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Salokannel2 8 hours ago
oh yeah I remember that xD
tho I have no idea what the name was anymore, I just randomly found it lol.
Salokannel2 11 hours ago
Yes I know cuphead tho havent played it.
But yeah, people really like to take things to the extreme.
I think my first contact was when I first started watching porn and then on side of a porn site was an ad featuring simpsons smut or something. I think I was 12 or 13 at this point. From that point on, I realized that everything can and most likely will be sexualized because why not.
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 10:58 PM
Okay maybe bible isn't the best example because it contains a lot of content that is sexual, weird and evil lol. But my point was that people on the net are able to ruin anything sweet and good and pure, and then twist it.
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 10:56 PM
Yeah, after a decade or more on the internet, I should probably know not to underestimate people on the net.
Everything and anything is possible. It doesn't matter if we are talking about Winnie the Pooh or Bible.. People here will turn and twist those things to be evil and sexual and weird. Anything is possible.
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 10:29 PM
Well obiviously not since the image was taken down.
but it was about Hataraku Saibou, right? I guess I should watch ep 2 today then.

But if there was no dog nor fellatio, what was that comment about then? xD
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 9:58 PM
oh no wait, I get it now.
Cell as in a human's cell, not prison.. Gotcha.
So Hataraku Saibou, this season's animu.
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 9:57 PM
or maybe Kangoku Senkan in this case because the comments talk about fellatio?
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 9:56 PM
Cell anime?
You mean Nanbaka or Prison School? Wait, I'm also curious about those comments in that thread.. Something about giving a fellatio to a dog..?!?
I'm more confused than ever..
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 5:35 PM
>minami-ke, yuru yuri
but those are good comedies tho :/
oh yeah Daily Lives of High School Boys never got a second season either, we can forget these getting any more as well.

>has released anime 2

>I cried
reddit post 4 hours ago, robiiii sent the post to me 5h ago hmmmm
but yeah as you can see in the first link, img deleted, can't see shit.
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 8:55 AM
and yuru yuri and minami-ke pls but then again no-one watches those xD
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 8:55 AM
and with more S&W material, now the only real thing we need is just NGNL s2 announcement.
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 8:52 AM
and with the VR project, they'll also release a movie version that doesn't require vr equipment

>slow fate release
yeah I mean Heaven's Feel
part 1 2017, part 2 this year, part 3 probably next year, which would mean that earliest we get to see fate/hollow would be late 2019 or like you said, 2020/2021.

Salokannel2 Yesterday, 6:23 AM
god damnit, just went through Fate/Zero 2nd Season ep 6 (Kiritsugu backstory) for the 4th time and my eyes still get watery over the airplane scene ;_;

fun fact that I just learned from one of the youtube comments;
in that ep, Kiritsugu and Natalia (the woman who raised Kiritsugu to become a killer) talk about how Natalia really is like her mother that Kiritsugu never had. And as they have that conversation, Kiritsugu has to kill her for the greater good.

That fucking episode actually aired on Mothers Day. What the hell, that's so cruel xD
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 5:44 AM
yup yup.. xd

but pls I was an expert before I even started watching animu..
I knew the words sayonara and sudoku plus I played osu! (these two are 100% of your expertise in japanese culture and animu knowledge)
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 1:20 AM
Hmmm well part of my 10/10's increasing has been due to the rewatches. I've rewatched a show and raised its score by 1 or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I could and probably would get over 100 10's if I tried to rescore my animu 🤔