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Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou desu yo?
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Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou desu yo?
Both are about an overpowered protagonist that finds himself in another world. In SAO, the protagonist is stuck in the other world, while in Mondaiji, the protagonist is bored and stays in the world and somehow has superpowers.
report Recommended by lucifershine47
Both anime give off a similar view, while SAO is about a boy wearing a gear to another world, Mondaiji is about three people entering another dimension through a letter. Both male main protagonists are OP and strong.
report Recommended by Btooomz
Action of both anime takes place in world of some kind of game, where characters are supposed to play it. Main male character is really strong and he's surrounded by lot's of girls.
report Recommended by Epiroogu
They both take place in some sort of fantasy/supernatural game world. The male leads in both anime are extremely powerful. They have a similar atmosphere.
report Recommended by ImaCAThy
Both anime revolve around a game and have pretty awesome scenes. If you're a SAO fan, you'll pretty much like the other.
report Recommended by throoone
Do you like anime with overly-powerful male leads who are unbeatable and a plot where you never need to worry about whether the main characters will make it out okay as it always pulls something out to save the day for some reason (no offense)? Well then, you'll like Mondaiji-tachi if you liked SAO and the other way around. Oh, and they both have people trapped in another world.
report Recommended by Fujaku
- main character enters another world - Overpowered main character - revolves around some sort of game -Outstanding animations, shows what 2012 animations can do -Similar atmosphere at times, altho the first half of SaO is a lot darker, second half brings a more similar feel to Mondaiji] -similar characters, altho i personallt liked the characters in Mondaiji better
report Recommended by powerofemo
Both series have a similar art style and take place in an alternative world. Mondaiji-tachi focuses on a game system for its players. Both series have incredible and original character developments.
report Recommended by BentoLegend
the similiarities : - both male mc are OP - both are isekai (another world) theme - male MC is surrounded by many girls - the female lead has similiar ability, in modaji kurousagi and in SAO asuna both of them has a great speed skill - has a similiar landscape
report Recommended by D_Dimaz
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