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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Fantasy world with fighting with themes of what its like when a real person is thrown into what feels like a game. After SAO I looked for other anime which felt similar Re:Zero was very satisfying.
report Recommended by glue493
You like fantasy world with fantasy beasts, knights, magic and stuff? You should give this a watch. Though the difference are Re:Zero hasn't got a skillful MC and the plot is more deeply psychological than the world of SAO.
report Recommended by KyuremX
Actually quite similar in construction, both have a similar premise - that a protagonist get trapped in a fantasy world and gains a special ability. Onward, both protagonist become surrounded by the opposite gender but have their sight on only one girl. Furthermore, both anime have a fair amount of action and some deep psychological moments. SAO differs with a primarily romance focus to it while Re:Zero goes about dealing with darker themes and the psychological aspect to it.
report Recommended by Akoram
Both have fantasy seen in games. Bad dialogues and they stop action to say long useless lines. Both GFs are passionate and not aware of their feelings. And MCs have unique abilities (out of nowhere).
report Recommended by Eidvidas
Compared to Sword Art Online, Re: Zero is much darker at times in terms of gore and overall subject matter. However, both shows are set in beautifully created fantasy worlds that are filled with unique and memorable characters that you can't help but fall in love with. The action sequences will keep you engaged throughout and the more mature themes will get you thinking about life on a deeper level. If you enjoy fantasy, action, with some romance thrown in as well, then definitely give this show some screen time.
report Recommended by gabe021
Same main character transfer in a fantasy world. No mmo stuff tought.
report Recommended by Sheyne
Delivers where Sword Art Online does not; Re:Zero is a personal journey dealing with death anxiety, so much so that the protagonist sometimes descends into madness. It more accurately captures a 'RPG' dynamic, with respawning actually being a thing, which actually makes the series even more devastating. Also features a more reasonable 'levelling-up' of the main character meaning there is a genuine struggle.
report Recommended by bhijml
Both of these anime are very well known, and represent a teenage boy stuck in an rpg game like world. Personally i prefer rezero quite a bit, because of its darker tone, and mysterious aspect, but i really like both of these anime. In sao, a boy enters a virtual reality game alongside many others, and finds that they cannot leave, and the story follows from there, as he and many other gamers try to beat the game as it's there only way of getting out (and avoid dying ingame, which will lead to their real bodies dying) In rezero, a boy is mysteriously transported to an   read more
report Recommended by SolidWoIf
7/10 Similarity: Action - Drama - Gore - Romance Main charecter summoned to a fantasy world where magic and other things exists, but the problem is he stays as a human, which dosent have any kind of power (sword skills,magic,etc) BUT he has a unkown power: when he dies, he can turn back to a specific location and time, which will change after some time. he tries to understand the meaning of this change and the same time he tries to save many people as posibble, especially the ones he loves the most. its little bit complicated to describe so just go to the main page that   read more
report Recommended by rZozeR
Both main characters were transported to another universe similar to RPG games such as monsters, bandits, knights, etc. and they are forced to fight for survival. The only difference is that the main character of Re:Zero can respawn in order to make things right or prevent the bad things in the future just like you're respawning from the saved point in most games because in SAO there is no respawn which means that when you die in the game, you died in real life as well.
report Recommended by The_Anonymous28
- SAO and Re:Zero, both are Isekai-Fantasy series. - But both of them have different storyline. - Both of them have great visuals and sound/music. - SAO is more of a Harem-Romance series. Re:Zero too has some light romance with a psychological-thriller aspect. - Re:Zero has a quite lot of violence. But, SAO doesn't have much violence.
report Recommended by -Don-
From the start, SOA reminded me of RE: Zero. They have a similar ''spooky'' atmosphere around them with innocent-looking and colorful characters. The art in both is kind of similar to each other - colorful, pretty, child-like, innocent-looking characters. They have hints of romance in the beginning and a couple of comic moments, but it increases over the progress of the series. Basically, because of the atmosphere and art, they give a similar feel. For SOA it does not say ''psychological'' as a genre, but I think it is because they are trapped and killed in the game and can't escape, like in RE: Zero he can't escape time-loop and   read more
report Recommended by NeiShiro