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Izabel972 Dec 5, 5:21 AM
You're welcome! :D
Izabel972 Dec 4, 7:45 PM
Happy birthday! :)
raikagebee Dec 4, 5:26 AM
I love Kagetora's crazy expressions. Oh yeah Artoria Alter was great in Carnival Phantasm, think that might've been my first real exposure to her as well. I certainly consider them to be different characters, the same as the Jeanne's. I think she might be my favorite form of Artoria as well.

Agartha probably is the weakest of the sub-singularities narratively. Columbus was a fairly weakly written villain, shallow motivations and seemed like all the writers cared about was making him dislikeable and nothing else lol The twist of him being the villain also couldn't have been more obvious, and it was weird they did it right after they had already just did it in Shinjuku. I still liked elements of the singularity and got enjoyment out of the story at least. I love Francis Drake's Dahut design and Scheherazades extreme aversion to death and danger is pretty interesting. Plus Megalos looks cool af.
Shimousa's the most directly connected to the main story of FGO out of the sub-singularities, it's also the most difficult by a decent margin imo. It was one hell of a headache for me at the time lol Will be interesting to see how you find it.

Yeah woe is me am I right? lmao I played through Lakshimi's interlude, it gave some decent insight into her character. My memory was pretty foggy on her from the Lostbelt.
True, I can imagine. Monotonous tasks like that go by so much easier if you can at least listen to stuff while you're doing it.

Oh wow I saw the resemblance immediately. She looks great, would def be on my radar too.

Happy birthday btw, hope you have a good one 😊
Tiosar Dec 4, 1:34 AM
This AoT situation kind of reminds me of what happened to the Star Wars franchise. I used to like its extended universe (video-games, some comics and books), but then Disney bought it, made everything non-canon and made that woke new trilogy. Thankfully, I by that point I've already lost the interest in the series so I wasn't devastated or anything like that, but it still sucks in a way that I don't even want to re-play the stuff I actually liked. That's why I believe it's better for franchises to fucking die than be changed to something they weren't originally. Although, in retrospective original Star Wars movies aren't even that good. As far as space operas go, LotGH is far superior.

My main issue with gacha games isn't even the gacha mechanic itself, but rather the fact that everything is time-limited. You want to read the even story? Better hurry up or it will be locked for you until re-run or even gone forever.

Yeah, English one. I re-installed the game and started collecting pyros for Misaki and Kikyou, currently have 11k. I think I'll manage to get to 48000 before they are released... Probably?

Also, happy birthday. Hopefully everything you wish for will come true.
Mindnight Dec 3, 10:10 PM
Happy Birthday man! Hope you have a good one :).

Season 3 has been pretty good, the quality of the animation has gone up and the fights are pretty good. I’m glad you brought that up, a lot of Naofumi’s shield powers are a little too OP. When it’s first revealed that Naofumi is the Shield Hero, they mention how he’s got the weakest weapon. But his shield has so many OP abilities and he can absorb powers into his shield. It’s a cool ability, but also makes the statement that he’s the weakest a little dumb. Lmao yeah, I wonder if they got him Kirito’s VA on purpose xd.
Yeah honestly can’t fault him for that, he was used to video games where the corpse would just despawn. He’s a decent guy for sure, probably the second most normal dude.

I personally just saw all of that of how she really is. Being with Araragi made her more talkative. But I do agree maybe the transition should have been smoother.
Yes, it's one of my favorite tropes. It started with Shinobu ofc. My other favorites are Yue from Arifureta, Roselia, Shalltear, and Leticia from Problem Children. You don’t know how happy I was to see there was a loli vampire in Kiseki.

I know, but I really wish we could have seen the farmers' faces at least once. Oh wow, that would have been an interesting theory. I liked Historia a lot and wanted to see her be more involved in the Final act. Her and Eren would have been a good pairing, but with Misaka it would never have happened.
Well Eren would have all the power, and the citizens wouldn't have been able to do anything anyways. Fear or not, the only other choice would be to live and I would hope they would choose to live in fear.

That does make it a little better. I feel like he still should have turned her down, but it’s fine at this point. Not like me complaining will change anything.
I wonder how the majority of people’s reaction would be if that part ever got animated.

Yeah when I first started getting into anime, I watched him a lot. Then I got annoyed with him so I quit watching him. I watched Gigguk as well, but also quit when he got more cringey. Lol yeah he’s a big Monogatari fan and Hitagi fan. Gigguk is more of a Emilia guy I think. I don’t know what his beef with Rem is.
That sounds like some cool content. Maybe I should get back into watching anime content on youtube. I usually watch anime reaction videos mostly.

