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The story line involves the idea that you enter a world that is a virtual reality. They have similar art styles and the game play for the characters is different, but the real world repercussions are more drastic in one series then in the other, but they are still there.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Accel world is probably the closest (maybe) anime to SAO, but probably not as great both goes to the future with technology that lets you move in 3D world. both plays games and is pretty serious, although accel world is just an over reacting of seriousness both main character are good at game Romantic, SAO has better romance if you watch this, definitely watch SAO. i think it will be better for most people
report Recommended by pakin
To begin with, both series are mainly focused on online gaming, with the exception that they can log out and go back to the real world in Accel World, and the people in SAO are trapped. Both main characters also have a similar goal, Kirito's being clearing the game so they can get out and Haru's becoming the first lvl 10 in Accel World and uncovering it's mysteries. Also, the novels were both written by the same person, which explains why they're so alike.
report Recommended by AllHailSephiroth
Both animes revolve around the virtual worlds, being Sword Art Online situated chronologically a few years before Accel World. The writer is the same in both series, so thethe run of events of both series are very similar.
report Recommended by palcraft
Both were set in a virtual world, except in AW it is more on a Frist Person Stance or FPS , while the other in on a MMORPG. another difference, is that in AW the players are fighting to reach level 10, while in SAO it is a life or death situation for the players.
report Recommended by Nasty001
Accel World and Sword Art Online are anime that are set in the future where virtual reality combined with gaming technology is present. They have alternate game realities, which begin seemingly fun until real life tangles into the game and things become a little more complicated for the main characters in both series, making them start fighting for something much more than just simple entertainment. Both shows feature great animation with awesome fighting sequences and it’s no surprise that they share so many plot similarities since they are works from the same author. It's safe to say that, if you enjoyed watching Accel World, you   read more
report Recommended by FireHeart
Both main heroes are fascinated by the virtual world. First, they are loners, but as time goes, they realize that many people care about them and change their attitude to life. Great action anime with a dose of romance.
report Recommended by Sjaan
The easiest way to describe Accel World would be: SAO 2.0. But this time, the protagonist fights in order to impress and to show his gratitude for his true love who seemed to be out of his reach due to their different social status. The setting is placed in the near future, unlike SAO which was more middle-age like. Even the Nerve Gear from SAO is mentioned as an old version of the Neuro Link that is now used by everyone 24/7. Perhaps one needs to get used to the frequently shown emotions, but in my opinion that's what makes the different relationships so exciting!
report Recommended by La_Vie
With both of their story written by the same author, you can't help but notice that their plots are somewhat similar. Both of them involve a setting where the characters enter a virtual world, with some consequences and dangers in their real life.
report Recommended by XieJinhua
Accel World and Sword Art Online are created by the same producer thus they're quite similar. Accel World and Sword Art Online are both games that the characters in the anime have to use something like a Nerve Gear and Neuro Linker to connect to the game; a lot of fighting going on. The male protagonists also falls in love with a strong female protagonist.
report Recommended by Aleron
It is similar because they are both virtual reality. And are about fighting Accel World isn't as good as SAO because the noumi arch.
report Recommended by master0537
Accel World and Sword Art Online are both very much a like. They are also both set in a Virtual Reality were they are forced to play a game that has to do with battling other people.
report Recommended by LunaNoodle
Most of the setting in both are talking place in a virtual game reality world, and the MC in both anime are fighting for the one they love. On top of that both show have a similar art style so if you enjoyed the one you might just like the other.
