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Days: 29.4
Mean Score: 6.62
  • Total Entries190
  • Rewatched1
  • Episodes1,930
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Tonari no Totoro
Tonari no Totoro
4 hours ago
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
12 hours ago
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Yesterday, 11:53 PM
Watching 19/24 · Scored 7
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Days: 92.6
Mean Score: 6.55
  • Total Entries98
  • Reread11
  • Chapters8,165
  • Volumes956
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
May 18, 12:37 PM
Reading 228/? · Scored 8
Black Clover
Black Clover
May 18, 12:26 PM
Reading 205/? · Scored 6
May 15, 2:00 PM
Reading 34/? · Scored 7


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Aleczandxr 2 hours ago
It was fine. I've kinda lost interest with the series, basically just going through the motions now. I think it's gone on too long and it's meandered too much in the middle, and that affected my investment.
vegeta8639 2 hours ago
Okay I'll probably just watch the anime then and play the VN if I end up liking purple hair.
vegeta8639 3 hours ago
They have one episode where they win (and then I guess time resets) or they have one episode for their arc but then have no romantic relationship with the protagonist like in Clannad/Kanon/Little Busters?
If it's the latter and no girl wins at the end then I'll watch it.
vegeta8639 11 hours ago
Do I have some special relation to visual novels? In any case it's been on my radar since the anime was announced but now I'm more interested because of the English TL.

"I see you're a man of taste. Misono (purple-haired) is currently my favourite character in the show. "

Yea she's definitely my type in terms of appearance and she has a stoic tag on VNDB which is usually a good sign.

" As for the anime overall I like it a lot. The art direction is very adorable, however they botched the mystery by adding a spoiler at the early parts and one plot element has wasted potential. "

That's all well and good but really I just want to know about the romance. Does any girl actually win in the anime or is it some stupid open ending? I'm not gonna bother watching if purple hair gets cucked and I'll probably just play the VN in that case.
Aleczandxr Yesterday, 4:49 PM
Well I’d be willing to bet that they aren’t praising the anime.
vegeta8639 Yesterday, 4:35 PM
I notice you're watching Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. The English TL for the visual novel recently got released and I want to know whether the anime is worth watching for purple hair or if I should skip it and go straight for the VN. It looks like orange hair is the main girl but I still wanna know what the show format is and how it ends so feel free to spoil it. Most importantly just tell me whether purple hair gets any screen time and whether she gets treated like shit, thanks.
vegeta8639 May 19, 7:05 PM
Lunatic no bomb. It might sound far fetched but if I get decent enough at Marisa and figure out how the fuck to do Kaguya's last spell it should be possible.
vegeta8639 May 19, 5:46 PM
I kinda went crazy and cleared both normal and Extra with each shot type. I'm done for tonight but that's Len'en 2 cleared. Not sure what to do next. Maybe do Len'en 3 or actually start work on an IN LNB.
vegeta8639 May 19, 3:04 PM
I actually just beat it with one of the shot types which unlocked the last shot type for normal mode so I'm doing that now.
vegeta8639 May 19, 1:07 PM
Yea Len'en 2 Extra stage. I've finally figured out how to dodge those gay non spells so now I can actually play it.
vegeta8639 May 19, 12:33 PM
That's Ran's spell card with the swastikas right? You should be able to tell visually when the switch is about to take place even if there's no sound.
You also collect a bunch of cherry items right before the switch so that can be your sign worst case. Or just remember the positioning you had when the switch changes in terms of the red one. If you start at the bottom, you will make a full circle and it will end after you pass the top halfway through the second one.
literaturenerd May 18, 3:24 PM
At some point. I have Persona 1 as part of the PS classic!
vegeta8639 May 18, 2:27 PM
I think one of the main reasons SA is so hard initially is because most of the bombs don't do much damage (if any) so you can't just insta bomb spell cards you don't like and move on. Bombing also drains your power instead of wasting a bomb so if you rely on them, not only will you not even get rid of the spell card but you'll also be low power for the rest of the card or whatever's coming next.
MoF has the same bomb mechanic but there the bombs basically insta kill every spell card so you can abuse them all you want and 1CC easy.
SA also has some really annoying/difficult stage sections so watch out for that. Also the bullshit cat on stage 5. Here's a tip, TIME OUT IT'S SECOND SPELL and that way you don't even have to face the 3rd one. If you do face the 3rd one, that's gonna cost you 2-3 bombs at least and probably way more if you're low on power to begin with.
vegeta8639 May 18, 1:13 PM
It probably feels easier because you've improved after all the Extra stage grinding especially if you're playing the other games on normal. I had the exact same feeling after playing LoLK for weeks trying to clear it with Reimu and eventually Marisa (she is garbage in that game). After that I casually 1CC-ed Lunatic on IN with Youmu/Yuyuko in a few tries. So basically LoLK normal=any other game Lunatic.

But 12 is UFO so you're telling me you've beaten SA but can't beat UFO? When I was starting out I played them in order and then got stuck at SA thinking it was fucking impossible even though I'd already beaten 2-10 by then. Obviously I got good enough to beat it eventually then when I moved onto UFO I was thinking "Thank fucking Christ this game is normal" and I managed to beat it fairly quickly at least with the good shot types. I can only assume you haven't played SA and if that's the case, enjoy UFO while you can.
On another note, I did end up 1CC-ing IN Lunatic with all shot types because why not. After I got done I did it again with Ghost team and it was piss easy. I legit had 6 lives 1 bomb by the time I reached Kaguya. I would definitely NB this if Marisa wasn't so fucking broken. Well I guess I could just practice her a bunch.
Aleczandxr May 16, 2:17 PM
It’s okay. Still a nicely woven story and I love Hyakkimaru and Dororo’s relationship, but it’s lost a bit of steam and direction for me a tad. Just doesn’t seem as interesting as the first half or so was anymore.