That’s fair. If you’re not totally invested then it can seem like a drag. If those games won’t give you a romance route with your favorite, then I can get why certain people would be mad. Have you played Persona, there’s a romance system where you’re able to hang out with your favorites and even romance your favorite. I feel like more games should have romance options, since the canon love interest might not be the people's personal favorite.

I’ve seen so much Scathach fanart. She has an amazing design, I can see why she’s a fan favorite. Da Vinci was in the FGO anime, I recall her.
GonzoLewd Dec 3, 9:54 PM
Happy Birthday!!
Hakuryuuwu Dec 3, 4:58 PM
raikagebee Nov 29, 6:53 PM
Yup Kagetora is freakishly strong from what I've read, so strong in fact that she's disconnected from regular people, and was feared and fanaticized by her allies. She has a lack of understanding of emotions because of it iirc, quite the interesting character. I love one of her attack animations where she turns her upper body 180° backwards and delivers a heavy forward spear thrust, looks like it has a lot of weight to it imo.

That's the story that made me love Artoria Alter and I already loved Jeanne Alter going into it, so seeing more of her in that kind of scenario was fantastic. Ah the Agartha singularity, it was somewhat divisive from what I've heard but I personally still found it pretty enjoyable.
Yeah I'm pretty sure Britain is just as big as Atlantis+Olympus. If I'm not mistaken, it was a multi-part Lostbelt like the 5th one, just without actually being separate.
Ooh yeah, I forgot Kama was another variant in that game, yup that totally seems like your ideal Kama lol I'm quite fond of Noah in that game so I hope he comes to the main game down the line too, and without Nemo taking up two of his ascensions.

It seems like my gacha luck might not be performing at full capacity atm. Hokusai is on the banner currently and I ofc felt obligated to pull for the Foreigner lol plus her final ascension form looks amazing. I've done six or so 10-pulls and haven't gotten her yet altho I did get some stuff to show for it at least. Got a 4th Herc, a 3rd Lancelot, and two new 4-stars: Watanabe-no-Tsuna and Lakshmibai. The monthly summon tickets will be available in the shop very soon so I can take another crack at it with them.

Jeez that sounds like an absolute nightmare, certainly seems like it'd be a colossal task to go through and do that manually but it sounds like a cool idea for a project. I'm assuming there isn't a readily available and organised database of the sound files somewhere online already then? Probably for the same reason of it being a mammoth ordeal lol
Mindnight Nov 29, 2:35 PM
I do get that, I just feel that the show was more intriguing when Naofumi was out for revenge. That’s not to say it's been boring that he’s more relaxed now. I do overall like Naofumi, he’s one of the better isekai mcs. The Kirito looking dude is the best out of the trio. Even though they were all incompetent, he was the one who took things more seriously. And I like his dynamic with that sword lady.

Yeah pretty much. She led Araragi to believe that Kaiki is simply an evil person due to her own personal feelings on him. Not thinking that he would easily solve the problem.
I always saw her personality change as more intentional. When we first meet her, we learn that she lost most of her vampire powers. She was always in an emotionless state because of that. Later she reverts back to her brighter personality after "reconciling" with Araragi. I always liked Araragi and Shinobu’s bond, it felt more deeper than Hitagi’s bond with him. Also I’m a big fan of the “loli vampire” trope.

Fair enough, it is strange that she marries someone else after Eren’s death. I get that Isayama wanted to show how Misaka moved on from Eren’s death, but from seeing how much Misaka loves Eren, I find it unrealistic that she moved on. That farmer dude is the luckiest guy, man got to marry Historia lol. What annoys me is we don’t even know who he is.
Yeah it’s hard to believe after all we've seen from her. I don’t think her feelings or emotions would return to normal after Eren’s death.

Your points make sense. The challenge of maintaining control over conquered territories, dealing with rebellions, and preventing a cycle of hatred and conflict is a significant concern. If the recently conquered countries desire independence and rebel against Britannia, it could lead to a continuation of conflict and a new cycle of oppression. Nunnally, Suzaku, and Schneizel could easily suppress rebellions, but that could lead to a situation where Nunnally becomes perceived as a new villain. Lelouch's death might then seem futile.

The people of AOT’s world I mean. I guess that’s fair, I just feel that fear can make people act out. And I don’t think Eren would tell the world what his doing is for the good of that world, so everyone would be living in constant fear instead of peace over the thought of getting squished by a giant ass titan.
Yeah that also would have been a better ending. There’s just so many better ways the ending could have gone, but Isayama caved in and went with a safer ending.

