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It comes as no surprise that the environment and concept of these two series are analogous to one and another. Having the same protagonist voice actor in these two series undoubtedly strengthens the momentum going forward. 'Sword Art Online' and 'Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Similar' focus heavily on game systems, leveling and battle strategies. Through layers of boss flooring that increased in difficulty as you progress further which is accompanied by rewards, it is something that is welcomed by fans who has a certain connection with gaming. By all means, the comedy and romance are there to provide joy in   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Love ridiculously over powered MCs? Then these are for you. Both Belle and Kirito are extremely over powered characters who can pretty much dominate anyone with one finger. Don't agree? Watch it till the end. Not to mention ridiculous number of girls they attract by doing nothing. Welcome to never ending harems. Both are set in a game type of environment. SAO is set inside a real game while Dungeon is set in alternative universe that is very similar to RPG game. Main difference, Dungeon has a proper, linear story with some solid character developments unlike SAO that skips years of a story line, completely ignores it's   read more
report Recommended by kitten320
Similar system used by both shows, similar leveling and 'floors' in both shows. The main character also has the same voice actor in both shows. Both shows share a similar theme and fundamentals. SAO is based in current day and age whereas Dungeon is actually placed in a fantasy setting versus a virtual fantasy.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
SAO's setting is where the charaters are trapped in the fatansy game world while in Danmachi is already in the fantasy world to begin with. Both characters goes on a adventure and has cute girls around them.
report Recommended by ongdeetz
Both shows are very similar in its settings, in which the story takes place in a RPG like world. Adventurers/players must clear NPC with their party in each floor in order to go up. The premise differ in that while SAO takes place in a virtual reality of gaming going wrong, Characters in Dunmachi lives in the fantasy world to begin with.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
- straight-up RPG-like theme - overpowered heroes. (SAO has the upper hand while DanMachi is holding back) - girls around the MC
report Recommended by raviel_ken
Both of these anime have the environment of a RPG games. It has stats (strength, dexterity and these), skills, items you gain from killing monsters, guilds etc... Both of them have the 'City's and the 'dungeon' . In both of them the dungeons have levels
report Recommended by dadnaya
Both have a tower that a hero must climb, (with increasing difficulty) Both have the same voice actor for the hero, (and people close to them) Both written by the same Mangaka, Both have an RPG style, Both heroes have an ability that makes them stronger than the others, Both have an ability to subconsciously attract a harem,
report Recommended by InvalidChicken
If you like the RPG aspects of SAO and the one guy making a big difference then you'll enjoy this.
report Recommended by Balinor
Both main characters have same voice actor -Both main characters only wants to become stronger to protect the people they love. -Both shows have dungeons that are segmented in floors which have monsters and bosses. -Both shows involve craft of equipment.
report Recommended by Redzone200
The universes each anime is set in deal with RPG game elements, such as finding treasure, gaining new abilities, and fighting bosses. Both anime have a simple main characters who ends up being one of the most powerful characters towards the end. For both anime, the main characters also effortlessly build up their harem which is always fun to watch.
report Recommended by Protaku
Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru No Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka? shares a lot of similar concepts to that of Sword Art Online, such as both of the following Anime have leveling, flooring and guild system which; consequently, makes a show better. Also, they both have main male protagonist voiced by the same person. Moreover, Bell shares a lot of same qualities to that of Kirito. Above all, they have similar aspects of MMORPGs.
report Recommended by Noctis
Danmachi has a very similar vibe to Sword Art Online. Both are about characters in a video game like world. The main characters are also very much alike, even down to the voice actor. Both have great action scenes and great looking animation. It's a safe bet if you enjoy one you'll enjoy the other.
report Recommended by gokuzbu1
Both of these anime have the same protagonist voice actor, the main setting of both shows are set in an RPG and are very similar in style. While SAO has players trapped in an RPG, DanMachi has the RPG as the real world. They both have very good action scenes during boss fights.
report Recommended by youngdelta
If you like anime's with Adventures, and MMO. I'd say that these anime's is awesome, as it makes you follow and build up characters as they develop and get stronger, but with great funny and sweet moments!
report Recommended by Zarzarki
One anime takes place in a Virtual world while the other one doesn't. Both have very similar elements as they are both very MMORPG:ish (leveling up, special weapons, dungeons which get harder depending on the floor, guilds, parties, etc.).
report Recommended by adamkex
They both have the medieval action/adventure feel to them, both have great fight scenes, and both are centered around a dungeon. SAO has more romance and is more focused on getting out of the game. Dungeon ni Deai has better comic scenes -- in my opinion -- and is more focused of being one of the best in the "game" -- not really a game.
