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Jashin-chan Dropkick X
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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV) 2nd Season
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV) 2nd Season
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Overlord IV
Overlord IV
Yesterday, 12:45 PM
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Slow Start
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New Game!
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Tokidoki Bosotto Russia-go de Dereru Tonari no Aalya-san
Tokidoki Bosotto Russia-go de Dereru Tonari no Aalya-san
Feb 17, 8:46 AM
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winddevil1 May 15, 3:49 AM
no idea, i never looked at it, i just collect whatver i get lol

by all possible fights, do you mean helping 3 fights a day and letting others kill your 2? it«s probably all you can do lol
i never checked if doing more damage increases the points you get from a battle... so maybe next time try to follow a youtube channel that shows a one shot comp lol there's always someone who can kill max boss with 1 attack , and you probably have every ship lol
winddevil1 Apr 28, 5:47 PM
Azur Lane at it again :D

got 7 copies of Emden before i finally got Lutzow lol
down to 90 cubes, i had like 360+ :D
hopefully i get enough whenever next UR comes :v
winddevil1 Feb 8, 9:05 AM
what are your thoughts on the seasonals so far?

titan has gotten quite more exciting in the latest episodes, for the 1st time i'm wondering about rewatching it all, to catch all the "foreshadowing" and spoilers and stuff they did before lol

i watched the tensai ouji, but tbh the war theme thing doesn't interest me that much, and their jokes are whatever ... at least the girls are entretaining enough lol
fantasy bishoujo is actually more fun than i expected when i first saw their mal page
lastly , kenja no deshi is not the most funny thing ever, i actually feel stupid with her summons and stuff, but overall is decent enough to keep watching, and the "girl" is cute enough, and it has some fanservice as well, so i can't complain much lol

other stuff you didn't watch
winddevil1 Feb 8, 7:01 AM
some people in my sinoalice guild also say they like to play yugioh game, wonder if it's that older one from phone, duel link or whatever, i played it for a while
lol yeah, some games want to be so original that their skill has big texts that i can't even read :D

i had that problem with enhancements... like 1 year ago, now i always have too much (doing map 11.1 or 12.4 to spend oil and get exp for PR ships + guild/siren stuff) lol guess you really haven't been playing azur lane at all :v
if you wanna start somewhere, just start by imitating the actual correct team from a guide :p but yeah, i also do like 6-700k each run, that 900k was a better run :v
i don't think letting others kill your boss gives better rewards, just less work for you, less oil spent, and more chances for other people to use their own 3 daily attacks
you asked about the shop, just enter each one of the blue ports on the map (after a recent update, they even say something on them when they have new items), they refill weekly but have a limit of like 15-20 items (?) so you can easily get everything if you start buying those items from week 2 each month, since week one is harder to get enough coins ...

actually i'm saying this but... did you beat all the map quests yet? i think your map only starts monthly resetting after you clear the map story
careful with the resets, you will lose everything in your siren box (the coins/ stamina refills/ boss cordinates etc), so try to use as much as possible before the end of the month
after those resets, it's easier to progress, since you can use currency from converting the excess stuff from last month to buy the other shop, and that shop has extra stats and stuff, which means an easier start
no idea if you understand any of what i said, but if you continue to play siren you will understand it lol (or you can just look for a random siren guide on youtube and learn it better)

i don't think most of us play siren to get the ships, and even less people use them, most of us want the golden plates and the rainbow weapons from crafting (you could see i have 2 of them in my shinano, and already crafted another 2 that i don't use yet, probably gonna one or 2 on perseus or similar, and those meta ships are just a bonus (i think some people actually use some of them, i think helena meta was quite popular before)

yeah you told me before that collab ships don't count, but that doesn't mean i don't want them lol many of the games i play/played, i do it cause they have anime collabs sometimes and it's fun to get as many of them as possible
the one i came back to after almost 2 years is valkyrie connect, look at all the cool collab heroes they have :D (tbh many of them are from evangelion... but still awesome to see lol

intentional or not, offensive or not, i said what i think lol the only yaoi i'm actually fine with, is when one of my favorite traps (again, astolfo, saika from oregairu, felix from rezero, midare from touken ranbu...) are in it lol even in a cool anime like yuri on ice (more like yaoi on ice), i had to look away when they were doing that stuff :v

fate series are pretty cool, in visuals and charas, there's plenty of charas i like (you can see many of them on my gif blog), like Illya, Kuro, miyu, Rin, saber, saber nero, mordred, jeanne d'arc, luvia, gray, frankenstein (from apocrypha), and some boys like shirou, fate stay night lancer/archer, shishiron (the one with mordred, think that's his name), but the stories are kinda not that interesting :D if i played the game i would probably like other charas like saber lily and all those others

