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Fate/Zero 2nd Season
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Vinland Saga
May 1, 7:12 AM
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All Rounder Meguru
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Shingeki no Kyojin
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May 26, 2:30 PM
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onion-dono Aug 21, 5:14 PM
Nice One Piece review. I enjoyed it !

Don't let people bring you down from one onion to another !
Ashrax Aug 20, 4:31 PM
when fangirls attack

they go all in, this man is done
Sunroge Aug 7, 12:18 PM
only soyboys like death note
ItachiDxD Aug 7, 10:16 AM
Why would I need, your 1/10 "review" if we can call it that way , on One Piece speaks for itself. But I guess it's the classic trope of the Naruto fanboy hating on a better written shonen that he hasn't read.
ItachiDxD Aug 4, 2:32 PM
Too bad that the dude that made a cool Himizu Review has such poor tastes :/
Joaoblancard Aug 3, 9:25 PM
they commenting on ur review cuz its trash, u should re-read it to see if ur brain actually got better in these 10 years
NoctD_Aleh Jul 29, 1:27 PM
Joaoblancard Jul 28, 12:46 AM
did u really say one piece’s characters have no development 😂😂😂😂
SonnySmack Jul 10, 6:50 AM
Your review for the One Piece manga almost reads like it was written by an angry child. Its so incredibly ignorant and superficial in nature that its pretty obvious to see that your mind was pretty clouded with hate at the time you wrote it down. I almost feel sorry for you.
Sados59Maxi Jul 2, 5:51 PM
your about page litterally gave me aids
AironicallyHuman May 28, 7:45 AM
As a sort of reverse rec, after you made realise Fate/zero on Netflix, I had a rewatch. I'm surprised you 8/10'd S1 unless you really got into the philosophy of being a king and all of the build-up yet to be delivered on. But that's why I thought I'd msg again briefly: if S1 was dialogue overload, S2 is action overload. I wasn't kidding when I vaguely mentioned all the deaths happen in S2--every single ep 1-2 characters die. It's like when GoT killed characters off towards end... except in F/Z it fees like a natural transition from exposition to the business end of a death-game. The gloves come off and the consequences of all that waffle in S1 come hard and fast.

It starts with aerial dogfighting (srsly) and doesn't let up. The lancer episode, followed by Kiritsugu's character finally getting explained (with more death, ofc). It truly does become the battle royale with heroes of legend and morally ambiguous twats we both craved, when reading the premise.

Guessing you busier than when watching Vinland, now lockdown gradually loosening. I'm still alive and felt like sharing, is all: back to being ded now. I hope you like S2 as much as me. Years ago I rec'd F/Z to a friend, and he was so bored by the king-talk episode after Rin's big adventure that he quit. At the time I didn't realise just how talky S1 was: with talkig in literal circles in ep1. Idk if he would've cared for S2 when none of the characters are all that likabale but, looking back, that was unfortunate timing.

Beluga_Soup May 8, 8:38 PM
cool thank you
Beluga_Soup May 8, 3:10 PM
what manga is your pfp from?
AironicallyHuman Apr 29, 8:04 AM
Couldn't let you add Vinland to your completed list before yours truly. Whatever would randoms think?

That aside, I see you monged through pretty fast. You have Askeladd's best moments/characterisation coming up. Think I cried a manly tear internally over his nakama duel.

...oh, Fate Zero: as you probably noticed, ep1 is a 50min exposition dumb. It's like the anime team couldn't be arsed to cut any so they had characters walk in circles. That's by far worst part of series: the overly long exposition intros. It does get more exciting... no, really! There's some pretty early action, tho admittedly too much talking. I direct you to the anime sequel ratings: UBW S2 rated lower than S1 iirc, and that only ever happens if sequel sux 'cause, obv: only fans stick around for S2. Fate Zero S2 has a higher rating than S1, given nearly all the deaths delivered there.

Just a quickie, whilst here. This might really, truly be the last time. Your msg prompted me to update what I cba to update for nearly a year. Now, I never want to again. I wish you were in your journey to Belgium.

- Daniel
AironicallyHuman Apr 20, 8:04 AM
"What is dead may never die" -- People that thought me dead, with my gamertags linked to and active as you discovered, really need Jon Snow's one-liner used on them. GoT's lasting legacy: catchy one liner's.

I have MAL email alerts on. So, as soon as a message or quote or sumat, email. I did have my profile bookmarked... but I deleted it to curb old habits. So now I only rly look at the site when reminded it exists.

I see you finished UBW and had much the same opinion as me, albeit liking the Rin fanservice prologue less than the series itself. I remember it had two 50min ep1's, pretty much: one for Rin, one for the do-gooder.
I shalt share my condescending wisdom from decade(s?) as a weeb with you, now: where to start with Fate is confusing because it began life as a visual novel (aka, 45-50hrs of text+smut). Visual noels usually have different 'routes' for each waifu. In UBW's case, it's Rin. The anime ofc removes all the smut and focuses more on the battle royale aspect... but as you noticed: lots of talking, not a whole lot of action/murder. And no, I have not 'played' the VN. Even I ain't that sad. I just wanted servants to kill each other.