report Recommended by Bvern004
Sao and Dungeon have the same author? I think so .. Both anime focus a gamestyle life. While in SAO they are trapped in the game, here on Dungeon they actually live in the game. Both anime have a special MC with a super power : Atracting all girls in a 100 KM ratio. So far, it looks like that Dungeon will be the same thing as SAO : great plot but crappy story telling and plot development.
report Recommended by Visceras
When I watched Danmachi all I got were Sword Art Online Vibes. They are very similar, the dungeons and monsters are the same except SAO is in a game and Danmachi is not. Although it's not set in the game there are many aspects that make it feel like one such as stats and currency from slaying monsters. If you enjoyed one of these shows you'll enjoy the other
report Recommended by kyle8998
The two anime felt extremely similar. - They both have aspects of MMORPGs (stats, swords, loots, etc) - The setting is very similar (medieval times) - Both have a floor system where the stronger monsters are on the higher floors - Also the main character in both shows are voice by the same guy.
report Recommended by johnschulz
Both anime have a similar art style, and the atmosphere feels very similar. Main difference is one is a game, and the other is real life. But the RPG elements still remain in the latter.
report Recommended by Backin2020
Dungeon ni Deai is clearly clone of SAO. Both are series about killing monsters and gaining exp/loot
report Recommended by windowsmemphis
They are both about some kind of MMORPG, and leveling Both main character struggles in the beggining but becomes rather interesting througout the story.
report Recommended by goyohgo
Both animes have the general storyline in common: Characters living in a RPG-style world where you have to clear dungeons to achieve some kind of goal. But in fact, I find Danmachi much more interesting than Sao because, although the story is quite underdeveloped, the comedy is really good and you won't have to deal with full-romance-style arcs like I had to while watching Sao. Characters are much more mainstream, but at the same time they are much more entertaining and lovely. So, if you liked the storyline of Sao, and at the same time you like harem/comedy animes, you will love Danmachi.
report Recommended by totekingsg
The anime's are about living in a world which levels you up after killing beasts and training at dungeon's. Also they get better after every episode and get better gear which improves them.
report Recommended by Layme
I quickly fell in love with this anime. Very quickly. Its SAO only without the game part. Its their world, and they live in it. It has dungeons, monsters, leveling, equipment... standard MMO stuff. Though unlike SAO the MC is too dense for my liking. I feel like this will be a great anime nonetheless. I recommend starting to watch this immediately!
report Recommended by daimonfo
- Both MCs have the desire to get stronger - Both MCs have a power that is unique to them - Both involve completing dungeons to "level up" - Both have a semi harem going on - Both have the desire to be with the super strong perfect girlfriend - Both MC's are voiced by the same VA
report Recommended by wheniwasyoung
Dwelling in the deepest parts of the dungeons in order to achieve fame and power, Bell Cranel learns to maximize his powers and abilities while creating friendships. An adventure-like anime that shares ideals such as guilds, wizards, swords, and so forth.
report Recommended by xCodaro
Both anime have RPG elements (for exemple leveling system, items, abilities etc.) although Dungeon ni Daei isn't an RPG. Both anime are playing in a fantasy world. The main character is very kind and gets very strong during the anime. Both anime contain a bit romance.
report Recommended by Juan_Punch_Man
It comes as no surprise that the environment and concept of these two series are analogous to one and another. Having the same protagonist voice actor in these two series undoubtedly strengthens the momentum going forward. 'Sword Art Online' and 'Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Similar' focus heavily on game systems, leveling and battle strategies. Through layers of boss flooring that increased in difficulty as you progress further which is accompanied by rewards, it is something that is welcomed by fans who has a certain connection with gaming. By all means, the comedy and romance are there to provide joy in   read more
report Recommended by Laigifan
- Supposedly the [MC] in both [Bell & Kirito] have the same VA, I know that the same VA means nothing,but then we come to the point that they have the same kinda feel. - A harem,pseudo-harem at the very least. - Even with that harem,still has a main girl. [Aiza & Asuna] - The point that they seem like MMORPGS. - The shows have the characters to try and get through the floors.
report Recommended by Zerosublightning
The protagonist in SAO starts of as a character that is shown to be surprisingly powerful in the beginning of the show, while the main character in DanMachi starts off as a (sort of) inexperienced fighter who wants to get stronger. As time goes on, each character becomes more powerful and gain many allies and friends of all sorts! ^_^ I would definitely recommend DanMachi to ANYONE who enjoyed or is enjoying SAO at the moment. It has humor, romance, and a "clearing dungeon" sort of vibe! Magic is also involved! Not a rip-off of SAO, but a unique plot and awesome characters (it has gods,   read more
report Recommended by TheAnimeFandom
Similar fighting scenes, Leveling up and a stage based tower. One of those anime a where you just have to watch the next episode straight after
report Recommended by KiritoRises
-Protagonists have the same VA -Interesting utilization of MMORPG concepts (SAO is one big MMORPG while Danmachi's everyday life integrates those concepts in everyday life naturally) -Both are exciting adventure animes that contain confrontation with psychological traumas and smooth animated fight scenes THey are both interesting animes that have similar themes and settings. Danmachi has a lighter story than SAO, but has its fair share of thought provoking moments. Overall if you like SAO, Danmachi will be an enjoyable anime for you.
