think you've typed about that to me before, though. It was wise to remove all job search related stress from your life whilst spending time with your other half. Stress and romance would not be a great mix, that much I do know. I'm 99% sure getting a girlfriend would worsen my mental problems, rather than fix anything. When I was young and my eyes were still bright, I did try the whole internet romance thing, like you, but alas: the cat girl's tail was not a tail. We got married in a MMORPG and everything. Those were the days~...

...err, anyway: my retardation interview judgement was passed: I didn't have to be interviewed. Thus, I'm considered just about retarded enough to not yet starve. Was unsure if to feel victorious over that or simply despair.

I'm not 100% but I THINK what MAL did with the ratings is alter so that you need exact score matches frequently to have high compatibility. And the system seems to punish differences more harshly. I have also changed many of my scores over the years, like Attack on Titan and Gantz, but we should be higher than around 10%. We agree... mostly. Maybe.

I see you started Ajin's CG anime, oooo. A few bits of trivia that is kinda important to note early on: the original writer quit after v1, with the artist taking over in v2. Up to that point it was more of a generic shounen: lead plain, Naruto hair sidekick twat Kai, etc. Then in v2 there's a... Tokyo Ghoul twist, the lead becomes a sociopath and best-villain-ever psychopath Satou goes hard with Gantz-esque dialogue. It's deffo more Gantz than Inuyashiki was and has the best savvy usages of immortality via terrorism... err, ever. Also, Kai is promptly fucked off.
The anime adapts the manga slow (probably better off with movie ver) so you won't yet see the batshit parts in ep1-2, and one part had to be toned down later. Honestly, you'd be better off with the manga - it has the best panel-to-panel action flow I've seen - but the anime is decent, once you get over CG/pacing. Also, Yagami Light voices the lead/sings the ending song, so there's that.

Typing of Inuyashiki, you hit the Oku nail on the head: he could not write a story if his life depended on it. Kurono proves he's damn good at characterisation - his character arc being the only thing that kept Gantz coherent - but my God is he hopeless beyond the great premises he comes up with. Looking back and seeing how badly Gantz failed once it did away with its episodic structure and tried to add an ending, it's impossible to not have Inu jump between increasingly insane action. He really did strike gold with Gantz, initially: it papered over his limitations as a writer and highlighted his OTT, brutal, sexualised strengths. The same can not be said for a superhero/anti narrative that bounced between two characters and had one act schizo.

Hiro's character turned out to be a glaring weakness, despite his sociopathic behavior in episode 2 being what drew me back into Oku's crazy, 'Do you like One Piece?' mind when starting the manga. I totally agree he should've been left as is. The sort of character that kills without feeling makes for an entertaining villain; especially when done in the tone of Gantz... but yeah: he tried to humanise him halfway in, making him grey, and that lead to the series losing its good vs. bad direction and almost feeling like Naruto filler when he decided to hook up with that "pub head" girl. Honestly, Oku's always been terrible at romance: I remember Tae not fondly. I get the feeling he's had as much action with the opposite sex as me, and that overshadows his weirdo humour.

Like you, I could turn my brain off and enjoy it, for the most part--like in police station bit when Hiro pointed his finger-gun at the gorilla officer's head and he said "oh my God! / HANDCUFFS". That sort of thing is stupid in a good way. And that's exactly why Satou in Ajin is such an amazing, lulzy villain. I could overlook no-one in the public noting Hiro fired without a gun since no-one would believe that and the government would cover it up to hide panic... but yeah: it was weak near end when no-one recognised Ojii-san's face, after he'd flew around acting like Jesus the night before. Missed potential: OH WELL.

Not read any AoT since we last typed: I'm following the Eng official volume releases, which whilst 'up-to-date' (unlike Gantz way back when), at minimum it's 4chapters behind but, realistically, 6-7chs by time the latest volume has been released. V24 not out until April, pretty sure. Bummer 'cause I ain't been reading any manga and everything I follow is monthly rather than weekly. I know that Eren and Reiner encounter each other again, and Eren apparently does some badarse antics. Not seen Mikasa. I'm hopeful it'll end good and actually end sooner rather than later but when anything goes mainstream and sells like AoT does, there's lots of pressure for the author to keep going. We'll hafta see. Will update you when I next get to read it.

