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Kirito and Asuna are similar to Louise and Saito and they go on adventures together and fall in love.
report Recommended by twilight-knight
a guy travel to another world, in this new world he can use the sword perfectly and eventually he turns in "hero" and falls in love with a cute and popular girl (Asuna perfect girl, Louise ...well, zero). SAO contains fan-service, no ecchi... but both contains full romance
report Recommended by KPBouvier
The lead characters from both series fall in love and fight together along with a few other companions. The main protagonist finds himself dragged into a world very different from his own. Both take place in a fantasy environment. Both have a lot of romance, action (including sword fights), and comedy.
report Recommended by paladiknights
Both Zero no tsukaima and sword art online are in a fantasy enviroment, where love and action are always present. Also, in both anime we find a love relationship between the characters, which ende up in some casses in a kiss scene, very cute one though... :3
report Recommended by Judita8
If you like Zero no Tsukaima (All seasons), you should watch Swor Art Online. Each other have some similarities, The idea of an another world exists in each other, since the human in other world to the habit of the human to live in a different world. The adventure, romance and the humor taken by each story make the Animes Interesting in some points, but especially in the main characters of each other. I can say, Hiraga no Saito and Kirito have some similarities in some aspects, especially in the time to fight and the time to love. I'm won't to talk more about it, because you have to watch   read more
report Recommended by Esmold5
Both anime are about guys getting dragged into a new world or situation were their primary goal is survival, and helping some girl that played some role in their coming to that world.
report Recommended by --Aurabreaker--
The protagonists in both Animes start out as mutual friends, but they eventually develop love for one another that is fully recognizable towards the end of both Animes.
report Recommended by OOCentral
Live in a game themed anime. Kinda.
report Recommended by Luminie