report Recommended by SnowLife
It has some kinda like Accel World... Both fighting -games and also using a something Nuero Linker(Accel World) and Nerve Link(Sword Art Online)and the command Drive Link(SAO) and Direct Link or Burst Link(AW) and it's really possible that Kuruyukihime and Kirito is somewhat connected due too both of them likes dark color(Mainly Black) and it has the same writer... So I guess it'll really look like and also in wikipedia it is also a related article
report Recommended by 8man226
•both are done by the same producer, •both are gaming anime, which they enter a virtual online game reality, except SAO is constantly stuck in the online gaming world, while AW can log in/out. •both anime series have a group of supporting characters who help the main protagonist achieve his goalm which they add more intense/comedic/fluff/sad moments throughout the anime. •both the main characters personalities are far different comparing, but they have a goal, both leveling their characters up to beat the game. •there similar with the virtual gaming and slight fluff romance, but SAO is much more serious, comparing to AW
report Recommended by Lupta
Neuro-Linker is the next generation of VR (virtual reality), Accel World use a device known as a Neuro-Linker for access the Internet and enter virtual worlds. Sword Art Online use VR, With the Nerve Gear, a virtual reality Helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds.
report Recommended by ganro
First: Its A GAME Second: Only A limited number of people know or have this game Third: If they lose in the game they either Die (SAO) or will never be able to play the game again (Accel World) Fourth: Their Main Characters are both detached from the real world (though in accel world the main character has developed, I'm not so sure yet for SAO) Fifth: Each episode is something to look forward to!
report Recommended by ayee821
The store line involves the idea of entering into an alternate dimension that consist of the game world. The major difference being, in Accel World one can log-out from the game to the real world, while in Sword Art Online one is stuck in virtual reality.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both worlds accel in the world of role playing games where the user is sent to a new world beyond the one they are born into. Fitted with action and romance our heroes learn they are not alone in a world where everyone wants to escape, only to find who they really are. Enjoy ^^
report Recommended by NuraNico201
Both of these anime features people transported into a Gameworld to play and fight for survival.
report Recommended by Duckii
Both take place in the future, involves using special gear to take them to a Virtual Reality. Fight to get stronger. In SAO's case if you die you die for real, but in Accel World, if you lose all of your points you can't come back to play the Virtual game.
report Recommended by Eren_Yeagar
Made by the same person and has great action, main character can't be taken seriously though.
report Recommended by MrLief
Both are by the same author and take place in the same universe. Accel World takes place about 24 years after SAO but isn't a direct sequel. Both are about entering a virtual reality and facing challenges there.
report Recommended by Alaczer
Both anime take place in a world where a futuristic game has been invented that the plot focuses on. Both anime are battle themed, and the main characters face many challenges along the way.
report Recommended by Jezzibolt
Pretty much what everyone else has said, but its likely that they share the same timeline too, AW being in the future of SAO. This is because the NerveGear used in SAO is mentioned in AW as one of the predecessors to the NeuroLinker, making these 2 series all the more interesting to follow
report Recommended by ChickenSoup
By the same author, similar conflicts between the two protagonists. And the same futuristic view taking place in two worlds: real life and virtual life. Also in both you'll have a incredible addiction to see the next episode.
report Recommended by Fukitsu
So you have two people who find themselves utterly dedicated to video games that suddenly find the game is now their world. What's not to like? Oh, and did anyone mention that Accel World comes a few years after the events of Sword Art Online?
report Recommended by lokenontherange
Both anime were based on light novels by Reki Kawahara and follow unique storylines. They're both school-like anime and are based in the future. Both have made use of the "full dive system" which allows them to enter a virtual world using technology. Both have an amazing plot and are well worth the watch. If you liked either one, you'll most likely like the other!
report Recommended by Sledgedude
same writer, both in a virtual world, both action comedies.
report Recommended by Lostpuppies
Both of them have romance and its set in the future also a bit of harem. Both Anime and directed by the same author or person
report Recommended by Kiritodark
They both are online gaming series. However, Accel World stays solid to the very end plot-wise, Sword Art Online falls apart halfway through. Also, the MC is at first weak in Accel World while Sword Art Online's MC is one of the elite.
report Recommended by ForeverInspired
Same writer. Both are about futuristic gaming and a connection between the real world and gaming world.
