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Days: 256.5
Mean Score: 7.01
  • Total Entries2,081
  • Rewatched7
  • Episodes16,064
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Yuusha, Yamemasu
Yuusha, Yamemasu
3 minutes ago
Watching 8/12 · Scored 7
Kaginado Season 2
Kaginado Season 2
53 minutes ago
Watching 7/? · Scored 10
12 hours ago
Watching 6/51 · Scored 8
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Days: 0.6
Mean Score: 10.00
  • Total Entries1
  • Reread0
  • Chapters113
  • Volumes12
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Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied
Dec 20, 2015 12:05 PM
Completed 113/113 · Scored 10

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Pred8r May 11, 12:41 PM
Fair enough.
Pred8r May 11, 11:32 AM
Any reason for dropping ‘the one's within’ ?

I thought it was a decent watch (mainly all the characters looked really cool lol)
ThaiDuy Apr 22, 7:20 PM
From a hot take comment for a 10 year anniversary of Hyouka, I was just scrolling around for a comments about it then out-of-nowhere this random hot take that has nothing related to Hyouka just appear about Symphogear. Did you just put that hot take there while commenting on the Hyouka forum, which makes no sense for you to comment about another anime there?! I just wanted to see people's reaction to new Hyouka project, not as far as seeing a comment that triggers me. Context: symphogear is my top 5 favourite anime, and I did not expect to see negative comment, I don't even read the reviews to hold onto my own passion for the series, your rant on the show in Hyouka was the last thing I wanted to see in an anime about school, slice of life, and mystery.
ThaiDuy Apr 22, 9:37 AM
Tanjiro is also a very bad character, he forgets his family are dead in like 2 minutes and then go on exciting and scary adventures while leaving everyone else behind, he is so slow of a character, he keeps spouting expositions instead of 'showing' like show don't tell like when Akaza shows up we know it's upper demon but he has to say it again like we are treated like 3 year-olds who haven't watch any movie yet, or when he face Daki and Gyutaro and he said 'they are strong',no sh!t sherlock and he does always does this, he also wants to understand the demons and think there are GOOD SIDES to them, but he kills them because they keep attacking him back. He saying everything obvious so many times I don't even know if this show is even for adults, like he is always stating the obvious that we already know, slowing down the action, the key part of the show. The only one smart thing he does is that 180 solo against Gyutaro with the throwing sweets and headbutt, but aside that he is nothing else good ad he will get buffed through the roof the moment he gets to the final boss of the series, because he has always been built the strongest character with the strongest breathing form in the series, because he is already special, he just doesn't know it yet. Like when he almost dies against the Lower Six, random flashback appears of a fire dance and boom he immediately unleash the most powerful signature ability for him even though he wasn't EVEN dancing it, just a Deus Ex Machina to destroy all of the Upper Ones. He even got used to it without suffering from the pressure for 4 whole episodes and it's not even addressed how he was able to do it, he barely got any rest from battle and he stood fight longer than Goku powering up Super Saiyan for god-knows-how-many episodes. Good Riddance, that's it, Tanjiro is just the BEST from the very start because main character, DUH.
ThaiDuy Apr 22, 9:21 AM
Itadori Yuji from Sh1tjutsu Kaisuck also has the same personality trait just like Hibiki FYI, also a playboy that gets bullied by other people, also generic character that has various jokes, he is immediately overpowered and doesn't suffer or develop a lot compare to Hibiki. Symphogear has an average of 2 fight scenes every episode, JJK has few episodes that doesn't have one like ep22 or the ep Itadori meet Junpei, Symphogear is like the 'Violet Evergarden' compared to Jackoff-Jutsu Diareahsen.
Superthon77 Apr 22, 4:36 AM
After Story will forever remain a masterpiece🎉👌
Deku_kamado Apr 17, 2:58 AM
I had an argument with someone and all he did was look through my favourite anime and told me my views on a different anime weren't valid since I like ds and mha
Zerity Apr 16, 9:10 PM
i agree with ur take on Hibiki Tachibana, actually a dogshit character
LeonhartAugust Apr 13, 2:30 PM
> Rita Rossweise in faves
Honkai is pretty good if you ask me. I picked the game up after dropping Genshin and I'm having fun with it. ATM I don't have any faves though.
MyllerPhiem Apr 3, 3:26 PM
Sure, but I'm having a lot of fun right now ^^
MyllerPhiem Apr 3, 3:24 PM
Floch fought for you, too
alex_vanderlee Mar 22, 11:45 AM
Randomly found some of your comments and went to check your list... Sorry if it was not clear
alex_vanderlee Mar 22, 11:42 AM
Based and redpilled polak.
Why did you like 86 that much though? I assumed that you're not a big fan of being presented with only "good guys" and "bad guys"..
Miheuu Feb 16, 9:50 AM
234Mannan Feb 13, 12:40 PM
Well you give funny, no toxic, humble vibes for the most part.
So yeah