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Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island
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In case you are just looking for a story about characters litterally inside a videogame then both SAO and HxH Green Island (along with its sequel: HxH Green Island Final) could be of your liking, because they both share: • RPG with a virtual reality (including quests, gaining items, special skills, and such) • The game over means real death for all players in both stories • The characters are somewhat trapped inside the game, and to get out they must achieve a certain point and clear the game • Overall good art design and nice characters Probably you might be discourauged by watching HxH Green Island as you might   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both anime feature characters that are trapped in video games that need to make it to a certain point to escape.
report Recommended by czakattack
- Inside a game - RPG-like Virtual Reality - Lovable characters - "Game Over" = die in real life. - Can't "log off from the game". Must clear it. Don't forget the continuation, Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island Final!
report Recommended by TaeLeaves
hunter x hunter Greed island and Hunter x hunter Greed island final are similar because 1) it is about kids who enter a game and if they die thy die and real life 2)these both are about :clearing " the game,same goal
report Recommended by Avato-chan
The 5th sotry arc of Hunter x Hunter. Both are set in an RPG-like virtual reality where people actually die when it's "Game Over", Although Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island has more of a twist to it. You need to watch the other OVA "Greed Island Final" making it a total of 22 episodes
report Recommended by Mikasa
Both are about being in a game. If you die in the game you die in real life
report Recommended by Gallient
Virtual reality. You should clear the game to come out of it. If you die in the game, you die in real life.
report Recommended by Albi-kun
Fighting "in-game world" with Supernatural powers.
report Recommended by SAO_Kirito_SAO
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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