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Kakushigoto (TV)
Kakushigoto (TV)
Yesterday, 10:29 AM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 8
May 28, 7:04 AM
Watching 20/24 · Scored 7
School Rumble Ni Gakki
School Rumble Ni Gakki
May 27, 3:34 AM
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Senryuu Shoujo
Senryuu Shoujo
Yesterday, 3:38 AM
Reading 165/? · Scored 7
Hen na Chishiki ni Kuwashii Kanojo Takayukashiki Souko-san
Hen na Chishiki ni Kuwashii Kanojo Takayukashiki Souko-san
Yesterday, 3:37 AM
Reading 23/? · Scored 7
Chicchai Kanojo Senpai ga Kawaisugiru.
Chicchai Kanojo Senpai ga Kawaisugiru.
Yesterday, 3:37 AM
Reading 6/10 · Scored 7


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vegeta8639 Yesterday, 6:36 AM
Welp I stand corrected
The only thing I've seen from that studio is Zankyou no Terror and the visuals in that were top tier. Especially those building demolition scenes which might come into play in the final AoT season from what I've heard. The PV also looks decent enough so for now I'll remain cautiously optimistic. But lol at the scene with the mindless titans falling from the sky. I can only imagine it's Beast Titan's power doing that or maybe they're injecting people with the titan juice inside a plane then tossing them down.
Pikmin404 May 24, 12:09 AM
There's also this picture. The size is too small width size so I hope this is better for you.
Pikmin404 May 23, 1:25 AM
Next time I'll get one from both Byakuren and Miko.

Found it.
Pikmin404 May 22, 11:50 PM
Before I go into that, apparently Touhou 10, 11, and 12 are going to be released on Steam soon. What makes this noteworthy is that ZUN lost the source codes for these games, meaning he was unable to resell those games ever since.
Pikmin404 May 20, 11:09 AM
I should update my Touhou tier list soon, I found a good website to do it. This time I'll do a thorough ranking. Be prepared to see a lot of jumps and drops.

I finally found some amazing phone wallpapers after a long time.
Pikmin404 May 19, 4:45 PM
I need to go check.

I'm surprised you remembered that. Hatate is superior in my opinion.
Pikmin404 May 16, 1:16 PM
Why? I think she's a great protagonist/character.
vegeta8639 May 16, 11:52 AM
Play the second game then say that.
vegeta8639 May 13, 8:34 PM
*Dum* *Dum* *Dum* Red Riding Hood has arrived.
Pikmin404 May 13, 1:39 AM
It's the truth. When it comes to making spellcards (AKA the bullet pattern and aesthetics), ZUN had always makes them as unique and fun to dodge as possible ever since probably the PC-98 games. But for this game, the bullets were generic and perhaps I'll even say unimaginative on an otherwise innovative series. To make it clear, each character have only one set of bullet patterns, for the entire game, while the differences in the phases is that another character will team up with that character. There is SO much potential for this game but ZUN did not delivered. At least the music's good however, I despised on how you teleport in that game.

I'll even say that it's the worst game in the franchise. It's an okay game on it's own. Sumireko's bullet hell debut was undeservedly bad. I still wish Clownpiece was playable in WBaWC.
Pikmin404 May 12, 7:34 PM
This pretty much ruins the plot for what the (western) fandom agrees, the worst decimal numbered Touhou game, so I can't tell you it if you really wanna play it.
Pikmin404 May 10, 9:22 AM
I can't deny the last statement as much as it hurts (laughs). I guess I should start being a better person to Reimu. (saying it like that sounds like she exist) At least she isn't Okina, who is nice but an actual asshole, considering what she did in 16.5. I should update my tier list as well to reflect that.

What you said on the fanon part is true as well. I guess I should be more open to fanon ideas (but not by that much, because of what you did about our Reimu). Lost Word is still a good game from what I played. There's no sprites for the protagonist. It's just mentioned that she's female.

