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Areen-Kun Aug 11, 9:12 AM
Thanks Nice to Be Your friend i Hope We'll Become Good Friends
Kirito_online May 3, 5:13 PM
Thank you for the request, i see you're an Isekai fan as well! Music to my ears! any Isekai fan is a friend of mine by nature!
NatureDictates Apr 28, 12:39 PM
Sure i hope they don't mess it up & rush it like they did with Index III recent.
NatureDictates Apr 28, 12:32 PM
Haha Thanks a lot ;)
kennchann26 Mar 31, 8:50 PM
Yeah when I saw those characters you mentioned in your favorites I already like you LOL.
Geshtinanna Mar 3, 3:17 PM
Yeah Kirito is the guy that all the girls wanna be with, and all the guys wanna be like - am I right?! :D
Geshtinanna Mar 2, 8:08 PM
SAO and NGNL - both great shows! It's nice to meet you new friend!

Are you planning to watch Alicization, or are you waiting until all the episodes are out to marathon it? If you're a fan of the SAO universe I'd heartily recommend 'SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online' - it's like 12 perfectly crafted episodes of escapist paradise!

I really like Matsui from Death Note - all that 'Misa Misa' stuff and when he became her manager made me laugh, and the idea they had to fake his death was ingenious! Also I'm glad he was the one to finally 'get' Light Yagami as he had got out of control 'playing God' with his willingness to sacrifice innocent lives. I supported him at first - killing off the convicted criminals, but when he used the Death Note to bump off Raye Penber and then Naomi my feelings swiftly changed and I wanted to see his downfall - even more so because he was so smug and self-satisfied :D
Nahiyan23 Feb 18, 1:03 AM
welcome and thanks!
LordZoronian Feb 16, 1:12 PM
All Hail Lelouch! No problem anyone who also like Code Geass is a friend of mine :)
etekusat Feb 14, 11:54 AM
Nice to meet ya!

Yeah L is great (:
King_Harem Feb 8, 8:36 AM
Thank you!
vegeta8639 Feb 7, 8:05 AM
4. I almost said "eating" just because L eats a lot but then I remembered the funny hat meme.
5. Misa's own hair? From what I remember she had a friend mail the tapes but but I guess Misa's hair could have gotten in there before handing them over.
Yea DNA, not fingerprints.
6. That's 1/2 at least.
7. And I figured that's what you were getting at. I personally think everything after episode 25 is so bad that I don't agree with the interpretation even if that's what the author was going for. The real winner is Ryuk since he got to accomplish his goal of entertaining himself for a while.

Oh and friend request accepted because of Rem. Good taste.
vegeta8639 Feb 6, 6:31 PM
I'll play along with the quiz.

1. "I'm sorry"
2. England
3. Tennis
4. No idea, fuck Mello. Maybe wearing funny hats?
5. Her friend's fingerprints on some Kira message tapes that were sent to the media I believe.
6. Con artists?
7. In the live action movies yes. In the anime no unless you count some bullshit like Near and Mello wouldn't have been able to do it without him so L eventually won in the long run. Really everything past episode 25 might as well be non cannon.
Loveanime1213 Jan 26, 7:07 PM
That is so cool! I love it~nya
Loveanime1213 Jan 26, 1:08 PM
Nice too meet you as well ~nya
You can call me Nya-chan, what shall I call you? ~nya