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Salokannel2 10 minutes ago
though too bad u can't look for 2 genres at the same time like that
Salokannel2 13 minutes ago
Awesome, now I can finally sort my list and search for like something based on their tags because I've been thinking of writing to the "tags" part their actual genre tags.
Salokannel2 28 minutes ago
oh wow naisu!! lemme try that out real quick
Salokannel2 2 hours ago
Out of those four before I thought that either Hotarubi no Mori e or Fate/Zero would be probably most up my alley (I've already seen 2 first eps of Isekai food anime and well eh it was okay I guess)

but now that I've started F/Z, it is easily the best out of them. so far a smooth 9/10
I've actually seen 3 first eps of F/SN: UBW but then realized that nope that's not where Im supposed to start so stopped and now 2 years later started from Fate/Zero
maybe I should've watched Fate/stay night from Deen first cause it came out earlier but then again this is kinda a prequel to it so yeah
+ I already have quite a lot of insight on Fate/ universe cause I knew all the classes and few characters from fate/kaleid though they are just children in fate/zero still lol so that's why maybe I should skip completely the deen adaptation. People say it's garbage anyways.
Salokannel2 4 hours ago
eh, u were too slow to come online so I decided to choose the rest randomly as well
by yet another stupid method to choose randomly I got these 5

btw just found out there's a kisshentai as well. How could I have not known about this before lol
Salokannel2 5 hours ago
oh and another thing, I just love how that programmer is so into the live xd
Salokannel2 5 hours ago
so. The next thing to watch. I got these 10 that I chose quite randomly

so here's the list what I came up with

btw this is a good way for u to see series that u haven't seen but are
1. popular (lots of members) cause most of mal users are still quite casuals
2. highly favorited (lots of favorites) cause, u know, if they're highly favorited, they should often be seen in other peeps' profiles as in such case as this

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways I want u to choose 5 of those animu for me if u would :))))))))
I dunno if Imma watch all 5 that u choose but I'll try

Salokannel2 6 hours ago
yeah lol xd
it's just the ep 3 of toshi densetsu and that hachishaku hachiwa released like so close to eachother and I remember watching both of them in a row so yeah.
That's gonna be my lazyass excuse for mixing 'em up lol
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 1:15 PM
Oh wait nvm mixed it up with that other milf shota thing I saw. Didn't really remember which one was from which cause I don't usually watch that kinda stuff lol. It was Hachishaku Hachiwa that I meant lol. I'm all cool with toshi densetsu series
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 1:11 PM
**Ep 3 was what I meant
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 1:06 PM
Eh, 8 for toshi densetsu? Didn't that second ep creep u out at all?
No wait it could be that it hit ur fetish alley spot on also
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 1:02 PM
Mhmm yup aha yes yes that's right

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omae wa mou
was it you who wrote this or did I find it in some of Joey's/Noble's vids on YT?

But yeah teh original is gud. Should I watch Hokuto no Ken at some point so I would become eligible to use da meme
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 11:33 AM
Okay maybe not orgasming left n right but all the facial expressions are so full and rich that it's almost the same. Like, mentally cumming?

And no, didn't know that :o
Lets hope something good frem them in the coming years then^^
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 11:13 AM
Why do I feel like I'm watching Shokugeki no Souma all over again with Kakegurui?
Everyone orgasming left n right, what the actual shit xd
Not that I don't enjoy it at all though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Salokannel2 Yesterday, 9:58 AM
>Salokannel2 plays a 15sec CM
>Robiiii watches it
*it's super effective!*
>Robiiii seems to have taken quite the amount of brain damage

Next you're going to say "what an outdated reference"
yes, this is a JoJo reference