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Both animes play in an MMORPG world and have several similarities
report Recommended by Atira
Same plot wherein players got stuck inside the game. However, this focus more on the world and rules of the game. If you like this kind of genre but with less romance, then this is a must watch!
report Recommended by shelisiyah
Main similarity is that both anime features living within the game and in real life. There is the idea of being a member of a community and adventure and exploring the world that the protagonists live in. Both anime are special in their own way such as the contrasting protagonists. Both have good art quality as well and if you like action and fantasy anime, these two are definitely recommendable.
report Recommended by cherichelly
Game mechanics are important as the setting of the animes. They place importance on life or death in HP, and remain as a character's lifeline throughout the whole anime as a game mechanic. The game's nature is fantasy. Swords and magic skills are decided.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both involve players who log into a game, but cannot logout. They have the same situation where the players have to either form alliances or be lone wolves. The main character in one anime is more of a lone wolf, while the other anime features three main characters who form their own alliance.
report Recommended by Nasty001
Log Horizon and Sword Art Online have similar base concept (stuck in a MMORPG)s, which differ just by a little spice - one is Virtual Reality MMORPG, the other is just a basic MMORPG. The main difference between them is that while Log Horizon is more serious, action-filled and mature (it goes pretty deep at parts), Sword Art Online is lightweight, more romance than action-focused, and suitable for younger audiences. If you felt like Sword Art Online had little action and/or was too lightweight, but loved the concept, try Log Horizon If you felt like Log Horizon was somewhat difficult to follow, and/or are asking   read more
report Recommended by KandaRainbowsoul
Although Log Horizon doesn't have romantic moments like SAO but it's the almost the same concept as in millions of people being stuck in an MMORPG. Players in Log Horizon wouldn't be able to die but they have nothing to do, so chaos roams around.
report Recommended by Aleron
Players are trapped in an MMORPG and must find the cause. In SAO 10,000 players are trapped by the GM while Log Horizon=30,000 players. Sword Art Online is an Virtual MMORPG while Log Horizon just an MMORPG. SAO: the players reacted to their situation while in LG, they are calm and orderly. Both series use the same game mechanics such as guilds, party, raids etc. Log Horizon has magic users-mages/healers while SAO doesn't.....yet. Log Horizon main hero is a strategist mage who keeps his friends safe and depends on each other. Kirito is a solo player who doesn't join guilds yet he does   read more
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both anime are VRMMO genre.. Log Horizon is just a good anime with the same genre of SAO... SAO is somewhat horrible.. Well if you love childish romance You'll like SAO...But if you're into more action less romance... Log Horizon is the best.
report Recommended by 8man226
A game world so real that you almost can not tell it from reality. But what would happen if such a world were to become you reality? In both of these series the main characters get stuck in the game they were playing and have to fight monsters and other creatures in order to survive. If you liked one these then you will like the other one for sure.
report Recommended by Darkbow
-Both have a male character has been trapped in a virtual reality game. -Only SAO focuses in more of the action in fighting, and LH on solving problems within the society in the game since there are no laws.
report Recommended by Shuule
Both of them take place inside a video game. However, Log Horizon is more video-game like. Rather than the characters being trapped inside of virtual reality, they are trapped inside of a world that is like a game. The show deals a lot with both fighting and strategy.
report Recommended by amihart
Both are about a Fantasy Online Game and players are trapped in them.
report Recommended by b4
Both are set in a Video game world in which a large amount of people are trapped. Also both revolve around the main character trying to figure out what is going on in this world
report Recommended by Quantum_Aurora
Sword Art Online and Log Horizon are both set in a game-prison atmosphere. Both have hilarious moments and touching moments as well. Sword Art Online is produced with fantastic effects while Log Horizon is just as great with a little more comedy.
report Recommended by 16auracloud
-similar plot, stuck in a virtual online massive multiplayer online game -overpowered main characters -main character are group is a lone wolf(not joining other guilds) -similar genres, fantasy adventure, romance shounen -similar special moves( sword skills for sao, and the magic spells for log horizen) -similar rpg elements(levels,npcs, PK(player kill), form parties or guilds, items...) -dis- If you die in SAO, ur dead, If u die in Log horizen, u get revived
report Recommended by powerofemo
These 2 anime are about the main character got 'sucked' into the game world. While in Sword Art Online the game is a virtual reality, Log Horizon is a normal computer RPG game. SAO focuses more on the combat for action as the main character Kirito is a solo player and a swordsman. It also has quite a fair amount of romance and drama. In SAO, the purpose is revealed since the beginning -- to clear all 100 floors for the players to be able to log out from the game. Meanwhile, Log Horizon focuses on other aspects like guilds, strategizing and the politics because the   read more
report Recommended by aikojazz
Even though both series share the same setting not one of them fails to keep the viewer in suspense with their different approach. Sword Art Online focuses on the characters and fights, while Log Horizon's main focus is the world they live in. Despite these differences they still get the viewer to think "I wish we had a virtual reality MMO." Which I think both shows did a good job on invoking.
