Haruka "Harupoppo" Takayama

Haruka Takayama

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Haruka Takayama (高山 春香)

Birthday: August 25
Sign: Virgo

A student of Misato West High School, the big white hair ribbon is her trademark.

Haruka didn't have friends before she met Yuu, and as a result, she gets jealous whenever Yuu gets along with others. While Haruka acts silly sometimes, she is good at academics, and can even teach Yuu. She is also good at cooking, but bad at drawing.

Yuu likes to call her "S.B.J.K." (Shitto Bukai Joshi Kousei, which means "deeply jealous high school girl"), and Kotone tends to call her "Harupoppo."

She is always pleased to find yuri couples.

Voice Actors
Tomatsu, Haruka

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