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These feature skilled gamers in fantasy MMORPG settings. Though the plots differ considerably, there's no shortage of similarities in other regards such as the engaging action sequences, the very skilled and confident protagonists, and the cute female companions.
report Recommended by Megumin
Both series involve OP gamer protagonists who are fairly light on emotions, and have a harem of girls flock to them. King's Avatar focuses more on esports, while Sword Art Online leans into romance and arc-based storytelling.
report Recommended by YuriInLuck
both mc are real badass....story line is little different...this anime shows mixture of mc's both real and virtual life....but in Sao they shows on mc's virtual life with more game details
report Recommended by issiehyoudou
Both MC are pro players in MMORPG. Both MC are so skilled, intelligent, badass. Xiu looks like Kirito, Mucheng looks like Asuna (exactly the same hair style).
report Recommended by RJBScarletRain
Kirito is similar to MC because they are both best in their games. Although Quanzhi Gaoshou focuses on eSports, they both have their struggles. The animation is really good, too.
report Recommended by Felix
This show continues the ongoing trend of video-game themed anime, but The King's Avatar goes about it in a mellowing slice of life style. TK'sA is about an eSports star who is dismissed from the team after several lackluster years, and the new way of life he finds through a nightshift job at an unassuming internet cafe. This show is very surreal in spite of, or because of, it's simplicity.
report Recommended by Aceofacez10
Similarities: -both about games -based on light novel Differences: -QZGS is a chinese anime -QZGS is more of a MMORPG than a virtual game like SAO Which is better? It's Quan Zhi Gao Shou for me as it focuses on the action and there is just a REALLY REALLY SLIGHT hint of romance (if you could call that a romance), which is good for me since that is what I'm looking for. (I'm a gamer btw.) Note: As of now, it is still ongoing, so if you do not want ongoing series, then don't watch it YET. (But I still recommend watching it NOW)
report Recommended by Kttrinah
If you like gaming anime, this is the best one out there imo, only bad thing is they talk Chinese, a bit weird . but u get used to it quick.
report Recommended by Gugz
So, to be honest, I dislike both shows. However, I figured out hey maybe since I dislike both anime for roughly the same lines, someone out there might like them for the same reasons. In fact, one of the big plus of both anime is that they provide a community fed up with wimpy MCs with winning ones whose character triumphs exist first and foremost to gratify the audience. To those simply looking for an easy and gratifying watch, both series deliver on that department.
report Recommended by Eanki
Both MC are OP but Quanzhi Gaoshu's story is better in depth.
report Recommended by earabiana
Both MCs are gamers in real life. They are overpowered in playing videp games. Good story and cool sword fights.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Wanna see a better version of Kirito, and actually see the MC grind from the bottom after he loses everything at the start? You've got it in Quanzhi Gaoshou!
report Recommended by KuraByno
Both main characters have outstanding skills compared to others in online games.
report Recommended by GuardianR
MMORPG's enjoyers and hardcore gamer
report Recommended by MyTiCk
They're both animes focused on games, but Quanzhi Gaoshou takes a more real-life approach. Its almost like a semi-isekai, since we get to see action inside the game, but there is a distinct difference between ingame and life.
report Recommended by yngtra
both playing games pog
report Recommended by Blach03
game related, both mmorpg, both overpowered mc beating up scrubs while helping new players
report Recommended by braindmgdednt
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