report Recommended by _Ghost_
In both of them the characters find themselves stuck in a game and to get out of it they have to defeat it, in both there are similar concepts and words like "party", "PK's", etc... And in my personal opinion both are awesome.
report Recommended by bakemono-san
These series share the same base concept, being trapped in a MMORPG. In both they use game mechanics, for battle, making food, HP/lifebar etc. Other then that they do differ quite a lot. In SAO the players mind is simply trapped in the game not being able to log out. But in Log Horizon the players seems to be in the world they used to play on they're computers for unknown reason. But if you want more of the genre check out the other.
report Recommended by TiigerLily
The biggest similarities between the two are that they are both based within a videogame. That's about it. The differences are that Log Horizon leans more on dialogue-heavy topics (in the latter half of the show), while Sword Art Online leans more towards action sequences and poorly executed romance. In fact, Sword Art Online has everything that Log Horizon doesn't have: Good music, terrible characters, pretty art style.
report Recommended by Nirvash-0
MMORPG goes wrong, traps all the players inside the game and let them find everything on their own. Log Horizon is far more easygoing and more about living in the game, SAO is darker and definitely less stable plotwise. Oh, and both main characters are looked upon as kind of villains, too, despite not really being one.
report Recommended by spirit12
In both anime, people get trapped in a virtual reality RPG and have to play the rules of the game to survive. Also the main character of both series is pretty sharp when it matters.
report Recommended by mrehanabbasi
Both consist of people stuck in an online gaming world and a reason they need to get out of it. However, the characters react differently in each of the series, in which the characters in Log Horizon react with less concern.
report Recommended by Sesalc
In SAO and Log Horizon the main character is trapped in a game.
report Recommended by RedEgoDragon
Both are about people getting trapped in a MMORPG world. Log Horizon is a little less dark than SAO, but they are very similar.
report Recommended by ironsakura
The only thing that's similar is that its an MMO other than that its completely different but its so refreshing, I loved it
report Recommended by Tokoya
Virtual reality-style MMORPG games where people cannot leave the game and must adapt to their new world. Both main characters dislike being in guilds for different reasons. They both have a lot of romance which goes along with the action/adventure themes.
report Recommended by Asfaria
Both get stuck in a game and can't get out, both MMORPG, both have consequences of dying in the game. Both main characters have black hair...
report Recommended by RochelleyBaby
Well the plot are the same where the characters are stuck in a game/ apocalypse the only difference is the characters.. Overall both are good Anime..
report Recommended by Genokiller06
If you like SAO, i would fully recommend Log Horizon. They both take place in the virtual world, but the story line is different. They may seem similar at first, but a lot of people would agree with me they like Log Horizon more. The main difference between the two that people would recognize is that the difference lies within the concept of the game. Instead of a fight for survival, it is a game that makes you have to complete the story. SAO has different players that work to help others, but Log Horizon has clans and su- classes that promotes the game. The   read more
report Recommended by Kito_Minami
Both animes is about being trapped in a VR enviorment(Virtual Reality), in my opinion I think this anime will be very much like SAO. It has the same style and I think that Log Horizon is a bit of a copy of SAO so I think that the both of them will be a lot like each other, some things will be different of course and one of those is that Log Horizon will have magic in it where as SAO didn't have. They look similar and I think that they will feel similar when watching it. If you liked SAO I think you'll like this   read more
report Recommended by Barazoku
The idea that gamers are trapped in a virtual world that is magical and sword based.
report Recommended by PreciousPeach
It has similar setting where players of a game are trapped within the game world. Log Horizon is more of politics though.
report Recommended by hamboning123
If you enjoyed Log Horizon, then look no further, you found another good series to pull your interest in. In this anime, you get another group of characters trapped in an MMORPG. No logging out until they figured out what to do. They fight monsters, get items, level up, different guilds too. Overall, this anime has some good dynamic characters that you will love to see grow.
report Recommended by dustinator1991
In both animes the characters are stuck inside a virtual world.
report Recommended by OprahTheWhale
In both animes the main character is trapped in a MMORPG game.
report Recommended by Laran01
Its the same trapped in a mmo overall story with a interesting plot that that makes you think.
report Recommended by 234014n32
Both animes are epic if you like the VR-like game. I recommend both to watch, I have rated both 10/10 already. I rewatched SAO 3 times already and read the Light Novels. Though both animes are similar in various things they also have things which aren't in common, Sword Art Online's main character is OP because of his previous experiences with VR-games and his beta-participation of SAO. While Log Horizon's main character is a normal gamer, not op.
report Recommended by Halucus
Main similarity of these two anime are that players are trapped in game in MMORPG. In both anime protagonists tries to accept the virtual game and tries to live in it. Both are high quality action and fantasy anime with amazing art/animation.
report Recommended by wasif_khan
If you imagined it would feel like being trapped in a video game, this series enjoy. since ofresen the chance to experience that sensasion with its protagonists and its fantastic history and animation Si has imaginado como se sentiría quedar atrapado en un vídeo juego, estas series te gustara. ya que ofresen la oportunidad de experimentar esa sensasion con sus protagonistas y su fantastica historia y animacion
report Recommended by Lagna
Log Horizon and SAO almost have the same story but log Horizon is more about the game and goes deeper whith the skills and stuff and SAO turns out to be a big drama
report Recommended by SacredBlazer
Both of the animes takes place in a game and they're very similar in that way but still they're very different and it won't feel like you're watching the same anime all over again.
