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Salokannel2 Nov 5, 5:45 AM
Okay so I kinda know what Im watching next.
It's been a long while so I decided that I want to do some challenges from Anime Watching Challenges Club.

I don't yet have any exact anime in mind (other than the four that I just started) but I will be selecting my next anime based on these:

Salokannel2 Nov 4, 11:48 AM
you are dead in my eyes now.

>trolled with asobi asobase
bruh, even more than you think because before I started watching the show, I checked the manga page on MAL and it had this sweet cover and the genre tags had DRAMA

Salokannel2 Nov 4, 10:12 AM
I also love how the opening song in Asobi Asobase literally trolled me in episode 1 by having the girls sing a soft song and being all happy and even shedding some tears in the opening. I thought I was in for a emotional SoL drama with some comedy. Boy was I wrong.. xDD
Salokannel2 Nov 4, 10:11 AM
I really loved grand blue first 2 episodes, It's definitely up on my list of anime to watch next or soon-ish.

>asobi asobase
I mean you can probably tell but I have Maeda in my favorite characters right now. That should already say that I freaking loved the show.

>slime animu
yeah I know it's 2 cour so I wont start it until it's finished or close to finishing

nopety nope nope.
I have given S;G 10/10 but for some reason I have no interest at the moment to watch S;G0..?
Why is that?! Help?! Is it because I watched S;G so long ago that the hype has worn off or what?
I have to do something about this, maybe watch tutturuu 10h or something.

Welp, I dont think I'll be starting any new anime tonight at least. Im currently having a headache and am in tears because I just finished rewatching Chimera Ant arc with a reactor for the 10th time. I actually watched both 131 and 135 tonight so currently emotionally very compromised😂😂
Salokannel2 Nov 4, 6:39 AM
from summer
Asobi Asobase
Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro
Isekai Maou
Overlord III
Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san

I started 12 others but then I kinda purged my watching list so just those 5 above xD
Salokannel2 Nov 4, 3:17 AM
sorry to ruin your daydreaming but I won't forget those animals for forever, because I might want to pick them up at some point in the future

>new animals
there's this bunny
then there's this fantasy animal called goblin
and then there's this fantasy animal thing called slime

okay maybe Im not quite starting this season stuff yet. But hmm, Im still thinking of what to start next, I'll inform u later on my plans!
Salokannel2 Nov 4, 2:35 AM
Something drastic might have happened to my currently watching list 👀

technicalities aside, I wanted to finish all the shows I was watching and start new stuff.
by deleting the shows I was watching from my list and by saying that when I start watching them again, I will start from the beginning allows me to bypass my stupid rule of finishing the old shows before starting anything new ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
the shows are not dropped nor am I watching them nor are they on-hold. I haven't even started the shows. By thinking it that way I can delete them from my list altogether without any consent.
Does this stupid idea seem stupid or what? xD

Salokannel2 Nov 4, 12:00 AM
Fake news, that's just my 🅱️enis when I once took it out.
Guess the satellite happened to film it.
Salokannel2 Nov 3, 9:01 PM
oh yeah u finished BnHA s3 right?

I was watching a reaction from Semblance of Sanity to it and they immediately drew a connection.
Do you think that in ep 24/25 when they introduced "the big three", the top 3 students of U.A, was Horikoshi (the author) making a meta joke about Shounen Jump.
BnHA is considered to be in the next big three and this is a journey for deku to become the best. So them introducing "the big three" was kinda saying how Deku and BnHA will pass the big three a.k.a Naruto Bleach and One Piece.
Or was it just that Horikoshi thought that "the big three" sounded cool and just used it for that reason?
Salokannel2 Nov 3, 10:57 AM
Oh no no no, it's not a delicate issue at all. I mean sure they might have yelled at me but there was never any domestic violence or anything bad like that.
It's more like that I found it to be obnoxious most of the time but there were also few good times while hanging around as a family when they were drunk.

I don't think there's any topic in this world that would be a "land mine" for me. I think I have lived a life so happy and carefree that the amount of times I've gotten into an argument with my family or friends can be counted with fingers.
I get along with people well and have fun almost always. I don't think I've ever really cried because I've had "bad time" with my family and the only times when I cry is when I watch a good anime and it makes me cry xD
Salokannel2 Nov 3, 9:06 AM
Hmm I guess one of the big points why I haven't decided to drink yet is because my parents are real hard drinkers and when I was little they were really really drunk every other night so I guess I kinda started seeing it in a bad light.
Ya know, a little kid sees that adults drink this one thing, next thing you know they are loud and obnoxious and unruly, or just more unrestrained with their feelings and actions. Puts ya kinda off.

Well, that's what kinda happened every day and is still continuing. Of course, I am older and know better that just my parents alone are a poor comparsion because alcohol effects people differently and of course I know that it can be very good thing to have a drink or two. I know the good and positive stuff now and they are not shadowed at all by all my own experiences as a kid.
Still, I choose to not drink at all. Maybe it's just me being stubborn and trying to stick to something I decided a long time ago or maybe I am right and alcohol just wouldnt suit me because I cant see myself really ever drinking lol xD
Salokannel2 Nov 3, 6:03 AM
my food example could very well be adapted to candies as well, I dunno. I might have had a rum filled candy at some point but I don't really have a clear memory of such thing happening because as long as I remember, I've avoided anything that has alcohol in it lol xd

Yeah I believe that you're no drunk and it doesnt matter even if you were, I'm not trying to hate on that xD Even some of my friends are huge drunks lol.
By having a drink with friend and it doing wonders, do you mean that alcohol helps you relax and open up a bit so you can have fun and usually you forget your worries while drinking because you associate it with having fun and that usually means not worrying about unneccessary things about the situation?
Yeah, I agree with that kinda mindset. Alcohol is indeed good in those situations. It can relieve stress and usually having a drink or two with good company makes your day much better and you'll have fun.
For me, I don't think I need alcohol for that purpose. For starters, I rarely stress about anything and I'm not really the type of person to celebrate at all. I like having company but I dislike being in big groups.
Hanging out at friends place playing video games is good enough for me.
For my friends, taking a beer or two in these situations can make their mood even better but I'm fine without. I'll rather take soda instead or something x)
Salokannel2 Nov 3, 4:14 AM
Nah no u won't.
Outside of some foods possibly that could use wine to add flavor (although Im pretty sure I've never had food or such with wine flavoring) I have never in my life tasted alcohol in any form.
I have never tasted alcohol. I have never tried drugs. I have never tried smoking. And I have no intention either.
It's not that I deny them as a whole, but I haven't seen the need to try them out. If I'm not forced, I probably will not try them never in my life lol.
Salokannel2 Nov 2, 2:08 PM
at the closest "bar" from my house, a 0,5 long drink costs 5€, I cant even think how much the booze costs (I guess something along the lines you said right there, I wouldnt know since I have never bought alcohol lol)
Salokannel2 Nov 2, 12:45 PM
I watch this one estonian youtuber and he made an interesting comment.
So we finnish people all travel to estonia to buy alcohol there because it's so cheap but then the estonian guy made a comment about that how finnish people come to Tallinn or some other nearby cities by boat to buy alcohol but apparently estonian people do the same and go down one country and go buy their alcohol from latvia.
Is this true, can u confirm?