You misread or I misread the v24-26 thing, btw: there's not going to be an anime adapted unreleased content. There is however going to be a spin-off anime OVA about Annie released with v24-26 in Japan. The OVA adapts novels not written by the original author. It has a ton nowadays.

Vikings my memory failed me regarding: Season 3 is 10 episodes. It's season 4 that starts the '4A/B' 20episode split season thing. And it's episode 15 of S4B where the series may as well have ended. Now it's gone like Game of Thrones S7: no characters left I care for, and the cast teleport around as if travel isn't a thing. Season 5A was a bit shit, to put it bluntly: as in, GoT S7 was better shit.

...You watched Boke dake Machi? Pro-tip: never trust anime averages far above 8/10 on Mal. Otherwise you get lollipops, hamster wheels and no time travel explanations.

Anyways, my back hurting and I must wash-up. My life is nothing if not exciting. I hope you too are alive and your latest girlfriend bonding session was fun. For now, farewell~
Spectator_Zombie Feb 7, 1:18 AM
AironicallyHuman Jan 22, 9:49 AM
Saw you'd been watching Inuyashiki and thought I'd drop you a quick message, whilst here. Was it on Netflix? I know Ajin was, and Devilman Crybaby recently, but I don't recall Inu.

The series kinda gets sidetracked with Hiro's back-forth over doing bad/good thiings where you're at. Was annoying in the manga, especially. Him offing 2channers was perhaps a nod to their reaction to Gantz. Bet you liked the posters in Ando's room, rite? Ep7 is before end storm where the death count sky-rockets. Old man comes back more into focus for end. Anyway, it ends better than Gantz, if only 'cause not drawn out for 10 or so shitty volumes.

Hope you're doing well outside of anime with the wait for someone to get back to you for a job interview / fit-bod girlfriend.
AironicallyHuman Dec 18, 2017 5:23 PM
Yahallo, once more. Another person I type to experienced the same loss of enjoyment in anime/manga, despite the desire to not fully disconnect with a hobby they've spent years involved with. And myself as well, though I still try from time to time. With age comes experience, and with experience comes the realisation that very few anime/manga do not require a 13yo brain to fully enjoy. Especially on this damned site where everyone is a teenager. Like how you feel about Gantz now. At least with Gantz you don't get 8.9/10 cute chibi things, though. Oku's just about insane enough to still entertain me, doing a balancing act between stupid and cool.

Gonna jump to Vikings so I'm not typed out by time get to it: you are not wrong with your criticisms. See, I'm the kinda guy that can like and recommending something whilst still being critical, so I honestly don't mind you pointing out the glaring flaw the series has with its inconsistent characterisation. If anything it makes me respect you more. Ragnar and Floki do not sway much but Rollo and the monk Ragnar/Ecbert go bizarrely homo over do. In fact, Ecbert does a a 180 in season 4 and ages like 30 years (brilliant actor, and was my fav character/great villain) whilst MILF Lagertha never ages and becomes the series own FEMALE POWA Daenarys. About Rollo, the writers fuck with history so much that even D&D of GoT infamy would be proud: Rollo and Ragnar are not actually brothers. In fact, they never knew each other and existed in different periods... or maybe that's just Ecbert. It's a mess. I didn't understand this when watching and just thought he was wishywashy. In reality the writers were just stalling until S3 so Rollo could turn traitor again for the jumbled version of history to play out. There's no real defending the monk: he's used as a go-between linking Ragnar/Ecbert, flip-flopping as he does... until S3, like Rollo.

FYI, in S3 they start doing a split season a/b thing, meaning it's 20 episodes. Better pacing, and fa lot of padding. It goes full GoT with sex subplots during the siege of Paris. Also, Rollo learns French in record time. You'd be very impressed. I would actually recommend you watch if not for that because.. well, the monk's story ends in the first half, and in the second it's Rollo's turn. Even Siggy goes bye-bye early on. It starts tying up loose ends. S1-2 were the rise of Ragnar and S3-4 the fall, pretty much. For all its flaws I can forgive for it moments like this 1min silent flashback, which came in the most powerful episode:

