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Nurguburu Jul 30, 2021 6:57 PM
MiloMinderbinder Apr 3, 2015 6:24 AM
Hi again. Seeing you like drawing and Kaoru Mori's art I thought I'd send you this link. It's a youtube clip released by Comic Natalie which shows Kaoru drawing a full page panel of Amira on horse back. There's six videos in total showing all the steps and it really makes you appreciate the amount of effort she puts in as well as how much finesse she has (even for someone like me who has no talent for art). The release is pretty old so you might have seen it already.

I also checked out your blog post. Found a lot of series which look really interesting that I hadn't even heard of. Always good to add new things to the seemingly never ending to watch/read list. Cheers.
nevermore999 Mar 28, 2015 9:18 PM
Thanks for the rec!
MiloMinderbinder Mar 27, 2015 9:00 PM
Well it would be pretty cool if Fuyumi Ono writing another book in the series rekindled interest in the franchise. I never actually got around to reading the books but was pretty disappointed at the ending of the anime series (if you can even call it that) *sigh* so many loose ends and kinda anti-climactic. If they made another series I'm sure it would be successful.

It looks like your a fan of Mori Kaoru as well! I really enjoy Otoyomegatari, the art is so amazing and her stories are quite different to what you usually get in manga. Someone recommended that I read a new-ish manga series called 'Mahoutsukai no Yome' recently. Although its a fantasy series its got nice art and had a similar vibe to stuff like Otoyomegatari. Anyway you might want to check it out sometime.
MiloMinderbinder Mar 18, 2015 1:14 AM
Nice rec, I thought the same thing when I started watching Akatsuki no Yona (except Yona was far easier to like at the beginning than Youko). Still it's hard to beat Twelve Kingdom's as a fantasy series.
Bobulated Mar 18, 2015 12:57 AM
your recommendation made me giggle, thanks for the short laugh
kaitonic Oct 16, 2014 9:05 PM
I don't quite remember it but i just guess you might be talking about glass mask
kaitonic Oct 15, 2014 12:07 PM
I notice your reply on one of Chihayafuru episode and one time you saying an anime about a character similar to Chihaya.Was it Maya in Glass Mask
miphoenix Jan 19, 2014 10:16 AM
Thank you for the add
Orulyon Oct 25, 2011 2:30 PM
lol, there was;D well im not either a big fan of Inuyasha, although im very thankful to it because it was my first anime in japanese and made want to watch more animes.

In Ao no exo i really didnt like the way they made the mother of Rin/Yukio. She was so...daah. And comment. And they wasted a lot of the plot. We didnt get the chance to know anything about Mephisto and his goal, and well, its just another typical shounen because it did not developed the characters.

Well i heard that Jane Eyre new movie was great indeed, i so want to watch it*.* i really like the actress since she made Alice in Wonderland with Jonhny Depp. They made an awesome pairing as Alice and Mad hatter.

let me guess, you had to read Shakespeare? loool. I never read one single book of him and i really dont want to. The anime version of Romeo x Juliet left me crying for days. Still, i believe it was so much more interesting than the book since it was a fantasy plot, and Juliet fights and crossdresses as a guy XP

and omg, your thoughts on penguindrum ep.15?

Chihayafuru ep.4 is out! *goes watch it*

Orulyon Oct 19, 2011 6:21 AM
LOL, i dont think it will be twincest, lol, although, ive seen many fanarts featuring the brothers, and they are definitely one of the most popular pairings. If Yuri turns out to be na hermaphrodite, that means she is not just into yuri, but into shounen ai as well (with Tabuki), LOOOL. Dont you think this anime is a troll? looool, because i do.

yesss, i love confessions. i know that actions sometimes mean more than words, but still, other times, we need to hear the words u know.

well i didnt read the book of Genji, but i did survived to the anime! looool. i actually liked it a lot, can u believe it? it had such a slow pacing that most of people drops it by first ep, but i resisted till the end. anyway, in the anime, it was more like: the loli resembled his stepmom, which he loved since his childhood, so he took the loli under his care as his little sister. But later she fell for him (obvious) and since she was so in love with him, and he never could have his stepmom, it was like "ok, lets marry". LOOOL.
Still the animation was so unique. the ost. the scenery were so perfect*.*

oh so you´re a Sesshy x Kagome supporter?:) nice crack pairing. well Sesshy is my second fav from the anime, so i support him in all ways XP i confess i liked Sesshy x Kagura, but only on Inuyasha kanketsu hen (second season), in the first season i didnt realize Sesshy felt attached to Kagura, only in the second season.
Well in second season there is a scene between Sesshy x Kagome. He actually helped her when they were inside Naraku´s world.
You should totally watch the second season. only 26 eps and were very well developed*.* I think Kikyo lost half of her haters in the second season, rotfl.

oh so you read XXXHolic manga! well, usually manga is always better. much more details.