report Recommended by AznRoyal
These anime are similar in some aspects. From having the same protagonist voice actor to having the same concept of leveling up and floors.They both focus on battle strategies. There is some romance and comedy here and there which makes them enjoyable to watch.
report Recommended by TacticalBacon_
Both are fantasies and have a RPG-like system and both have parties, leveling, dungeons, guilds, and etc. In DanMachi it's like they are living a game world while as SAO they are stuck in the game. They both are like a MMO! If you seen DanMachi its a must watch to see SAO!
report Recommended by Celra
The characters and atmosphere. Although the game is not an online rpg environment like SAO, you will feel that it's like you are inside a game. If you are a sword art online fan you can't miss this anime. You will enjoy it from start to finish.
report Recommended by Duo02
Both share the same setting where MC's have to battle each level of a gamelike survival situation, how ever SAO's plot was a bit more serious and intense where the setting is in a gaming , while Dan Machi was more about getting prestige where the MC has to do also titlewise, SAO really fits well in the anime itself than Dan Machi where the titile doesn't correspond to the anime itself in fact it even conflicts with the plot.
report Recommended by La_Matona301
They are both based on RPG games and have a main character who gets all the girls but doesn't realize.
report Recommended by NNextremNN
I found these anime to be extremely similar in terms of settings. Both take place in worlds where monsters are fought and tavern-type buildings are normal (although there are some differences, the biggest being that SAO is set in a virtual world instead of a 'real' fantasyland). Both protagonists are constantly wanting to fight bigger enemies, and are voiced by the same actor. As someone who loved SAO (even with its faults) I would say to save it for the next time your bored or waiting for new episodes of other shows.
report Recommended by Anonmousely
Both have very deep characters and nice animation. Sword Art Online is more driven to the VR fans, where as Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is more of a fantasy setting. Buckle in, Both are enjoyable and give a nice fantasy setting but in a different time.
report Recommended by JakklL
just trust me, if you like sword art online you are defiantly gonna love this great action scenes same type of live or die feel they live in a world filled of other monsters and players trying to become stronger main characters are dominators when they need to be no, foreal tho, you are going to love it ;D
report Recommended by Mochavii
Both MC's have lots of girls that "fall in love with them" Both MC's are also super over-powered and have a lot of plot armor, as well as Kirito and Bell share the same Japanese voice actor Both animes also take place in a virtual world SAO and Danmachi also gives me that harem anime type feeling
report Recommended by Iruka
As we all know sword art online is set inside SAO/The game. In this anime, it's almost as if the they setting of this anime is a game, even though it's actually real life. When I decided to give this anime ago, I began to feel like i've seen this somewhere before and I realised it exactly the same as SAO (although kirito is ridiculously OP) and they're both made by the same producers. However, this anime if ecchi just encase you were wondering.
report Recommended by AnimAniac451
MC has a lot of girls. MC becomes overpower quickly. MC sometimes wears two swords or daggers. The man is kind to all girls cause they are girls:)
report Recommended by JustJ0ke
If you love the idea of an RPG style world both of these are for you. Sword Art Online is literally an RPG game in virtual environment so a lot of general game mechanics are more natural. DanMachi on the other hand is a world where elements of RPG games are natural parts of society, such as dungeon delving, player levels, etc.
report Recommended by trigger_segfault
MMo world, thought the characters aren't "trapped in it". Not as emotionally attaching, but better progression.
report Recommended by Shinrinnyoku
The name speakes for itself - gamelike world with all MMORPG kinds of stuff.
report Recommended by susan00
-Both are either really loved or hated -Both main characters have a harem but only like one girl -Both main characters are overpowered or "badass" -Both main characters can dual wield weapons -All characters in the series are bland and boring -Both use video games terms -Both have fanservice to some extent -Both main characters fight alongside some companions -Both main characters started out as a loner/solo-player -Both have similar monsters and many fight scenes
report Recommended by wlw
If you like dungeons, swords, gradually becoming stronger and striving to save others, these will be great for you.
report Recommended by Joey_Vlaceffa
they are both about fighting in a dungeon both main characters are also cool and awesome when facing their opponents and they have strong female characters fighting alongside with them.
report Recommended by rururaruri
Bro if you have seen SAO and you enjoyed the parts where Kirito fights in the lvls, you will like this. The shows are pretty similar the only obvious difference is that SAO is a virtual world, while its the Real world in Danmachi. All im sayin is trust me brudda, if you enyoyed the first half of SAO or the whole season like me. YOU WILL LOVE DANMACHi.