report Recommended by Tirrith
Both are about large group of people getting trapped inside a game. Both MC are trying to change the world inside the game while one is trying to escape and the other one to rebuild the world.
report Recommended by abystoma2
1) characters are trapped inside a game and they cant get out 2) finding solutions on how to get out of the game 3) MC are badasses in their own way ( though I prefer Shiroe a lot more )
report Recommended by DenzRui
Both are set within a world were the gamers are trapped within the games world as well as both protraying there life and how they live it within the world. But the difference is that SAO focuses more on how the players are going to escape from the world as well as the romances formed and the impact of player deaths affacting there real bodies, which made me feel a sense of attachment towards cetain characters in which when they died made me cry and break down in tears quite a few times. (no spoliers intended, sorry this is my first try writing one of   read more
report Recommended by vince1996
both take place inside of an VROMMRPG both MC are famous, (Kirito is more OP), they both dislike joining guilds, while Log Horizon has little to no romance, it gives off a more serious tone. Differences: - Log Horizon has a respawn area - The game concept is explained much more in Log Horizon Similarities: -Great animation - both main characters are likable, along with their   read more
report Recommended by AccelOrder
In SAO and LOG, main characters are stuck in a vrmmorpg and try to find their way out. I think LOG is better because they are more focused on game than SAO, SAO went for romance after 3 episodes. But both of this anime are good and similar, i love both of them.
report Recommended by Raito-senpai
people are trapped inside a video game and can't get out, they get used to life in the game as they stay in it for a longer period of time.
report Recommended by wen294
Both are about people stuck in a video game and how the players adapt to it. Log Horizon is more about the politics than the action and romance in SAO. Otherwise the series are the same.
report Recommended by Anon1409
I'm sure this has been done lots of times, but yeah, both anime are about people getting trapped in a video game they were playing. Instead of talking about that, I'll try to highlight some of the key differences. In SAO, there is no doubt that the characters are indeed in a video game, there is a scientific explanation as to how they are trapped there, and there is a definite way to escape. In Log Horizon, on the other hand, it seems as if the characters were just magically transported into the game. No explanation, no way out, nothing. This is ironic, because Log Horizon has   read more
report Recommended by drafo789
- Both are trapped in a game, "Elder Tale" and "Sword Art Online" - Shiroe is a bit like Kirito, although Kirito uses more of combat and Shiroe uses tactics. - Quite entertaining - Nice art - Avatars are a bit similar, closer to their real self
report Recommended by kurokenshi07
Log hrizon is also about people locked inside a game, but without a objective, they have to creat a society.
report Recommended by Master_Neko
Each anime focuses on the disturbing premise of being trapped in a video game. Thus begins the journey of the players to seek out ways to return back to the reality. (leaving/finishing the game so to speak) Both anime attempt to explore reality, questioning what is real? Should the values of what existed in reality hold any meaning in this virtual reality? Is it only a game? Does killing a player matter since it's only a game? Both build a society to impose judgement for such values. These societies can be in the form of guilds and explores the interactions between them. If you like   read more
report Recommended by Saul_L
Both series is about players being trapped in the game and started living on it.
report Recommended by jayjaybernil
Both animes talk about people who find themselves stuck in a video game and tells their daily in these games that are not their world.
report Recommended by Dragonbleu
They both have to do with characters that enter a video game world and can't log out.
report Recommended by zumoku1137
Both take place in a virtual world. Believe it!
report Recommended by STAMakarov
Very Similar to Log Horizon. Both are MMO games. I think SAO is much more balanced in terms of characters, action and romance. But Log Horizon is also a very good anime, from the looks of things, it would get better and better as the series progresses.
report Recommended by DareDevil3
Same general story line, there a bunch of people trapped in some game, and starts to become much more than just a game. It starts to become there life. In both story's they realize that death, even if its a game has some serious consequences. Art style is basically the same and looks really good.
report Recommended by VoLtAg3
Fighting! Survival! and lastly Digital world? These are things that makes these animes so interesting, the cybergenre of the anime twists the plot to something that we can somewhat relate to in our ordinary irl lives. In the anime we follow the main characters struggle to reach the top and to watch their personalities and background slowly uncover during the contionus episiodes that we all can't get enough of...
report Recommended by Elsa
Like SAO, Log Horizon is about players who are captured in a video game world called Elder Tales.
report Recommended by GiovanniEdelmann
- Both trapped in the VR game they're in. - Both have quite a lot of romance. - Both explore ways to get out of the game. - Both main characters are extremely OP (In different ways). - Both have very strong female protagonists that contribute greatly to their plots. - Both are socially awkward/loners (at least they start off that way).
report Recommended by BasedLint
Similar in the dynamic that the characters are stuck in an online game, but the key difference is the nature of deaths in the game. Both Character must deal with their cool and calculating personalities and struggle to make this new world their homes. Both of these shows were not put down till all the episodes ran out. They are both very enjoyable in their own unique ways.
