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Salokannel2 Jan 16, 9:18 AM
lol white fox

Salokannel2 Jan 16, 8:54 AM
rip overlord II just 13 eps :/
Salokannel2 Jan 16, 7:34 AM
No no, I'll be lurking around daily. I mean I just have to drop my anime watching spree for a while. I'll keep up with seasonals and have my MAL open so I can read forums when the game is in load screen but I'm mostly focused on Fate/GO for a while now xd
Salokannel2 Jan 15, 4:12 PM

I succesfully downloaded Fate/Grand Order! And it works!!

Brb in ten years~
Salokannel2 Jan 15, 10:23 AM
Salokannel2 Jan 15, 10:06 AM
Well to begin with, I didn't really dislike anything.
What I liked was, like u said
u kinda learnt how they lived n sht during the war.

The peaceful daily life was kinda fun to see.
I also liked how they blushed when they were seen kissing xd

"This movie is about WAR, WHAT ELSE DO U EXPECT??"

YES! this is what I was thinking but didn't know how to put it in words xd
More than sad, that is what I meant!
Salokannel2 Jan 15, 8:33 AM
So I don't think I'll be watching Hotaru no Haka since it seems to be about WWII also.
I don't like sad things that much.
Salokannel2 Jan 15, 8:29 AM
Okay, to defend myself a bit..
I don't think Kono Sekai is bad at all, in fact I think it's amazing at doing what it tries to do. It's super realistic and sad. It nails doesn't have any bad scene or moment imo but I think I'm just not that fond of sad and realistic stuff.
I'll give it credit and praise for how well it does the things and topics it tackles, no doubt there. But like, it felt a bit boring to be honest.
It was cool that I learned what kind of life people lived during those times but that's about it. Not just my type of movie I guess?
Salokannel2 Jan 15, 6:58 AM
I feel like Kono Sekai is the most anti-shaft product I've ever seen
Just look at this for example!

now compare that to this

Suzu has like her head tilted in the opposite direction like 95% of the time, what the hell xd
Is this some kind of protest towards shaft?!
I know Anohana isn't by shaft, but for some reason it is still in this pic¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Salokannel2 Jan 14, 7:39 PM
guess I'll do this before u go to hiatus

well, at some point today. Not right now
Salokannel2 Jan 14, 5:45 PM
>Final Arc
>Serious arc
>lotsa action and serious stuff
>ep 343 (this week's ep)
>makes the whole episode about shitting one's pants
>still feels epic

I dunno but I feel like gintama succesfully made a whole episode based on a poop joke and it somehow worked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
DarklordVor Jan 14, 5:16 PM
Yup! Pretty much the ones that truly deserves anime adaptation!

2018 is also a great year because of One Punch Man 2, Date A Live 3, the recently aired Karakai Jouzu no Takagi san, Steins;Gate 0 (although it seems that S;G is not your thing), but yeah! It's shaping up to be a great year.
Salokannel2 Jan 14, 11:42 AM
Illyricus Jan 14, 11:34 AM
Well, that may motivate you to see the greatness that Kizu movies are xD
Salokannel2 Jan 14, 11:24 AM