No matter what anyone says, books 4-5 of GoT are not bad; just disappointing. The cut content is SOO much better than what you see in the TV butchery, ranging from the Greyjoy arc to the Martell arc and even Stannis. D&D cut the best heroine from the series in Arrianne Martell, even. And there's a whole subplot where another Martell travels to meet Daenarys. No, the problem with the books is they lose the overall narrative flow. Like in the TV series before everything got cut, there were too many characters, and a lot of the arcs seem unlikely to impact much. It becomes ponderous. The characters are still razor sharp and the twists good... yet its gets to a point where you see a chapter named after a character you don't care for and you go 'ugh'. Brienne is by far the worst offender in this regard, and even then, her story gets amazingly good where the latest book ends as she's not unbeatable like in the TV series and Jamie is not Cersei's bitch. At all.

So, yeah: books 4-5 aren't up to the standard the series set early on but the reason so many people are angry about S6/7 of the TV series is because of how poor it is in comparison. Fret not.

Inuyashiki probably won't convince you Gantz isn't nostalgia fuel (a guy disguises himself as a black guy, in Japan, ffs... was it Izumi? gawd) but, if you can get over the limited budget, it's certainly more entertaining than watching cute chibis. I mean, it's a super/antihero series involving a Terminator-esque police station assault, a yakuza showdown and, apparently, it ends like that Bruce Willis asteroid film... Armageddon? Basically, it's batshit in a way anime isn't.

Back to the top of the message and more serious subject matter, it's weird how both you and someone else I talk to online are in similar situations, whilst I'm forever a good-for-nothing. God must love my idiocy. That fear of falling into old habits you type of has driven my friend to do volunteer work, go to college, take driving lessons, sell anime/manga and generally despair. I still cling to the comforts of my hobbies from my younger years whilst others fight against it, desperate for more. Perhaps that is what it means to be human. The day-to-day grind of normality scares me more than dying, I think.

Sorry to hear/read no-one at all has gotten back to you for an interview. That must be all kinds of demoralising. Can see why the more simple, tried 'n true routine of studying would hold more comfort than failing to step into the unknown. About my 'Are you retarded enough?' interview, not had it yet.. but unfortunately I did receive a form for first time in 3years. Had to be back by the 19th/today. They can send a letter and demand my retardation interview anytime. Not sure what I want: to be told I'm only semi-retarded and work to eat, or be judged to be a retard. I doubt I'd go: will lose either way.

It would be awkward enough to have some guy whistle at your bird when you speak same lingo--a 'do you act protective or chill?' situation. Them speaking a different language, leaving you out in the cold confused, no less comforting, I guess. Well, at least you know from a third-party your girl has a nice arse?... I know there's an area in Belgium known as a breeding ground for terrorists but forget the name. Muslim immigrants take over small areas and make them intimidating/dangerous for the natives. Can't be great to live near those places.

...Anyway, as expected, I am well and truly typed out. There's a new AoT anime coming out released with vols 24-26 of the manga. It adapts novels and involves Annie, so should be interesting. Read v23 and it was basically a set-up for Eren and co to encounter new characters. Reiner was made more endearing, I suppose. Facial hair suits him.

Until next time, unless I off myself, farewell. Again. Merry xmas to you and your holiday tree, as they are called in some parts now.
AironicallyHuman Oct 19, 2017 5:32 PM
Just so you know, the series by Gantz's author has an anime that just started. And, well... episode 2 will remind you why you liked Oku's brand of weirdness.

AironicallyHuman Oct 5, 2017 6:57 PM
Hey, I'm back too. Monthly reply time. Not sure what keeps me coming back to MAL at this point, but here I be.

What was the end result of your attempts at getting an internship--did you have to brave job interviews? I don't know how much confidence/arrogance is needed to walk into an interview and not fuck-up. My brain would go over eacg possible outcome and see failure everywhere. Fast food / lowball jobs wouldn't make me shit myself, but putting on a suit & tie for an interview proper?... I'd be running away before even entering the building. I may face a similar scenario myself, sooner rather than later, though--a medical to determine how mentally borked I am, with points awarded for questions. That scares me perhaps more than idea of a job interview--a 'how retarded are you?' interview.

