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Both main characters are somewhat fictional in the world that the action is taking place, deal with swords and increasing inner strength/ skill. Also, in both shows the art and sound are great.
report Recommended by naerayan
So basically both series have people involved in some kind of "game". The servants in fate zero are similar to the game avatars in SAO because they both have abnormal super natural powers. The music for both of these anime are made by Yuki Kajiura
report Recommended by Yusa-pyan
Both series have an emphasis on action with intense battles and impressive animation. Both series involve a plot that surrounds around winning a game for the sake of survival (Sword Art Online) or gaining prestige or receiving a prize (Fate/Zero). Both series have dark premises by dealing with themes of death and loss. Character archetypes are somewhat similar such as Kazuto and Saber both being motivated individuals who wish to win and use swords.
report Recommended by Zeal_Seal
The soundtracks for SAO and Fate/Zero sound very similar. Both are filled with great dramatic themes as well as light sad tunes. They are both of course composed by the legendary Yuki Kajiura. The two shows also have equally superb action sequences and animation.
report Recommended by Phenomanan
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