Where Fate Zero comes into this is, because of how popular F/SN is, it got a prequel novel (an actual novel, on pages and everything) by a totally different, famous writer. Much the previous Holy Grail was a mystery, since F/SN as a smut novel more about sexing waifus. And this is why Zero is much better than the sequel it was made after: it's a proper battle royale about two assassins trying to kill each other (the "priest" that walked in a square explaining + the do-gooder's stepdad). Nearly all of the cast are different shades of grey, allah Game Thrones, and whilst S1 has lots of talking (literally in circles at start) and not so much death like UBW (same animation studio; similar execution), there is pay-off in S2. Well, if you like lots of death, that is., tltr: in anime, ufotable animated Fate/Zero, then UBW, and now Heaven's Feel (Rin's sister route). Zero more your cup of tea as BR/Gantz person. Alexander the Great is a bro.

PS: Here's the first, far uglier multi-route trainwreck attempt at a F/SN anime, waaaay before ufotable ver you watched. It's supposed to be a scene depicting a threesome between Shirou, Rin and King Arthur, without showing any sex. 'Tis legendary.

.....this reminds me: Basilisk. I was wondering how come you've never watched the best, most brutal battle royale-thing in anime ever created, or I've never told you to watch it, when it's basically Naruto4adultsxBattle Royale. The answer: you read the manga, and I probably did. As you noted in manga tag, it's 24/7 action in manga form. The anime has better pacing/expanded. Worth a watch now you're marathoning anime and have probably forgot the manga. Afaik, novel based on inspired Naruto: monster bloodline 'ninjustu' and eye powers. If you watched/read Harry Potter, you'd know basilisks insta-kill if look in eyes. That's why it's called Basilisk. I so smart.

See, it even has an Orochimaru vs. Sasuke narrated intro, and is dubbed/freeeee on YT:

Vinny Saga always was pretty great as for as Askeladd goes, and his JP voice fits him perfect, so it'd be worth a watch/drop before S2. And as luck would have it, S1 ends with him, before Farmland Saga. I've read up to recentish chapters in the manga and Thorfin is now post-esclipe Guts, with a gang of comical followers. Also: in the anime he does the 'naruto run', once. The thing retards tried @ Area 51.

Oh man, you don't know how much you need to watch Prison School, if Gambling School (Kakegurui translation, fyi: sed I smart) needed slutting up 4u. Rather than AoT/Gantz variety of milking, it goes smuttier as goes on, culminating in lesbian 69ing. That does have strip poker.
That aside, I think it was the tights that did it for me in Kakegurui. That, and Yumeko stripping in ending animation. The gambling is always of the arsepull, HOW CAN SHE KNOW THIS, variety and after first few 'gambles' that was rly that - could only go more absurd. But, heyhoe: I was down with Yumeko orgasming, like you. People on MAL tore it to shreds in reviews for shoddy gambling instead of enjoying femdom sluts. Nerds, the lot of 'em. Like those that don't think Prison School is the funniest, trashiest anime ever.

Even I, the great Aion, went into Devilman ignorant. I only learned after the end its hell monsters + whatever the hell happened as world ended in 1ep inspired Miura/zerk. The director's stylised but cheap animation + Netflix as a platform, rworking around TV nudity/violence timeslot schit, rly helped it. I do think the relationship between leads needed a lot more time as went from friends>wtf in no time. It all went so batshit that only the girlfriend's death had time to carry emotional weight with me.

Btw, you haven't seen the true Devilman, yet. If you want violence&nudity in anime, look up the 80's ultra violence OVAs, also. Violence Jack if you want a laugh.

Ah, you're the same as my other e-friend/waifu, then: working from home. He's got you +1'd though: he's now renting house and living with girlfriend. The concept of working from home when everyone is self-isolating is a weird one to me: I guess it makes employers happier if they make their employees think they should be working, instead of YTing. I can see older gents struggling with the finer points of video chat/conferences, as well as the IT-use-computer side. I'm a reclusive internet veteran and I put my router in modem mode, not understanding idea is to have another router. Tis complicate.

Let us hope this has cleared up by Sept for you and there isn't a second wave that postpones your moving to Belgium and marriage. If that happens, you're gonna need to rely on porn over sex for the year.... so sez the virgin master~ I'd be scared of moving to a foreign land and learning a new lingo even without all this uncertainty. Your balls must be sturdy to pick that over a life of nothingness, aka mine.

My only hope with AoT is that the anime staff have the cliffnotes and are going to end AoT's anime better than D&D ended GoT S8. It's the final season, and was announced like 6-12months ago. You'd think they know how it ends, even if Isayama doesn't. He is surely under huge pressure by his editor and the knowledge as a young, first time author he's got to create another manga after AoT ends. In interviews he's showed signs of weakness, saying he intended to kill characters before seeing they were popular.

Not sure if you're referring to Eren being there undercover all along - where I read up to, I thought he was faking being a villain for greater good/changed by founding titan/memories/idk. But I do agree it should've ended earlier--the big showdown @ the basement. It did end there for me, really, much like Gantz did when Kurono erased his memories. Everything after is just padding. And Isayama's far better at shocking than writing, as said.

Rite, I typed out. This probably my last for... awhile, so no worries bout responding in a hurry. I nearly missed your message: I thought alert was for Boxy. Your message was hidden under.

Laters... again~