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Jun 20, 2020
“Never knowing when to stop — thy name is human.” — Krunchyman

Each time a slice-of-life drama comes to the fore, we, the viewing public, need to ask a pertinent question: ‘will they half-ass it, of full ass it?’ For example, invoking themes of unrequited love, interminable ‘friend-zones,’ and romantic ignorance is a precarious undertaking that walks a thin tight-rope of becoming too clichéd or too dull. The former is pervasive to the point that we might as well classify it as an invasive genre in the anime medium; on the other hand, the latter is equally undesirable, as it fails to engage the read more
May 9, 2020
Gurren Lagann is insanity par excellence.

But we mustn’t dismiss this farcicality on the grounds of superficial experiences. If life teaches us anything, it is that our sensory organs are proficient at gathering information, but require a filtering cognition to unearth the mysteries that lie underneath. We must therefore peel back the veneer of explosive colors, outlandish personalities, and extravagant Mecha transformations to grasp onto the underlying message that is so stark, that it might as well be Yoko Littner standing completely naked in your bedroom.

“But Gurren Lagann is a nonsensical, meta anime that is a parody of the Mecha genre.” — You might read more
Mar 28, 2020
“The law of diminishing returns does not apply to boob size…” — nefarious chiropractors everywhere

How do we appraise a show that emulates the MAL review process to a T?—Easily, with our D’s. But this D doesn’t succumb to the lowest common denominator. Standards must be maintained, after all. Granted. Those standards would be equivalent to a world class hurdler jumping over a toothpick — but I’ll be damned if I’m going to fall in line like the rest of you horndogs.

Sexual desires permeate to every facet of our culture, as proven by the famous ad slogan: “sex sells.” read more
Mar 24, 2020
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Hmm…let me see here.

2 Cups of Beastars
4 Tablespoons of Batman
1/3 teaspoon of Dorohedoro baseball
1 Dash of Elastigirl

And last, but not least.

Awesome-sauce. Gobs and gobs of awesome-sauce!

Ever since the absurdest, laugh-inducing comedy of ‘Inferno Cop,’ Studio Trigger has gained the reputation of being the proverbial ‘devil’s advocate’ of animation studios. That is to say: Studio Trigger infringes upon the unwritten, ‘anime construct’ that governs the rest of the industry. Though, at the same time, utilizes the construct to subvert one’s expectations before it launches its satirical, action-packed juxtaposition. And this was certainly the case for ‘Inferno Cop’ and ‘Kill la Kill.’ read more
Mar 22, 2020
Racoon-dog shenanigans. Crab-turtle bent on world domination. And a goblin who thinks she’s a piece of wood


While I’m not the biggest Masaaki Yuasa fan, I must admit his work is breath of fresh air in a stagnating industry. With off-beat works like ‘Fantastic Planet,’ ‘Ali Baba to 40-hiki Touzoku,’ ‘The Wrong Trousers’ (Wallace and Gromit Film), and Tex Avery cartoons serving as his inspiration, it’s no wonder his films/series evoke interest from discerning anime fans. What captivates fans, however, is not so much the substance of Yuasa’s work — which is often unchallenging by his own admission read more
Mar 21, 2020
Death Note is not what you think it is! Sure. On the surface, it’s a cat-and-mouse game between two investigative savants whom use their wits and cleverness to out-maneuver one another to claim psychological victory. But there’s a deeper story that is rarely, if ever, discussed. Which is unfortunate, because it is central to not only understanding the main characters, but ourselves. Before we open that can of worms, however, let’s provide a little background knowledge, as it may have been a while since you’ve last seen the series.

A young Japanese prodigy, Light Yagami, is a model citizen whom excels read more
Feb 26, 2020
After watching Kanamewo two times, its nihilistic theme is rather banal compared to the likes of NGE, Texhnolyze, Berserk, or even Kiki's Delivery Service. I understand that people feel lost in the Age of Reason due to the 'Death' of God. But the impact would have resonated with greater effect, if say, the main girl had an aspiration to affirm her "Denial of Death." A failing/failed 'immortality project' would have destroyed the symbolic belief structure she used to 'transcend' reality, bringing her back to earth and giving justification for her indifference towards life. This would, eventually, raise the dilemma of why read more
Feb 11, 2020
‘Death Note’ carries the distinction of being the “gateway” anime for scores of western adolescents and young-adults. In fact, if not for ‘Death Note’ and ‘Gurren Lagann,’ I’m not sure I would have given the medium much of a chance. Sure. I grew up on ‘Pokemon,’ ‘Dragon Ball Z,’ and ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’. But those shows were geared toward a younger audience whom would purchase gobs of merchandise every time Goku changed his hair color. Seriously, though. Kim Kardashian (Freiza) is jelly from all the attention she’s not getting from her “enhancements.” The Butt just got 10 inches bigger!


I was read more
Feb 2, 2020
After watching ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,’ ‘Fist of the North Star,’ and ‘Battle Angel Alita,’ you may deceive yourself into thinking you have seen all the weirdness that the anime medium has to offer. But then you watch a lizard-dude (Kaiman) — with a fully grown person living inside of him — eat sorcerers whole as he gets chased by a red-headed sorcerer (En) who turns people into mushrooms and proceeds to chow them down. But before you have a chance to question the moral implications of this subtle portrayal of cannibalism, you become mesmerized by the absurdity that is Dorohedoro.

Set in a cryptic, read more
Dec 29, 2019
History teachers have forsaken us!

Not only do they convince naive students that Christopher Columbus discovered America — Leif Erickson beat his ass by 500 years — but they neglect to inform us about the exhilarating escapades of the barbarous Vikings, themselves. Some of whom were so insane, that they would gnaw at the ends of their shields and trip-out on psychedelic mushrooms (i.e. the amanita muscaria; the ‘Super Mario’ mushroom that Bjorn consumed before his battles with Thors). But besides hallucinogenic drug trips, Vikings were cunning mercenaries that preyed on other people’s weakness to gain an advantage. Something Askeladd (Artorius) did time read more