It would constantly be on my mind seeing a dude take care of this girl who he met when she was young, knowing that he ends up with her. Idk that just rubs me the wrong way. Probably shouldn't bother me that much but idk.
I used to watch anitubers like The Anime Man back in the day. Then I got annoyed with his jokes and quit watching him. I do that as well, I just go about watching things at my own pace.

I guess that’s fair. I mainly play anime games for the story and characters, I don’t really care about the romance aspect. Unless there’s a character I really like.
She looks really cute. Anyone else you going for?
Tiosar Nov 27, 5:53 AM
Only time will tell, but I'm not going to lie, AoT could've ended leaving me with better aftertaste than that. There are some anime I've watched more than a decade ago and I still have very fond memories of them, but most of what has been happening in AoT was mostly overshadowed by that "nothing mattered" finale, although maybe I'll try to re-watch it up to S3 some time in the future. On a more personal note, I disliked how Levi tried to justify stopping Eren by bringing up their dead comrades and saying "they wouldn't approve of this" or something like that, even though most of the suffering people of Paradis went through was brought up by foreigners trying to destroy them. S4 really made my opinion on all surviving scouts plummet. Hange is an exception, though, I never liked her in the first place. And I wish that at least Mikasa stayed with Eren until the end.

I wish Fate/Grand Order Arcade would be on PC. From what I've seen it's like mobile FGO but better, has 3d models and action-based combat. If you find that manga interesting let me know.

Oh, I think you've already mentioned that you play with EN voices some time before. Considering Minase Inori is one of your favorites it seems unfortunate. And yeah, I don't remember the last time I was intrigued by new Genshin character designs. To me it peaked at Inazuma.

I re-installed BA btw. Got very intrigued by Railgun collab (since Shokuhou Misaki is one of my favorite characters and she's pullable) but managed to restrain myself. Then saw this new girl - Kikyou, and decided to try to save for her after all.
Mindnight Nov 24, 9:57 PM
Yeah I realize that kuuderes don’t really do anything big in most animes. I mainly like them due to their personalities. Even if her route sucks, she still sounds cool.

That’s true, her whole mindset from being weak to wanting to be Naofumi’s sword was done fast. Naofumi bought her as a slave and now she’s grown so fast in a short period of time. I remember thinking that it felt rushed. But Raphtalia is cool. The second season was just alright. I liked the revenge plot more, but the turtle fight in S2 was cool. One thing that annoys me about Shield Hero is how all the other male characters exist solely for the purpose of making Naofumi look cool. The other heroes are so useless that it's laughable and Naofumi has to solve all the shit by himself and then the rest of the girls glaze him up.

Pretty crazy that she doesn’t care about her bf’s little sister lol. I remember her reasoning being pretty dumb since Araragi isn’t the type of dude to just sit back and do nothing. She just straight up verbally abuses Araagi. They sometimes do that thing where they call her a “tsundere” when she’s just being straight up abusive to him. What annoys me the most of Hitagi is the fact that if she didn’t exist, Hanekawa could have been the heroine.
She’s not ugly but not the best looking girl in the show.
The Shinobu content was great, it had some nice buildup at the start where she was a background character and part of Araragi’s shadow. Then in the last episode she kicks Black Hanekawa’s ass and slowly gets integrated into the show more.

I guess we don't know for sure. It’s just when the final manga chapter came out, I saw a lot of people saying that the hat guy was Jean. It would be strange that she still carries another guys things around all the time while being married to another guy. I can see the reasoning that Mikasa never moved on from Eren, but if so why even marry another guy in the first place.
Yeah and we can tell by seeing how she kept on visiting his grace. I get why Isayama wanted a sad ending, but I feel like a happy ending after what all the characters have gone through would have been better.

That’s pretty much what happened. The whole idea of Lelouch’s plan was for Lelouch to become the worst kind of tyrant for the world. Uniting the whole globe in hatred towards him. So with his death, he gave the world a chance to break a cycle of hatred and move on into the future. At the end of the day, it’s a gamble. An ideological faith that specific conditions will lead to a better life. I do get your reasonings on why there would be some pushback from other countries. But Lelouch being Lelouch, he did leave behind a few safety nets. Suzaku as a legendary Zero and Schneizel, one of the smartest people in the world, serving him. With that, Nunanaly has some support.

