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Salokannel2 9 hours ago
Yeah they will skip season 4 and simpy make a season 5😏
Salokannel2 9 hours ago
A fairly decent amount less than in season 2. This season focuses more on the world, but still has good bone daddy action as well.
Salokannel2 10 hours ago
Papa Bone Daddy is love, Papa Bone Daddy is life.
I personally think the third season is better than the first or second, so I think you'll like it^^
Salokannel2 11 hours ago
but, ummh.. maybe overlord III?
Salokannel2 11 hours ago
rude, suck my vagina.
Salokannel2 11 hours ago
Personally I don't see anything wrong with rewatching my favorite series.
I'll get to the new stuff eventually at some point. And to be honest, it doesn't even matter that much to me whether I watch new shows or rewatch old shows.
My "main objective" in life or the philosophy I go by is to enjoy myself and have fun as much as possible. What's the most enjoyable thing to do in my opinion? Now, it's to watch anime. And when I have an unlimited amount of anime in front of me to choose from, it doesn't really matter which I watch first and when I watch new stuff. I go by what I want to watch the most; in this case I felt that rewatching my favorite shows would prove much more fun and interesting than starting new shows.
This doesn't mean I will not start new shows at all, because at some point I will definitely want to see new stuff because there's always the chance I find new favorites. But now, it's fate/ and shokugeki time.
Salokannel2 Today, 5:31 AM
But don't worry, this isn't that much of a detour.
I'll just quickly watch Fate/Zero, Fate/UBW, Fate/Apo, Fate/Kaleid, Fate/ visual novel playthrough, Fate/GO gameplay vids, Kara no Kyoukai and maybe tsukihime reactions from him and then try to continue finishing all the stuff. It'll take more or less only a week probably.
Salokannel2 Today, 5:26 AM
I would've liked to see these instead of "delete this"

Salokannel2 Today, 4:56 AM

Nah I've just been chilling and watching food wars all day. God this show makes me want to snack something all the time or else I'll get really really hungry 😡😡
Salokannel2 Today, 4:45 AM
>ТВ версион
I think your language broke a bit, it looks wrong

that's cause I want to rewatch the first 2 seasons first before watching movie ggo and then the new season

Salokannel2 Today, 4:13 AM
>one piece
booooo fake fan not even watching the tv version boooo

havent even started sao ggo yet ;)

>nipple boobs
i think i heard somewhere that sao movie showed asuna nipples
Salokannel2 Today, 3:51 AM
I have a feeling that whenever you in the far distant future, many decades from now decide to start watching One Piece, you will LOVE Franky. He is so weird, but he has the best jokes usually.

yes pls me want a reaction to that too!!

well yeah as I probably said beforre you went to your latest hiatus, and probably said even before you went to your second latest hiatus in may-june-ish(?), I've been trying to rewatch SAO but I kinda lack the motivation and have been looking for a good reactor to it since april. Everyone either have 10 minute versions of the episodes, have it dubbed, or I just don't like the reactors personality, or his/hers camera is dogshit quality.
I wouldn't mind watching a dubbed version but I'd prefer to watch it subbed still.

>more nipple lights
yes, this cruel and lonely world definitely needs more nipple lights.
but at least we have the glorious breast rocket launcher:

Salokannel2 Today, 2:50 AM
Also, I did say I won't start new shows, but watching reactors react to shows I've previously seen don't count!
Especially now that I finally found someone who has NOT ONLY reacted to Shokugeki no Souma, but also Fate/kaleid.

So many reactors react to fate/zero + UBW (and few might even do Fate/Apo) but like none that I enjoy watching have done fate/kaleid, except this one new guy I found this morning. Been watching his reactions nonstop today lol.
now I just need to find someone whoI like and has SAO reactions, Yuru Yuri reactions and Saki reactions. Can't seem to find any good reactors for those series
Salokannel2 Today, 2:42 AM
oh.. you mean.. something like this..? 😏😏😏

Salokannel2 Yesterday, 4:06 PM
yeah I was quite shocked when I watched dragon ball anime too, goku just slaps bulma to pussy to check if she has a dick xd
ummh sure why not, i could take it