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Plutia 2 hours ago
> tfw it's just Special Episode..
Plutia 2 hours ago
We gonna see Megumin crazy family.. <3
Salokannel2 3 hours ago
Left, why the fck r u leaving left out?

Nah you're not dreaming. It's just a pure lie. A pure, filthy lie.
First we get a new Gintama announce, then Seven Deadly Sins and now Konosuba. Toptier.
Salokannel2 6 hours ago
D-did we do it daddy?
Mah body is ready, bring it on.
Skittles 6 hours ago
I saw Taizai's first episode (not the one in your favorites btw, the one with the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) girls) and goddamn it's actually bad. Should've listened to you back then lol. Not even the super hawt grills could've saved the show :(
Gator Yesterday, 11:41 PM
If it helps, I'm not sure how to approache that whole "get to know more girls" either... it always seems to end in failure anyway :<
And stuff like Tinder is just pure cancer lol

I guess that means there isn't then xD
B-But it is, people cringe so easily these days it's great :D
Gator Yesterday, 7:52 AM
I only watch a few of their videos in my abobox, most of their stuff is boring :3
Eeeh, I feel you there. Most of the time I hit on someone in the gym the answer was "I don't think my boyfriend would want me to give you my number" T_T

Is there such a thing when it comes to you? :o
Why? It's funny when people cringe at the most insignificatn things :3
Gator Yesterday, 5:51 AM
Surely you know the biggest REACT-Channel on Youtube? FineBros or something who looks so smug :3
Why not, you think you'd get more bitches as a bad boy? :o

I'm not gay though O_O But I do have crippling depression.
Good, I enjoy making people cringe for no reason :3
Gator Yesterday, 3:29 AM
What? They are pretty fun, especially the laughing challenges since they never make me laugh :3
So you're a bad boy? :o

MAL can't handle my dankness it seems :3
Gator Yesterday, 12:17 AM
I only know that one from some reaction video on Youtube, it's quite stupid tbh
Which unfortunately isn't even the worst attitude these days xD

"He brings filth to the table", what does that even mean? Haven't I told you already that I'm not that much into his videos? Of course I haven't seen that much of him :P
Salokannel2 Jul 23, 1:19 PM
I'unno which ones I've seen lol. But I don't remember watching Ice Age movies in quite a while so it's possible I haven't seen it yet^
Salokannel2 Jul 22, 4:34 PM
Yh Hajime no Ippo is like almost 200 chapters further than conan lol. And One Piece is gonna getto 1k chapters in like 130 weeks also, so 2 years & 3/4 of a year. Lul.
Salokannel2 Jul 22, 1:51 AM
hi Im back from the dead temporarily

If this still is accurate then they could afford to do something like 6x30min OVA's

also another random extra info: Detective Conan manga is gonna hit 1k chapters next chapter (in two weeks since there's a 1 week break?)
Gator Jul 21, 4:54 AM
Bro... get your meme facts right :P
These youngsters nowadays are so quick to call everything fake news... :<

Your explanation what Frank does seems kinda... imprecise though. Though I guess he's just offensive to everybody? :3
Gator Jul 21, 3:44 AM
Because it just doesn't seem like English from the way you write it, just like "Bih" xD
Of course I knew about it for a long time now, baka. Just mentioned it because it's in the video :P

Though... what exactly is it they do? O_O
So it's not your answer to everything on Monday? That's... interesting. And weird.