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Black Clover
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Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo
Nov 10, 2:22 AM
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Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid
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Sasurai Emanon
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High-Risk Mission Therapy
High-Risk Mission Therapy
Jun 11, 12:22 PM
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Edens Zero
Jun 11, 12:20 PM
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AmataxD Dec 4, 10:06 AM
Hm... Now that I think about it.... It could be actually similar to it. Although it's "Get together" that added night clubs etc. Also vampires came out separately in the "Vampires" pack. People say that sims 4 vampires are the best vampires in the whole game. I don't really like playing with the occult tho. Sims 4 just feels like they took Sims 3 expansions and putt stuff from them in separate expansions so you have to pay more xD

People can do some amazing stuff when it comes to building houses and idk where they take the whole patience to.
I sometimes build stuff myself but I much prefer decorating a ready house xD
AmataxD Nov 15, 11:46 AM
The Komorebi houses are pre-built with shoe racks and signs set for sims to take off their shoes but you can do it in any house.
City Living? It's actually one of my fav expansions. It unlocks the ability to live in an apartment instead of a house. It also contains karaoke bars (with the singing ability), a lot of cool food from around the world, and more festivals. I believe it a;so comes with some new lot traits and a basketball court.

Yes. It does look like it is ^^"
It's just a problem with the game itself.

Also bb.moveobjects on!
Dunno how I could build without it in the past! It really helps you to make your houses much comfier.
Hahaha I like when they just get out of control. Sims 4 is just too easy. My sims always get an A at school even if they don;t do their homework daily... It's so annoying.
AmataxD Oct 29, 4:45 AM
You can make sims remove shoes indoors if you put a shoe rack in your house if you want them to do it not only in Komorebi.
It's really neat cuz I have grown in a culture where wearing outdoor shoes inside is kinda rude so it's nice to have this option implemented.
I believe that if you get "City Living" (a very fun expansion I recommend to get next) your sim can unlock a hidden trait of eating with chopsticks. If he's not good at it it will make him feel upset. It's quite realistic cuz I remember the first time when I had to use chopsticks. I felt so upset whenever my food fell off ^^"

Yes. It's a really helpful mod. I believe you can compare it to NRAAS tho if you want to have absolute power you need to get both MCC and UI Cheats. I don't know your playstyle but if you're a person who likes to stay long on one save (and doesn't switch families) you really need to get MCC or your game will get empty. As I said. Sims 4 has no story progression so other townies won't reproduce on their own turning your save into a ghost town.

Aslo a Sims 4 pro tip - whenever your game starts to lose FPS just open and close the options menu. Should help.

pssst... If youwant to afford the big mansion there is this cheat called "'Freerealestate on" that allows you to get any house for free. I oftenuse it when I want to move out my family members that I won't play with to a nice house.
AmataxD Oct 27, 8:54 AM
Snowy Escape. That's the one that comes with Mt. Komorebi. I have it as well and it's a lot of fun with the winter sports and a lot of festivals. Like there is for example tanabata ( but called differently). It's only hard to keep the city populated with Asian sims cuz I use MC Command Center to keep the game alive.

Speaking of MCC you really should gat it. Sims 4 has no story progression built into the game so after a few generations, your worlds will get completely empty except for homeless NPCs. MCC is really cool. Besides story progression, it gives you some cool options. For example I have Woohoo with pregnancy percentage. It gives you a lot of unexpected drama. You can manage NPCs with one click on them. It's basically a must-have BUT you need to spend some time digging in options otherwise your game will be a mess. ( everybody having 8 kids with different sims etc.)

Yes. when you enroll in university you need to wait a few days for the acceptance letter to arrive. Your sim may get tense from stress if the acceptance letter will take long to arrive. Pro tip. don't get your sim a bike if you go to Foxbury. It's a nightmare. It will take him hours to arrive for his classes. If you go to Brichester always get a bike. The map is flat like the Earth (heheh) so it makes your life easier.
Foxbury is like a very modern university. They specialize more on robotics etc. At the other had Brichester is this old university focused on tradition. Personally I much more like plying with Brichester ^^"
btw. You really should get the shorter homework mod if you want to keep your sims needs and social life for a longer run and fully experience all the extra stuff like joining a sports club etc.