"cut on screenshots" "cut on games"
well thanks for your great advice, too bad i can't do either :v
i did cut in a bunch of games, but the 10 i kept, i ended up putting more time in each on them, from simply logging in before... to trying to actually use all staminas and do all game modes... so overall i think i'm putting even more time than when i had 30 games :v
about screenshots, i'll take them anytime i see a funny/cute face, a fanservice scene, a different hairstyle... there's plenty of things i'll instantly jump in and i'm not in time, so i have to roll the episode back 10 seconds :D

winddevil1 Jan 26, 3:12 AM
lol yeah, i started doing opsi like 1 week before the 1st one ended, as i was worried about missing her , and still managed to get one copy lol she will come back soon i guess, they are supposed to be only 5 (not counting the ones from events or whatever)

anout the damage, you probably don't need to worry too much about damage, unless you need to kill the boss alone lol (remember to not attack your boss, just share it, cause if you attack one time, no one will help anymore)
also, if you manage, try to buy all the 4 shop's stuff, as it guarantees you with materials to get the purple gears, each shop has a limited amount of stuff, if you buy everything, you can buy it in like 2 weeks, (instead of buying only a couple things and relying on rng to spawn the one you want), that's one of the tips i got from the tutorial videos

i think you should check other video instead of following my team, since every boss has different resistances and stuff (i'm sure you know more about that than me since i never cared to learn it, i just put random girls together or follow a guide), i haven't even changed anything for this one lol

but yeah, surprised you didin't care about opsi at all, the stuff it gives is great, guess you stopped caring about azurlane recently :v

yeah it's nice that we get to summon limited ships again (just means i'll never have to buy cubes again lmao), too bad that it doesn't happen with collabs, so it's a good idea to save for those, and also save 400 cubes for UR ships :D

nope, 6.4 is confy, i like it there :p and i get a collection that i doubt anyone else will ever get, so win-win :p (might need to buy gems for space later but that's a different story)

i love Astolfo, he is one of the funniest male charas i know, and he is one of the few (along with other "traps" like totsuka from oregairu) that i don't hate seeing yaoi stuff about, cause even in anime, i have to take my eyes off screen with male pairings, even tho i'm a big fan of female pairings :v strangely enough i'm fine so far with the new anime "fantasy bishoujo" where the guy turns into a girl and kinda flirts with his best friend lmao

about fate itself, there's many characters i like, but the anime itself is kinda whatever apart from the great visuals and songs they use at times... i would probably like it more if i played the game, but it was only available for America and i ddin't feel like making an e-mail specific for it lol (good thing i didn't, otherwise i would have played Madoka as well and it closed after a while...............)

lol game addiction (i actually played some league again, but it never lasts for too long, cause while it's fun to play it, it's also pretty easy to get mad, i actually broke a keyboard before lol)
i deleted quite a few games recently, left with less than 10, half of them i can just open 4 at a time in my screen and do the daily stuff fast (problem is i always end up finding something to do more than just dailies lol trying to focus on the pvp stuff for some of the games for better rewards for example)

about anime, i'm always scared of watching the stuff i like, probably cause i take many screenshots lol that includes some of my favorites like Takagi and Priconne, as well as the 2 i expect to like the most out of the new stuff, Akebi-chan and Sono Bisque Doll ... gues i'll just have to start sooner or later haha

people always talking about pirating anime and stuff, i was thinkign about subbing to crunchyroll or something, but a lot of older stuff i wanted to check, like Kuroko, is not available in every country.... not to mention i got mad at crunchyroll before, i was thinking "i'll not sub to them but i'll watch the ads, at least its an help... but that's when it was 3 ads per video... after a couple days they started toing like 20 in one video... like wtf, who watches that? freaking idiots lmao

oh manaphy egg :o always fun to get those limited legendary pokemons huh
reminds me, i didn't touch pokemon go since the stupid virus started... it's one less thing on my phone anyway, it already struggles to keep up with a less than 2 gb game space :v but since i try to do a small walk everytime my father asks me to drive him to the shop, playing a bit of pokemon go wouldn't be such a bad idea... maybe if i get a new phone i'll think about it ... then again, walking without stops is better than stopping every 5 meters...would that even be considered walking? :v

speaking of virus and stuff, did your illness thing passed? i forgot to ask before lol
winddevil1 Jan 24, 4:49 AM
the mangas i usually check are... either ecchi (preferably uncensored lol) or stuff i already watched anime, or something that's too cute to ignore lol
so i already had dragon on my list, but didn't really read more than maybe 2 chapters :v

for meta, i haven't made a new team, i could probably do better but... whatever i just use the same i was using for the other one lol i'm sure you can find better stuff if you watch a video from just3c or andre or whatever their names are :v
for some reason 1st team had wrong vanguard... still did good enough lol
2nd team... i think this one time did more than usual. think they knew i was gonna take a screenshot ..... lmfao
that being said, i'm using some gears that came from siren stuff, so maybe you still can't do the same damage

