Youko "Sekishi, Youshi Chuu" Nakajima

Youko Nakajima

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Youko Nakajima (中嶋 陽子)

Youko was a 16-year-old living a fairly ordinary life as an honor student in Japan, whose primary worry is her naturally red hair. One day at school, a man named Keiki suddenly appeared and bowed at her feet, swearing loyalty to her. The school was then attacked by a giant bird, and she reluctantly accepted his protection. He gave her a sword and transports her and two of her classmates to the kingdom of Kou.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Hisakawa, Aya
Elias-Fahn, Dorothy
Lima, Márcia Regina
Portuguese (BR)
Song, Do Yeong
Deliquet, Julie
Podio, Carmen

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