report Recommended by wumbmasta
Both involve games. Accel world not as exciting as Sword Art Online though. Both have the same novelist
report Recommended by Gladeo
From the same author, both anime are about a somewhat ordinary gamer who ends up with a harem because he played a VRMMO game.
report Recommended by NekoBatyx
These two animes were created by the same person, "Reki Kawahara" and involves the aspect of gaming in both these titles. Both titles develop a connection to the concept of having to play a virtual game, such as relationships and courage. The plot is well constructed in both animes and we see very similar concepts. Even though they both end basically the same way I would've still loved to see the anime developed further with more breath-taking situations. Okay... Enough with that, the action in both animes are almost comparable and well-balanced with the dialogue.
report Recommended by Xenesis
same author, romance heavy, nice action, both involve gaming
report Recommended by alexsilener
Both animes are about characters involved into a ''full diving'' game. Action, comedy, and a bit of romantic stuff is up for you to grab.Good emotion is added to the characters. Big plus its from the same author so you might reconise the style and some people say accel world is actually whats taking place after SAO several years later. In fact SAO takes place in a ''near future'' while Accel World is acting in the year 2046! Have fun watching!
report Recommended by Sidco
They're by the same author, and both have a focus on virtual reality games. The two series also take place in the same universe.
report Recommended by Aerkhanite
Where virtual gaming worlds take over and is not just 'a game' anymore, but a matter between life and death. Both animes have a link where virtual gaming have a life threatening impact on the real world. Spending months or even years inside the virtual gaming worlds, who knows which world is the real one anymore?
report Recommended by Hammerfest
Accel world and SAO have the same creator. Both are based inside an action packed game world. Accel world is about overcoming ones fears to push forward to defeat your enemy while SAO is about overcoming your enemy in order to survive. both are excellent animes.
report Recommended by Bynd
Both are great game-type anime. You won't regret watching this anime. Unfortunately, Accel World leaves you hanging because they could have done a lot more with this anime.
report Recommended by MetalAlien
Both take place in a game where the characters are fighting for "survival." In Accel World, it is more for the main character's self confidence and support for friends. Both have romance features—the "fighting for the girl" kind of thing. They both aim for the top and finish off the game not as the "best."
report Recommended by Kagome171
If you like virtual reality gaming, and a character with a special ability...then you will love Accel World
report Recommended by Silver_Assassin
These animes are similar because they spend in a virtual reality environment, where the protagonist has to evolve their battle skills in the game, facing great challenges and enemies (without taking into account that they are both creations of the same author).
report Recommended by wyfrozer
Both of them plays Virtual Reality game and the romance part is quite good. However, the protagonist of these two anime were alike.
report Recommended by rraden
Accel World takes place in the same universe as SAO, but 30 years or so later with more advanced technology.
report Recommended by Eyoldaith
Both anime are based in a game world, in which if the player dies they die in real life. Accel world is, to be honest, a very very poor anime. However if you liked it, then you are guarenteed to love Sword Art Online for the simple fact that its 100x better, it may be a little flawed however it doesnt take away from the beautiful art and immersive experience you get from watching it.
report Recommended by Cernalpxnai
both are virtual animas that have the character/player put into a game where they play a MMO RPG games and must fight to get what they want whether it would be to get out of the game or to find what's at the end of the road, and both have a cute romance that was enjoyable but not overwhelming to the show (sorry for putting in an opinion),
report Recommended by Donnavan
Both involve having the main character has to fight in a virtual reality to keep something and are by the same author
report Recommended by Soulhunterfrank
Both involve a bit of a futuristic feel with gaming technology, as well as both occur in a digital like world and share romantic moments.
report Recommended by Lightningbreak
They are similar because they revolve on playing a virtual world where you design your own character and you decide what world your avatar wants to join like a guild. But the difference is that sword art online you can't leave the game. A player has to complete the game for everyone to go back to their world. Accel World you create a duel avatar from your mind and it creates it based on you life and past traumatic experiences that might of happened then your avatar is designed and it is mainly a fighting game but you can do more in the game. In   read more
report Recommended by Akito1307
they are both great series and are very alike accept for in SAO you die for real, but in accel world you just loose everything you have and can't play it. SAO was the first serie I watched and made me start watching. I think everyone that like watching anime serie should watch this!
