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See if you can look at my anime scores and not get mad at any of them

Some random dude who enjoys anime and everything it offers, feel free to talk about anime with me and listen to my controversial opinions.

Always behind on seasonal anime so don't expect me to know the latest stuff.

Last completed anime

Top 10 Best & Worst Anime of 2020 Currently (shows how behind on seasonal anime I am)

1. Fruits Basket S2 9/10
2. Golden Kamuy S3 9/10
3. Moriarty the Patriot Pt 1 9/10
4. Deca-Dence 9/10
5. Ascendance of a Bookworm S2 9/10
6. Dorohedoro 9/10
7. Somali and the Forest Spirit 9/10
8. Adachi and Shimamura 9/10
9. Love is War S2 8/10
10. Danmachi S3 8/10

1. Rent A Girlfriend (1/10)
2. Plunderer (3/10)
3. The Misfit of Demon King Academy (3/10)
4. Japan Sinks:2020 (4/10)
5. Listeners (4/10)
6. I'm Standing on a Million Lives (4/10)
7. Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time (4/10)
8. Isekai Quartet 2 (5/10)
9. Science Fell in Love, So I tried to prove it (5/10)
10. The Day I Became a God (5/10)

Top 10 Best Anime

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 10/10
2. Clannad 10/10
3. Kill La Kill 10/10
4. Gurren Lagann 10/10
5. Steins;Gate 10/10
6. Fruits Basket (remake) 10/10
7. Trigun (origianl) 10/10
8. Code Geass 9/10
9. Hellsing Ultimate 10/10
10. Violet Evergarden 10/10

Top 10 Worst Anime

1. Suzuka 1/10
2. Rent a Girlfriend 1/10
3. Hybrid x Heart 1/10
4. Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? 1/10
5. Arifureta 1/10
6. Pupa 1/10
7. Eiken 1/10
8. Promised Neverland S2 1/10
9. Wolverine 2/10
10. In Another World with my Smartphone 2/10


Anime Stats
Days: 105.5
Mean Score: 7.21
  • Total Entries928
  • Rewatched0
  • Episodes6,217
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Yuukoku no Moriarty Part 2
Yuukoku no Moriarty Part 2
Jan 26, 4:33 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 9
Rewrite 2nd Season
Rewrite 2nd Season
Jan 23, 8:21 AM
On-Hold -/11 · Scored -
Jan 23, 8:20 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 12.2
Mean Score: 8.07
  • Total Entries28
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,831
  • Volumes237
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu
Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu
Nov 11, 2022 8:15 AM
Reading 50/101 · Scored -
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Jan 31, 2022 3:38 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Jan 31, 2022 3:33 PM
Completed 181/181 · Scored 9

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Notifications Jun 11, 2020 9:57 AM
"I don’t include Hentai’s, mainly because I only watch them for one thing and one thing only."
Lmao, can relate
Nacht_der_2065 Jun 2, 2020 8:59 AM
Yeah I get that. I only have two hentai in my list so far, since I don’t usually watch an entire hentai. Usually just skip to a part that’s, for lack of a better word, stimulating lol
Nacht_der_2065 Jun 2, 2020 8:26 AM
Try watching Tsui no Sora. Probably the worst hentai I’ve ever seen. It should definitely be in your worst anime list, if you include OVAs.
Nacht_der_2065 Jun 2, 2020 6:38 AM
I just pointed pop team epic out because I haven’t watched any of the other shows on your worst shows list, and maybe I shouldn’t since they're all probably pretty bad.
Nacht_der_2065 Jun 1, 2020 5:57 PM
Just stumbled upon your profile and noticed we have similar taste. I don’t like pop team epic either lol
AlexandreFreitas Feb 2, 2020 7:02 PM
Well it never happened to me,since I didn't have dropped any work since now.
AlexandreFreitas Feb 1, 2020 1:49 PM
Exactly. What's the point in making a beautiful game if we can't stand playing it? What's the point in making some good animation if it is so poor in characters and history that we can't stand watching it? xD
AlexandreFreitas Jan 31, 2020 4:06 PM
Yep. I'm rooting for them to improve the quality so they would shut the mouth of those people who absolute love good animation over everything. xD
AlexandreFreitas Jan 30, 2020 1:39 PM
Yes,it is intact but the direction keeps repeating scenes in the episodes like one scene when Escanor is walking. They repeat it 2 or 3 times. So let's just say the story moves a bit more slow because of that,hope they remove this kind of thing in the Netflix version.
AlexandreFreitas Jan 29, 2020 4:39 PM
Yes,the direction seems more lost than the animators,they really just don't know what to do. At least One Punch Man part 2 had some direction tricks to get the viewer a bit more entertained,and some nice moments like when Garou fighted the other heroes.
AlexandreFreitas Jan 28, 2020 1:35 PM
I'm waiting for the new season of the Seven Deadly Sins to come to Netflix,since it will be the BD version which got its quality improved. But man.....Everywhere I look there's a meme of the new season xD
AlexandreFreitas Jan 27, 2020 1:33 PM
I disagree with Piano no Mori and AICO,the other ones I haven't seen or are just meme. I think the only one of the bests I disagree is Seven Deadly Sins,the animation of the show is good but I can't say the same of the plot and the characters,my friend told me that some interesting things are happening in the manga,gonna check it soon.
AlexandreFreitas Jan 26, 2020 2:05 PM
So,which are the ones from your list of the worst?
AlexandreFreitas Jan 25, 2020 2:26 PM
Overlord is one of the worst anime I've ever seen! But a place further than the universe is one of the best ever made. The CGI they used in the water in the ship scenes is just wonderful! The final episode made me cry a little bit.
AlexandreFreitas Jan 24, 2020 1:32 PM
Wait,Madhouse hasn't broke? After One Punch Man,they're kinda gone in the industry. I never was a Madhouse fan anyway,now that you told me about the poor CGI I imagined it on that armors that the Ghoul hunters use xDDDDDD