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Yes, both main characters are being transported into a gaming world where there are lots of mysterious wonders to explore. 'No Game No Life' is fresh in terms of its fanservice comedies and vibrant colours, whereas 'Sword Art Online' is focused more on the hardship of the main character and everyone else around him while developing strong romantic relationships along the way. Comparing the storylines, 'Sword Art Online' easily takes the cake but the crazy and fun games of 'No Game No Life' is something to smile about.
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Nonsocial characters in both animes. They play games in order to win. In both anime main characters' boredom lead them to other worlds. In Sword Art Online, the main character is trapped inside the game so he tries to survive by winning and clearing all the levels. Whereas in No Game No Life, the brother and sister are taken to another world by the god and they help the only remaining human city to survive.
report Recommended by nekopaw
Nothing beats adventure in a game especially if your own life is at risk. Both of the protagonist are exceptionally intelligent in tactics and they know especially when they will use their own ace card.
report Recommended by AnimeCodex
Both are about characters in a world of games with main character and his harem of women who watch as he wins at everything he does.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
A game addict teenage boy who's OP in the game world of game trapped in another world. It has similar main characters (same voice actor) surrounded by girls
report Recommended by Queen_Vania
Both Kirito and Sora are gamers, who were trapped in a game world. They are well known as cheaters in their games, "Blanks" and "Beaters". Also, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu is the voice actor of Kirito and Sora. The anime are both Sci-Fi and Harem.
report Recommended by anthiho258
- related to game - similar concept of getting trapped in a virtual reality/fantasy world - same voice actor (sora and kirito) - interesting and fast story
report Recommended by IzayaKuchiki
- Both contain game as a plot. - Both series contain romance. - Same male protagonist voice actor.
report Recommended by diaone
Both series are related to games. For game lovers the world are two animes quite amusing to enter the fantasy games.
report Recommended by DMestre
- Both involve cool/ badass/ OP main characters who find their world boring. - Both are magic, fantasy anime. - Both anime involve characters who are thrown into another world. - Both are visually impressive. - Most importantly, both have a main concept which revolves around playing games.
report Recommended by Miniclawz
Gaming, NEETS, badass main characters, and the goal of winning! The characters are trapped in a game in the two series. The only way of getting out is to win. The main characters (Kirito from SAO and Sora and Shiro from NGNL) are utter geniuses and strive to be the best. Each has their moments of relating, and each has their moments of inspiring.
report Recommended by Allykatkay
Both main heroes gets in the world of game/world where game decides ewerything and are trying to defeat the main boss. Both worlds have a "mastermind", person who rules that world.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both star over powered male leads surrounded by a harem of cute girls (and a sibling) voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. Both shows also showcase shameless fanservice, though NGNL is the bigger offender of the two. So, if you're a sad male otaku thirsting for some self-insert wish fulfillment and for some forsaken reason haven't seen either of these, you may do so.
report Recommended by SugoiChappy
The protagonists are both shut-ins and game-obsessed who are trapped in a "game" world. The protagonists were bored of the "real" world. Both series contain romance. (In No Game No Life, there is more ecchi.)
report Recommended by Just-A-Dutchmen
Both revolve around the main characters being trapped in another world, in the case of SOA it's an online world, and in the case of No Game No life it's another world completely. In SAO they're in a virtual reality world, and in No Game No life they're in well a world dictated by games. In both animes the main characters seem pretty "op" (Overpowered) they don't go down easily, as well in both animes the main characters are determined to win. In both animes the main characters are skilled gamers. In my opinion No Game No Life is a must see anime it deals with some of the   read more
report Recommended by miraii_nikaii
NGNL and SAO both involve the main characters being in a world of gaming. The main protaganists in both series involve a boy (game obsessed within both series) and a girl. In NGNL, the characters want to stay in their alternative world, while in SAO, the characters want to get out. The male progtaganists (Kirito and Sora) are considered as OP players in their respective world and tend to attract all the girls around them (Harem) and that they both have the same voice actor. Both series present beautiful art and have great animations.
report Recommended by SteveTF2gamer620
Unsociable characters in both anime who are both obsessed with video games. Both of the main characters get trapped in a different world. The difference whoever is the fact that the characters in No Game No Life are sent to a different world and are not trying to leave, whereas the characters in Sword Art Online a trapped inside a video game and are trying to get out.
report Recommended by Scrom
No Game has a really similar atmosphere in saying that both are world that are devoted to "Gaming", also both No Game and Sword Art share a unhealthy relationship between a brother and sister XD
report Recommended by SpringVisual
Both are about people getting trapped in a game. Lead characters are both guys with black hair, and it is up to them to figure out how to escape.
report Recommended by TilT9
Both of these anime are about games/videogames,and they're both absolutely kick-ass.
report Recommended by bunnytickles
Both anime take place in a world parallel to their own and are amazing.
report Recommended by Red_Rain77
Both male actors go into a game, but each is a little different. In No Game, No Life, they're in there for good but in Sword Art Online, they're not in there forever. Very similar in the type of anime as each has romance and the action is very good.
report Recommended by Shordan
Both shows have their main character(s) inside games. Both main characters are highly intelligent/are higher level then the other "players". Both shows have beautiful and colorful art and sound. Allthough NGNL has more comedy, both shows are great.
report Recommended by n1ira
Both Anime feauture both 2 main protagonist stuck in a another world which is a gaming world Similarities: -Two main protagonist stuck in a gaming world -The main protagonists are a boy and a girl Difference: -NGNL's main protagonists isn't lovers -NGNL is not a MMO like sword art online And lastly...-NGNL's main protagonists likes the other world while SAO's protagonists want's to leave the other world
report Recommended by Roex
The anime's start with characters getting into an other world which both are about gaming. No game no life takes you to an world full of PvP games while swort art online takes you into an more siriously fighting game world.