report Recommended by naitsss
Both grow on the idea of gaming world. Although SAO is MMOG and AW is action packed anime.
report Recommended by DareDevil3
both take place in a virtual world.
report Recommended by durdar
Both series' are action filled, comedic(somehow), dramatic(in some ways) with a pinch of romance(if that is what you call it). -Both series' main male protagonist shares the trait of "not giving up" and also surrounded by good friends. -Both series' revolves around Virtual-MMORPGs.
report Recommended by Haruchhiii
Both of these series are to be considered very similar they are both created by the same author. The setting for both is in the future and both are about being in the virtual world and the main characters each having an objective to complete. Accel World uses Neuro-Linker, while SAO uses the Nerve Gear, where the players connect to the game. The virtual world in both of the series also involve real life, which creates a serious and intense atmosphere, such as death in SAO also means death in real life. Along with the intensity of the series, there is also romance going around   read more
report Recommended by SteveTF2gamer620
1) The story line involves the idea that you enter a world that is a virtual reality. 2) Both main character are good in a game. 3) Romance 4) Cute abd badass female characters
report Recommended by WhiteTouko
- Both set in future. - Both are intrigued by virtual reality games. - Both are socially awkward/loners (at least they start off that way). - Both use a somewhat similar device to log into their VR games (In Accel World, the device is the Neuro Linker which is far more advanced, later in the series they refer back to the Nerve Gear as the start for VR Gaming many years ago). - Both have romance (however, SAO serves far more of it than Accel World). - Both have very strong female protagonists that contribute greatly to their plots.
report Recommended by BasedLint
Keep this short for you guys, takes place 20 or so years after SAO, virtual reality is now more advanced -later in the show, images show nerve gear from SAO in history of VR text -same makers as SAO Very good!
report Recommended by MoeMoo
I'd say if you like the futuristic gadgety world of SAO, then AccelWorld has a similar concept, and we get to see more into the world than we do of SAO. Let it be known that AccelWorld is all about mechs (sorta) and not sword to sword (and other weapons) in Sword Art Online, but the 'Accelerated World' of AccelWorld is close in similarity to the online and dangerous Aincrad or Alfheim.
report Recommended by IamDavidGustav
- Both made by same creator (Kawahara Reki) - Both told about the technological advances in the world - Both tells about the story of game Sword Art Online take from year 2022 Accel World take from year 2046 So, maybe Kawahara Reki tells continuation after the anime Sword Art Online is Accel World
report Recommended by TioRivaldi
Firstly, both novels were written by the same person, so it might not be a surprise that they feature quite some similarities. In both shows the protagonist enters a virtual world, in which they become strong characters. In both anime the protagonists face consequences in real life as well (related to the game world). I think SAO had a much more serious atmosphere, but if you liked one it's likely you will enjoy the other too.
report Recommended by NyanPls
Both have great fights with protagonists willing to do anything in order to protect the one they love. Both anime revolve around games. Both players control their avatar with their bodies using a piece of technology called Nerve Gear in SAO, while in Accel World, the technology they're using is called Neuro Linker. Both avatars have a unique ability. Both main characters in SAO must survive in the game. If not, they will die in the real world, while in Accel World, they must fight in order to get more burst points. If their burst points get to zero, the game will automatically uninstall and   read more
report Recommended by Flare_Tide
Accel world and SAO are similar because they both take place in virtual worlds. Accel World and SAO were written by the same person. They also take place in the same universe(Nerve gear is mentioned in accel world). Accel World is probably set 15-30 years in the future. I liked SAO but I thought Accel world was better. The first few episodes in SAO were amazing but then it went down hill from there. The time lapses in SAO were annoying. Accel World had a better pace to it where I think SAO was really rushed. I think if all 25 episodes were spent   read more
report Recommended by jstec
They both revolve around jumping into MMO virtual reality games and are both set in the future. However, there are a couple differences. First off, the protagonists are complete opposites in all but one quality. Secondly, the depth of romance in the story in incomparable to Sword Art Online. So if you are looking for a deep romance between characters that develops fairly quickly, I do not recommend watching Accel World.
