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Spy x Family Part 2
Spy x Family Part 2
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Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou
Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou
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Death Note Another Note: Los Angeles BB Renzoku Satsujin Jiken
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"Fushigi" Toriatsukaimasu: Tsukumodou Kottouten
"Fushigi" Toriatsukaimasu: Tsukumodou Kottouten
Aug 20, 10:15 AM
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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Kuroneko If
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Kuroneko If
Jul 16, 4:29 PM
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-Shizuna- 5 hours ago
I think the difference between now and then is that in older games they were trying to make characters more attractive despite the limited technology, but in newer ones they are trying to make them exactly the opposite way on purpose lol.
At least she covers most of her skin and has no curves so no one will get offended while looking at her, huh. Jade in MK9 looked nice btw, but in MK11 she's like some random woman on the streets of London. And what the hell is this?. Apparently we live in an era when people are scared of sexy females in fiction but are fine with brutality of mortal kombat.

I haven't played DOTA2 much, but I've played League of Legend a lot instead. Same story there. The last good looking female was released almost ten years ago. It went from this and this to this, this and this.
What's also ironic is that Westerns like to renounce their colonial past, but by pushing their ideology onto the rest of the world they are doing the same imperialistic shit.

Well, it's definitely darker. Maybe Falcom increased the game's age rating or something. Protagonist is an older guy and more hard-boiled than his predecessors. Loved new cast, but some characters more than the others. Shizuna ended up as my favorite Kiseki character, after all XD. I think there should be some pleasant surprised for you too, especially given which character made you interested in Kiseki in the first place.

Oh, good thing I've watched Fairy Tail a long time ago, or mixing Natsu with Lloyd would be a weird experience.

Well, I've read Maggot Baits (although dropped at some point) so I don't think anything anime-related will disgust me lol.

Congrats yet again!
-Shizuna- Oct 3, 3:01 PM
Hmm... I've checked Kitana's art progression and what I can say is that we are at a point where characters from old games with really old graphics look more attractive than modern ones. What was even the point of all technological advances in gaming industry if it's potential is being suppressed by weird people who are afraid of beauty? Speaking of Western games, I used to love Bloodrayne. It wasn't strong story-wise, but it had a fun gameplay and a hot heroine, plus I liked vampire theme since childhood. By the way, Laura Bailey, the one who voiced Rayne, is the only English VA I know by name by lol.

It's the same with advertising. Typically, if you want to sell something you are supposed to hire good-looking models, because frankly no one likes to look at unattractive people when deciding what gym to go, which swimsuit to buy, etc.. But nowadays I often find Western companies purposefully alienating their own customer base. Like for example, Gillette with their recent campaign which alludes to "men are bad". Victoria's Secret hiring overweight, old and unattractive people. Sony giving middle finger to all their Japanese customers not even because JP games sell bad, but because they aren't fit for global market. It's almost like they are intentionally making bad PR decisions.
Then pretend that everyone loved the changes because the sales are good due to the original work's name recognition and mass advertising campaign.
Or complain that customers are sexists, stupid or whatever else.

In my estimation Kuro TL patch is ~85% complete. UI, main story, all bonding events and all side-quests are done, but random NPCs in cities are not, same with some lines where your party slots are fixed in number but you can pick whoever you want.

You might laugh at me but the main reason I haven't watched Made in Abyss yet is because when I started Reg sounded too much like Laura (they have the same VA) and it was so weird to me I decided to abstain ha-ha. Well, since she kind of fell to the fifth place maybe I won't be as triggered and give it another try.

Congrats on your pull. As for Blue Archive, I've switched Ako for Yuuka in my BA faves for now. Not sure who I like more. Tried to make a list for Kiseki girls too, but it's so damn hard I managed only 10.
-Shizuna- Oct 3, 4:26 AM
Girls in non anime style games, huh? I think it's been a long time since I've played any, but sure, back when fictional characters were supposed to be attractive in Western entertainment industry creators naturally tried to make their characters attractive too. You know, people used to diss stories about heroines with tragic story or whatever, like "if she was a boy or ugly you wouldn't care/like it!" to imply the story is bad, but it's exactly the opposite - it's appealing because the girl is cute. The only ones who want ugly characters in fiction are heavily insecure people and rich ones who push all kinds of bullshit all the time for whatever reason. Imagine 2B wasn't pretty but instead was some kind of "realistic" female/androgynous character. No matter how good the story, OST or gameplay were, I doubt I'd even try it out. But yeah, I did play it. Not my favorite game of all time, but definitely somewhere in my top-10. I don't think it needs an anime, though.
Hopefully with an Altina in toe.
I second that.
You mean side stories where Rean gets to hang out with the specific character?
Nah, they have unique lineups of characters and Rean appears only in some of them. There's a side-story about Emma-Vita-Celine-Roselia, for example.

