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laviha Mar 7, 12:44 AM
nice that you agree, let's be friends now lol
Mithres Sep 13, 2018 4:05 PM
No problem haha

Yea, each story has it's own vibe and atmosphere which makes it stand out.
I don't have as much time to binge anymore nowadays, but I'll get to it. I also finished an anime someone else recommended: Saraiya Goyou. The first actual series of the bunch. It's still not very long though, 12 episodes. Then again, when I do have the time to watch anime, I don't always feel like it.

Yea true. As soon as such an awkward silence hits, the conversation feels kinda forced and uncomfortable. Mainly happens to me with someone I've lost interest in, not very strange but still... annoying as hell.

Definitely and thanks for the compliment! The first shows I watched were quite easy to follow. Then again, I started with watching shows directed towards a younger audience: Yu-Gi-Oh, Inazuma Eleven, Naruto, etc. These shows have dialog that is not thát heavy. If a word was said that I didn't know, I simply paused the episode and looked it up. As time went by, I had watched more and more anime. TV-series as well. At around the same time I got into anime, I got dragged into watching certain shows that aired on the BBC. The BBC didn't always have translations, but it was always possible to toggle on English subtitles. Now, I watch whatever I feel like watching. Got a whole list of TV-series as well.
Apart from a few words and phrases, I learned barely any Japanese while watching anime. Probably due to focusing on the subtitles instead of the Japanese dub.

Interwebs is just more a more fun and less boring word in comparison to internet haha.

My favourites have stayed mostly the same over the years. Probably because I remember how I felt back then watching it. As I'm not a fan of rewatching, these feelings and memories stay the same. With movies however, I've rewatched all the LOTR movies sooo many times. My taste in music didn't change very much either since hitting adolescence. I have almost no friends who enjoy the same music as me. But I share enough similarities with most of them. We have a lot of fun, which seems to be the most important thing. There are many things I have been introduced to and ended up liking some of them, which is always good.

Second time I had to write this, at the end of the first reply I accidentally hit the wrong button and got redirected to the previous page >_<
ezlord Sep 12, 2018 11:24 PM
I am sure as well that it will be better
Well as a fellow writer I would want help to so all the best to h
ezlord Sep 12, 2018 11:11 PM
No problem !!! Well I'm no super artist hahah
There is one that comes to mind
Her name is lilydusk
She has an Instagram and is professional
Tomorrow I'll get more names
Not sure if she still does commissions but she's dang good

Her email and contact info are :

Last panel

Go to my deviant art and check my favorites. I don't fav everyone, only seriously good stuff. Those ppl might be doing commissions
Best of luck
ezlord Sep 12, 2018 10:47 PM
Any ways I want to help u with drawing characters
My deviant art is rebelcity
I paint, and draw
Have not done digital painting or sort
I know prof artists to hitch u if the case arises but don't know them personally, they also are working on some of their own projects
Lemme know if ur interested
Nyah_Chan Mar 10, 2018 8:41 PM
Oh good... Then I don't have to send you a books worth of info on how it works XD
So 1. No question is too personal for me... 2. It's something I don't want in order to pursue my goals... And if I ever do decided to want children I will adopt as to avoid all the primary issues that come with having your own children...

I know right?! The Paul's are such pieces of shit... Logan got off too easy...
That comment was my one genius moment... My entire existence lead up to that comment

Yeah same... No one influences me, I'm a bad bitch XD... I agree... Like recommending is great... But like... Don't strap the person to a chair and peel their eyes open like "what it bitch" XD
Hail Peter-sama!!! But yeah people like that don't survive around me... I destroy them...

With me the entire side cast is like "Oh hey it's that guy... With the shaved head... You know... The other one... I think his name was... Japanese"

So all horses are different... Like people each horse handles the same situation differently from the other... So there's really no formula besides the base understanding that
1. Patience is key
2. You must be fearless in the eyes of any horse
3. Don't buy more than you can handle
4. Medical and nutritional health are huge contributors to a horses mental state
5. Never have the same approach for every horse
6. Never lose a fight with them
7. Being bossy is better until they mellow down
8. Never bat an eye
So I have always bought abused/neglected horses... Each is different, some never recover mentally, physically or both... In Nikko's case... He's naturally very forgiving and chilled... So despite the serious abuse and neglect he doesn't hold grudges... But even so I have to stay on my toes... Horses that are starved become extremely aggressive and I mean extremely... Nikko is probably the most food aggressive horse I've owned, not towards people but horses... But due to the fear of being starved he does occasionally target me... Nikko is dangerous in the sense that he's no regular horse in terms of physically ability and build... Nikko is an absolute monster, he has some of the most powerful legs I've seen and unmatched speed... So 1 single kick from him could easily shatter your leg or even kill you, he also kicks without warning and at such high speed you can't see it coming... He has kicked at me 3 times and threatened to kick even more... He doesn't mean it directly towards me, it's completely trauma/fear based... But even so in horses you must make yourself viewed as the untouchable force that cannot be messed with... So if dares to show any aggressiveness towards me I will attack him head on myself and force him to leave his food, then I stand in front and prevent him from eating until he loosens up... I studied horse interactions for many years, so I know how to speak their language... The horse that makes others move their feet is the dominant one... So taking that to mind, you must never be the one to move your feet if they challenge you... Make them move no matter what...
Besides the food issue, there's nothing else ground wise (ground meaning not in saddle/riding related things)... In the saddle he was abusively ridden, so I have to be careful with him or else he will get extremely anxious... But my riding ability is advanced so at this point he trusts me... He still has stresses with bits though... That's something that's healed with time and careful use of hands when riding...

