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Both are about a guy that is forced to play a game risking his live together with other people. In order to leave this situation, they have to beat the game following the rules they were given.
report Recommended by Liinah
Btooom! has a very similar concept - people playing a game in real life, putting their lives at stake. The difference is, however, that Btooom! actually succeeds at this. It is what Sword Art Online could've - or maybe should've - been.
report Recommended by Vokoca
They are both mostly the same and both are great! Both of the protagonists in these anime are both thrown into a game that they were really good at. Now they need to play the game they loved in the form of survival and complete the game.
report Recommended by Marcus8192
Hackneyed 'survival game' shows that ultimately fall flat, most notably in the areas of characterization and plot. Both feature an awful romantic duo as the holier-than-thou protagonists. The romance in each of these shows is cloying and cheesy.
report Recommended by imbecilic
How isn't it? Both follow the story of a male protagonist being forced to play a game with much higher stakes then originally expected! They both have a "Complete Romance" element, and both show issues on morality and desensitization to violence!
report Recommended by takahashedi
while btoom is more on the gory side, they're both stuck in a game they cannot get out of unless they beat it
report Recommended by Skadummy
Both are about a guy who games and gets actually thrown into the game one day with their lives on the line.
report Recommended by Clouded-Flame
I like to refer Btooom! as "Bomb" Art Online sometimes. Both deal with an online game where the human life is at stake. Only difference is that in Btooom, it becomes reality, whereas in SAO, the players' minds are stuck in the game itself.
report Recommended by Aesther
How are they similar ? Hmm , lets see : Survival - Check Bad Ass + Gloomy + Game Addicted MC - Check Hot Girl - Check They Need A Second Season - Check And for all those who say that SAO isn't similar to this because it's a harem-ish anime in disguise , i can't agree with them , after all the guy ' selected ' his girl .
report Recommended by AgelessPharaoh
Both are about players who have been put into a world where they once enjoyed gaming in. Btooom is more brutal, realistic, and much, much darker while SAO is very light-hearted and more in a fantasy genre.
report Recommended by Ozzey
- Same in 'game', but SAO is real game (Virtual RPG) and Btooom! tells about game in REAL WORLD. - Thriller. in SAO, they need to get to 100th floor to finish the game and return to reality. in Btooom!, they need to get 7 chips to get back to their own home.
report Recommended by jimmy_msz
Both series have the Main Character play a video game Main Characters are also forced to play against their will Main Characters are good at the game (possibly the best)
report Recommended by JFizzy
1.Both of the main character both start out on top, they both have awareness of their power. 2. The situation is a game, where you can die, even tho SAO is virtual and Btooom! Is not. 3. The main character finds love, in a messed up situation
report Recommended by AceTheHanyou
Reality turns into a virtual world Both have similar male protagonist who want to escape Btooom however has much more gore, plus the female protagonist is on par with Asuna Both have an interesting plot which is unpredictable Art style is similar
report Recommended by Akiko_shikata
The same concept of a real life game world. But Btooom! is more intense and aimed at a more mature audience. No magic and leveling up and stuff. The characters are not trapped in a game world but rather on an island in the real world where they are forced to survive based on the concept of a popular video game in the anime. In one note: It's one of those game world real world dimension shifting anime but one that takes place only in the real world, and is aimed at a more mature audience with blood and gore and smart tactics.
report Recommended by tSunrise
they both have a game that can kill you but btooom is real life
report Recommended by onelastone
They are both set in a game-like world, though Btooom! is more explicit, (and better) than SAO. They both have the "if you die in game, you die in real life" aspect, though in Btooom! You actually get blown to pieces and in SAO, you just disappear.
report Recommended by SnazzGary
Both male protagonists are forced to play a survival game. There they meet the female protagonist and develop a romantic relationship with each other. Both anime have a good amount of quality action scenes. (Though Btooom! was more bloodier.)
report Recommended by Dendronom
Both same as they force to play the game risking their lives to survive and finish it according to the rules that was given . Hot Leading lady SAO = Asuna Btooom! = Himeko
report Recommended by GRFLDZ
Both anime are featured in a game. SAO is more of the fantasy and action type while Btooom is more of the psychological and horror type.
report Recommended by DreamerFae
In both anime the main character is sent into a game which is a live or die situation, both of them meet a heroine inside of the game, and both are amazing. The only difference is that in SAO, they have to work together and in Btooom, they have to kill each other in order to complete the game.