report Recommended by Kazooo
Many rpg stuff in a fantasy world.
report Recommended by Sheyne
because the protagonist character development grow over-time. and some side chars.
report Recommended by LethalMan
What if we add shounen tropes and remove those filthy melodramatic scenes from SAO? Danmachi is the answer. In simple words, Danmachi is the better version of SAO
report Recommended by silent_knight98
They are both isekais but in my opinion this is done better cause there is no other world, this is just how life is and this what happens every day
report Recommended by Zukumei
Both anime's are set in a fantasy setting and have the characters fighting monsters Both of the main characters wish to get stronger to defeat their opponents The main character is usually surrounded by female characters, but neither are considered harems. Both consist of the main character beating impossible odds that would have been deadly for anyone.
report Recommended by Tyrannicswine117
These two animes are based in sword fights (shonen), both have a similar animation and have romance, but are not based on this. If you like Sword Art Online, you will like DanMachi because the development of the anime plot is similar. Both have epic fights against final bosses, but there aren't fights in absolutely all the chapters.
report Recommended by sergioKKali
Very similar setting and story, with some small romantic themes, just with a different base (real dungeons instead of mmorpg dungeons). If you enjoyed SAO you will probably enjoy this, if you didnt enjoy SAO then you should watch the first episode and you'll know from there.
report Recommended by gratifyy
Liking the RPG vibes? Welcome to Dungeon! Here, this genre is main, and have a lighter atmosphere, funnier & charismatic characters, and some motivational parts included that probably will draw attention of who liked the RPG style of SAO.
report Recommended by Darumyro
In a world where you have to defeat monsters to level up and gain loot/xp. Both world have the same RPG element to it.
report Recommended by Alca
Similarities: -Both anime involves a RPG-like style of plot. -Both anime have Overpowered Main Characters, especially in their growth rate. -Both MCs involves their girl having fond of them. -Both MCs are voiced by the same person "Yoshitsugu, Matsuoka" voice actor of: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Trinity Seven, etc.. -Both anime involves a somewhat HAREM plot, this includes girls that have grown fond of the MCs -Both anime have adventures in dungeons where people in their world compete and fight. -Both anime's setting is on a Medieval times. Differences: -Danmachi is interactive with people and real life communication while in Sword Art Online, it takes place on a virtual world. -Danmachi's MC starts on   read more
report Recommended by Dorajiru-kun
The fantasy concept is pretty similar.
report Recommended by Hitman00770
Both are pretty standard fantasy anime, with overpowered protagonists with similar designs, personalities, and set of morals, voiced by the same person.
report Recommended by Kiwii_121
Male protagonist who started off alone (who eventually attracts girls and people because of his personality and fighting skills)? ✓ Weapons? Dungeon? Skills? ✓ Splash of romance and comedy? ✓
report Recommended by crispnori
Both are power-fantasy harem series rich with fan-service
report Recommended by Urbancase
Both Sword Art Online and Danmachi have very similar settings, being inside a game, and have similar plots. Both are about a male protagonist that’s in a game and has to level up in order to reach his goal, along with a female partner there beside him. Speaking on the settings, both are extremely similar, even containing towers that have enemies on every level that are required to be defeated before moving on.
report Recommended by Anyana
—Both of these animes have the same fantasy RPG type of setting to it —Have a leveling system —Have floors with progressively stronger enemies —Overpowered MC’s —MC’s attract a harem
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
-similar op protagonists with op fight scenes -similar world setting -the protagonists share the same va -basically every girl the main character meets falls in love with him -fanservice they’re pretty similar, but i feel like Danmachi’s main character has a better personality and he actually gets character development throughout the series.
report Recommended by 3rza
These shows are extremely similar 1. Both mc’s have a red-headed friend 2. Both mc’s are in love with a girl who is amazing with swords 3. Both shows have tower like dungeons 4. Their both good shows please watch them :[
report Recommended by MagentaKat
The two share very similar situations for the main characters as in an RPG-like theme where the anime takes place somewhere that you won't find on Earth. Similarities: RPG-like theme The main character surrounded by girls A tower for the MC to climb The manga was written by the same Mangaka Kirito shares the same voice actor as Bell Both MCs have overpowered abilities that they are not aware of and that other people don't have.
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
Both the same kind of leveling up to get stronger aspect with the main characters both being loners at first until they eventually join other people to fight. Dungeon is about clearing levels of a dungeon where Sword Art focuses on climbing floors to escape the game they're trapped in.
report Recommended by VincentFarrar
Both of them follow an unusually powerful main character in a fantasy world with a tower full of levels to beat, and the main characters have harems.
report Recommended by Hooman1130