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Geshtinanna Mar 17, 2:37 PM
I was in a similar dilemma - I was stuck on SDS for months, and a part of the reason I soldiered on very slowly and laboriously until the end was because some of my MAL friends were saying great things about it, and some even had it in their favourites! I wanted to give it a fair crack all the way through because I respected my friends opinions. However I just couldn't recognise the shows merits - however hard I tried! I think beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder with this one, and tastes and preferences are purely a subjective thing at the end of the day. I gave season 1 a final score of 6 (the highest and most optimistic score I could) which to my mind means mediocrity. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't good either - sort of mid-table IMO. It seemed stereotypical and generic as well - trying to copy a template established by Fairy Tale, Bleach and Naruto and falling a fair distance short in its attempts. If I wasn't worried about MAL friends finding out LOL, or wanted to be critical and pessimistic in my analysis, maybe I'd have given it a 5 or even a 4.

It sounds like your opinions of SDS are similar to mine, and in light of that I'm not so sure that you'll like Fairy Tale either. Fairy Tale is like the original, better, funnier, more endearing version of SDS, but that being said, if you got little or no enjoyment out of the clone (SDS) then it's probably best to steer clear of the 'Mothership' as well LOL. I only got into Fairy Tale because I bought the first 4 complete box-sets for a tenner each, and while it had enough funny characters and moments to entertain me short-term, I've not carried on with it since box-set 3 and that's like 2 years ago. It doesn't match up to the likes of HxH or Shippuden that's for sure. I would say (from you favourites list and scoring patterns) that you seem to be more into serious and 'darker' titles - if this surmise is correct then it's probably best if you drop Fairy Tale now as it goes on for quite a bit - 175 episodes (LOL) for the first series, then there's more after that like the '2014' series and the current 'Final' series :D
Geshtinanna Mar 16, 1:26 PM
It wasn't even as good a Shonen as Fairy Tale, never mind Naruto LOL. Meliodas and Ban got lots of opportunities to take their tops off and act macho but that was about it, the other 'sins' hardly got a look in! Also Elizabeth was very undeveloped as a character - a weak, passive, childlike young women. Needless to say I shan't be continuing on with season 2.
Geshtinanna Mar 16, 1:20 PM
Wow you completed The Seven Deadly Sins 12 hours after me and gave it the same score LOL.
Krunchyman Mar 5, 9:16 AM
Congratulations. You know how to count. Now if you could learn how to write properly, you might just pass the fourth grade.

Never give up! Dreams do come true.
Geshtinanna Feb 11, 9:05 AM
This Golden Kamuy gif will make you laugh - the funniest part is why Asirpa punches Shiraishi when she's having the argument with Sugimoto?!
Geshtinanna Feb 11, 9:01 AM
Yeah I totally concur! I loved the historical and geographical elements of the show and the little bit of insight into the native Ainu beliefs, culture and way of life. That last episode was really moving - when you were made to think that Sugimoto had died from that shot to the head, and the relief when you found out that he had lived up to his 'Immortal' nickname. The comedy element was really well done throughout and I think Shiraishi 'the scat king' added an interesting dynamic to the series. It made me laugh (in episode 24) when Sugimoto said he wanted Asirpa to remain in the mountains, hunting deer - and eating their brains, making chitatap and saying Hina Hina :)
Geshtinanna Feb 10, 2:09 PM
Golden Kamuy is an absolutely amazing show and almost criminally unpopular on MAL - despite this, from the way it ended and knowing that the manga is very popular and highly acclaimed in Japan, I feel a third season is almost guaranteed :)