report Recommended by Pietru
- main characters are stuck in a death game where they are fighting for their lives - romance with a cute girl, both are "ingame married" with her - main character is one of the best players of the game -both aired around the same time, 2012, followed with great animations -the pacing of both series is a bit unique, you'll see what i mean when u watch it - Even though Btoom uses bomb, and Sao uses swords, they both have their own unique features,( there are many types of bombs in btoom such as the time bomb, SAO has swordskills like starburst stream(dual wielding)
report Recommended by powerofemo
1.Both are about games. 2.Both main character is forced to play the game. 3.Main character meets a girl and is in love with them
report Recommended by JovanJacov
Btooom is a favourite of mine, i love how the characters revert to the baser instinct to fight for survival and a way out of the deadly game. SOA is based around the same principle of people playing for their lives and future
report Recommended by Damocles_00
Both anime plot is about being trapped in a 'death' game. Excellent plot and creativity. How will they survive? ...Who will survive?! Find out now!
report Recommended by JettFlair
Both are about a guy who games and gets actually thrown into the game one day with their lives on the line.
report Recommended by gale88
Yes, both have a guy forced into a game that must be beat within the rules. Both have mechanics from video games. Both main characters are experienced at the game. Both contain alliances. But most importantly, both female leads are pretty much useless.
report Recommended by Z_Ryouiki
You try to survive or else you die. Both have their really exciting moments that gets your heart racing
report Recommended by Gladeo
Both features collisions between real life and a game. And a bit of romance on the side!
report Recommended by Psyko
Both are "playing" in a fighting "game" and you will seriously die if you die in the game Main characters both experienced playing either the same or similar game before the actual game Both finds a girl they want to fight for while in the game Both fights with the girl and have or had another person they met before the girl and fought with them as well
report Recommended by JokerPerson
"Hey man, let's play this Online Multiplayer Game. No, not 'Simulation'... 'Reality' if you know what that means....." In the story, the main characters were involve in a video game that are suddenly trapped from the ones that they are playing. In order to escape, a certain task needs to be accomplish: It's every man for himself, while the other is clearing the game. Despair, fear, strategies, tactics, and romance were used in the series. The difference is that Btooom is much more of an action show, real life combat, and trapped in an island. SAO features much more of a romance show, trapped in   read more
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both have a survival theme, both in a survival game setting, both have romance, both have "die in game, die for real" aspect except Btooom! is set irl.
report Recommended by Squary
Both series deal with life or death situations, and they're both about being trapped in a game, (in the case of Btooom! they're trapped on an island and in SAO it's virtual reality). Btooom! is more of a seinen anime while SAO is shounen.
report Recommended by Shikatemagirl002
Both revolve around a game that turns deadly in real life, and the relationship of the main characters is similar.
report Recommended by TheJapanophile
Well both are guy and a girl playing a game to survive. So its pretty similar
report Recommended by J-Reign
although SAO is a online survival anime, btooom is in real life but what makes these two great animes like is because of the romance survival between Boy and Girl. The two have amazing survival stories that makes you want to watch and know more about their survival "together".
report Recommended by EuH3llscyth3
In the both animes characters are send to a place where they must fight, however in the both the principals characters fall in love with a girl that they met on the place.
report Recommended by Phenix7
Both shows are based on a game of survival which begins in a virtual reality game although btooom deviates a bit...
report Recommended by vedatsvet
Similar story where the main is now in a life or death survival "game". I watched SAO 1st but honestly BTOOOM! is more serious and original
report Recommended by KSMOOVEY
Both are action anime with a gamer that gets trapped in a deathly version of his favourite game (virtual one in case of Sword Art Online, real one in case of Btooom) where people can actually die. Later he meets a girl and they try to escape the game together.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both of these anime series' are survival orientated, with an implied love interest between two main characters.
report Recommended by kalon
They're both about games and how they get stuck in an unknown world where they'll have to fight to survive. SAO and Btooom! are very similar in both their actions, fantasy and both have mature romance. SAO is a bit more easy going in romance though.
report Recommended by shana_ko
Both anime share a similar plot line. A male protagonist gamer has to play the video game in real life. There is some romance that is quite enjoyable, great action, and exquisite art. And both leave you wanting more for days.
report Recommended by iMoan
The idea is simple, they are about people locked and forced to fight if they want to escape.
report Recommended by Master_Neko
Both are basically about people being taken to a virtual game.
report Recommended by RedPlaty
They are similar bacuse they are both about being stuck in a game where u have to survive and kill if its needed.