report Recommended by Archways
Both of the stories happen mostly within a game world.
report Recommended by kappasan
game based anime
report Recommended by sba
- Both written by the same author - Takes place far in the future in the same universe as SAO (But not a direct sequel) - Builds on the technology introduced in SAO such as the Nerve Gear - Both involve online games as a major story plot - Lots of action, with some romance and drama tied in
report Recommended by Ens2010
Both Accel World and Sword Art Online are written by the same author and are both centered around virtual reality video games. The differences are in the tone and stakes of each show as well as the characters being quite different. However, if you liked SAO, you'll probably like Accel World.
report Recommended by WaifuEater
-They are both based on virtual reality and take place in the same world, though accel world is in the future. -Both have a somewhat nerdy (more nerdy in accel worlds case) protagonist and contain a romance element. -They are written by the same author, Reki Kawahara.
report Recommended by Dire_Wolf
Virtual Reality games, characters showing their power not only in virtual world but in real one.
report Recommended by Undersen
- The relationship of the main characters improve the more obstacles overcome. - The plot revolves around a virtual world. - The main character in both animes are looking for something for himself. - Romance, action and excitement in each chapter will be presented. - The history of both anime is really good and although it may have ups and downs, is pretty consistent.
report Recommended by AnotherRafa
Good story, interesting characters and a protagonist outside of the usual.
report Recommended by Ganta02
They are both inside a game,there is romance but not that much,but trust me it is similar and there both very good animes.
report Recommended by IIAnimePieceII
Both the anime is about game world. In SAO if you lose all your hp you lose your life in accel world if you lose all the points you can't play Accel World anymore. Both have good actions and story. Quite interesting and worth a watch.
report Recommended by Alexom
Firstly, both series are by the same author, so you know that if you like one of an author's works you'll be likely to love their other works Both series are set in the future, which makes them interesting, and the technology is equally interesting They are both set in the same universe, although Accel World is set further into the future Both series have a lot of action, and the game that the main character is in has high stakes as a result of in-game death/ losing all points (Real-life death in SAO, whereas loss of the program forever in Accel World) This creates tension, keeping you   read more
report Recommended by Shubmarine
Neuro-Linker was made possible through an earlier version of Nerve Gear. Both worlds are based on the game of virtual reality.
report Recommended by MateuszB1987
Accel World is similar to Sword Art Online because both take place in a virtual reality and gaming enviroment.
report Recommended by RottingBrain
Both have both virtual and real life worlds and both has a bit of attachment relationships. Action, Love, and Video Games.
report Recommended by brettile
It is a game anime that revolves around one romance in a virtual reality.
report Recommended by Pedr025
Gear, system ...
report Recommended by ceoz
-Both have a futuristic setting. -The protagonist in both animes are new to a game, but settle quickly. -Mystery aspects. -A girl aids the MC on their quest and they later become their girlfriend. -Similar obviously by the fact both were made by the same person
report Recommended by Magister_Jakene
Characters go into a virtual world where they are tested to see if they have enough strength, witts, and willpower to face the people around them. They both fight to reach the end goal of the game. Much like Sword Art Online, the video game world has an effect in real life.
report Recommended by OtakuJKP
If you like characters in a virtual world than accel world is your anime. The fight scenes and plot are totally amazing. And if you like those kinds of anime where the character doesn't fit the bill of being the main hero but turns into a total hero later than this is your anime.
