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Mahouka and Sword Art both have an extremely competent and multitalented protagonist, who is usually quite level-headed. The protagonists each have a younger sister who is a serious brocon.

Both series are more about hiding ones full potential and deciding where to go all out, rather than falling into a desperate situation.
report Recommended by Elliot0009
Both anime are in Aniplex

Both anime have powerful male protagonists that happen to be in a low state, like how Tatsuya is a Weed and Kirito is a beater.

Both Suguha and Miyuki are in love with their brothers

Both anime takes place in a futuristic world, yet Sword Art Online takes place in an online game and Mahouka takes place in a magic school in future Japan.

Both anime have magic

Both anime are harems, but Mahouka isn't actually a harem, yet it has the harem feeling to it.

Both openings are sang by   read more
report Recommended by anthiho258
​Fans of one will surely enjoy the other. Why, you ask? Two words: wish fulfillment. Tatsuya and Kirito each have healthy sized harems, the questionable ability to attract any female within a 50 foot radius, and a convenient mastery over everything they attempt -- and with their generic good looks, one could even be mistaken for the other. As a result, it can be quite difficult to determine whose dick-beam will take over the world first. But does it matter? Ladies, take your pick! Both offer a hint of sexism and a dash of fan service, but don't be fooled -- Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei   read more
report Recommended by oh_hai_mark
OP main character with a special ability thats reserved to him, hes is like a magnet to girls, futuristic setup
report Recommended by Sidia
Ambos romances bem construídos com ação
report Recommended by JonasDeli