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Nov 19, 2018
[Mild Spoilers Alert]

Isekai fan reporting in. I've watched many Isekais so far, including Death March and Isekai Smartphone (that one was pretty fun to be honest), so when I heard we're getting ANOTHER Isekai anime, how can I not check it out?

It was paired with tons of praise (thanks r/anime) which made me think it's some hot stuff.

8 episodes in, and nope. Nothing.
It's not bad, it's not good, it's "Fine I guess".

The pacing is the biggest problem with the anime. I already have one anime to follow which has the pacing of a snail (thanks One Piece), but unlike One Piece which actually has some read more
Oct 9, 2018
I'll tell you the truth, I enjoyed reading it. But it was not interesting enough for me to actually want to read it outside of the dead hours at work.

The manga is not exactly bad, it's just very very boring. It's hard to stay focused on it unless you're really bored with nothing else to do (and for some reason I wanted to stick until the end, well, I heard it had a good ending that's worth sticking for).

The story is very poor. Nothing happens. NOTHING. I wish I could tell you what happened in the manga but I just don't remember. There weren't many read more
Oct 2, 2018
How to Overlord in 4 steps:

1) Introduce random characters

2) Give them a little backstory and make them take a lot of screen time

3) Kill them "for the benefit of Nazarick" or enslave them "for the benefit of Nazarick"

4) Repeat

We've already seen this format since S2. Do you remember the lizardmen? The giant Hamster? Tuare? Maybe, probably not though. Not even their names.

They took up so much screen time and then become unimportant, it's not interesting anymore.

Unfortunately, S3 follows the same path, and only a handful of episodes are actually progressing the story, while 80% of the anime is "fillers"

I've been told many times that it's read more
Jun 25, 2018
Just because the setting isn't highschool doesn't make the anime automatically good.
Golden Kamuy is a combination of a National Geographic/History channel program about the Ainu and rush for gold.

Before the Spring2018 began, I had gone over the trailers of the shows to air this season.
Golden Kamuy presented a nice cast of voice actors I like, an era around 1900, guns, wolves and rush for gold.
Sounds like a pretty solid action anime.

Now, I can't deny that Golden Kamuy had some sweet action, but unfortunately, both the action and the story took a backseat to the "Ainu culture".
I don't know, after watching most of the show, people read more
Jun 24, 2018
I have to confess, the only reason I decided to watch this anime was because of two words: "µ" and "idol", I thought maybe I'd get some Love Live references here. Ha.

Well anyways, Caligula was pretty much one huge mess. The concept shown to us in the sypnosis isn't so bad, and indeed the concept of being stuck in another world and trying to escape from it- isn't so bad.
But as the story went on, it turned out to be a horrible mess.

We barely get to know what really is happening in the series, and as the story progresses we get more twists that made read more
May 28, 2018
After finishing the first arc and entering the second one, I can already see what SAOA:GGO is all about.

Jumping into the Battle Royale trend while it's hot (with PUBG and Fortnite going strong), there's not much to tell you about the story.

The premise is a battleroyale and that's about it. So what's the problem with it?
Do you know that in team games you are always told to stick with your team? Well of course in SAOA:GGO there are these teams. They are all friends who make a premade team, work as a team, and even they know each other's strengths and weaknesses.
Fights between these teams read more
Mar 30, 2018
Would you like to get HYPED? Are you looking for some action? Here is the place!

Garo:Vanishing line is a standalone anime, so you don't need to watch the older Garos in order to watch this one. What is this about? Well the sypnosis probably tells it better but in summary: Knights and Alchemists fighting Horrors, making their way to uncover the mysteries of El Dorado.

Why did I like it so much? Because it was great. It did exactly what I was looking for.

Sometimes it feels like shows try to make action anime epic yet fail with some underhanded tactics. Either fights ending too soon, or read more
Mar 25, 2018
Kokkoku (Anime) add (All reviews)
Let the time... STOP.

You are now stuck in a world where everything is frozen, except you. What now?

That's basically what Kokkoku is about, Juri and her group is stuck in the "Statis" along with the bad guys of course.

Review will contain minor spoilers, I guess.

Kokkoku started out as an interesting anime, interesting premise. Why are they stuck in the Statis? What is that world? And what is that huge creature shown in the OP (or the ending of the first episode?)

Many questions, some answered, some not, but meanwhile- The bad guys are taking place. Well, they want to research this statis, so they're bad. read more
Dec 30, 2017
Ok, Let's talk real now.

I didn't come to watch Love Live Sunshine because I looked for some intense and deep story that involves time traveling or... something like that.

I came here looking for cute idols singing, dancing, aiming high and getting there.
And I got exactly what I was looking for.

In Season 2 we didn't really have a "special" story. It's pretty similar to School Idol Project, with the school being at risk, 3rd years leaving and such. But, it felt like it fit to give some background story so I liked it in the end. (7/10 for Story)

The animation and art was outstanding. The CGI read more
Dec 19, 2017
[Spoiler Warning]

Do you know what Juuni Taisen lacked? The music in comedy anime where someone does something stupid. Everything was so stupid here that it might've been better to just make it a comedy anime. And even with that my score would've been maybe 5 instead of 4

After watching all of the show, I want to say that this anime... Had potential. And a lot of it. But it went downhill really fast.

I'm going to talk about the pattern of the anime, which makes almost every episode the same, the poor "border story" and why the anime which is tagged only as "Action"- doesn't do read more