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Aceofcard 4 hours ago
Goblin Slayer is the most vanilla gore anime I've ever seen.
Danpmss 11 hours ago
I mean, as I was saying, you are not wrong there actually (just being a bit careless with your assumptions about how a rather slow mystery series -even when it's speeding through its content the way it is now- is being portrayed in your perspective).

I'm judging the material while envisioning how they can still handle the full picture just as effectively even when they've done a rush job in characterization and the piece by piece overall build-up (as to say, they left the essential and fit most of the immediately important details first rather well, but without most of what actually made the first book -and many of the other ones- much more memorable, which would be the characters' PoV and how it is presented), while you are making a lot of assumptions about what said content is representing to you according to what you think it's going to be like, even when they never went near what you spoke of in your review (even the shock value isn't anything to write home compared to actual edgy-to-be-edgy anime that tried the same, it doesn't try being over-the-top with gore in the slightest either, it's just there, as an eerie non exagerated element of the story per se, that just happens to be a brutal scene).

Two different yet very justified perspectives, don't get me wrong (mine as a reader and yours as an anime-only watcher), but you are misjudging these elements very improperly with what the series has to offer (and potentially will) and is composed of. I'm looking at it with high expectations and at times even nitpicking stuff that didn't went the way I've wanted, so in a sense, I have a far more negative-induced view of something I expect to do justice to the source material, which is why I'm calling out why I think stuff you said in the review isn't quite justifiable, at least not in the first 4 episodes out of 18 (in fact, it's rather presumptuous, especially with this genre).

One thing is to have a negative first impression of a material, the other thing is make a review of them straightly stating things you assume to be while comparing to other works from completely different genres and execution (except Boogiepop novels give each character about the same amount of characterization within their narrative from the start, but we are talking about how the anime decided to approach them), so, leave comparisons fair at least on that front, in the same way one shouldn't compare two different genre anime just because some elements included in them happen to coincide in the long run of each (comparing Evangelion and Boogiepop for... I don't know the reason why you did actually; it's like comparing... Berserk and Elfen Lied, since they are bloody and have a bunch of girls constantly being shown naked, liking and blushing around the male protagonist although not being a harem, and even then they still share more genre related similarities than those two even in that sarcastic example).

It would be better to compare something like, the first 4 episodes of Durarara or something (which was inspired by Boogiepop in several ways, but that's more because Boogiepop basically pioneered its own unique take on the urban fantasy mystery genre, that would then be followed by many others just like that), and that alone would show that this isn't the kind of show to be judged effectively in the first episodes, yet would still be far more fair than comparing it to Evangelion's own development in its own genre(s).

Anyway, one could say it was done in half of the time it should have been, but as some later elements become actually more relevant to the whole overarching they are likely trying to achieve by adapting up to volume 6 (not sure about all of volume 4 and 5, but volumes 1, 2, 3 and 6 are definitely being adapted in these, and they alone are enough to be a self-contained product for a nice starter season of a bigger project that can standalone as a "complete" product even if that wasn't the case), it still too early to accuse this kind of anime of being meaninglessly confusing for the sake of being confusing, especially when you have no way of knowing if any of the information or minor elements provided will be chekhovs for something bigger.

I, however, can do that already (as a long time reader of the source material), which is why I bothered to comment about your wrong impressions of a great series via its new adaptation and how it choose to be initially presented (which could still have a nice anime adaptation if only they execute a certain collection of things correctly by the end of it), that could potentially bring even more people to have a wrong impression of it without even watched it, since elitism is a thing, and having quotes in the review to reflect one's wisdom regarding a subject is a rather effective way of making people agree with very few words and give the show a bad name at ease in order for them to feel as intelligent and "conscious" about the "actual" content of a specific work by seeing it in the same light as the person who wrote and spreading the word.

*ends randomly ranting about how much I dislike how the hype/hate train business works with MAL reviews even when most of the reviewers don't consider that as a thing in their mind*

Cofcof!! Aaanyway, that bit is just how I feel about early reviews, and the same goes to overhyped stuff, of course, in their own right. Happens quite often, but at times happens with something I actually like, so yeah, might as well give me own thoughts in those cases... and here I am lol

PS (about the Nijigahara thing):

Like, I think being interesting and having a foreboding atmosphere are a rather subjective argument, much like comedy varies a lot from each person's sense of humor, much like and tension/mood and how effective they may be for someone based on their experiences and preferences.

Plus, if good authors liked it and took it as a positive example, it might be really good, even in the case of being a product of its time. That is because, of course, with negative examples, we are talking about easily marketable and mass produced copycat money-making isekai/harem/ecchi stories and the like, which plagued the light novel boom years after Boogiepop first started it for good.