Oh no. Did you send your sim to the one house you can rent as dorm at Britechester ? Cuz usually when you put your sim in a dorm (the big ones are more fun) you only control yourself.

To put a house from galery you first need to open the world you want to put it in. Later you open the gallery and the certain built. There should be "place on lot" button or something like that. Dunno ho it's called in different languages.
AmataxD Oct 18, 9:23 AM
I'm happy for you ^^
take a good rest while you can :D

Well... If you like to "destroy" pre-made houses: Sims 4 is for you xD
The base game buildings are UGLY. In newer expansions they finally employed simmers to build them but the base game buildings are a horror xD
You can re-do them all if you're bored.

By "full version" you mean base game + all the DLC content? If yes, than just don't buy it. Seriously. Just buy the ones that really peak your interest (no matter if gampley wise or furniture/cas).
I do own the university expansion. It's simply called "Sims 4: University". Can't compare it to University Life but tbh... It's not bad.
Not the best expansion ever but it can be fun. A lot of rabbit holes tho. Aslo I had to download a mod for faster homework cuz the uni homework could take my sim even 6 in game hours... Aslo you get two rival campuses: University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute. It also adds the robotic skill robot servos, rommates system and bikes. Tho the map of Foxbury is a little broken and it takes your sim definitely to much time to go from his room to the classes.

No. I only had the opportunity to play Sims 2 Castaway for PC. Remember always loosing to the stupid monke in story mode >.<
And you?
AmataxD Sep 13, 5:19 AM
Yeah. He thankfully got off much earlier and I was thanking God. Still missed my tram and had to go around the city at 2AM XD

Yeah. I like to use mods. That's why. A lot of the things you won't get in-game for obvious reasons (like alcohol for example).
I really like to create stories with my Sims. But not gonna go into that cuz I could rumble for hours about my sims storylines.
OMG Sims 3 is my childhood love. I've spent so many hours on this game when I was feeling alone. (let's say I haven't had many friends as a child)
My game was pirated cuz my family was poor af so I only had the base game and Pets expansion. I remember the time I made a Unicorn farm hahahah Now I can't play it anymore cuz my laptop probably would explode.

Yeah. I heard the weather system in Sims 4 is the best as far cuz the heavy snow in ts3 could kill a good PC.
A lot of thesims 4 expansions are unfortunately very underdeveloped... Especially the early ones (like "Get to Work") but thankfully they're going to go back and ugrade them more! They just upgraded "Spa Day" last week and added nail polish :o
Hm... I really love the Get to Work one. Dunno if I'd say it's my fav one cuz I don't use it often but when I do it gives me a lot of joy. Love playing as a police officer xD "Snowy Escape" is a cool one for a weebu like me cuz it adds a "Japanese" location to the game. It's fun to just book a vacation there for my sims to enjoy hot springs, festivals etc. "City living" is also cool. It adds the ability to live in a Big city apartment with all the perks of it. I don't have many stuff packs and game packs cuz I much prefer to spend money on the big expansions.
But Dine Out is great. Very buggy unfortunately and sometimes you sim spends a whole day in the restaurant just to get a dinner... But it's very fun for dates etc :D

Sorry.. I'll better stop here cuz I'm definitely addicted to this game...
a_s_t_a Sep 9, 11:57 AM
AmataxD Sep 7, 10:39 AM
Not really but I had a headband with fluffy wolfy ears and an anime t-shirt.
One dude tried to flirt with me but it was so awkward when he got on the same bus as me on the way home...
Kinda scary. I was ready to get off the bus at the wrong bus stop if he was going the same way as me.