report Recommended by Deathscythe0125
Written by the same writer Kawahara Reki, this brings the world of VRMMORPG to you. A must watch series for anyone.
report Recommended by ryuuForte
Both SAO and AW are set in the same world but in different time periods SAO starts in 2022, and AW in 2046, both have the same author- Reki Kawahara, and both focus and Vitual Reality, the differnce is that SAO tells the story of an OP player Kirito and the protagonist of AW is a begginer who gets drawn in to a mysterious game and tries to be a better player, oh and Brain Burst the game from AW isn't a "death game" and doesn't trap people like SAO.
report Recommended by SpaceTheGamer
In both of these series the characters of the story are deeply immersed in virtual worlds and have the similar action of wanting to protect those closest to them. The other similarity I could think of is how If you die in SAO,you die in real life similar to how in Accel World if you lose all your burst points then you will no longer have brain burst.
report Recommended by Zinogresword
Live in a game themed anime.
report Recommended by Luminie
Both anime involves the use of a certain gear that puts the human brain into the in-game world, where whatever happens in-game, can affect what happens to the person in real life as well.
report Recommended by XyriaLight
Both anime has futuristic themes. Both anime has problems with nerve controlling gears. Both MC has their woman:)
report Recommended by JustJ0ke
accel world is further into the future from sao and even mentions the nervegear in a later episode. they both use similar technology which transports human beings into a virtual world. both contain fighting scenes and fight for life. its a great watch for anyone who enjoyed sao
report Recommended by kuro_hato9142
-Both have the main character transported into some kind of game world -In both, the main character finds and falls in love with a girl -Both main characters are OP at the game As a bonus, both are made by the same creator!
report Recommended by thelectricow
These two animes both revolve around games and are share the same creator! - Although sword art online is more of a do or die situation, Accel world in some ways is the same. Both animes demonstrates how close ties with friendships and bonds. - Accel world is in the same world as when Sword Art Online took place, but is more advanced. - In both animes, the creators of the games are unknown... And both have great fighting scenes and action throughout the whole show!
report Recommended by CookiesYummy
Teenagers who are addicted to video games and have social problems stumbles across a far more technological advanced game that for unknown reasons puts peoples life in danger in the real world. They meet a girl who is beautiful, rich, smart and play video games (yeah right) and together they try to finish the game and understand its true purpose while making friends on the way.
report Recommended by Andredfs
Both are action-game based where the MC is put inside the virtual world. Both are considered underdogs in the beginning, but rise to become in-game celebrities. Both have a female SC that act as a love interest and are both are also top characters in-game. Fantasy type fighting - Accel World uses special armor based on the characters personalities, Sword Art Online uses magic and special abilities in combat. The characters in Accel World have the ability to leave their world unlike SAO. Both have consequences of not "winning" in-game battles. All in all, two really awesome series that I would highly recommend if you like game tournament or action   read more
report Recommended by PunkDragneel
Both have a lot to do with virtual reality worlds and have a samiliar feel to them also they are based in the same world only accel world is based about 20 - 30 years later also they both have the same creators
report Recommended by R3solution
Both anime are based on the same concept, The Virtual World.
report Recommended by MariusGrg
both have an alternate world with high action based combat and also a little fill of romance and comedy.
report Recommended by dirtybee
In the middle of the RPG anime fever, a practically brother of Sword Art Online appears, Accel World is recommended for those looking for a more discontracted story.
report Recommended by Nownownownow
The anime is set in the same universe. But in different years The author is the same as SAO Super recommend
report Recommended by Rafael2017
How that are in a game and flight to live and the epic games and fights all that kind aft things
report Recommended by Louierommannn110
Well they're both about games. Watch it and you won't regret it
report Recommended by ImBordd
They both have place in the same univers, both being an anime about technology
report Recommended by Wenix
Both are written by the same author with both the anime featuring different archetypes of protagonist but with both the series taking place in the same universe, just a few years apart.