report Recommended by Animegatekeeper
Stuck in a game and menwhile the main character falls in love with a girl.
report Recommended by AzharSologuy
The core similarities are that they're both 'survival' anime, where the main character and others have to fight for their lives, and that they both are based on a game-turned-real - for Sword Art Online it's that if you die in the game you die in real life, for Btooom! it's the same, except that it's a death-game in reality. Both of the main characters are bad-asses (albeit Kirito is even more bad-ass), they've both got a "lover" who they meet in the game, they both want to protect their friends and they both want to return home (obviously). If they win the game, they get to   read more
report Recommended by S-Mazoku
Sword Art Online and Btooom! shares a lot of similarities such as main male protagonist that is hardcore gamer got involved in a game where real-self would die if died/lost in game. In contrast, Btooom! take place in real world-island where players in an unknown island had to kill each other in order to survive. Also both of them have great and epic battle synchronized with an epic soundtrack with average animation quality. However, Sword Art Online got one notch higher quality than Btooom! but when it comes to strategic-involved battle, Btooom! shines greatly.
report Recommended by Noctis
Both shows deal with characters being forced play by video game rules. Sword Art online is mostly set in a virtual world. Btooom is mostly set in a real world environment. Real or not, in both shows, when you die in the game, you die for real. (This is just my opinion.)
report Recommended by Holocat_Zer0
Forced to play a "simple" game that will affect in real life, if you lose the game you will die, worth it watching definitely
report Recommended by deadmou55
In both anime series it starts off as a game and then becomes a reality. Both main characters are smart and know the game well. They both fell in love with a girl online and meet her in the real world. In both when you die it is happening in real life, but in Sword Art Online when you die in the game it kills your brain in the real world. When in Btooom! your physical body is destroyed. in Sword Art Online you can use many different weapons to kill, but mainly swords. In Btooom! you can only use bombs.
report Recommended by accellegit
Both main characters are stuck in a game to fight for their lives.
report Recommended by Aerial_Assasain
1. The death game concept 2. Very skilled male MC 3. People forced to play against their will. In terms of plot and character developement Btooom is better. Also, it's more realistic. But Swort Art Online wins when it comes to animation and enjoyment.
report Recommended by 12rexton123
Similar scenario, man gets stuck in a game like arena, meets a girl a few episodes in. One problem, this anime hasn't (and probably wont) finished.
report Recommended by FlyingLasso
These two series both focus on a forced-game-world setting, with the primary characters in each being pushed into scenarios where their survival and development are contingent on synchronising with the peculiar rule-sets of their new worlds. The protagonists in both cases begin the series as socially inept but highly proficient gamers, demonstrating emotional and mental developments as the series continues. While Btooom! arguably explores more serious themes compared to the more accessible SAO, both are good entertainment in any regard.
report Recommended by XPepper
- Both animes revolve around being trapped in a game - The main characters are really skilled and smart - Amidst all the craziness that the characters are going through, you can still find a little bit of romance going on in both animes - The female protagonists rely on the males however can still fend for themselves and be strong
report Recommended by gabrily
Both anime's main characters go to a place (because of videogames) where they have to play a game and win to survive. Both anime have a "Gamer" as a main character. If you like games anime this one will do for you.
report Recommended by Gonzt
-Both stories take place after a game becomes the main characters realities. -both MC's struggle to adapt in the beginning but then settle down. -Both stories should become actual games... Now the only unfortunate part is Btooom! really needs a season 2...
report Recommended by Murdersdeath
Do you like video games in real life? Watch this
report Recommended by Gonz4lez
These both are similar in a way where both main characters are stuck in a game where they have to fight for their lives. The main characters also care for the allies they make. They also don't take killing other people or players lightly and refrain from doing so unless they have to. If you love fight for survival-game type anime then watch these.
report Recommended by PineBladeX
its basicly very similar. only a slightly different concept.. while in this anime he finds himself with the game equipment and all that... in SAO gamers are actually trapped in a virtual reality MMORPG game where you cant escape unless you clear the game and, if you die, you also die in real life.
report Recommended by JakklL
Both are Amazing they are in common Action/Romance/Survival/Game...but still Btooom! is a little bit tougher more than SAO Why ??? Btooom's Virtual World is Terrifying (killing each other with Bombs/ fighting Each other to Death (like Hunger Games) using Bombs Only /its even hard to trust someone this anime is hilarious still i hate it cauz they left us with an open Ending (Looking for season 2 maybe in 2050):D on the other side SAO is a little bit different in rules i mean in SAO seeks for alliance so they could end up the game (Its Exciting) but Btooom is the Opos its The   read more
report Recommended by Dudera
Live in a game themed anime.