i finally started grinding more PR ships recently, since they are always used in those videos (have 12 unlocked now)... but will take a long time before they are ready ... i mean, the 1st ones are easy to get pieces for since they can be bought for coins, and we get a fuckton of coins now... but how many years does it take to get pieces for everyone, specially if you don't play all day?
winddevil1 Jan 15, 4:25 AM
my bump is smaller now ... now it kinda feels like when you scratch your backhead and then are like "oh my scalp(?) now has a little wound/dirt there" but it disappears after a few days lmao
still i wonder what it was... oh whatever "let bygones be bygones" :v

i was checking your anime list, thought you watched more fate series, specially since you play the game

about games, yeah
it'doesn't feel like an addiction but it still fells bad when i'm like "oh don't wanna login but what a waste of free items" and do a quick login anyway haha

problem is when i end up taking hours going through everything, and end up not watching any anime ... already 1 week, i wanted to try many of the new stuff before deciding what to keep/drop, but instead already 2nd week and i watched like 6 episodes total LOL
think i'll just drop a few games soon, some of them don't really interest me that much anymore... if anything i'd rather spend another hour in honkai/genshin doing random stuff than logging into some games that aren't interesting anymore , not to mention i stopped league for a while and i'll probably install it again sooner or later haha
i can't imagine how chaotic my life would be if i got a job and still tried to keep up with all these games/anime

yeah, if you try any of those i recommended, let me know what you think :D
i really think those were good
speaking of recommendations, i have another one (was saying it to hiru a few days ago so thought i would tell you too lol),
Eizouken, it's a really original anime, everyone was loving it when it was airing
winddevil1 Jan 15, 4:19 AM
now we need Kaga Aqours :p
(speaking of kaga, what are your thougths on her,? i think she is kinda boring, specially compared to akagi lol)

yeah i always get sruprised when they put limited ships into permanent pools lol still, wasn't expecting to get her in 20 summons... what the hell lol
i think i saw that she is a good one to use in pvp along with shinano and nagato, i need to check it again

lol i've been goind 6-4 hard for like 2 years, and i have no reason to move out of there :v
winddevil1 Jan 13, 1:26 PM
lmfao i was expecting to need like 500 summons... guess 20 was enough :p

do you like my collection? 21 (+4 i think) and counting :D

winddevil1 Jan 1, 5:35 PM
i also have some worries, i have a big bump in my head and i don't remember hitting it anywhere lmao :D

yeah i know how games work, i "play" many games everyday...i wish i could stop some but i like collecting free stuff in them all lmao (half of them are just quick logins and the others are mostly daily quests
let me make a list of everything i play :D (most on pc , since my pohone sucks...apart from sif and bandori cause hard to play those on pc lol)
winddevil1 Jan 1, 5:23 PM
if you want a few recommendations from last season, now that i'm pratically over with everything

then for next season i'm interested in

winddevil1 Jan 1, 6:38 AM
lol don't worry

Merry Christmas to you too ;)
i mean, happy 2022 :p

i'm doing fine, hope you're better now
winddevil1 Nov 14, 2021 7:23 AM
with 750k hits i can beat the boss in 2 hits, so i would say it's good lol ofc there's always multiple videos of people that can just kill them in 1 attack, but i'm not that strong lol
they probably have level 30 on every PR girl, have multiple copies of UR gear from research (i'm close to having one i think lol)

even if you don't care about the ships (i don't either lol) but i enjoy doing the maps, getting tons of materials, including UR gear and golden plates that give extra stats to some normal gears we use)

yeah azur lane is pretty good with gacha, i literally wasted like 60 summons on the current girl before noticing we can farm her LOL but i still have more than 500 cubes and we now get tons of gold from normal maps, so i'm ready for next UR/collab :v

about seasonals, you know me, i get interested in everything :v
that being said, many of the ones i picked were stuff i read manga before or sequels
let's see...what i picked was
(now that i look at it, it's more than i thought lol, wouldn't be a problem if i wasn't wasting hours in games like genshin, honkai, and many phone games, just added blue archive and revived witch to my collection lmao)
speaking of blue archive, the story is hilarious, i would recommend it :D i was skeptical about even starting it, even tho it's popular as hell, but i like it more than some other games i play

winddevil1 Nov 6, 2021 5:32 AM
thanks :p
i used to say hb to literally everyone but got bored fast, so now i don't really care too much haha
was just a normal day, games and anime :v

yeah i probably should watch it, but hard for me since with games and stuff, i can't even keep up with the few seasonals i picked, let alone watch older stuff lol
nice drop on one punch man :v i wated a couple eps of the mob psycho thing and i got bored so hard, so i imagine opm is the same thing

how are you doing on azur lane? i have been doing 700-800k per attack on the meta girl, i almost feel proud haha
Byniavo Jul 3, 2021 3:15 AM
Thanks, my kawaii Tamamo! It was a good day