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Both MCs feels that they need to do what needs to be done on their own by there own way. Even though they some what dislike the choices they've made they know that the can persevere over whatever trails they face. They both work hard and are willing to scarify themselves to benefit others.
report Recommended by orbbie
The protagonists live a boring school life but are dragged into an unknown world with their lives at stake. Shu (Guilty Crown) is somewhat of an emo and a coward who obtains the power of the King unknowingly, while Kirito (Sword Art Online) chooses to become stronger through vigorous training to survive and clear the twisted virtual world he was thrust into. They both have a female partner and other companions that help them achieve their goals. Since both are produced by the same company, I also expect Sword Art Online to display stunning visuals and music much like its past predecessors.
report Recommended by PirateKingz
Both have a main character doing what they need to do even if those choices are not what they like. As well as these are both visually appealing the art in both of these is very good.
report Recommended by Stitches327
Morale, survival, and timing are the three central plot in the series. Though not really similar, it is know to have it's high fantasy, great animation and art, unique music, and action scenes. The story takes place in the near future where the characters in here are somewhat in a dangerous environmental atmosphere where they fight for their survival until they meet their goal. Both are know to be "Overhyped" series, but visuals and music are great. The difference is that SAO is basically trapped in the game and focuses more on romance. Guilty Crown is much more of advance sci-fi setting, using Mecha and Void   read more
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both are Romantic Dramas with lots of action. Each have a haremy feeling and a big twist on a character. Both MCs start out as kindof a loner, but end up a leaders and heroes. Guilty Crown is more tragic and SAO changes locations a lot more. Both are beautiful animes with similar basic themes.
report Recommended by WitchJacqueline
Both of these shows had strong potential to be great but didnt quite hit the mark. Also both shows strong points are the music and animation
report Recommended by AnimatedGuru
I found that Sword Art Online is a hard anime to beat and is in fact my favourite anime, but some anime have a lot in common with Sword Art Online. Guilty Crown has that same passion in the fighting with the character Shu, just like Kirito had passion in his fighting. BOTH Kirito and Shu both had the love of their life suffering along with them. I would specifically recommend Guilty Crown to those who loved the passion in Sword Art Online and for those who loved the passion in Guilty Crown should watch Sword Art Online.
report Recommended by SuteraPiketto
Both of somewhat similar feel and progression of main character.Both have pretty huge plot twists and affect the main character a lot with his mental state. You will either hate them or love them.
report Recommended by Ace19
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