That’s what I heard about it too. From that description, I can understand where Isyama got inspired and what he decided to incorporate into his story.
I still think there would be some pushback to having to live in fear due to some giant titans that one guy had around. Even if it's to keep peace, I think some people wouldn't take kindly to it. I agree that Eren wouldn’t go power hungry and would just keep the colossal titans to maintain order though. Levi could have been the sacrificial lamb, since he’s super popular in the fandom and his death would have been very impactful as he was a character that had lots of screentime. I would rather it have been someone important.
Season 2 did have lots of amazing moments. The Reiner/Bertholt reveal sticks out to me the most since I wasn’t expecting them to be the traitors. Eren yelling “You traitors!” to them was so hype. I like the reveal of Eren’s new power at the end too, it was so unexpected and some nice set up for the future. I gave all of AOT a 9. Overall a nice series for me, but not one I would call a favorite.

The amv was pretty cute. The show does seem pretty wholesome, though I probably wont ever check it out because I will always think about how the manga ended and that puts me off.
Damn, do you watch any other reviewers?

From what I’ve seen, the gameplay looks cool. That’s a good swimsuit, she looks good in it. Saber Alter looks hot, really like her design.
raikagebee Nov 23, 3:46 PM
Yeah I wouldn't mind receiving Ryouma per say but he certainly wouldn't be a priority target for me anytime soon. Seemingly no amount of planning can account for the gacha just wanting to be a troll.
Huh I didn't know Kagetora was originally a welfare servant. I like her a good deal from the content I've seen of her so far, so hopefully she's up for grabs again in the future.
Oh that's awesome, IKR!? Artoria Alters amazing, she's one of my favorites for sure. I grailed my Alter to level 90 and I've got her in the Shinjuku biker outfit too. Been using her again lately during this current event in fact. Her bond was close to hitting the next level so I got that up. Really want Jeanne Alters Shinjuku outfit too but they're taking their sweet time in making it available. I also have the unfortunate suspicion that it'll cost rare prisms once it's available... How far in the Shinjuku event are you? Or have you finished it now?
Also turns out there was plenty of ways to farm foreign hearts in this event, so I've fully ascended Kama too now, feels good man.
Looks like we'll be getting an event focusing on Koyanskaya soon, looking forward to it but hoping its not as difficult as I've heard.
Pretty frustrated I missed a rare prism login bonus recently, pretty costly to be missing opportunities at those when they're offered so infrequently.

Yeah the extra stuff at the end is a particularly bitter cherry on top of things lol Mikasa getting buried next to Eren as well as her continuing to wear the scarf is also why it didn't make sense to me. I forgot to ask at the time but what did you decide to score the finale?
Tiosar Nov 19, 4:09 AM
There was a time when I wanted to start learning guitar (was around 14 y.o. metalhead) and later in life a piano, but it never went anywhere because it needed some financial investments and I wasn't sure I'd stick with it to justify it. And obviously when I was a kid I had no money whatsoever lol. But anyway I agree, she did look like a pro, I guess I just wasn't that impressed by her shy/awkward personality like most of her fans.

Well, I don't like this "everything is predetermined" type of plot in general. Eren said that rumbling is always stopped at 80%, but by whom? Let's assume the scouts decided to not give a fuck about the rest of the world, who stops it then? To be honest, when I was watching it I had a feeling Isayama caved in to the pressure and changed the ending in the last minute, i.e. Eren being "genocidal ethnostate warrior" = bad, so I'll just make him dumb/irrelevant in the context of everything being predetermined instead. You know, since Erwin is my favorite AoT character I kind of glad he died long before all of that lol.

I did play FGO, but on JP server and with my very limited Japanese. Okita is my favorite saber-face Fate character alongside Jeanne d'Arc Alter, though.

Can't say I'm a fan of Furina's design overall tbh, but she has a very good VA. Were your rolls lucky or not?

I've recently re-installed another hoyo game - Honkai Impact 3 because of this girl:

Even spent on $25 to get her ("thankfully" I can still add funds to my Steam account).
Mindnight Nov 18, 10:23 PM
Yeah Mio seems like a character I would love. Kuudere and blue hair, it’s a wrap.

A rewatch would definitely make me appreciate Kanade more now that I have a firm grasp on my tastes on characters. I have nothing bad to say about Raphtalia, I really like her as a character and seeing her get stronger for Naofumi’s sake is pretty endearing.
Okay when you put it all like that… Hitagi is a pretty awful person. I was more focused on the other girls than her, so I often looked past her actions. I forgot she locked him in that basement lmao. I think she was trying to save his life or something, but even still. She pressured Araragi into being her boyfriend and then spent most of Bakemonogatari terrorizing him. She constantly hurled verbal abuse and even threatened him with bodily harm. She’s lucky that Araragi wasn’t a dubious boy, or he would get away from her abuse and get with Hanekawa instead.
I wasn’t super big on Hitagi since I felt their relationship was pretty rushed. I was more invested in seeing Araragi helping the other girls with their problems. I enjoyed Hanekawa’s arc more than Hitagi’s, it was way more emotional and I really liked Hanekawa’s confession. I’m more invested in Araragi and Shinobu’s dynamic, the Kizumonogatri movies solidified their bond for me.