TRC is veryyyy confusing. i never read it but a friend of mine told me all about it. i was like: "wait, what?! the clones are the parents of the originals? how´s that possible?"
so many time skips and time travel, and fantasy. all i know is that i got heart broken with the end. Damn you Clamp XD

yes, next week, teenage time for chihayafuru! someone who read the manga, said so, lol. i like very much the way the anime focus on friendship and not the typical romance shoujo.

Ao no Exo was the biggest disappointment to me. i had huge expectations...oh well. i heard the manga was much better.

my fav genre is historical and fantasy too~ looool, well its a trend now u see, the fairies and vamps. i read many about that theme until i got soooo tired. And then now its the dark/fallen angels theme. i read two and got bored because its just so damn cliché. the girl is always human, and then a new guy arrives, and he is a supernatural being. LOL.
ok i confess, in the beginning i loved those books, but now i think they´re overrated.
Although some of them can be im just like u, ill read a book as long as it is good.

well, the last book i read was from my fav author, Juliet Marillier. she writes historical fantasy, and she does it greatly. *.*
Now im reading the "Near Witch" by Victoria Schwab. still on chapter 5, but until now, i gotta praise the author. Lovely plot and scenery. and not much clichés.
and you? planning to read something soon?

i heard great things of Pride and Prejudice, but ive seen the movies so never read the book, but i intend to. not just that classic, but also, Jane Eyre, or Wuthering heights.

i can understand why people love Elizabeth. she was a free spirited girl with a lot of energy and defied the social norms on that Era:D and Darcy is the typical loner, serious and polite that we all love~~~

at least u had an interesting book to read for school. when i was on highschool, we had to read a long book with many tragedy. it was like a sort of romeo x juliet with incest in Victorian era too. Its called "the Maias". Damn. a person has to be mentally strong to read it. so boring. but, yes, i confess i actually did like the couple and felt so sad for them. Since the very first moment they met, i knew they were siblings. T_T

nice to meet u too, Cookie~~~
Orulyon Oct 18, 2011 1:12 PM
Omg, you´re totally right, loool, Ringo-chan!!!she is gonna be raped...i seriously hope someone saves her. Tabuki, Masako, Shouma...anyone!!! who would guess that Yuri is into...yuri, loool. specially when she is about to marry a guy!!! i wouldnt guess that she was also Tabuki and Momoka´s childhood friend. I guess she might be a hermaphrodite. It wouldnt surprise me me after all, this anime features every taboo in society: stalkers, pseudo incest, pedophile tendencies, shoujo-ai.... well, im awaiting for shounen ai, now, its the only one who hasnt appear yet, LOOOL.

Oh, Sho. i hate guys like him in anime and in reality. People who have a good person at their side but ignore it and hurt it, and then when they loose that person, they finally realize how much they miss it.
Ren is such a...hottie *.* and sweet~~~ but...although i also love their slow relationship...a confession wouldnt hurt anyone! its more than timeeeeeeee.
It has the same problem as Dengeki daisy manga. Awesome romance built on strong feelings, confession at all T_T (not asking for the typical "kiss", just asking for words ;_;).

Well i also got confused. I would say he loved her as a little sister too, but nowadays im getting these weird vibes from other anime/manga involving loli/older guy. Like...

Rin in Kodomo no jikan (a 10 year old girl that sexually harasses her 24 year old teacher and he allows it).

Rin in Usagi Drop (everything went well in the anime...but not in the manga!).

Rin in Inuyasha ( many defend that she loved Sesshoumaru as a dad...others,as a lover).

and im not gonna count the others i know... ill just refer the "Rin"´s, looool.
Its like nowadays in anime/manga, all loli fall for the guy and the guy falls for her...

kinda weird in some cases, because in some cases they were better as family relationship then lovers relationship *shivers*

Well its not like i hate XXXholic. I just got ...extremely bored with it, so i watched like...5 eps XD i must confess, the ovas were totally different. The ovas portrayed an older adult Watanuki, and it left me damn sad. i loved the ovas of XXXHolic because they portray the usual mindfuck of Clamp, a thing that the series didnt touch.