report Recommended by Harsh29
Similarities: -Both MCs are playing in a virtual world. -Both MCs have grown fond of a beautiful girl. -Both anime is all about gaming and virtual reality that players compete. -Both anime involves girl/s falling in love with the MC. Differences: -Accel World's MC is a dork, weak at first while SAO's MC is overpowered and levels up fast. -Sword Art Online kills people in real life when they die on the game while Accel World freely and safely lets players log out on their account. -Sword Art Online's MC attracted girls heart to grow fond for him, this may be because of his determination and overpowered skills in terms of helping/saving them   read more
report Recommended by Dorajiru-kun
Accel World's stakes may be slightly lower than that of this show, but at the same time, Accel World takes place in 2039, which is 17 years after Sword Art Online's pilot episode, which occurred in 2022. Accel World made an amazing mention of the Nervegear in one episode, and in the manga for Accel World, Haruyuki even fought Kirito. In other words, Accel World is set in the future of Sword Art Online's timeline. Accel World is also pretty cool in the sense of minor characters such as Ash Roller. Although his screen time was really, really brief, he still managed to be   read more
report Recommended by Illikas
It's look like that they're on the same universe, but in diferente years. On both, the heroine ''stay'' with the hero. The opening and the soundtracks are good too.
report Recommended by NandoPotato
Closely similar because they both occur in the same universe. Idea of VRMMO. One MC has a heavy harem and the other has a lighter harem. Both are enjoyable to watch. Both have good romance factors and have good action.
report Recommended by domskieeee
-Both have characters fighting in a video game world. -Both contain romance. -Both have long hair female protagonist.
report Recommended by Cozye
They are both about a school kid who is introduced to a game where they fight. There are even references in Accel World to SAO so they might be connected with Accel World set in the future. They both have a strong male protagonist as well as a strong female character.
report Recommended by Slowe_Seb
Both stories came from the same person. Accel World is essentially SAO but with better writing and an overall more enjoyable story. Both involve "cyber worlds" and being able to experience life within a video game. The mcs are similar yet different, both being very skilled in games but very different when it comes to their personalities. SAO has a confident, courageous MC meanwhile Accel World's mc is small, shy and tends to be a coward. I give the edge to Accel World, but honestly if you're a fan of one you'll enjoy the other. It's a win-win.
report Recommended by maikhayl
Various technologies exactly the same as Sword Art Online. Basically it is a continuation of Sword Art Online. SPOILER!!! it is also known that when episode 22 on ACCEL World touched nervegear in the 2020s.
report Recommended by Ferdimass
Both involve a VR game with action genre. And of course with spice of romance. Also both main characters are pro players. I recommended it because they have amazing graphics, plot, and the characterization which actually simple but interesting.
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
There's a theory that this anime is related to sword art online. The theory is that the anime protagonist (girl) is the daughter of Kirito and Asuna and Kirito made the program that they use during the whole anime. Also you will see that they have something really similar to the nerve gear and they also connect to the "Internet" to play a virtual reality game like in SAO. Even if the theory isn't true, you if you liked SAO you will also like this anime!
report Recommended by hacker09
Both take place in a VR world
report Recommended by b2bbxp
made by the same person. 1) Story - its got a simular main idea. only that sao makes it more you might die 2) Art - made by the same person so is relativly same 5) Enjoyment - if you loved accel world youll love this anime although the 2nd part (episode 15 and onwards) is different 6) Overall recomendation score = 10
report Recommended by saoxsteinsgate
both have similar animations and the same they can go to the game world with full body.
report Recommended by Moreno_Sidauruk
If you liked Sword Art Online for how Kirito dives into the VR world then I'd definitely recommend this one because this anime follows the same aspect of going into the VR world.
report Recommended by MasterBuck325
Both gaming animes, although in one of them the characters go out in the real world, and the other one people get stuck in the game.
report Recommended by knd944
Enter the game world and become an MC with overpowered powers, don't forget to look for super beautiful heroin
report Recommended by RenDays