I've finished Kuro no Kiseki 1 yesterday and I have to wonder, how many years I'd have to wait for an official EN release? It's wild how slow NISA is.

Good luck with your BA pulls btw.
-Shizuna- Sep 25, 6:47 AM
Well... I doubt there are that many people who love Alloy even outside of Genshin community. Or at the very least, I have a hard time imagining there are people who love her the same way Genshin fans love its girls.

I look forward to the new Bleach arc, but there is no way I'm going to re-watch the whole thing even skipping fillers, ha-ha. Not to mention, I think I watched less than 10 anime this year.

Yeah, I love bonding events, so I'd like to have them too. A good thing is that this game has side-stories you can experience. In short, they are thing that happen at different time, i.e. outside of the main story. Again, I'm fine with Alisa, but in my eyes she's probably the least interesting option for Rean...
As for Lloyd, I don't exactly remember how they were introduced in CSIV, but there wasn't anything like that in Hajimari. It seems like all the girls are still gunning for him in some way or another.

Speaking of blue archive, I don't play it anymore, but I still check new stuff (same with most other gachas I've put on hold) and I liked this one:
Very cute & funny.
-Shizuna- Sep 21, 5:37 AM
Maybe it was to get "normies" into Genshin or just some deal with Sony. I've heard PS5 has that game bundled with the console itself so they artificially boost the game's sales lol. And yeah, a collab with the series you've mentioned would be great.

Well have fun with Ao/Zero then, tell me what you think about them afterwards.

Yeah, I think there were only two tiny mentions of your choice throughout the whole game, but there is a nice beach mini-game which has some good romantic content. Unfortunately, nothing related to Claire.
Nope for Lloyd. Same as Rean, his love life is mostly omitted and I think is open for interpretation. Maybe it's for the best... This way players won't feel bitter about their choice.

Elise went from a clingy little sister to a refined young lady to me and Angelica is, well, I don't hate her or anything, but she doesn't even attract me as a girl. She's too masculine in a bad way.

I've seen some cool fanart where Hina abuses Ako lol.
-Shizuna- Sep 20, 2:48 AM
All I know about Alloy and her game is that she's very unattractive from what I've seen... Probably all there is about it. But yeah, it'd be amazing to have your favorite characters in a game such as Genshin. There is more inherent value to it because there's a 3D model and you can explore with them, not just fight.
So does it mean the anime will follow the game's plot?

I can send you links if you're interested, although I don't really know in what way Geofront translation of Ao/Zero is supposed to be better than the one I played with in... 2018, I think? I think it's best to complete them before going for Hajimari. Sky trilogy isn't as related, though.

Unless I somehow missed something, nope. Also, there are no bonding/romance events at all. However, you can select with whom Rean ended up with in CSIV, so Alisa isn't a forced partner for him (at least not yet lol).

Somehow, my opinion of Alfin, Elise and Fie changed for the better, but then again I like pretty much all Kiseki girls. The only one I don't find attractive is probably Angelica.

Congrats. Blue haired girls ftw.
Pikmin404 Sep 19, 11:51 PM
In retrospect, the more I think about Rem and Ram, the higher my appreciation for them does. To the point that I'm starting to wonder if they both could surpass Echidna as my favorite Re:Zero girl.

Then again I change my opinion as much as I change my socks, so who knows.
-Shizuna- Sep 19, 10:28 AM
For some reason, people in Epic Seven community salty GI gets ufotable anime and say things like "we deserved it more" lol... GI is 1000 times more successful, why are they surprised? As for me, just give Raiden some screentime and I'll be satisfied.

Btw, just finished Hajimari with a fan patch. From my experience, it's ~98-99% translated. Character/mob notes aren't translated, some npcs in a couple of locations and some other minor things as well, but that's about it. The translation itself is much better than what NISA did to CS III-VI, though. At least Juna sounds like a cute, kind and energetic girl that she is and not some sarcastic and dumb bitch NISA made her in the subs.

