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As the king of the faux-MMORPG arena (.hack started development in 2000, then released in 2002; SAO was first wrote in 2001/2002), .hack can claim a lot of the responsibility for SAO. In the anime universe, the idea of being trapped in a fantasy virtual reality setting, via playing a MMORPG, is already 10+ years old. Even Yuki Kajiura's wonderful (though underwhelming, in SAO) music became famous as a result of her best-soundtrack-ever work on .hack//SIGN.
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Virtual-Reality MMORPGs of the near future have a nasty tendency to trap people inside the game, it seems. They also share the same composer, Kajiura Yuki, lending a rather epic feel to the shows. The tone and focus of the two series are quite different though.
report Recommended by CookieBun
While .Hack//Sign was an anime released back then in 2002, Sword Art Online is quite newer. Released after around 10 years from the first it obviously shows "new way to imagine how technology could be, new stuff in the game" and so on.. However, regardless the year they have been producted, both series are still very similar: - both start off in this special "super new virtual" MMORPG, where the technology is the highest than ever. - both, obviously show all the characters in this game - Trapped in the game: on HS there's the main chara who can't log off and in SAO instead everyone can't log off   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
the game world... actually this kinda look like a copy, but SAO is made with much better quality
report Recommended by pakin
Both anime started in near future. Shows about persons who trapped in MMO-game. Gamers use cyber-helmets to syncronise their bodies with game.
report Recommended by EvilCat
The main character cannot disconnect from the online game in both series Epic music and original soundtrack.
report Recommended by KyonSmith
In both anime, there is a virtual game world where people (and in .Hack the main character) are stuck.
report Recommended by VintorezNL
Similarities: - Both are fantasy/sci-fi/shounen/adventure - Both include characters that play online games and can seamlessly interact with their environments - Both include games that can affect the well being of the people playing the game - .Hack// has characters that fall into a coma, and get trapped in the game. - Sword Art Online has characters that get trapped in the game, and die if they cannot clear it. The similarities are over whelming. Though I have not seen Sword Art Online yet, I'm guessing the pace will be a lot faster than that of .Hack//Sign. However, if you like the general scenario of the anime, chances are you'll   read more
report Recommended by Uncanny
"I Can't Log Out!" These series are extremely similar. Both take place in a virtual reality MMORG with a fantasy setting, and revolve around characters who are unable to log out, and rendering what happens within the game to be 'real', and these changes were both enacted by the games mysterious creators. The primary difference you'll notice straight off is that only one particular person has this problem in .Hack/SIGN, and the main point of the show is to find out the mystery behind why and and how this happened, and how to fix it as well as what is actually going on in the game--while   read more
report Recommended by noirgrimoir
.hack//Sign and Sword Art Online are good adventure anime based on a very similar concept - people that are stuck in a fantasy style MMORPG. They feature great animation, excellent set design and fantasy creatures. Both shows follow several different characters in their stories with the difference that SAO moves a little faster in character development and is more action-orientated, while .hack//SIGN is a bit slow-paced and covers more of the mysterious online world where the main protagonist is trapped. I myself liked SAO way more than Hack but if you enjoyed watching either of them you shouldn't hesitate to try out the other.
report Recommended by FireHeart
Both shows right down to it have the same general concept, players get trapped in a game, and are unable to log out. .hack//Sign maybe be around 10 years old at this point, but it still holds up. It was one of the earlier examples of the virtual world thing.
report Recommended by BigOnAnime
they are both virtual works where players risk death by playing and some are unable to log out. Some players are in comas while the main character is unable to log out.
report Recommended by darkcat1
well i would guess its easy to say but ya there both trapped in a game world with no way out although in sao( sword art online) if u die u die for good, and in hack//sign if he dies he just resets. i would recommend sao if u liked hack//sign cause its just an amazing action and mystery anime where u wonder y the creator of the game trapped them in the game world. (spoiler!!!)
report Recommended by bloodhound93
both are in virtual MMO games and they try to help fix the game
report Recommended by Skadummy
pt:Possui o mesmo gênero e uma historia similar, porem foi criado anteriormente, e sua historia é cheia de intrigas e mistérios, possui a melhor trilha sonora de um anime, que não seja sobre musica, que eu já vi. eng:It has the same gender and a similar story, however was created earlier, and his story is full of intrigue and mystery, has the best soundtrack of an anime, it is not about music, I've ever seen.
report Recommended by fabiorvaz
a boy trapped in a game can't log out have some romance and fantasy and developing powers the only thing different that the main character wake up in the game with slight amnesia
report Recommended by osuper100
Both anime where you go into a virtual reality MMO, and there is some sort of consequence of death or coma in game.
report Recommended by LastEmphasis
Both are virtual reality types of anime. In .hack, it focuses on character development and the plot, unlike SAO which fails miserably in my opinion.
report Recommended by Rance-sama
Both these anime are based in an online world and have at least someone stuck inside the game unable to leave.
report Recommended by Lilfukoling
It's almost certainly been said before now, but this recommendation is an absolute no-brainer. If you'd already seen one of these, watching the other surely brought this comparison to mind almost immediately. These two stories share so many elements -- they each take many pages from the same book... great book it is, mind you. You have the main character that's stuck in an online game. Uneasy alliances are forged. Strange happenings abound. There are even some commonalities in the shows' visual design. "So what's left to make me want to watch the one of these I HAVEN'T seen," you ask? There ARE differences, and they   read more
report Recommended by FedeBankai
The plots both involve characters trapped in a beautiful virtual reality world. Though .hack//SIGN is far more dialogue based, the series complement each other very well. Both also have outstanding soundtracks by the same composer and involving stories based on interesting and varied characters.
report Recommended by Renjuku
Both are very similar as the main theme is revolved around a game. .hack//Sign might have less action than Sword Art Online but the story is good.
report Recommended by MellowBiscuits
Both take place in an VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massive Multi Online Role Playing Game) and have similar story elements.
report Recommended by ChelsM
Both are fantastic in game anime
report Recommended by Mythicism
GAme is base in a virtual world where (only one in .hack) cannot log out and belivees they will die if the die ingame. Also as a result of certain occurances, some players die or go into coma's as a result of playing the game. Although SAO has better action, .hack//sign has much more in-depth and has a much more detailed plot. legend f the twilight is also good but much less serious.
report Recommended by kefkas_big_sis
Both of these series are about people being trapped inside video games.
report Recommended by RatKingJames
main characters in both animes are somehow Log into a game, but they for some reasons they can't log out. inside the video game they will fight some monsters and up levels, also they will keep traveling between worlds inside the Game. .hack is darker and complicated than Sword art,but anyway both animes are good
report Recommended by Caliph