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Salokannel2 Jan 17, 9:01 AM

edit: for fuck's sake I give up I can't get the gif to show up
maybe because it's 90Mb and MAL doesnt want to process it
so here, just have the link instead xd
Salokannel2 Jan 17, 7:37 AM
oh yeah have you been up to date with january memes?
this sasuke thing has been quite heavily memed in discord at least.

here's few of them

and here's few that I made (the first one is one reactor I watch)
Salokannel2 Jan 17, 2:33 AM
run while you can, the men in black are coming

Hmm well I am hardcore looking into my dropped list to see if I want to start any of the series from there right now.
Other than that, no not really. Conan and reactions should keep me busy enough for a while. I dunno.. I do have some series downloaded tho so if Im gonna start anything, it's probably those.
Those series being;
few seasonals from Fall Season
Nagi no Asukara
Hanasaku Iroha

oh yeah I also have almost finished Shingeki no Bahamut, so I'll probs be finishing that too soon-ish. It's pretty interesting and well animated and it's a straight up my type of fantasy. The only drawback is that I don't really enjoy the character designs there xD
Salokannel2 Jan 16, 6:27 AM
>is that our conversation
Salokannel2 Jan 16, 3:15 AM
the fact that I got myself a rainbow keyboard is proof enough 😎

Salokannel2 Jan 15, 12:46 PM
>are u not bothered

>imperfect child
excuse me, but I am very much perfect. Thank you very much.
Salokannel2 Jan 14, 1:24 PM
who knows, if it becomes like one of my new favorites, I may just even binge it all nonstop until Im caught up xd

for now, I definitely find it interesting and intrguing. They do have a format per episode usually but there's this background story that's pretty interesting and makes me want to watch more with it
Salokannel2 Jan 14, 1:21 PM
also, detective conan is pretty cool

I have 3 months before the winter season is over so I think I can watch quite a bit of conan during that time
I am bad at keeping promises and as such this will sound quite vague, but I think I can do about 200-600 episodes of conan in 3 months (yes very accurate thank you very much)
Salokannel2 Jan 14, 1:17 PM
>jojo 2027
seems about right

>newly acclaimed power
(yes very cool)
I dunno, it helps that youtube videos dont buffer all the time so that saves time I guess xd
Salokannel2 Jan 14, 5:04 AM
Got a new internet connection and I'm rocking good.

my last download speed should have been 100Mb/s (well at MAX anyway) but since I live in a quite remote location it was around 300Kb/s (so 0,3Mb/s) and usually even worse than that.
Now that I changed to another internet provider, I still have the deal of 100Mb/s, but since it's quite rare to get the MAX Mb/s to work it usually gives a slower connection and download speed. But Im very happy since my download speed is now 35-40Mb/s. That's literally 100 times better than it was before xd
Salokannel2 Jan 12, 8:14 AM
ye, I changed my internet provider and it's still shit.
Now I changed it for the third time and a new one should activate in 2 days, hope that one will be better lol xd
Salokannel2 Jan 6, 12:34 PM
still part 3, the second half of it lel

>play overwatch
well not really, every once in a while I visit the game and do one or two matches but atm I dont really have any games I play every day
except FGO daily login bonus farming
Salokannel2 Jan 6, 6:51 AM
Yeah so I actually on the very same day that I sent that to u went to change my internet provider kinda.

U see, Im currently (or for quite a while now have been) using my phone as a hotspot and share internet connection from it to my pc. It's hasn't been bothering me that much but it kinda gets annoying when your internet goes out every 2h because your phone loses it's connection bars and/or the reception is really bad so it takes forever to open pages on internet etc.
So I went and visited the closest shop of my phone's operator or subscription company or whatever u call it and they checked it and gave me a new subscription that's cheaper and should have better internet.

Well that happened and 4th of Jan it activated (yeah there's apparently a week long activation period or something..?).
But as you might have guessed by this point, no luck. Still bad connection. I had a 4G connection but it was like 2 bars out of 5 connectionwise. So the very same day I went to the phone shop thingy again changed my subscription completely to another provider. That will activate on 11th of Jan so I'll have to live with bad internet connection till that lol.
My internet speed should be limitless 100Mb/s but when I do it gives me 1-1,5Mb/s download and 0,5-1,5Mb/s upload.
Okay well that in itself should be enough as it takes about 700Kb/s-1Mb/s to run a 1080p video without buffering or something (I dunno the exact number so I might be a bit off) but when I try to play YT vids, I could only play them at 480p maximum. When I download stuff from torrent, my download is Max 500Kb/s but usually it's under 100Kb/s.
When I play Overwatch my ping used to be around 60ms but now it's a steady 100ms and jumps to something stupidly crazy like 500ms every once in a while making it impossible for me to play FPS games
(60ms = 60 milli seconds delay on screen compared to what happens in game) (but u probably already know this lol)
Salokannel2 Jan 4, 4:19 AM
Happy midsummer's eve and merry easter!!

ummh so yeah I've been struggling with internet a lot lately. My download speed is at 25Kb/s on average (basically it takes me around 6h to download a 1Gb sized episode and I really struggle to even refresh pages on MAL).
Hopefully that'll change soon, I dunno xd

So what little has happened;
-I put the stuff that I have started but never finished to my dropped list for now. Doesn't really mean I dropped said shows because over time I think I want to watch most of the stuff there but we'll see how that goes over the years lol.
-Pewds 2018 rewind but it's actually good was actually good.
-I'm still doing seasonal animus so that'll take a while
-Christmas was fun I guess also, I got tokyo ghoul manga vol. 7 (that's around the finale of s1) and also Ancient Magus' Bride vol. 2 which I was missing.
-I've been quite active on discord servers
-I've cut back watching anime reactors quite a bit but as a result of that new free time, I just laze around doing nothing or just watching YT vids
-I thought I'd actually do proper new year's resolutions for the first time.
It's something fairly simple but I think it's a good thing for me lol: Finish the stuff that you start.
this is not just related to anime I start (altho that was the main reason lol) but also applies to irl stuff xD
I even took an A3 paper, drew those words with a black marker and put that up on my rooms wall

other than that, I've just been doing the usual stuff xd
I slept through when the year changed, so that happened I guess.
Salokannel2 Dec 18, 2018 2:07 PM
u can push back pandora hearts and WAIT YOU HAVENT SEEN TOKYO GHOUL? Okay I thought you had seen it a long time ago lol
well, u can push back tokyo ghoul also. I dunno what u want to do with jojo but the second season of stardust crusaders is better than the first one, so there's that.
I dunno if I want to say this, but maybe cut UzaMaid back too. It's a funny anime and I really like it but there's not too much going on xd
I'm sure you'll like it quite a bit but it can wait (unless you have a craving for it right now because you've heard some scene u might like appears there I dunno lol)

sum names for animu I guess;

Eastern Cartoons
Mom I swear it's not porn (okay maybe sometimes)
Otou-san yameteeee (or maybe just yamete *is to be said like hentai voice actressess*)
High Quality Pixels
Anime room tour (ART for short, no need to ever use the full name, just the acronym)
The Real Cartoons