report Recommended by Luminie
It has a very similar feel with the whole 'trapped in a game with a hot girl and I'm useless in real life' trope.
report Recommended by LeaOotori
○ Both MCs get trapped in a game they're good at and must survive the game or die for real ○ Both romances are between MC and girl they met from the game ○ Both female protagonists are gorgeous and strong, but eventually need saving for some reason... ○ Great art and music
report Recommended by Sawp
-Both are survival of the fittest -Both have romance -Both main characters are overpowered in the sense that they are extremely good at the game
report Recommended by thelectricow
I highly recommend Btooom! because it has the same theme for "Game", besides having the theme of survival against death, or same thing as Sword Art Online, the reason is simple the protagonist of Btoom! fight against death inside an island organized by someone wants to do reality show using the game Btoom !, and the theme of the anime is Escape / Survive in it, if you look this way you can notice that it is almost the same as Sword Art Online "Since in the two anime there is no healing magic "and if your life dies it's over ... Well that's why   read more
report Recommended by DivineWazu
It's a simulation, involves romance and good action. Story is quite good and you want to keep watching.
report Recommended by HayaseNagatoro
Both involve characters being forced to play a video game against their will as a matter of life or death, and are goal oriented (Collect seven chips, clear 100 floors). Both also have interesting male-female partnership dynamics as the two main characters that eventually become romantic. Both couples have a lot of chemistry, but initially experience a lot of hostility in their relationship before they are forced to work together and bond.
report Recommended by lycheejane
These shows are very similar, in ways that the MC, and lots of others, and sent/stuck in a place that they have to escape from. Also, if you die there, you're dead for good.
report Recommended by Hodor96
Both are in survival type settings, where virtual reality turns into a real battle. Btoom isn't necessarily in the virtual world, however, they follow the virtual game Btoom's rules in order to win, turning the game into a reality.
report Recommended by DerpyChaos
Ouchies, don't you just hate when you're forced to play a survival life-or-death game? Yeah, me neither. Primarily, both main characters are forced to play you know what I already said. On the way both encounter multiple troubling obstacles. In the process both main characters ALSO develop a love-relationship.
report Recommended by xeonite
Both anime have a male main character that survives in a death game, the main characters each have a love interest(s), the main characters from each anime have a tragic backstory, the side characters from both anime are scared by the their surroundings, but are helped by the main character.
report Recommended by Rekkusu-Kuremu
Both of the stories tells that they are stuck in a game reality world that must kill or to be killed with no return. It shows how the protagonist has to survive and win the game by defeating the (boss/players/levels) and leave the place to go home.
report Recommended by GrandSnow
They both involve similar scenarios in which the main characters are trapped in a video game world and must do whatever they can to survive.
report Recommended by C1AN
Both the anime are based on game . Infact SAO is an anime in which the gamers get caught up inside a game whereas BTOOOM is an anime based on the hardships the hero faced on overcoming his favourite game on real life. It is a nice anime.So i would like to recommend this to evryone
report Recommended by CaseyDreyar
Btooom! is basically SAO with explosives, lots of explosives.
report Recommended by Burndoge
Death Game. The weapons used in SAO are swords and shields ehile BTOOOM! are bombs. They have to win to get out of the game.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both are about a male main character having to play a deadly game with other people.
report Recommended by Keita2014
Both Mcs are forced to play their favorite game but with much higher stakes then they expected. Just that Btoom isn't set in a video game but in the real world and the surrival game just follows the same rule as a video game.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
If you liked the heavy survival atmosphere that surrounds the first arc of Sword Art Online, you will probably like BTOOOM! - Both protagonists have relative success in the games they play and use their lives in the virtual world as an escape. - Both demonstrate struggles for survival in a "universe" based on a game. - Both protagonists reflect on the conditions of the game itself through internal monologues. - Both animes also present the theme of the romance and develop it from an initially virtual relationship. - Both animes also contain heavier scenes at certain times, although BTOOOM! is more "dark."
report Recommended by Marander
Being trapped in a world and has to abide by the rules of that game world to live / return back to the real world.
report Recommended by Shiraz-V-Kamar
SAO And Btooom has similar plot line. Both anime is based on Game.
report Recommended by Shahnaous_Shikto