Yeah - but tbh I've played the previous games and ts4 has definitely the easiest building tools.
I got a little bored of creating perfect sims so I try to add some spice to their personalities by giving them a dressing style or just dressing them kinda awkwardly.
Just recently I had this female Sim who really wanted to look stylish but really struggled with skin problems as a teen (Parenthood gives you the ance skin ) and she was wearing pink hair. As she got older her husband cheated on her with her best friend. She kicked him out and got into alcohol (the Slice of Life mod from Kawaiistace gives you the drunk system). She still wanted to look fancy but she had a kinda orange skin tone and made her hair platinum blonde xD She wasn't beautiful but it was fun to play with her. I got her a new husband - a dude who had a crush on her since they were teens (again from SOL) and they lived a happy ever after.

Oh, yeah. I remember this movie. Saw it years ago. It was good one.
a_s_t_a Aug 22, 9:37 PM
Moshi moshi senpaiiiiii (☆▽☆)
AmataxD Aug 16, 10:53 AM
I once was alone. It was fun but at the same time, it was a weird experience. 3 dudes tried to hug me without permission XD XD XD

Trueeee. I like to play it when I'm tired of real life sometimes. I'm also slowly trying to learn how to build houses in Sims cuz I suck.
Never was really into building till recently.

I recently got into this show called "Murdoch Mysteries". Found it on tv once and now I watch it regularly hahahaha
Elfezen Aug 15, 11:11 PM
Kierah chan kawaii
AmataxD Jul 27, 12:19 PM
I can't wait for anime conventions to come back T^T
Recently found my fav cat ears and would love to wear them again with my sailor skirt hahaha
Have you ever been to an anime convention?

Same. I'm recently barely watching anything and the fact that summer seasonals are super boring this year doesn't help much.
Got addicted to playing Sims again ^^"

Yeah. Sometimes but only if something catches my attention or is simply shown on TV.
I just read the synopsis online and it sounds really interesting.
AmataxD Jul 14, 2:39 PM
Yeah. But I feel like with time it turned a little into a meme. I still remember people in the fandom painting their nails black and wearing the ghoul mask. But who am I to judge? I used to make my own Naruto headbands with my cousins to pretend we're ninjas XD

Not yet. Another well-known anime I haven't seen yet ^^"
Let's say that if something is very popular there is a chance I haven't seen it yet XD

Hm.. Maybe. It think it might have been awarded or at least nominated for something.

Old Polish movies are really cool xD
I remember loving to watch "How I Unleashed World War II" as a kid cuz my parents were big fans of it.
I also recommend it if you'll be able to find it anywhere with subs. Tho I'm afraid it might be a little hard to find cuz it's from the 70's.

I'm afraid I have never seen Knife in the water so unfortunately I can't help you >.<
AmataxD Jun 30, 8:31 AM
Oh yes. I still remember this giant Tokyo Ghul hype that was going on around the time it was airing. I heard it is a good gateway anime to introduce people to anime. I'm actually a Naruto kid hahaha So yeah hahah That was my gateway anime back in the days.
I need to finally watch TG cuz it's a classic at this point.

Missed out by watching anime? Were you watching so much anime you basically put all your free time into it? O.o
Huuh. I'm not watching many Polish movies.
You should try "The pianist" tho. It's from 2002 and it's a good drama with historical elements (Poland loves to movies that take place during WW2 - maybe cuz a lot happened in or country back then... ). And it's based on a true story. I was crying during the movie T^T
And if you don't mind old movies there is "Vabank" which is a comedy about a bank robbery in the 1930s.
If you like rom-coms there is a bunch of them but I don't really watch those. The last one I saw was "Listy do M" which... wasn't bad. Just not my cup of tea. ( I think the official English translation is "Letters to Santa" cuz the M comes from Mikołaj - Santa's Polish name).
Sorry for not being much helpful!
Kierah Jun 24, 11:40 PM