report Recommended by Maiku-Desu
The setting and premise for both shows are very similar however whilst the main point of SAO is escaping the game in Log Horizon they try adapting to the game instead as they try to build a community amongst those trapped inside. Log Horizon focuses more on tactical fighting rather than pure action and i personally feel it was better written and included characters the audience could both engage with and like better than the characters in SAO.
report Recommended by jaegerbonbastic
Similarities: - Both shows are about people trapped in a game which has become a new reality to them. - The MCs are veteran gamers. - Both Shiroe and Kirito initially refuse to join a guild, but end up becoming part of one. - In both shows, there are multiple female characters who have romantic feelings towards the MC. - Both MCs have a bad reputation, although they aren't actually evil or bad people. - There are guilds that are consisted of PK(Player Kill)ers. Differences: - Shiroe is a tactician who stands at the back and assists his allies with his enchanter skills, while Kirito is a swordsman who fights in frontline. -   read more
report Recommended by saycokacola
They are both about being stuck in a game :)
report Recommended by Animegatekeeper
Both are about people getting trapped in a fantasy-fiction MMORPG. Lead characters are both guys with black hair, and it is up to them to figure out how to escape.
report Recommended by TilT9
people cage in a game powerfull characters
report Recommended by sba
People who like Sword Art Online will love Log Horizon and vice versa! They are very similar in concept, but have noticeable differences. One concentrates mainly on survival while the other is more about the people adapting to the virtual world and making it better.
report Recommended by Jack_P
Both is about a journey trapped inside a game. They both contain battles with monsters, and to achieve goals.
report Recommended by bluekamii
Both of these shows revolve around a group of people who are trapped inside of an online role playing game. If you're a fan of the genre or just a fan of MMO gaming, you will likely enjoy both of these series. Sword Art Online focuses more on dramatic elements as the players struggle to either accept or escape their predicament, while Log Horizon is more about people trying to learn how to live in their new reality.
report Recommended by rhashka01
The story between these two shows is very similar to each other. In both shows they get stuck in a virtual game the same story right? No, In Log horizon it's not a battle of surviving they revive and don't die in real world. Second in Log Horizon their goal isn't getting out of the game it's to investigate the new world they're living in unlike like SAO which seems to me weak in terms of story. Also there is less Harem here sure it contains some harem but not like SAO. finally they're in a RPG game right? so where is the rpg part   read more
report Recommended by MDKANJ
Both anime have the same setting, a group of people trapped inside of a video game, however, Log Horizon doesn't really seem to have an end to the game portion like SAO does, and thus focuses more on the actual mechanics of the world and how the 'players' will function than just the romantic relationships between the characters.
report Recommended by BlizzardOfFlames
Very similar in the fact that they are stuck in the game. Howeer Log Horizon lacks the romance of SAO, however makes up for it in comedy.
report Recommended by Inanimated
It has the same idea of being trapped in a mmorpg but is way different in many ways and is totally worth checking out.
report Recommended by Dj_Kelled
Log Horizon and Sword Art Online are both Anime about players being stuck inside of an MMO setting. However, SAO is more about the character's struggle with permanent death, Log Horizon's plot is more about the characters adapting to their new environment. Log Horizon clearly incorporates more aspects of the MMO game genre, as opposed to Sword Art Online. Both anime are vastly different from each other, but have the same premise.
report Recommended by Jealot
Similar story line, playing a normal game then it sudden turns into real life. In both anime's they are trying to find a way to escape the game.
report Recommended by Silies
-In both anime they have the same general idea the characters are in a game, unable to log out of the virtual game they have to fight and survive in order to reach their freedom. -Both have quiet a bit of action going on depending on your opinion of what is a lot and minimal some sword and magic, they must fight other people stuck in the game but also creatures. -The main character in sword art online he likes to be a solo player just like the three main characters in log horizon.
report Recommended by koukky
Log Horizon is infamous for 'ripping off' from SAO's storyline, although they are very different in essence. Thus, the main similarity between both series, is that they share the idea that people are trapped in a video game. Although Sword Art Online focuses more on the act of playing in an MMORPG, Log Horizon focuses more on the politics in this games' world.
report Recommended by Intelos
- Both have in game world setting - Opposite types of *action* one is a strategist one is a fighter - Both have a female who falls for them - One is a little more realistic on the *stuck in game part*
report Recommended by Genesisis
Its the same concept of being trapped in a game but with two different outcomes. Log Horizon is based on politics / how to entertain oneself, sword art is survival. Log Horizon is slower because it has more thinking and detailed parts to it while sword art is very action based and fast paced. Both are quite enjoyable. Also I have been told that .hack is the precedent for series like these and Accel World is like if the main character in Sword art grew up and the future story. Oh look 3 recommendations in one.
report Recommended by animemusicFCB
~ Both anime have their setting in a virtual world ~ Both worlds are MMOs ~ Log Horizon seems more like an MMO than SAO (there are details like spells/cooldowns etc.)
