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Sword Art Online is also about Surviving, Death means Death and no way around it. Both have compelling sides to like the anime but both lack something to make it perfect, what Sword Art Online does, Shingeki No Kyojin does NOT. And vice versa. Sword Art Online let's you see what they fight for, and what they have to lose. Shingeki No Kyojin does not, but they do let you see epic and fluid fighting scenes that really statifies your apitite, that, again, Sword Art Online does not, there it is more "Fight and Done" when here you have to be anxious about it. But all in all, if   read more
report Recommended by Thunder45645
Apart from the completely different universe these animes are playing in, these aren't as different as you might think. The heroes in these series are both trying to safe the world they are living in, for any price. Both are doing this mostly because they had failed saving a particular person in the past. Kirito and Eren are more the solo, risky, overpowered type of character. Because of that behind these two heroes there is always a worried female character, who is trying to defend them from any harm.
report Recommended by Nayhru
They are similar because: - Their epic settings, fights, animation, sounds etc. make them both appeailing and very attractive. - They are both very popular due to hype or other reasons. - The both have a male protagonist, who can surpass any obstacles depending on their willpower and skills. - The fighting scenes are similar and awesome. - They both include an element of survival and fighting.
report Recommended by Sdragohn
Both anime involve worlds where safety is no longer guaranteed. The main plotline is survival, and both anime revolved around a select few in the society that work to develop combat skills. There are also some epic battle scenes against creatures several times larger than the protagonists.
report Recommended by JakklL
While these series ain't that similar, they are both extremely popular series. Both are extremely intense and will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time
report Recommended by Lord_Lamington
The biggest anime of this decade. Both are pretty controversial among fans, but both have great production quality, and a lot of decent action.
report Recommended by 2Mainstream4U
Similarities: Both shows involve life and death situations where one mistake can lead to the end of a character's life Good fight scene animations Art style Similar male protagonists who will surpass his limits for family, and loved ones
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
Best combination between thrilling, impossible actions and top-notch, inciting background music. Just enjoy the show without nitpicking what should or what shouldnt you get, and you'll have the best treat to both your eyes and ears.
report Recommended by deesintegrashun
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