Awe shit man... That fucking sucks... Will it ever be healed? But at least you can still stay active... Man you were going hard XD... I used to kickbox... I'm gonna get back into it hopefully this year... I hear you though, I'd die if I lost use of my body or at least could never to anything physical again...

Oh not anytime soon... In the next 10 years if I'm lucky... SO unlike other sports Equestrian sports are purely mastery and skill... Psychical ability is rarely the issue... Eventing is the most difficult of all the equestrian sports alongside being the most dangerous... The highest level in eventing is 4-star...
The youngest riders to run the 4-star are no younger than 24-26... And they never win, you get beaten by people in their 30s-60s... There's also counting in the horse... Not just any horse can run the 4-star... So getting the right horse or training one takes years, up to a decade even... So the top 4-star riders are at least mid 30s... The time and skill required to run a 4-star is unlike any other sport... It requires mastery of 3 completely different disciplines with only one horse... Other equestrian sports are singular, just one thing to master... But eventing is different... In the equestrian community eventers are held in extremely high regards... Simply because it takes serious balls and determination to go over training level (3rd level out of 8)... After training level, that's when the jumps get high, dangerous, courses get long and just all the risks and skill required goes up... Other equestrian sports can be bypassed to a certain point with just money... Buy the best horse out there (usually millions of dollars) then pay someone to train it, and you ride it occasionally to win shows... You can do this in most equestrian sports up to a certain level (since eventually you gotta be skilled to even have a chance at winning)... But in eventing... It's impossible... So you only get the toughest most determined riders running the courses... Everyone's got a screw loose, myself included...
Like I've been riding for almost a decade (though I've had many many setbacks with finances and horses), I'm not even close to 4-star level... I can most definitely make the 4-star with my current horse within 10 years... But that's if it all goes well... The world's #1 ranked eventing rider is Micheal Jung, he's a living prodigy, he's 35 with multiple world records, Olympic golds and 4-star wins back to back... But he's got serious money, breeds his own horses and has all the connections... So even with all that he still only ran his first 4-star in his mid-late 20s...

Yeah... Also with my situation I can't meet anyone so I've been literally friendless for 4 years... I can handle being alone just fine but I'm a social person so I'm bored as fuck... I don't even need an anime friend, just a friend in general XD
Nyah_Chan Mar 9, 2018 10:41 AM
YES~ Also equestrian sports are actually the only sports where men and women compete in equal grounds against each other... So women have to make sacrifices in order to match up against men... At the end of the day men do have the upper hand, it's just biology... They're stronger, don't have periods or give birth... The female riding population overtakes the men's by far but most women can't pursue serious competitive careers because of kids and money... So the high level riders are mostly men... Even women who continue to ride after having children, usually stop pursing high levels simply because equestrian sports are the most dangerous official sports... Deaths, paralysis, serious injuries, are daily life in the sport... So women don't have the luxury to put their life on the line because they're mothers... Meanwhile men do despite having children simply because "don't worry they have mom"...
Equestrian sports aren't only dangerous but extremely expensive plus you have to travel all over the world to compete in high level shows... So like myself, we are forced to make sacrifices... I have already come to terms with the fact I will never have my own children, so I pursue this goal...

Yes Kazuya Miyuki has a the same mindset as I do... It's funny watching him because I feel like I'm watching myself on the game field (in equestrian sports it's a "course" or "ring" or "arena" or "stadium" depending on discipline)...

Oh man I want them to just disappear... Especially after what Logan did in Japan... Simply disgusting... Then he tries to sweep it under the rug with a half-assed apology...
I actually made a comment on "It's Everyday Bro" a few days ago... It's blowing up XD it was my one moment of genius...
"My God... I've never... I've never seen autism readings like this before... Call the president... We've got a code White"

Yeah... Same here... I grew up with Naruto and still love it but I know how shit it actually is XD I love shit I guess...
I understand having you thing(s)... But some people take it way too far... Like I understand liking Fairy Fail (hah) but like going out and calling it a godsend, rubbing it in people's faces etc... Like no... You can like it but don't go outta your way to make everyone else like it... (My current struggle with Gintama fans)

I know like the benched characters get -2.0% screen time, then one magically replaces the team captain... Like WTF...