report Recommended by Regalia96
History that traps based on mmorpg, diverse characters and same, the most similar thing that exists a SAO without appearing a copy because it maintains its original essence.
report Recommended by Ganta02
Both anime are about a game in an online server. Though the storylines are totally different, a few aspects are quite similar, like: there is no way out. In sword art online there seems to be no logout button. In log horizon they don't even know how they got in their world, let alone mentioning how to get out of it. Through the episodes they get to know their world better, along with new potential ways out. Both main characters are solo-players at the beginning of the story, but eventually they learn that the only way to survive here is to join, or make a   read more
report Recommended by Misstery
Both are real life people stuck in a MMO RPG.
report Recommended by xDreaMzPT
Sword Art Online(SAO) and Log Horizon both take place in a game setting and that's pretty much where the similarities end. SAO focuses on the action side of MMORPG's while Log Horizon focuses on the economy and political aspects of being stuck in a virtual world. I prefer Log Horizon due to the way it approaches the situation. The characters try to adapt to the game and are not constantly thinking of ways to get out. So if you like SAO you are guaranteed to enjoy Log Horizon.
report Recommended by TomLedingham
similarities: -they both set place in MMORPG and are trapped inside and unable to log out -they both try to find a way out and beat the system -they are both enjoyable to watch
report Recommended by katsuragi33
Both have an MMORPG system, both you get trapped inside a game, both main characters are solo players, both main characters like NPC and consider them human, both are funny when they can be and serious when they should be.
report Recommended by shadow7755
Both anime emphasize on being trapped in the virtual world and how the characters adapt to their new lives. However their stories develop in different ways.
report Recommended by Shun_Kumou
Log Horizon is similar to Sword Art Online because both take place in a virtual reality and gaming enviroment.
report Recommended by srneko0001
What happens when you get trapped in a Virtual Reality game? Yes! You become the next OP MC. Both these shows exactly about that.
report Recommended by Lightinz
Based in a virtual reality setting, instead of dying in real life like SAO, once an individual dies they lose parts of their memories.
report Recommended by xCodaro
Both are taken place in a video game environments. The extent of these environments are different. I would go further into detail about this, but I don't want to give away what makes this big difference. Overall, both have a great story line, cute characters, great action,
report Recommended by sukinato
Log horizon represents RPG games in general far better than Sword Art Online. My friend and i both agree that Akatsuki is superior and shiro is definitely better than Kirito.....by far. Akatsuki stays badass...Asuna loses it part way through, shame. it's full of interesting characters and a slow but complex story..... WATCH IT NOW! (yay Akatsuki!!)
report Recommended by ulquiorra004
-both really good -both set in a game -they both have great fight scenes and an interesting set of characters -both are pretty knowledgeable on the game works and become OP
report Recommended by Future_Gadget_69
~Both involve getting trapped in a game :)
report Recommended by toffeeblocks
They are both about virtual gaming worlds. Main similarity is that both anime features living within the game and in real life. There is the idea of being a member of a community and adventure and exploring the world that the protagonists live in. Both anime are special in their own way such as the contrasting protagonists. Both have good art quality as well and if you like action and fantasy anime, these two are definitely recommendable.
report Recommended by Agasaya
Both are about people traped in a game. The main differnece is that SAO contain more erotic moments and LOG more funny moments. I enjoyed SAO fighting scene more because it was dope dual skill etc. LOG HORIZON was more about strategic fighting
report Recommended by CaNNaBizZ
Both series take place in a MMORPG game, they both get trapped in the video game world even though each by a different reason. The main characters share similar traits one that they are outstanding players and they are trying to find a way out of the world. Both being solo player, not wanting to join guilds for different reasons. Both have their fair share of action though Log Horizon focuses more on the action than Sword Art Online which is a little more "Romantic, i guess?"
report Recommended by Arvorak
Both anime features living within the game and in real life. There is the idea of being a member of a community and adventure while exploring the world that the protagonists live in. Both anime are special in their own way such as the contrasting protagonists. I would highly recommend Sword art Online if you prefer a faster start in contradiction where log horizon has a slow start.
report Recommended by stevenkei
Very similar concept. Players of a game are suddenly taken to the new world and now must find their way back. The series stand as a nice contrast to each other. SAO is more action-oriented while Log Horizon is more plot-oriented.
report Recommended by Shadow159753
Both shows take place when the main characters and their friends are forced to live inside a video game and adjust to lives within a new and unknown world. While in Sword Art Online they leave the game quickly, Log Horizon goes into depth about struggling to survive and people's lives inside the game. Log Horizon, much like Sword Art Online is action-packed with lots of fights, but it goes into more depth about how it is like an mmorpg. Both anime have extremely entertaining characters and they both have interesting plots. They are both enjoyable in their own ways and they have their   read more
report Recommended by Malcon
Both anime focus on a group of video gamers who get trapped in a virtual world and have to find a way to get back home. The main difference between them is that SAO is more action-oriented while Log Horizon focuses more on explaning it's world, the mechanics of the game they are trapped in and so on, but if you liked one make sure to check the other.
