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Username May 10, 6:59 PM
If you're talking about the puns, I'm used to it
My-homestar77 Apr 20, 1:01 PM
Yeah u should be proud of ur videos mate they are hilarious.

Oh great! can't wait to see what kind of content Japan has provided u with.

Thanks! 😁 for the birthday wish.
My-homestar77 Apr 17, 11:45 AM
Oh wow, tht makes me happy 😊. If u had kept it at an "idea level" Tht would've been a waste, cuz I really like all the videos so far.

Tbh yeah I m not really into dubstep and don't really have any knowledge about it. But everytime I hear it my brain goes "boing boing" Like it shows in ur video.

Oh, take ur time with the vids and I m expecting a banger from u (≧∇≦)/
EcchiGodMamster Apr 16, 3:42 PM
oh, well its not taking any longer than it normally would
My-homestar77 Apr 15, 4:39 AM
it was a funny video 😂😂. Tht dubstep part is sooo true. I still think ur first video is the best so far.
So u gonna make anymore videos?
EcchiGodMamster Apr 14, 12:58 PM
its likely gettin to that point
yes, for take out only though
no idea lol
EcchiGodMamster Apr 13, 5:59 PM
some places are closed and we have a curfew
My-homestar77 Apr 13, 8:54 AM
Yeah megumin is the best girl! and i thought aqua giving her motherly love to kazuma throughout the whole movie was hella cute.

Broo of course I wanna see. And I m expecting ur editing skills to be top notch after 1 month hiatus 😶 lol.
My-homestar77 Apr 13, 3:56 AM
Oh too bad, if it weren't for the virus u would be raining cash 💵 on theses bitches huh? lol.I wish u luck on ur tinder adventurers and hopefully ur picture get noticed .

Actually I watched the konosuba movie just last week and absolutely loved it.

Btw who the Blondie with the cigarette on ur wall 👀👀.
EcchiGodMamster Apr 12, 1:40 PM

its corona time rn
My-homestar77 Apr 12, 12:24 PM

oooh great. U should definitely get on tinder and catch the bitches while they are still in the sea lol. And hopefully at the end of all this u get a main bitch and a dozen of side bitches to play around. Become a fuckboi. Lol.

The virus thing ain't as serious here as in other countries. Only 20 cases so far and hopefully doesn't go up in the future. Just like there it's recommended to stay home. Which doesn't really affect a shut-in like me, while some people are freaking out over the fact they can't go out.

Since schools are closed, more free time. So more anime time yay! And btw checked out Made in abyss recently since u recommend it, and I loved it.
My-homestar77 Apr 12, 11:49 AM
Bruh. Thank god. Thought Corona got to u fam. I was actually worried. And about the exams, It got postponed due to this pandemic.

Yeah anime is on a slump right now . So u might aswell take another break lol.

So what have you been up to this past month?
EcchiGodMamster Mar 10, 2:33 PM
Waddup boi
ElChOrC Mar 8, 2:07 PM
Actually, you need none. You can Kiss your Anime, and there's The One Piece Bay where you can find everything else and feed it to VLC if you don't want the cargo in your hardware xD

I agree, the Witcher is awesome, loved the series, but with live action anime they keep missing, and One Piece is a risky move given their record. I have my fingers crossed.

And yes, it's really annoying. My wireless mouse died, I only use it for CR, and I always forget to get a new one (because I only need it to deal with CR crappy player)

Doesn't "rebuilding the entire entertainment industry" sound good, though? The way it's going is shit! And it's not that hard, there's regulation on it for cable tv, that can be easily updated for streaming services. Once that happens (if ever) they will have to work on offering a better service to draw clients in, and it will be wonderful. And I know I needlessly rant about this, because it doesn't truly affect me, as you can infer from my first line. The only ones really affected are the ones who don't use PC or don't know how to use the internet. One the one hand, screw them for not bothering to learn how to live in the XXI century, but on the other I get pissed on principle. I don't know if that makes any sense
Ardanaz Mar 5, 9:29 AM
Yes that would work