In those cases, you get Sword False Wi-Fi content, and this case you get Asano and Nisio goodness. Difference is as clear as day and night, which is why I'm recommending to give them a try.

Regardless of that, you might wanna take a look at the first 71 pages (which are comparatively already more pages to make a comparison to 4 out of 18 episodes, but 4 chapters nonetheless) of Nijigahara and see just how much of that is covered without any of the later context and
substantial depth the work has without the full picture, even moreso in a reread, which is when it truly shines, such is what a good mystery work normally does. Even this rushed adaptation has more of a proper substance to it than even half of Nijigahara without its full picture being considered, no matter how much more interesting it may look to you, even because the themes and symbolism it tackles are then explored and introduced only later in the second half of the story.

And you might also want to consider that Boogiepop is an ongoing series with 22 books, of course, but I would just go and say to consider this anime and its selected content as being a standalone product instead, because that's the subject we have in hand and the reason why they specifically made some adaptative changes to the source material like that.

Overall message as usual, just don't judge a work from (or considerably connected to) the mystery genre the way you did, it's kinda unfair and stuff.

Welp, sorry if any of that sounded too harsh in any way, I don't really mean ill or anything, just a fellow animelist user who is very passionate about his japanese thingies, of course. o/

Have a good day in there as well, man.
Gameleopard Today, 9:37 AM
Hello, just stopped by to ask why you don't like The Promised Neverland
Ibs Today, 4:38 AM
Boogiepop? More like Boogiepoop. XDDDD anyways...

Appreciated the one top review you made that actually reviewed the anime adaption thus far instead of just taking the opportunity to praise the novels.
ChadArnold Today, 1:30 AM
Poseur's a dumb man
ChadArnold Yesterday, 8:30 AM
You're a smart man.
Danpmss Yesterday, 7:17 AM
Didn't quite find this adaptation of Boogiepop any of this bad stuff you've been saying, mr. self-entitled elitist sir. It did rush through the first book in 3 episodes and screwed up the great proper character presentation and some tighter explanations (which can easily be introduced later on however, so it's fine considering the bigger picture up to book 6) in the book's narratives, but besides that, they got most of the stuff really well (although I have my nitpicks regarding character design as well, not a bit as eerie and uncanny as the original art nor the related 00's anime).

Regardless of that, give the books a try, anyway. Your review is literally the opposite of what Boogiepop actually can do with its multiple perspective plot-threads and clever storytelling traps and overall presentation of its supernatural mystery setting, so it bothered me enough to make at least a comment about it.

Either read the books that close most of the threads in the content they will likely adapt in anime format, or hold your words before judging a mystery without seeing the content being fully established and patched. This is not how you review this genre, just saying. It's like giving a 3 to Asano's Nijigahara Holograph after reading the first couple of chapters and calling it pretentious bullshit for being too confusing at first.

It's kinda hilarious how ironic I've found your review to be when you have that in your favorites (especially when so many people in Japan comment to this day on the influence Boogiepop's presentation may have had in that particular piece of Asano goodness, and many other similar titles... minus the magical realism applied to it of course, which would be full supernatural sci-fi-ish instead).
shadysamishere Jan 20, 8:39 AM
alright thanks!
StarClownBuggy Jan 20, 2:42 AM
Bungee Gum possesses the properties of both rubber and gum
Kekksi Jan 19, 5:41 PM
Do you even enjoy watching anime if you rate 90% of your watched shows a 1?
Kyuu-oppa Jan 19, 4:38 PM
boy idk why you write a review for boogiepop at this stage with 3 eps...
tsuchizen Jan 19, 11:12 AM
hi, just wanna make sure if your goblin slayer legit or not.
HungryForQuality Jan 19, 9:02 AM
I'm asking this because I plan on re-watching Tatami Galaxy and I'm unsure if I overrated it because of the style. I remember the way I saw it the first time I watched it was that the episodes following the first one were to showcase different alternative realities to Watashi's life, therefore fleshing him out by letting the viewer know multiple sides of him.

I remember not thinking that Yuasa was being redundant in hammering the same message but instead hammering the same message at Watashi, creating buildup for the last two episodes. I thought that Watashi's monologues were meant to depict the stream of consciousness and show one of Watashi's character flaws. But then, I think about it on the other foot, and think maybe I'm just overthinking a show about a naïve guy who keeps resetting after 2 years until he gets a girlfriend.

Thanks for the comment by the way.
john1221 Jan 18, 8:52 PM
What made the first two episodes of Dororo a 5/10 for you? I personally thought the first one was alright and the second was awesome.
shadysamishere Jan 18, 2:01 PM
hey, what are your thoughts on Gintama before I go too far into it