Yeah I kinda let myself go these past 2 years since things have gotten really tough money and horse wise... Unlike other sports, you completely rely on another being other than yourself... And horses have a much more fragile, less versatile anatomy so they require a lot of care... I invest in cheap, neglected/abused horses that have talent (since even a low level horse costs upwards of $30,000)... So with that comes lots of rehab and time... SO my current horse, Nikko, was the sickest horse I've even seen in person, but he has unmatched talent, he's been in rehab for a year... But we recently found out with a new vet that Nikko got a double leg surgery for nothing (he didn't need it but the previous vet was too cocky)... I'm so pissed... SO I haven't even been able to go to single show or even train for over 1.5 year... My previous horse failed so I'm selling him... It's just one big complicated mess... So I'm not in the best shape right now... But when I pass my test to graduate early... I'm gonna go into personal training to get read again so when Nikko's ready to go I can ride accurately... (Riding is extremely difficult as you have to be in perfect position all the time or you can't ride effectively, can cause muscle damage from incorrect placement of weight and if you have a tougher horse, you'll get thrown off... So imagine standing in a squat position for one hour+ straight without holding anything and having to control a massive animal in perfect order and timing)

Why did you stop competing? (Sorry if you mentioned it before but what sport did you do? (I have too many conversations going XD I'm losing memory)) Well when I make it there just look for that one crazy psycho rider with the name Nyah (my actual birth name)

YEs... The problem is not when you can see college anime... But if... It just doesn't exist!!

Man I wish you lived near me... We'd be the great anime power duo ever... #4 years with no friend R.I.P
Nyah_Chan Mar 8, 2018 3:28 PM

I agree! Though obviously Kazuya Miyuki is my favorite... Simply because he literally me in anime form... Personality and athlete type wise... His character has similar game views, strategy and attitude that I do... Twisted, cunning, smart, asshole-ish, occasionally nice, series... You know... ... I love Bakugo for that a many other reasons as well... I respect is resolve... I'm personally the same as in I'll step over and crush as many people as I need to, in order to stand on top... It's what separates the winners from the losers...

FAIRY TAIL FUCKING SUCKS!... The autism levels are on par with Jake Paul's "It's Everyday Bro"... It's just cancer... Don't give it another try... Ain't worth your time...

Yes yes exactly... Like they get too good too fast and too easy... I mean I understand talent but everyone moves at different paces... I mean I'm considered a talent/prodigy in my sport simply because of my unmatched learning and application ability... It takes me 1 week with no help to almost master a new skill... Simply because I can police myself and am determined to an almost inhuman level... I'm not considered a regular rider in my sports, all my trainers say so... People like me aren't normal... So the entire Haikyuu team all improving at the same insane rate isn't realistic... Though season 2 was far better in terms of that...

My sport is an equestrian sport called 3-day eventing... I've been riding for almost 10 years now... But with financial and horse set backs... I've been on a standstill for a while... But this year I should be able to rocket back to competitive status...

Well yeah... I don't mind the school setting but it be awesome to see them out in the field more... I hope the series continue past teen years... I'm so sick of all these series ending when high school ends... Where's college!? The future!? Come on!!

Same... I love Shoto but Bakugo grabs my attention more... So he's higher up the ranks...

Nyah_Chan Mar 8, 2018 2:37 PM
Yeah agreed... The character interactions are the true appeal... They're very original... Like how Satoru never once thought himself better than Eijun despite battling for the same spot...

Yeah being shorter definitely helps... Well ironically shit like Bleach, Naruto is at the top of popularity... But whatever...

I prefer mid-slow pacing with much development... The training scenes really add a layer to the intensity of sports... I'm actually an athlete myself, I'm aiming for the Olympics at some point in my career... SO all the training and suffering they go through is very real... Not to dis Haikyuu but it does lack that intensity and difficulty that comes with professional sports

On another topic...
Nyah_Chan Mar 8, 2018 2:05 PM
I know right!! I mean Haikyuu is hella popular, Diamond no Ace has all the same great qualities but no one fucking knows it... I mean Haikyuu has better visuals since it's newer but either way Diamond no Ace is just as good!! Needs more love!!

SeriousSarcasm Dec 23, 2017 9:39 PM
Okay, change of plans. We need to each create an anime of our respective novels once they get published. Then, we'll interview Kishimoto and he'll be so impressed that he'll accept the idea of letting us write a final moment for our fave.

Let's make these pipe dreams happen!

Fang Nov 4, 2017 7:00 AM
Fang Oct 20, 2017 2:52 PM
Ayy that's nice to hear :)
Hehe what'd you say? :P
Fang Oct 10, 2017 7:39 PM
Fang Oct 10, 2017 2:03 PM
With the manga looking like it's coming to an end, it'll be interesting to see just how much they'll adapt. They covered the whole of part 1 (well, not really) in 24 episodes but I really can't see them making that same mistake again. Best case scenario is that they adapt the first 60 chapters, up until the end of the Tsukiyama family arc, into a 24 episode season, but I'm probably asking for too much lol. I freaking loved the first half of :re so I cannot wait for this.