About Belgium, did you have any problems with migrants and the like, or did you stay in a more classy area? Read that certain tourist parts of Europe are pretty bad these days due to Allah. Glad you had a good time with your girlfriend, btw. As for playing Witcher 3 with your girlfriend... pity it wasn't Witcher 2: that had the most rotic sex scene in a video game. Hookers and the like were more restricted in sequel for feminist reasons. I'd love to agree about Witcher 3 but you've managed to find the one person on Earth that does not like it and has not played FF15. And as it happens, I also ranted on MAL. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah...

https://myanimelist.net/blog.php?eid=768984 <-- Why I didn't play FF15.

Riveting reads, I'm sure. There are pictures, fyi. Did I ever tell you I like to moan? To be fair, Witcher 3's world kinda reminded me of Game of Thrones. And Geralt is a badarse. I just don't do the whole 'bigger is better' openworld thing. Or many things, really.

Switching to Attack on Titan, the anime S3 teaser just shows the upcoming volume covers, ending with last one I read/THE SEA. So, it's pretty much nailed on we're gonna see a Death Note post-ep24 style 'spreedrun'... unless they do a 'split' season with 12eps x2 and 3-6months in-between. They're popular nowadays.
Maybe they only do the talky-ZZZ pacing when it's worth milking. No way am I watching until the return of Beast Titan unless they do rush through it. Almost hope they go slow, just so can enjoy the episode discussion threads and everyone asking where the titans have fucked off to.

Oh, Game of Thrones. I knew there was a reason I should've replied faster. Beyond The Wall / ep6 was the worst episode in the entire series, and that's including Arya vs. Terminator 2 running bitch. Even ignoring the time gap WTF with Daenarys saving the day after the Gendry snow olympics, The Night King is some sort javelin master.. yet sat there for two days, watching. And there are no words for Jon opting to go Rambo on zombies instead of getting on the fucking dragon. At times the series reached parody depths, like with scene at very start of S7 with Arya somehow being a faceless master as that The Twins pedo. The Winterfell saga with Littlefinger - the only remaining 'smart' character left - was all that really held my interest after the Olenna/High Garden thing... and as you say, D&D had no clue what to do so they made Arya act like a twat. Jon & Daenarys are the most forced aunt/nepphew couple ever, and even Tormund has plot armour now. Not even sure there's a point watching S8--all that can save it is Daenarys dying. Always been worst character in the show, with one of the worst actors.

My advice? Watch Vikings. It's not early GoT Godly but S1-2 are pretty damn close. Way better than S5-7 of GoT. And, although series feels kinda done after events in S4, S5 starts soon and had a pretty kickarse trailer. Too spoilery to show.
You wouldn't be disappointed, that I promise you. Best medieval-war TV series other than GoT, with a lead character on Walter White's level.

Anyway, that'll have to do. Nearly 3AM. Got to be up by 9AM. This is not good. I hope you're still doing ok, even if you money/job situation is still not sorted.

Fare-thee-well, nakama.

DeepBlueHorizons Sep 8, 2017 5:37 PM
Well I am only about 100 chapters into Naruto so I can't judge the whole series yet, but just based off what I read it seems decent but not anywhere near Berserk. Just curious, how far into berserk have you read? Which volume are you at?
DeepBlueHorizons Sep 7, 2017 7:26 PM
Wait so you think Naruto is better than Berserk?
AironicallyHuman Aug 9, 2017 7:57 PM
Hey back at ya, belatedly, and look at me replying when you're back from your trip and probably already finished applying for interships! I've been trying to get rid of the 100's of volumes of manga I've hoarded over the years and lost track of time. Not been using MAL at all.

How did the love vacation in Belgium with your 'average>fitbod' girlfriend go? Thumbs up or down? Not having to deal with Japanese convention sweaty fat male overload was a +1 before even going, if nothing else. Unless you ended up doing so anyway, that is. That'd suck.

About your girl liking One Punch Man: yeah, it's the next big thing after Attack on Titan. It sort of parodies shounen failings (chattering instead of fighting when lead just wants to fight/gets annoyed, then beating them in one punch) and pairs that with a superhero rankings league. Not something I love but one of my e-friends does. The art is outstanding and animation pretty amazing, if nought else.

