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Umi_No_Oto Feb 17, 8:27 PM
Yeah I figured. I was the main one who talked about it and I could tell most people didn't really care, and that most other fans were finding other things instead. Oh well.

I also pulled 2 Riko SRs (copies of eachother), and 1 Riko UR (a dupe), along with around 3-4 You SRs that I sold since I'm play Oshimen. Funnily, I didn't get a single Chika despite thinking the game would troll me and give me a bunch of Mikans.

I'm happy about the UR, but I literally added only one new card to my collection since the 2 SRs were Time Traveller Riko.

Umi_No_Oto Feb 17, 9:33 AM
I actually reroll with transfer codes. Make account on phone, make transfer code, save codes on google sheets, transfer account to ipad, re-save code from ipad, make new account on the phone, repeat. When an account is transferred, the account is moved to the other devices rather than staying, so you get a prompt to make a new account upon transfer.

The connection between SIF and All-Stars will, apparently, be totally cosmetic.
Umi_No_Oto Feb 17, 9:20 AM
Yeah it takes tons of time, approximately 3 minutes per account, but I do it for Riko. Also, podcasts and video-essays make it go by quickly.

Hey man, All-Stars should be pretty casual-friendly, so you should be able to play it just fine.
Umi_No_Oto Feb 17, 9:06 AM
I know All-Stars will be separate, that's why I don't want to commit to SIF. The release date is expected be be around Summer 2018.

On EN all I have are Rikos, lol.

And I make all of these accounts by hand. One phone, one ipad, one google doc.
Umi_No_Oto Feb 17, 8:08 AM
This Maki. Massacre Maki. That event was worse than a bloodbath.

I'm actually hoping to scout on the limited box with the limited UR. There are 200 cards set in the box and 2 URs, and one of the URs is a limited UR of one of three girls (based on their year). It's the only chance for these cards too, so the box is a collector's dream and nightmare.

There's actually going to be a second years step-up box 8 hours from now and I might put in the 120 gems to see if I can't get Riko. I'll probably pull a double You and Chika UR and need to sell them because I'm an Oshimen...

Personally, I don't care enough about SIF anymore to worry about what exactly I pull as long as I get Rikos. The EN server sucks now and JP will be getting All-Stars soon.

I might transfer to JP with rerolls even if All-Stars becomes prominent, but as an Oshimen and hard-saving my gems for Riko only. I have 100 accounts saved up for rerolling right now in fact. JP is planning on getting rid of their transfer code system which means rerolling won't be possible, so I'm stockpiling since they aren't nuking already-existing codes. Someone was actually speculating a Wedding Dress Riko UR card could come out since she still needs a card in the rotation and it's looking like she'll get a card in June, and June is the wedding-set month. Plus Riko still needs a UR pair with Yoshiko, so the fanart side of the fanbase could potentially go nuts...

I'm stockpiling accounts for the next Riko UR to come out and I'll probably switch to maining JP. I also plan on playing All-Stars JP.
Umi_No_Oto Feb 16, 6:04 PM
I already did spend Love Gems, currently rank 139 I think? I can't spend too many since I'm saving them for the limited Riko UR (bad idea, I know how cancerous that box is to other players) and possibly Choir Riko.

Somebody did the calculations and apparently you can reach rank 500 within 60 hours from level 1, which would cost around 200 love gems.

Honestly, the SIF playerbase is chaotic right now because a lot of people dislike this XP campaign as well as the discounted LP campaign from last month since they totally destroy game balance (Tier 1 cutoff for the last event was like, 220k event points for Maki).
Umi_No_Oto Feb 15, 5:50 PM
Well aint that some shit.
Umi_No_Oto Feb 14, 1:40 PM

Umi_No_Oto Feb 14, 12:02 PM
Special message from Kanan Matsuura for Dadynaya:

Umi_No_Oto Feb 11, 10:59 AM
The song they played is Bokura wa Ima no Naka de which is the first opening of the Love Live Anime ever. I guess Idol Hell is leaking into the Olympics. 2020 Olympics is in Tokyo, so maybe we can get a Love Live performance. c,:

I'm actually planning on preordering it because apparently they come with goodies. They are a lot more detailed and high-quality compared to other figures, and the fact that Riko's is probably the most stunning figurine I've ever seen and wanted I think I can justify putting down 120 USD for it.
Umi_No_Oto Feb 10, 4:06 PM
Wait until the Birthday Figure Project teaser for Kanan comes out! They are high-quality figures based on the Mirai Ticket outfits and I believe only six have their figures teased by now (Chika, Riko, You, Yoshiko, Mari, and I THINK Mari off the top of my head).

You've already seen Mezashi's Kanan birthday comic I posted on my MAL page, right?

Umi_No_Oto Feb 10, 9:27 AM
I've always liked Kanan to some degree, but SWW being adorable absolutely helps.

That upcoming anime has three generations of Love Live. You've got the voice actors for Mari, Rin, and PDP's Karin Asaka. If that isn't a good enough reason to watch it, I don't know what is.
Umi_No_Oto Feb 10, 7:47 AM
I'm dead. Suwawa actually killed me. Take these girls to jail for the act of murder.
Umi_No_Oto Feb 9, 8:57 PM
SAve mE