report Recommended by SaiD90
If you like the VRMMO genre, epic battle scenes, scenes with humour and smart thinking - you're going to enjoy Log Horizon a lot.
report Recommended by PinkieBarto
Both anime is about players who get trapped in a game.
report Recommended by animeloverandfan
The twos animes are based on persons trapped on a game . On log horizon the MMORPG side is more developed .
report Recommended by Cahrpediem
It has a similar premise, a large amount of players are trapped within the world of an MMO. Log Horizon, however, spends more time on examining exactly what living inside an MMO would be like, as well as the politics between player guilds and the now-sentient NPCs.
report Recommended by LawfulNomad
They have the same concept of being stuck in an MMO, however SAO has better animation/art imo and SAO has a clear focus on getting out of the game rather than adapting to the world they are in. SAO also is more action focussed imo as they for example dont explain much of the mechanics in MMOs.
report Recommended by RuriBellcraft
They´re both about gamers who get stuck in their favourite game. -The characters aren´t similar -Their methods of escaping are different -Different things happen when a player die
report Recommended by Southling
Virtual Reality Trapped in Game No Log Out Button Adventure and Mystery Fighting With Swords and Magic (Fantasy World basically) Guilds Kinda copied SAO tbh but without romance and that connect and feel which SAO gives but still a good anime to watch
report Recommended by RatedTan09
Both are RPG anime and the main characters are solely playing to benefit the game and themselves
report Recommended by H2OShadow
In this anime is the same setting as Sword Art online, their all trapped inside a game. the characters are different but its the same idea as sword art online. if you liked sword art online or no game no life i'm sure you will love this anime
report Recommended by levaticusantle
- These shows share almost identical plots. - They're both about a large group of MMO players getting trapped inside of the game. - Both shows go into the various social structures built by an MMOs player base and they discuss the different play styles that individuals adapt. - In both anime there´re MMORPG players who discover themselves trapped in a fantasy game and they can`t "log out". The only difference is that in Log Horizon you'll respawn when you die. If you liked either one of these animes you would like the other because they are both based on a video game. Although SAO has   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Like the idea of being able to drop into your favorite MMORPG, and be your character. I'd say these two are the top to drop in.
report Recommended by EternalAnimeGuru
If you're looking for Strong and Smart Male Lead that is stuck in a game and looking for a way out then this fits the criteria. Both anime is about Sword/Magic/Dungeons and Adventure, typically knows as RPG Both anime shares the same setting and feels the same way as they both are based on MMORPG style of game. Both anime have amazing quality as they're both made in a modern year SAO contains harem/romance while Log Horizon contains only a hint of it All in All Both are Great anime to watch especially for those who plays RPG Games or genre of any kinds
report Recommended by xspectrex
Both take place in a video game. Follow a male protagonist. Both trying to get out of the game taking a few years to do. Or trying to do. They both have a lover. Or someone that like them.
report Recommended by Miyuki_Saruhiko
In both anime they are trapped in a video game and they have to find a way out. It's similar but so different at the same time!
report Recommended by LeaWolf
If you liked the MMO aspect of SAO you will love Log horizon, thought it does not have as much romance, and story wise, it's really not the same thing. LogH is way more strategic and everything is well explained.
report Recommended by Shinrinnyoku
-> The story are about "stuck-in-game" -> The MC are OPs but in different way
report Recommended by southerntw
-Both anime tell about protagonist that stuck in MMORPG world and try to find a way to back to the real world. -Both anime have an interesting parts and a boring parts (if I can say, 50% interesting parts & 50% boring parts). -Both main character is overpowered enough (Kirito is a high level soloist and Shiroe is a genius tactician)
report Recommended by Ranseurs
If you like SAO, then you have to watch log horizon. You won't regret.
report Recommended by PhantomAdren
Both animes involve game play, and how they got stuck or transported into the game itself. It shows how the characters adapted to living in the game while they search for a way to escape.
report Recommended by Leina0913
Players are trapped in a game world. Players have certain skills and abilities About a man and his friends surviving in the game world
report Recommended by Lodoc
If you like Sword Art Online well then you will definitely love Log Horizon, the story line is very similar as both anime wants to find a way to escape the virtual world
report Recommended by vx290
In both these animes you follow people that was trapped inside an MMO. In my opinion Log Horizon is better than Sword Art Online, mostly because of the way they tell the story. But I love the idea behind both these animes. I have seen SAO three times and Log Horizon twice, I will probably watch Log Horizon at least one more time.
report Recommended by CyanCarnage
Both protagonists are trapped in a virtual world and are both struggling to survive.
report Recommended by Samurin
Both take place in a on fantasy based game world in which some players are trapped - so for them, it's the new reality. That's the only similarity though, as Log Horizon doesn't focus on a love story and action, but on the world itself as well as politics.
report Recommended by Psijic
both games where the players gets trapped and have too survive/ thrive. a lot of epic battles and you learn a bit more about games in general. i really enjoyed them both :D
report Recommended by ilsyer
This anime is also about MMORPG players who get stuck in the virtual world, I like Log Horizon more though because it goes more indepth about the game and rules. As a MMO player myself I really enjoyed Log Horizon. PS: The OST are by the best OST's I've heard!
