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Both have MC's stuck or transported to another world fighting on the front lines to try and save the world.
report Recommended by Scrom
- Both series take place in an isekai. - The isekais both resemble a game in which evil is fought against. - Both MCs are surrounded by girls who protect/aid the MCs. - Both MCs cannot leave their own isekai unless they complete the 'game'.
report Recommended by aquatar
both MCs fight in a alternate world to survive, except Sword Art Online's MCs trapped in another world while The Rising of the Shield Hero's MC teleports to another world. both are good series to watch.
report Recommended by XxMrFiresxX
Pretty much similar, you'll feel the vibe, but not as good as Shield hero
report Recommended by alkalineacid
- Game\fantasy worlds. Settings feel extremely similar - Super strong main hero (in Sao almost immediately, while Shield Hero starts a bit slower. A bit) - Hero surrounded by girls (gaaarems) - Similar ways in which action moments are executed\Similar story development On a minus note: - In both, most of characters are too weak or too stupid, compared to MH. - Both stories are predicatable and illogical as a result IMO - I liked artstyle and music in both - I disliked story and characters in both They're VERY similar. If you liked one - you will like the other. If you disliked one - you will dislike both
report Recommended by Leenbow
Please watch all the series and movie's this anime is so amazing i promise must watch it.
report Recommended by Duecalion
Both involve being drawn into a game and fighting evil.
report Recommended by riaborsara
Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) is an Isekai just like Sword Art Online but it has different aspects that will make it feel new and exciting, great animation, story and characters. Instead of an overpowered protagonist (Kirito) we have Naofumi a weak protagonist which uses hard work to become strong even when the whole world has turned their back on him. The heroines of the series are also very good with individual traits and relationships woth the mc. This show in my opinion is a better Isekai than Sword Art Online and after seeing SAO I reccomend it.
report Recommended by AardvarkReviews
Tate no Yuusha is certainly one of the best anime I've watched, came here through recommendations from SAO and Bofuri, wanted to explore mmorpg animes, this wasn't exactly that but watching this became one of the best decisions ever. Truely a masterpiece, even the songs (title track and post credit track) in this anime are a treat!
report Recommended by Animekabhoot
both have love and game skill fights
report Recommended by Ravenax
Kirito gets stuck in a game, while Naofumi (AKA the Shield) gets sucked into a book. Neither can go back home till mission is completed and both will die in real life if killed in their new world. Both protagonists are hated by most people, Kirito for being a beater, while the shield was framed as a criminal.
report Recommended by kalebsmoker
Both of these anime are action, fantasy, isekai anime (I know Sword Art Online isn't technically an isekai, but bear with me) with black-haired protagonists who end up in light harems. I use the term "light harem" because neither of the anime have any of the usual harem antics; they simply have a group of girls who are all smitten with the main character.
report Recommended by Kaylof
Ambos son Isekais, en donde el prota es el capo, solo que en Tate no Yuusha es menos exagerado y se quiere mas a los secundarios que en SAO
report Recommended by JuaniMel_B1
Main aspects are very similar. A male protagonist with strong female supporting protagonist. Both takes place in a different world (One is virtual, the other one is fantastic). Actions are similar as well, strong and big creatures are always against the protagonists.
report Recommended by cdahere