report Recommended by Layme
I would definitely place No Game No Life in the same gaming category as SAO and Log Horizon. I f you loved the gaming world SAO and the intelligence of Shiroe, you should definitely check it out!
report Recommended by vhycky
I find this is a similar anime because the story is a bit similar. The first episode is realy catching you and its also about a guy spending much time on videogames. Its less romantic i think if you are looking for an other romantic anime.
report Recommended by Soleer-chan
Main similarity of the two anime being that they are set in a 'game' world and the main characters are pro players. Unlike Sword Art Online the game world is accepted as a positive thing accepted as better than reality. No Game no Life has more of a comedic atmosphere than Sword Art Online so it's good if you like the SAO universe and are looking for something similar but lighter.
report Recommended by BellieAdellie
No Game No Life is the better Sword Art Online. Imagine Sword Art Online was not just a game, but a real thing. No Game No Life will surpass your expectations with great looking characters, awesome effects, more & better fun and a focused storyboard. More tactical than Sword Art Online and a special relationship between the two main characters.
report Recommended by lukii
Both have a interesting arguments about online gaming and give a different perspective of them.
report Recommended by BeaGromald
People learn to adjust to a virtual reality.
report Recommended by RyanJohnson97
Live in a game themed anime.
report Recommended by Luminie
-Both have the protagonists that are transported into a fantasy world -Both protagonists are overpowered in this world -Both have low key ecchi/harem
report Recommended by thelectricow
- Both of those animes are very much alike but also different. - If you liked one of those you will probably like the other Anime.
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
They'are somehow similar, both of which are including game and battles.
report Recommended by Leo_von_Einzbern
Both set in fantasy online worlds. Both have 2 main protagonists.
report Recommended by ShounenQueen
-Video game based -2 strong male and female characters -Fantasy setting No Game No Life: Being #1 at every game is lonely, especially when theres 2 of you..? Brother and sister both equal in strength, or gaming, must defeat a god at his own game in his own world! Sword Art Online: A master of blades in the real world Kirito gets stuck in a video game paradise soon turned hell. Becoming #1 in the game and allying with the #2, they must fight 100 floors of a videogame in order to leave the video game they call home, and hell.
report Recommended by BPXXBLINKERS
Do you love main characters that use their fantastic gaming skills to overcome challenges and beat the heck out of their opponents? Then, you have to watch both of these shows. Sword Art Online showcase Kirito, a hardcore gamer that was chosen to become a beta-tester, while Sora and Shiro in No Game No Life are siblings that are just unstoppable in any games you can think of. Join them in their journey as you feel yourself get invested in their adventures.
report Recommended by Eric
The series share a lot of similarities. Both involve an introverted protagonist getting stuck in a game world. They are both very skilled in gaming and set out on a quest to beat the game they're stuck in. The protagonists also meet several female characters and both shows hint at possible romance happening later on. Both series are worth watching if you like adventure anime with a fantasy setting and don't mind the ecchi in them.
report Recommended by Sande
No Game No Life is an anime about two siblings who devote their whole life to gaming. Because they wish to live in a world more simular to a game they get their wish fulfilled by Ted and get to live in a world where games decide everything. So if you like Sword art Online, where everybody practically lived in a game, you will like this anime too where life is a game.
report Recommended by Nishinoya04
They're both escapist wish fulfillment anime. The enjoyment comes from the satisfaction of watching someone OP be OP. I'll definitely say that No Game No Life accomplishes this better, as at times SAO can't decide whether to be an escapist wish fulfillment anime or a poorly made serious fantasy drama but when it is trying to be an escapist wish fulfillment anime, it does so quite well.
report Recommended by Tenderizer79
The protagonists of these animes are professional gamer with a close relationship with their sisters. They are both in a game world and want to dominate it for very different reasons. Kirito from Sword Art Online wants to end the game to free the players that are stuck in a VR game for 3 years, and Sora from No Game No Life wants to be the master of the world!
report Recommended by NatoBoram
MCs are transported to another world to play games. They're like one of the best players in the game.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Protagonists transferred to a gaming world and are much stronger than the rest of the characters.
report Recommended by Johnny386
This is way better because it doesn't show perverted weirdos who love each other and they don't take hostage of prostitutes and it actually has some developed characters
report Recommended by LeilaSP
Isekai anime with powerful and intelligent protagonists! The protagonists have their own skills.
report Recommended by Kierah
Being trapped in a world and has to abide by the rules of that game world to live / return back to the real world.
report Recommended by 00Lone_wolf00
Both protagonists find themselves trapped in a game world they know little about. In addition, both Anime have an overpower protagonist
report Recommended by DeltaLight
Beginner anime fans who watch Sword Art Online due to its popularity and enjoy the videogame aspects of the show will love No Game No Life. The show is likewise set in a videogame-like world, except this time, everything in the world is decided through games. The main characters (brother and sister) are an entertaining dynamic duo who take on impossible challenges, striving to beat the very world they stumbled into in the ultimate game.
report Recommended by Ragerrodent
Both shows are somewhat related to games, have a interesting story plot , and both also have great art and visuals!
report Recommended by _KIMchii_
both are anime based on isekai and games
report Recommended by RaZaSlackZ
Both take place in a game-like environment. Sword Art Online takes place in a MMORPG setting. No Game No Life takes place in a world that runs on games as every conflict is resolved by them.
report Recommended by AniArtist
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