Anyway, enough of my self-depreciation and look at this epic photo of Daiyousei that's not photoshopped from Lost Word. She's just jumped two tiers thanks to this.

Pikmin404 May 9, 2:23 PM
Apologies if I gave too much words to look into when it comes to the Lost Word first impressions. Knowing your current login pattern, I don't think you have any time to read such a review. Also, I've been mean to the Touhou fandom in general, while some of the stuff I said hold true, I do believe everyone can hold their own creative perspective into the franchise. It's what made Touhou well Touhou.

But I do say, Lost Word is the first game where I feel Reimu kindness thanks to the perspective of the avatar character, which is confirmed to be female by the way. It was weird when I put my real name only to discover from Discord that the avatar character is always female. I guess now I know what it feels like when a girl plays the Persona games. If you didn't know, when it comes to judging characters, I kinda judge how well I'll fare to that character if I ever met them in real life. Knowing how notorious Reimu is as jerkass and her reputation as a "cheater" in life, my opinion of Reimu is not nice to put it lightly as do most of the characters in the series. It's not just Lost Word but it was the game that finally open my eyes that with that logic, it's either that everyone is a shitty person or I am a shitty person. Everyone has a character flaw and sticking to that person despite that flaw is what makes a true friend, like Marisa.

I don't know why it took a silly smartphone game with collecting uber powerful girls to make me realize that, but it did. Writing this makes me feel like a shitty person. I hope I don't forget this feeling.
Pikmin404 May 5, 6:11 PM
To be honest with you, back when this game was first revealed in July, I was expecting it to fail miserably, because I was unsatisfied with how the fandom used the Touhou franchise. While I'm thankful that the fandom was responsible for Touhou's massive popularity in the first place and I agree that people can express their freedom into the series without messing with the canon, some of the stuff the fans made were usually unappealing to me. Also there are some of the speculations and generally conceded fanon that I very much disagree with, and the brunt of that misconception are the character personalities. The person who had it the worst is Kaguya. Kaguya is a interesting character with a rather good backstory, unique powers, and a very solid design. But what about her personality you might ask. Well her personality is okay, if a little lacking because of her lack of screen time or impact compared to her more popular subordinates. But for the fandom, you can just throw that all away and make her into a useless NEET that needs to be rescued all the time. I don't really want the fandom to always write what I think what characters needs to do, but it just didn't sit well for me when they deviate from their identities. Reimu get this too funnily enough, as despite me believing she's always some sort of asshole, Reimu is actually a naive girl who's thrusted to be in a highly responsible position at a young age who just want to get some 💰 so she can sustain herself. Unfortunately, for Kaguya's case, it seems that her fanon personality has been referenced by a soundtrack for Lost Word, assuming of what I already saw her in story mode hasn't solidify it. Knowing how greedy corporates work, I thought Lost Word was just a quick cash grab at the Touhou series, just to milk the franchise and spit on it's legacy. The big no-no I got from the teaser was Good Smile Company was helping working on it. You know the figurine company. I wouldn't want my series to have a mobile game from Hasbro, instead of Cygames or Niantic. It didn't help when comparing to Cannonball, which has a unique gameplay style. Also I was already having problem with my nitpickings I had with some of their choices. I was hype for it, but I was almost sure it was going to be an embarrassment to the series, not counting fan content because I think we already hit that achievement. So the question is did I like it.

I actually do.

Lost Word is actually enjoyable to play. The gameplay is actively challenging you to use strategy and the visuals are just too beautiful. The story's pretty alright with some justifications to why these uber individuals can't end the plot in an instant. You are isekai'd to Gensokyo where you follow Reimu and Marisa only to find out that you're the cause of the latest incident so now it's up to you to "save" Gensokyo from it's "peril". From what I can gather it's actually a good game and I'm surprisingly excited to see what I can do with this game.

For my first impression score, I'll give it a 7 maybe 8/10. It may change over time though.
vegeta8639 May 5, 12:41 PM
Welp okay I guess. Btw you're missing a 10th character.