report Recommended by KrelBe
Both depict people inside an MMORPG styled game with certain differences but otherwise having an interlining basis
report Recommended by Overl0rd
Both animes have the "same" argument, the characters are caught on a videogame and they need to know about where they are and why. In my personal opinion Log Horizon is better at the battles in-game and the character's history.
report Recommended by GodKayaki
If you already watched SAO try this for me its better than SAO :)
report Recommended by Nyan-nya
quite a few similarities like people getting sent into a game they play, against their will and mc being really good at the game and etc
report Recommended by LittleJegster
Exactly the same base scénario in a mmorpg world.
report Recommended by Sheyne
Log Horizon may be as closest as you can get to Sword Art Online if ever you wanted more. Log Horizon's story take place when players of Elder Tales, an MMORPG game in which the anime is based on, are suddenly transported inside the game. Oblivious to the rules and events of the virtual world, they start to discover that some aspects of the game don't apply to themselves the same way when they are playing a character. And so, just like Sword Art Online, they venture out, seeking a way to leave the world they are trapped in.
report Recommended by RavenSkye
Continue to prove that most powerful weapons is breaking the story. Sometime it's the "game rules", sometimes is the "glasses". (SAO and Log Horizon respectively) Both have good Soundtrack/BGM and OP. But SAO BGM and OP is good enough that it's better without the anime. I listen to SAO OST before getting into anime and is it was epic. No opinion on OP. Log Horizon OP song is so good it doesn't need or possibly can't have a better OP song. BGM of SAO is better, but you will get sick after a few days or weeks after overdosing. Not the case with Log Horizon BGM *and   read more
report Recommended by Shadowblade12212
Both set in a fantasy world. Both have similar fan service elements. However, Log Horizon doesn't find it necessary to include a permanent death scenario as a plot device, and is better for it.
report Recommended by bhijml
Games and waifus.
report Recommended by Djagur
Both anime's are set in a Fantasy MMORPG world, where the characters can't escape from. Though, Log Horizon takes a more political approach to the subject, both anime's deal with the psychological aspect of the change of world and the improsonment in it.
report Recommended by Louisaaa
Trapped in virtual worlds, these anime have MC's who are both skilfully adept at surviving in their strange yet familiar surroundings. Throughout both series you will see tons of cool battles, epic dungeons and boss fights, and witness the journey the characters go through to learn more about the new world they live in.
report Recommended by SeraphsCall
Same concept, real people put into the a video game and they have to live out there lives under a new world. If you enjoyed the plot of sword art online but without the romance this is for you! There are still obvious love relationships within the story however they never progress beyond simple I have a crush on you type thing.
report Recommended by boosh_
Both anime mainly features getting trapped within a game and a protagonist who cant find a place for himself. Both protagonist have their own qualities which make them similar yet different from each other. Both story lines have a harem scenario but SAO dives more towards the romance genre if you like fantasy and action genre both are recommended.
report Recommended by worlddestroyer
Log Horizon may start off quite weird but it gets better, trust me First I'll describe what they have in common They are both set in a virtual world, Both worlds have stats and a class system, the main characters both don't want to join a guild. And some of the people doesn't want to fight so they take on jobs merchant jobs. Also, there are large-scale raids to kill bosses Then what does Log Horizon hold? First of all, don't think it's like SAO, it has a completely different storyline and set up. In this anime, the main character made a guild instead of being forced to join one.   read more
report Recommended by ProgenitorFox
At first glance, Log Horizon is just another anime that can easily be perceived as a carbon copy of Sword Art Online. However, after I watched just a couple of episodes, it is actually distinct from SAO. Log Horizon has a very similar premise, but the characters are different, and the fights are all based on strategies. It is also slower paced and none of the characters are overpowered.
report Recommended by Marco_a_Phoenix
1 set in a game 2 MC trapped in a game and has to survive 3 fighting,strategies and plot are quite same i also admit that sword art online is no where near as good as Log horizon...Log horizon is a legendary anime with an awesome plot and amazing fighting scenes...on the other hand SAO lacks in a good plot it has many plot holes and honestly it is quite boring
report Recommended by Otaku329
Games! Both main character is skilled player in the game that is played and one day they were trapped in the game. Both anime tells the story how the main character getting used by the game and how they tried to get out of it. It's really similar so if you like Log Horizon you should watch SAO too
report Recommended by WinXF
Log Horizon takes the SAO formula and really does a deep dive into how a video game world would be affected by players being trapped inside without the typical shounen arcs and poor writing
report Recommended by danielmoss1911
This is very similar but log horizon is more into the mmorpg theme
report Recommended by MrFriendly
They are both set in a game enviroment and unable to log out. They also both have skills and different weapon types (and shipping). But Log Horizon has got different classes and species so there is a bit more diversity and they can respawn (but they try to avoid it).
report Recommended by TheDramon
Both are based on MMORPG world's where the protagonist is trapped in the game world. Where SAO tilts more towards the action side of completing the game to return to their world, Log Horizon shows us how they adapt to their new world by bringing order in the new world.