She was mourning him in the end credits and continued to visit his grave. She never got over him. And now she had to settle with Jean. I’m not a Jean hater, but of all the dudes, why him?
It’s definitely inspired by Code Geass’s ending, where the MC becomes the “villain” and dies in order for his friends to live peaceful lives afterwards. Problem is that Code Geass executed it better and left no loose ends, whereas with AOT’s ending there’s still some loopholes. I also read that Isayama was inspired by Muv-Luv to create AOT. I’m not sure what the similarities are between the 2, but I’m assuming there's some similar themes.
That's true, after they’ve seen just how destructive it was, they wouldn’t want to mess with Paradis. I think Isayama wouldn’t want to go that route since it would seem like Eren is basically like a dictator then if he’s using such powerful beings to get what he wants. But it still accomplishes Eren’s goals of peace.
Yeah it was just so convenient that they stopped after Eren’s death. It would have made more sense for the Colossal Titans to go on a destructive rampage without Eren controlling them anymore.
Yea Mikasa didn’t need to go through that. Mikasa must hold incredible guilt due to what she did, even if it was for the greater good. Ymir stopping Misaka would have made me more interested in her character.
Honestly Ymir comes across as very unappreciated to what Eren has done for her. Eren has done so much for her, but we don’t get any signs of Ymir showing her appreciation for Eren’s sacrifice.

Now that you mention it, I do see that you have AOT ranked highly. AOT season 2 was very good. My favorite AOT season would be season 3. I haven’t seen Usagi Drop, but I heard that the manga’s ending is very horrible and completely ruins the anime.
Yeah even when I wasn’t into anime back then, I saw how popular AOT was in mainstream media. It was nice to finally catch up and watch AOT when S4 was first airing. Overall I wasn’t as big of a fan of AOT as a lot of others are (were), but I still thought very highly of it. I was excited to see how the ending was going to go, then I saw all the negative feedback the manga’s ending got and that got me very worried. All I saw people talk about was how awful the ending was and wishing that the anime would completely change it’s ending. I think Isayama even did an interview apologizing about the ending after seeing the massive negative reaction.

She has an awesome design. The manga cover looks sick, has me interested in her.
Speaking of Fate, have you thought about playing Fate/Samurai Remnant? I haven’t played it myself, but I did see that the majority of people enjoyed it. And since you’re a Fate fan, I was curious about your thoughts on it.
raikagebee Nov 18, 4:05 PM
Oh wow what a slap in the face lol finally gives you a 5 star relatively quickly and its not even one you're interested in, cruel. I've decided to hold off on pulling on these banners for now, even though Okuni and a couple others tempt me a bit. Atm I'm just waiting for the next big servant that I'm super eager to pull for. I guess I don't wanna abuse the incredible luck I've been having in case it runs out when someone amazing shows up lol

I was very happy to see those foreign god hearts in this event shop at last, fully ascended Space Ishtar now. And yeah I must've been looking at the wrong thing or just had a bad assumption for Shuten, shame. Okuni had a bit of a different personality than I was expecting but I like her, she's quite spunky. Glad to be finally learning about Sakamoto and Oryou, feel like I've been in the dark on them despite knowing of them for a while. This event had some more non-summonable servants too, makes you wonder when they're going to be made available.

Well I'll report back on Samurai Remnant once I see more of it, I could see Tamamo Aria being up your alley out of the servants I've seen so far.

Well titans originated because Ymir made contact with that parasitic god thing in that giant ancient tree. So I think what the ending is getting at is that the new giant tree on top of Eren's grave became another nesting place for one of those things (or the same one), and that someone is going to make contact with it and start a new titan cycle (probably the guy with the dog at the end investigating it). So basically Zeke's plan wouldn't have prevented titans from eventually resurfacing in some other manner.

But yeah I can see why the ending was so divisive back when the manga ended, I remember seeing discussions about whether fans thought it was going to be changed for the anime ending or not. What's your thoughts on whether Mikasa got with Jean or not at the end? I prefer to think they didn't tbh, personally never really liked the idea of them as a couple.
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