Also, 17th September was 5th anniversary of me getting to play Cold Steel for the first time (I played Sky trilogy before that but that's beside the point) and it turned out to be a bit different than I imagined. I think that after all I like Rixia, Tio and Altina more than Laura... I'm such an unfaithful man :(
tragedydesu Sep 19, 1:47 AM
just watched Genshin Impact pv and it was so freaking beautiful, ufotable cannot possibly miss when it comes to animation
i'm a big fan of adventure/dark fantasy stories in a medieval setting , im just hoping its not a harem or i will not watch it
tragedydesu Sep 18, 2:53 AM
that was pretty good for a 6min video with a sussy title
mc wasnt the greatest person at the beginning but ended saving a lot of people , the ending was bittersweet he studied for 30 years to find a cure for her disease,a true hero T_T

hentai plot turn wholesome lol
BerriesSan Sep 15, 8:28 PM
Aye Aye Captain
-Shizuna- Aug 25, 12:20 AM
To be honest the worst thing about RWBY at that point to me was English voice acting. Maybe it's just my skewed perspective, but compared to Japanese voice actors English ones suck, especially women. By the way, don't know if you've seen this one before, but it always makes me giggle.
One thing I noticed long ago is that everything made by these ideologues is damn ugly. Even forgetting about video-games where they try to eradicate beautiful characters. Their beauty standards in real life? Pretty = oppressive, fat/ugly = brave/beautiful. Architecture? 100% utility, 0% aesthetics or personal comfort. Moral values? Fidelity = oppression, being a victim = a virtue, having a traditional family = bad, degeneracy = good. The list could go on and on. It's also ironic that the same people who complain about "oversexualization" in anime and video-games are totally fine with taking kids to pride parades, telling them they can be different gender to what they were born with and even chopping dicks for the same purpose. Yeah, I wonder what will be more damaging to a society, having beautiful women in fiction or misinforming children about basic reality facts. Anyway, as you've pointed out, there is a difference between making a story based on real or fictional culture/economic system and making a story for the sake of pushing some agenda in the first place.

Yeah, FGO can be merciless sometimes, especially given that it doesn't have any pity system in it. As for Azur Lane, in other games I could at least "play" with my characters, but here you are 99.99% on auto mode anyway and chibis are rather simple.
-Shizuna- Aug 22, 10:48 AM
Back in the day Blake was the main reason I got interested in RWBY in the first place, but given that it's a Western show it wouldn't surprise me if she was changed for the worse in later seasons. I've been posting a lot of dumb semi-fun stuff on forums and I kid you not someone said that everything in life is political, including eating and shitting, thus it's OK to bring politics into entertainment media. I guess it's thanks to attitude such as this is why ALL western media is dying and tries to do the same to its Eastern competition. It's already annoying to hear everywhere about green agenda, feminism, forced diversity, LGBT, etc. and I'd rather not have it in video-games and anime.
Nope, didn't even know about this one.

I'd like to say I like archer aesthetics the most, buuuut no. In Fate they are all over the place, so it's either caster class or assassin like yours.

In my opinion, the only reason to play Azur Lane is to support the developer because they constantly make new gorgeous skins, but other than that I don't think it's worth playing. I've played a lot and collected a lot since launch, but at one point realized that most of what I like about the game can be experienced on wiki lol by simply looking at images and listening to voice lines.

Well, I've been considering stopping visiting here, so I wanted to ask some contacts just in case. Sometimes MAL takes too much time.
Ryuseishun Aug 19, 8:15 PM
Part 1 + 2 make one complete season. 86 was announced before it debuted that it was gonna be split cours. So yea, a season 2 is what we're waiting for.

I'm so pumped for Mushoku Tensei s2. I love that series so much, too. Hopefully the production quality can be up to par like s1 was, even though I'm not sure if they'll be able to retain most of the staff for this one yet.

I'm still waiting impatiently for more news regarding the new Madoka movie. Shaft has been going through some rough times with a bunch of underwhelming TV seasonals. Magia Record was quite the disappointment even though it was trying to expand upon the Madoka universe from what I was told. Hopefully the studio know what priorities are needed especially when it comes to another movie of one of the key franchises that really propelled their success through the past decade.
Ryuseishun Aug 19, 3:59 PM
Hey thanks for the friend request! Yea 86 is fantastic. I hope s2 will be possible.