report Recommended by Harsh29
Same as Sword Art Online, the MC was trapped in a world that fantasy things can play in. Sword Art Online was focused on MC romance in fantasy world, but in Log Horizon it's really brand new world to live in and focusing more how to control the new world they live in
report Recommended by kevindiska
same idea as being stuck in a game but but a different plot
report Recommended by WintercharmT
Similar in that the characters are forced to adjust to the logic of a world in a video game.
report Recommended by Cozye
- Both animes have several similarities - Same plot of the characters getting stuck in a game, unable to log out - Both animes play in an MMORPG World
report Recommended by MitchellGSPR
sword art online is my favourite anime and i recommend it to any one that likes action and adventure anime with a bit fantasy in it and also people that like MMOs this is why that if you like sword art online i recommend this because they are quiet similar in the concept.
report Recommended by ziderX
These two isekai animes are literally the same thing, so if you enjoyed SAO then I think you would really love Log Horizon and probably would really prefer it. Both animes follows your generic fantasy game having the virtual reality aspect. The characters in both of the animes find themselves trapped in the game with no way out. The difference is, SAO ends up explaining why this has all happened very early on making the plot a little plain and boring. However in Log Horizon doesn't do this creating some sort of mysterious plot as to why this has happened so the audience can be   read more
report Recommended by golden_piggies
Both are about the main character getting trapped in a video game along with other people from the real world, the only main differences are; in log horizon the MC has friends he had before they got trapped, unlike in SAO where Kirito had to make friends in the game. Log horizon is less dark, the main feature that makes it less dramatic and way less suspenseful than SAO is the fact that if a character from log horizon dies in the game they can just respawn and will only lose a couple assets. In my opinion the whole respawning thing makes log horizon super   read more
report Recommended by D_GunPowder
Both take place in a video game where the main cast gets stuck, but in Log Horizon there isn't some weird romance element half-way through the show. It's more about how to survive in the world they were thrust into.
report Recommended by pokefan22
basically the same plot. but two different worlds and characters. if you like sao. you probably like this.
report Recommended by EevIsAWeeb
both are using mmorpg game but log horizon mostly game sao mostly emotional sao MC is powerful(Black Swordsman) LH MC is Clever (devil with glasses)
report Recommended by Kuromors
Both setting is in a game world where they are trapped and fight. Either of these animes has that: "Whenever you die, you lose something."
report Recommended by SumiiiMAL
In both Shows, the mc is trapped inside a video game making friends along the way in their endeavors
report Recommended by Unseemly
Both are similar situations where the MCs get trapped in a game. But, Log Horizon fulfills where SAO disappoints. They become perfectly immersed in the world and start to develop it according to the "outside world" civilization as a reference to remind them of Home as they try to return.
report Recommended by TruthFromula
In both anime the protagonist gets trapped inside a game world and will lose something important if they die.
report Recommended by Kingtrovert
- Both feature people stuck in a video game world where they need to adapt to survive. - Lots of different characters who have different abilities. -
report Recommended by WiktorZS
Similar to Sword Art Online but with better storytelling, better world-building, and it's catered towards a more mature audience, and therefore less cringy and less frequent isekai stereotypes. If you are a big fan of MMORPG games you will find the anime much more enjoyable and appreciate its storytelling.
report Recommended by Phoenixtreme
Both stories involve the charactets getteing trapped into a game world.The MC is pretty badass as hell and both their IGN are similar to their real life names.Both have 3 good seasons.
report Recommended by Diablo-Senpai
Both occur in a game world. Sword Art Online is about VR World where the players get stuck in there,its good till the first half In Log Horizon people get transported to the Game World or what they think is the game.Log Horizon is much more diplomatic based
report Recommended by Ken_Chan90
Well, they are REALLY similar in my opinion, honestly the cover looked boring to me and I left "Log Horizon" in my list for a long time, although I decided to check it out, It's really cool and the main MC is quite smart and funny.
report Recommended by LionFromJuly
It's pretty much the same concept, all characters got blocked into a video game, i personally found log horizon more exciting then sao because of the characters and the plot but that's for you guys to decide
report Recommended by Andr3w_
SAO and Log Horizon comparisons are basically unavoidable, I personally didn't mind the Aincrad arc of SAO and liked the flashy action, but I wish it went more in detail on the MMO side rather then fully riding on the fantasy otherworld aspect. If you wish SAO went more into the MMO side of things, you'll probably end up loving Log Horizon.
report Recommended by RamenRonin
Both are NEARLY same , where people are getting trapped inside a MMO RPG and the protagnist try to find a way to get out from there .
report Recommended by KioSensei
SAO and Log Horizon is almost the same but Log Horizon is actually good unlike mr.SAO.
report Recommended by Vinzesco
Both are trapped in video game as their character. MC are (OP) and Smart. Allot of sequels and episodes. Solo vs Party which is your favorite?
report Recommended by Nico-A-N-I-M-E-
This anime is themed on a virtual reality game, both trapped in the game. Enjoy!
report Recommended by Maaxnov
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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