So FukuJun does his low sexy voice as Watanuki in the ovas.You should give it a try...:)

Precisely the same thing happens in the ovas of TRC. i was dying of boredom on the series, because everyone was so happy. In the ovas every tragedy that could happen, it happens XD *no im not a sadist, its just that i love Clamp´s trademark*

and Chiyahafuru ep.3 was also good, but i didnt enjoy it so much as the previous ones. Im soooo dying to see teenage Arata...

you´re right, Niche was such a cutie~ oh but watch the anime, although it was original end, the last eps were so filled with Gauche that made me drool XD

hai Cookie! loool. ok then ill call u Cookie! dont be surprised if sometimes i add a "chan" XP im happy to make a new friend~ Specially a friend that has such a good list of fav anime girls~

Also i noticed in your about me section that u like to read books? what´s your fav genre?*.*
Plagus777 Oct 17, 2011 11:40 PM
Horizon has better art than Maji, plus Maji steps on more peeves than Horizon does. And also Horizon has Jun. doing the main voice. At least there is something to enjoy...

I'm just glad I can move on from PD. Not really one of my favorites, I was too focused on other animes.

From 2000 to now, I'd say things looks completely different in Korea.
Plagus777 Oct 17, 2011 7:06 AM
It's just one of those extreme animes where the audience is clearly split right down the middle and it's either love or hate for it. Then again I am the ultimate hypocrite cause I apply different reason to different anime according to the scenario.

Well I clearly explain my ratings in the hopes people might read and follow. Cause it makes me sigh when the 10 rating is "just used".

I usually update my character lists sometime in the middle of current season. Which is soon I believe.

Ringo is alright... but really, I wouldn't want to go near her if given other chances.

South Korea has it's own merits. Like godly internet speed.

Thanks for writing. Gives me something to do.
Orulyon Oct 13, 2011 1:11 PM
LOL, well, that, and the fact that the majority of the fanbase (males) want boobs and big boobs bouncing in the anime girls all the time. So, we girls see the bishies and get satisfied when rarely one takes off his shirt or something, but nowadays, like 70% of the anime girls appear always half naked, totally naked, or with revealing clothes. It drives me mad.
If they´re doing it for females, at least, they should do some of those in the anime boys too, lol, but it seems we can only see a boys chest when he is in a big epic supernatural fight and his clothes get ripped. I mean, i, who even watch shounen ai, who was suppose to show at least shirtless boys, most of doesnt! rotfl.

Talking in, any thoughts on the scene of ep.13 of Mawaru penguindrum, Kanba x Princess of crystal? XD i really love the director of the series. He is known because he always use polemic themes in his animes, specially, incest, shoujo-ai and parodies to society.

Well the anime of Skip beat at the first half i think it was pretty good, but the second half was "bleh". I believe they could have end it in a much better way. I felt disappointed specially in the development of Ren x Kyoko. Although i heard in the manga Ren x Kyoko is still on slow pacing. i wonder when those two will make a confession to each other? 29 is more than time to do it..dont you agree?:)

Kurenai´s anime indeed surpassed the manga art. there only a few rare cases where that happens. Do you read the manga/light novel? because i never understood if Shinkurou liked Murasaki like a little sister or like a lover...

Well in XXXHolic i only was able to see...legs!hehe. i mean it! their legs were just soooo thin and sooooo long! ok, so thats a trademark from Clamp, but still i believe in XXXHolic the legs were even more thin and big.
I hope they animate Gate7 someday. only the first vol is about to be released but still, i believe its more interesting than Blood-C. Its about a Dream seer, lol. (deja-vu).

Really? that dark?! never thought it would get so dark. Perhaps i should try it someday when they complete it. I thought the manga was over, but its still ongoing.
oh, you should totally watch Summer wars someday:) its funny and so heart warming! its sooo cute~
Chihayafuru was epic again. but i realllyyyy want to see and hear Arata grown up T_T i hope next week he finally appears.

and you have Niche in your favs. my fav was Gauche but i went mad when i realized they changed the end of the anime into original version, because i liked Gauche in the manga better T_T i loved Gauche so much. The anime was great. i like the way the world they live in, was portrayed. With no day, and the heart bullets. Very creative.

btw, how should i call you?^.^ you can call me Oru, its how everyone calls me here, lol.
and so sorry for my huge comment!