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Salokannel2 Apr 15, 11:29 PM
btw, Girls und Panzer movie is the longest movie thingy. It has 6 episodes even though it's tagged as a movie

before GaruPan I only knew of two movies that had more than 1 "episode" marked on them, 5 cm per second (3 episodes) and Gintama: Yorinuki Gintama-san (2 episodes)

but there are few that exceed Garupan in episode count but almost all other movies that have more than 1 episode are some kind of shorts.
(copy the whole link, it doesn't make it a proper hyperlink because of the [ and ] things)[0]=a&c[1]=b&c[2]=c&c[3]=f&gx=0&o=4&w=1

Only Gintama: Yorinuki Gintama-san and some recap movie of some random 70's series are full length feature films.
GaruPan movies are only 47 minutes per ep.
Skittles Apr 14, 2:54 PM
Thanks for all the recommendations! Sorry late reply again, been really busy :(

Takagi-san is what interests me the most from all of them, especially cause she's voiced by Rie Takahashi 8) I've only watched a few episodes of it so far, but I'll get to more when I find the time.

Most people actually recommended me to watch A Place Further than the Universe, which doesn't seem to be on your list.

Now that the season pretty much ended, what's your top pick?
HaXXspetten Apr 12, 10:52 AM
This is just late translations so no, more like once per week right now. These chapters are very quick to read anyway
HaXXspetten Apr 12, 8:02 AM
The original isn't quite fully scanlated yet so I can't answer that, but hopefully~
HaXXspetten Apr 12, 7:36 AM
I mean it was a sequel to a story that already felt kinda fully explored so I wasn't expecting it to be able to last too many volumes. Seemed more like a bonus than anything else
Salokannel2 Apr 12, 5:23 AM

asdf at ep 5 already and still no dejavu :/
Salokannel2 Apr 12, 4:34 AM
Nah I'm a clean man.
Instead of weed, we do have two saunas there 😏

Why two saunas? Well, WHY NOT!
Salokannel2 Apr 12, 3:08 AM
nah I'm alive I think
Just came back from my familys summer cottage
HaXXspetten Apr 11, 10:45 AM
Not that surprising tbh
Salokannel2 Apr 11, 1:13 AM
yep seen that alright :p
first I was like "oh it looks like a slice of life comedy",
Then I went to see genre tags and I was like NANI?!
and the shoujo-ai tag was like "OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU"
then there was the laser scream noise and I was already sold on this upcoming animu!
Salokannel2 Apr 10, 5:39 PM
but.. but.. YOU'RE SO CLOSE TO 500 COMPLETIONS ;_;
so when r u gonna start your little vacation from animu?

Ah so that's the story~
I've had the same trouble with Shinsekai Yori & Kyoukai no Kanata. I've tried starting both 3 times and always have watched the first 3 episodes and then stopped xd
Shnsekai Yori feels a bit weird so I'm not so worried about that but I actually liked the first 3 episodes of Kyoukai no Kanata so how the hell have I not watched it further than 3 episodes?! Pls tell me the answer

Salokannel2 Apr 10, 7:22 AM
pls don't confirm 0 watching anime.. there's always anime to watch!
just watch some random dank shit like ummhh... gangsta. or kanokon or Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (I just checked and you're almost the only one out of my friends who hasn't seen this)

yeah it kinda lost it's magic but if you say it redeemed itself a bit at the end, then that's good!
still at ep 19

Salokannel2 Apr 10, 6:33 AM
no u