I can finally type about AoT's manga now, having read v22 the other day and reached the sea. I started reading it where the anime left off, fyi.

The '2000 year thing' I mentioned when I misunderstood your timeskip mention was referring to very start of anime/manga: title was sumat like 'To you, 2000 years from now'. Obv referring to Ymir/shared memories of titan shifters thing. I just saw the one year timeskip, and will get the four year one you mentioned in ch91. The backstory was pretty decent and concise compared to the political intrigue crap - I didn't realise the Owl's identity until right before he revealed himself to Eren's dad - but the Nazi/Jew alternate history thing was very... uninspired. Didn't even try to hide it with Eldians forced to wear the armbands and whatnot. I AM glad I got back into it, though: the action + plot improved a lot after THAT shitfest arc. Eren's timely memory flashbacks after finally finding the notebooks in the basement kinda irritated me, mind. He coulda remembered it earlier and less people would've died.

Also, does Mikasa STILL not get any Eren action, 4years later? Was bad enough after 1year. And Eren now looks like Mikasa with his hair length. Given Eren only got around 3years left to live, I'm starting to think he's seriously gay for Armin.

I see you finished watching S2 and rated it the same as me. To answer your question, S1 was even worse as pacing goes: the longer the series went on, the longer the start of ep recaps became. It got to point where they were 3-4mins long just to stall. As for the content itself, there was one really shitty part that did not translate well from the manga: when Eren has the cannons aimed at him with Mikasa/Armin in the smoke/dust after he 'revives'. In the manga they say a lot without motion, and it's far more noticable how long they talk and the dust covers them. Then there's the boulder saga with Eren taking an ice age to pick-up and carry the sodding boulder. My friend quit the anime there, actually... so, yeah: pacing always been a major issue with AoT.

I think S2's pacing issues were highlighted by the earlier eps focusing on Sasha/Christa. Everyone just wanted it to switch to Eren/Mikasa & co. Then when it did finally reach that point, it felt like it was over before it started, followed by more talking/Hannes flasbacking. It REALLY pissed me off in the manga after the Reiner/ren fight when Reiner started talking in confused corcles. Tbf though, even Games of Thrones does the '90% waffle, last 10mins action' thing. But anime always struggles far more with adapting action-packed series.

Typing of, now S2 of AoT fucked off, Game of Thrones is back. Will keep spoilers light in case you haven't watched. The awful exposition/Arya/everything in ep1 nearly had me throwing the towel in... then the end of ep2 and ep3 in general came. It feels like, after years of waiting, all the action/deaths that were promised are coming. I was impressed with how quickly the Greyjoy/High Garden factions were dealt with. Ep4 was also pretty great, if only for the end/Bronn's return... though it kinda sucked that no-one important died, despite a few ALMOST moments. Oh well, at least George Martin can do one now.

Only just properly read your The Leftovers paragraph. 2% of the population disappearing without explanation as a premise is... different. In a good way. Less sure about ominous chubby middle-aged women communicating through notepads. That's different in a bad way. I'll hunt it down via torrent after GoT s7 finished for something to fill the void.

Right, that'll do. I did get back to you... eventually. Tatas.
freizel Jul 18, 2017 7:14 PM
Totally agree on your Berserk review , is so overrated, many 10s for a manga that is a 5 at most a 6 , too much rape scenes too D:
DoctorWasabi Jul 8, 2017 11:21 AM
Nice Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer profile pic u got there
AironicallyHuman Jun 11, 2017 4:35 PM
PS: AoT season 2 OST out. First 7 tracks on disc 1 are mostly amazing. https://nyaa.si/view/928997
AironicallyHuman Jun 11, 2017 4:25 PM
Heya. Glad you messaged me 'cause I'd left other message so long that, with depression bollox added on top getting in the way, might not have got back to you for... awhile. Will give your older msg a re-read and reply whilst here as well, though.

Rigtyho, AoT: you're deffo not the only one that felt the reveal lost all momentum with the flashback explaining why Eren was all 'I'll have a long think about this, I not angry'. Despite me linking you to that vid, I fully agree. I can't remember if the manga was the same but it's a classic anime failing: flashbacks being thrown in willy-nilly, internalised chatter fucking with the flow, etcetc. Manga can get away with that sort of thing since there's no motion. But 9/0 an anime adaptation will copy EXACTLY, without re-working for the adaptation. Gantz's TV anime was especially shitty in this regard. You don't see that sort of things in series targeted at Western audiences, like Game of Thrones--in fact the series goes to great lengths to put everything in conversations or cut it entirely.

