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Something that people enjoy is turned into a living nightmare and it involves technology. A character who is unable to make friends is suddenly able to make friends only to lose them due to the "game". There is also a "god" in the game too.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both anime throw you into a changed and kind of malformed world, in it the main characters try to servive by different means. Although both anime are different by genre, they are similar in the action and emotion filled scenarios, both of them will take you off your your feet! At first Mirai Nikki will mess up with your mind in many ways, it will make you be scared and thrilled and it will probably make you think entirely differently about that anime genre... On the other hand S.A.O. will take you also to a new world but in it it will put you a condition never known   read more
report Recommended by XDalternativeXD
When I was watching the first episode of SAO it reminded me a lot of Mirai Nikki. Both shows have the same feeling, that kind of feeling of deep that you can't die if you want to win the game... and you HAVE TO WIN THE GAME to survive. While Mirai Nikki is more GORE and realistic, SAO has more "fantasy-world" stuff, like sword fights, experience points after a battle, and more game-like things. Of course, if you already watched Mirai Nikki, you'll like SAO... and if you didn't, what are you waiting for? These shows are amazing!
report Recommended by puccapardini
Both are a survival game in a sense that if you lose you die. However the more you get into the both show, the more generic and uncreative it gets, I mean seriously, both of these shows will piss you off.
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
Survival of the fittest. Kill or be killed.
report Recommended by otakuthon
not to much similar here, but it involves people playing a game of life and death
report Recommended by Skadummy
Both are survival games, if you be killed in the game, you die in real life
report Recommended by filipeule
Both have a group of people who are thrown into a deadly game by that world's God. Both have a variety of different people in this game, people that are nice and trying to help others survive against vicious killers. Differences are how the main characters react to the news that they are in this survival game.
report Recommended by Ozzey
SAO is more fantasy like while Mirai Nikki is more gory, but they both deal with being trapped in some sort of game. A game that is suppose to be fun is turned into a living nightmare as they fight for their own survival.
report Recommended by ImaCAThy
Both anime are about two coupels and they are stuck in "live or die" game...
report Recommended by KissMyBanana
Both of them are survival games with Amazing love stories and romance.
report Recommended by Baccus
You have to kill to survive them.
report Recommended by Luminie
When looking for a survival game, these two will kill you. Literally. Both animes showcase having an overseer of the game, whether that is a god or game creator. However, in order to leave said game, both are different but still leave a sense of survival and death games. I didn't care for the fast pace of SAO's way of showing the survival aspect of the plot. I did like Mirai Nikki's way of survival of kill with whatever resources you got. Overall, if you like watching lives at stake and the struggle of a death game more real than SAO, Mirai Nikki will fill   read more
report Recommended by AurelicButter
6/10 Similarity: Yandere - Romance - Action - Drama - Life changing decisions Race for becoming a god, Every participant has a item that has its own kind of way to show the future so they must find a way to counter the opponent and kill them. main charecters are yuki-male , very soft, dosent have any kind of power. and the yuno-female , in love with yuki. well she is a yandere... it has a good story, nice ending, interesting actions and storytelling. i think the only major problem is charecters, because they seem very out of place, i didnt connect them realy well (except for yuni and yuno).
report Recommended by rZozeR
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