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A group of people are thrown into a fantasy world from which they cannot escape and must fight to find a way to survive. Though comedic at times, the plot is relatively serious and focuses on battles, life and death, and the bonds between characters. Both are also by A-1 Pictures, so their art styles are somewhat similar.
report Recommended by loco-mocos
Both of this shows is the closest to each other in similarities. 1) Both are "trapped inside a game" anime. 2) Both are tragedies, you will feel the sadness. (unlike in Log Horizon; Grimgar beats Log Horizon in this part) 3) There could be romance. (mind you, we are still far from finishing Grimgar but there are hints). 4) Survival; if you die, you die. (unlike in Log Horizon once again). 5) Very nice art and animation. (should I say "unlike in LH" again lol) (mind you, I love LH, I'm just saying there is a better candidate now on being close to SAO).
report Recommended by lannieX
Game mechanics are important as the setting of the animes. They place importance on life or death in HP, and remain as a character's lifeline throughout the whole anime as a game mechanic. The game's nature is fantasy. Swords and magic skills are decided.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Have the same setting as it depicts a game-like world, And they're also stuck on that world BUT with no recollections of the real world. This is a very underrated anime with the same setting as SAO with a mix of slice of life.
report Recommended by zeftoony
Game like world survival of the fittest Amazing characters and plot Die in the game....you die in real
report Recommended by Tachibana-Kei
Both are based around a RPG scenario as well as both touch on the grief of losing a friend as well as having to confront a world where it's kill or be killed. Although Sword Art Online has more time to develop a plot / character development than Grimgar.
report Recommended by Kalson
Portrays the ideals that individuals are placed in an hostile environment where they learn to openly express themselves as the warrior, magician, swordsman they are. Learning new abilities and coming closer in relationship with one another
report Recommended by xCodaro
Both of these anime are set in a virtual MMO world, despite Grimgar never explicitly stating this. Grimgar is shorter(being only 12 episodes), but places a greater emphasis on the development of each character while SAO focuses primarily on how much of an OP Kirito is. That being said both have an amazing art style, SAO showcases great animation and Grimgar takes a more stylistic (could be described as a watercolour meets anime) approach. Both anime have a good soundtrack, with SAO being the superior (case and point: Crossing Field). If you enjoyed a story that revolves around a fantasy-meets-gaming setting, give both a go.
report Recommended by Draganna01
Both show take place in a MMORPG world where the character fight monster to survive.
report Recommended by ExoticBankai
Sword art online and Grimgar of fantasy and ash (Hope this helps) If you absolutely adored SAO, then you may love Grimgar: Similarities 1) They are both performed within a MMORPG setting 2) Both have a “trapped within a game” theme 3) Both have crazy similar art styles 4) Both have imitate character interactions 5) Both animes of survival and both show adaptation to their environment they are set within 6) Both done by A-1 pictures 7) “Once you’re killed, you’re killed” In other words, “You only live once” 8) Both consist of tragic elements Differences 1) SAO is depicted as just a game, meaning that the game is just an illusion and only takes dominance over the mind. There’s a separation between   read more
report Recommended by Cinnamon_Pramma
I suspect you already know why. Both are in set in another world and have similarities as to what an MMORPG game would seemingly be like. Characters are stuck in a new world, and will need to learn to understand and survive in their new surroundings.
report Recommended by s7ana
Do you love the MMORPG atmosphere that SAO gave to you? If your answer is yes, then you have to watch Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. The show portrays how normal people learn to adapt to an MMORPG-like fantasy world (the show portrayed it so perfectly and it quickly became one of my favorites!). The anime also shows beautiful character development and growth. This short paragraph just cannot picture how magnificent this show is, you just have to watch it for yourself to understand what I mean.
report Recommended by Eric
Both genres take place in an RPG-like setting. Whereas, Sword Art Online occurs in a virtual world, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar occurs in a "real-world" setting, eliminating the overpowered skill sets and main character plot armor which prevents a realistic struggle for the characters and plot progression. Overall, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is a phenomenal spectacle, a true gem hidden in the sand.
report Recommended by Stevoreno
Botha nime have the video game/RPG elemnt to the game. This one differs that it`s a bit more violent than SAO. This anime is short so its not very demanding and hopefully can become something big later on.
report Recommended by Velek
Each of the two contains op mcs yet SAO exceeds the other when it comes to battle scenes. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is darker than SAO yet both contain great drama and romantic scenes. SAO is more focused in romance but you can also see some romantic scenes in Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. Both are great anime, but I recommend Hai to Gensou no Grimgar better than the other.
report Recommended by Penholder
Both take place in fantasy world that people are suddenly transported into. Grimgar is a realistic take on a fantasy world and the logistics of acquiring skills and stuff like that. Grimgar as a somewhat darker and mature tone for those who like that.
report Recommended by Curls_of_Blue
Same character transfer in a mmo fantasy world. Tragique.
report Recommended by Sheyne
Both end up in diff world, start weak.
report Recommended by hiitsleo
In both anime people or stuck in a fantasy world and try to find a way out. Kill or be killed, when you die you die. No extra lifes. Adventure anime where you have to get stronger in order to survive A sense of mystery; How did they get go grimgar? Why did Akihiko Kayaba trap them inside his game?
report Recommended by Z3on
In both series, the characters are stuck in an other world and have to fight monsters to survive. But this won't be easy...
report Recommended by Ota-kun-63
The worlds of Sword Art Online and Hai to Gensou no Grimgar are very similar fantasy worlds.
report Recommended by Arcanin