As for the reveal itself tho, I was actually really underwhelmed when I read it in the manga, years ago. I was like, 'Why is this being revealed so anti-climatically?... WHY WAS EREN SO DELAYED WITH HIS TRAITOR REACTION!?'. In the anime, with time to kinda come to appreciate how the author just threw it in there, no fucks given, I thought - flashback killing the flow aside - it was the best part of the series. You have to understand I've already been demented by watching 100's of shitty anime, so I was less irked by the badly timed flashbackery. The music once flag blew down/sky porn and Reiner's emotionally charged voice acting... I got chills both when he called himself a half-arsed piece of shit and when he called himself a warrior, before Mikasa did her thing.

The really strange thing is my favourite part of the manga - the Eren/Reiner MMA grappling showdown - didn't impress me like in the manga. Annie's flashback was less irritating since it was actually needed but the fight itself as it was presented lacked the 'wow' factor the Reiner/Bert reveal had, what with the new music + visuals. ANYWAY, you aren't wrong to be critical of ep6: your viewpont is that of a non-anime fan watching anime. The Red Wedding comparison is a good one: if GoT was an anime, you woulda got the Roose Bolton/pedo bridge guy scene inserted before Rob died wih his mom. 100%.

Your old msg now:

What is the deal with the AoT manga's '2000 year' thig, being as you mentioned timeskips up the wazzoo? I don't know if I mentioned already but, at complete random, I found a surprisingly excellent YT vid of the manga Levi vs. Beast Titan fight that I'm assuming is the latest chapters. Beastie's baseball rock serves were... interesting. Playing the AoT PS4 game at the moment and got to fight him in the epilogue as well. Here's the 2mil view manga fight vid, btw--guess I don't need to read the manga! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiT00UXwC90

You mentioned Twin Peaks, and I actually watched that up to ep9 of S2 a few weeks ago. I couldn't stomach the pacing and increasingly trying soap opera filler. I was gonna try to make it to S3.. but I couldn't. Years ago I played a JP game called Deadly Premonition, which is basically Twin Peaks gone Japanese. Srsly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxSujfA-FLE Not even heard of Leftovers--what's it about? Title doesn't read like an emoional rollercoaster but your yank TV recs have always been on point.

What do I think about Brexit / UK politics? The UK is a country run by old people. They outnumber mostly uninterested younger voters. Usually they vote in the Tories - a party that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer - and the country has developed a major poverty issue as a result, not helped by open door immigration. The Brexit thing came to pass because the Tories underestimated the stupidity of old people, with older Brits mostly being against people coming over and taking money. So now the country is in a terrible situation with a government that cares only for the rich and has to somehow get a deal worse than being in the EU that won't make rich business owners leave. In short, the country is run by kunts, is a multicultural hell hole and the people on the lower end of the scale suffer. I've been lucky so far to get enough money to kee existing, but the country is edging towards totalitarian isolationism seen in Children of Men and the like. New law going come into effect passed that will allow censorship and regukated internet access.

Sucks about the whole citizenship situation, btw. You'll need a a visa rather than just being able to go ver now, I take it? Is the relationship still going strong and the July Belgium trip going ahead? Assuming you're talking about your girlfriend wanting you to go with her to anime conventions... good luck with that! Only reason I'd want to go is to see non-fat women cosplaying as slutty anime characters. But the amount of fat, seaty males and awkwardness would put the fear of God into me. You can't say no if she's excited and you get quality... hotel time outta it though. Not a bad thing to be motivated by.

There is some more but this will hafta do. Typed out. Cba to even update my MAL crap. Up to ep11 of AoT, and the budget / stop-start talking that was deffo in manga ruined it. Balls.

PS: In case you cba to watch Levi OVA, here's Levi showing emotion:
AironicallyHuman May 16, 2017 4:01 AM
PS: This is the music/Levi's theme. Only 3mil views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jqSy8E9JLQ