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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Gin Tama, Silver Soul, Yorinuki Gintama-san
Japanese: 銀魂
English: Gintama
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Type: TV
Episodes: 201
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2006 to Mar 25, 2010
Premiered: Spring 2006
Broadcast: Thursdays at 18:00 (JST)
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Themes: HistoricalHistorical, ParodyParody, SamuraiSamurai
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.951 (scored by 266792266,792 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #162
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #123
Members: 893,994
Favorites: 51,759

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Both shows bring out the best humor anime has to give. Both shows are very funny but also tell a story. All things done have a deeper meaning behind them and lots of emotion.  
report Recommended by blmp
Exactly the same kind of humour, but different setting. 
report Recommended by edwarx
- Self aware - 4th wall, what 4th wall? - Deadpan protagonist with dead eyes - Silly gags and puns - Bright colours and simple lines  
report Recommended by Lemon
Gotta love the slapstick comedy. ^_^ One Piece has more of a story whereas Gintama is just comedic, but both very funny and enjoyable. 
report Recommended by Grimmm
Oga is like Gintoki. Main characters, pretty aloof and sometimes naive but surprisingly strong. Furuichi is like Shinpachi. Pretty weak and screams a lot, often frustrated with the main character and points out to obvious when the main character is oblivious. Total spazzes. Hilde is like Kagura in the sense of being the only girl in the group. Kagura is more crazy, but both girls are pretty strong and sometimes also aloof. Beel and Sadaharu are pretty strong as well, and are more like the mascosts even though Beel is a baby. Lots of fights, action, and crazy humor in both series. 
report Recommended by Kaymyu
Where will you go if all your dreams have been fulfilled? That is the question that both series deal with. They don't have a serious plot, just the daily life of a man who is trying to live his life. There are battles and funny moments sometimes. Recommend to people who are looking for some funny anime to watch to add some spice to their life. 
report Recommended by Hanaki_Neko
Himura Kenshin, once feared as the great assassin Hitokiri Battousai, has now become a wandering ronin who seeks to make amends with his past sins in the Meiji Period. Despite the official sword ban implaced by the government, Himura Kenshin still carries a "sakabatou" (reverse blade sword), and plans to achieve his goal by saving as many lives as he can with his sword. He instead stumbles upon the Kamiya Dojo and becomes a boarder there. Both Gintama and Rurouni Kenshin focus on the life of a samurai and how he tries to make his way in the new era after the  read more 
report Recommended by Aikoh
Apart from the main characters being completely random, both series having re-occurring characters and a similar style of humor, there are not too many similarities. However, if you like either of these series, your almost guaranteed to love the other! Both start out fairly slow, so watch at least the first 5 episodes and you WILL be hooked. 
report Recommended by llamaben
- That "randomness" aspect - Fighting in both animes are usually serious, but they both throw in some aspect to make it less tense, like a funny scene of some sort - Breaking the fourth wall MANY times in both animes - Many cameo's and parodies/ mentions of other animes/ shows/ real life references 
report Recommended by neverless
Aside from the comedy/parody vibe of both animes, when it comes to drama and serious scenes about life's lessons, both have the similar feel. 
report Recommended by FalloutShounen3
You can beat me up, but they're really almost the same. Firstly it's the plot structure - combination of serious and comedy episodes is the main feature for both, different length (26 eps vs >150 eps) doesn't stop them from showing some bizarre and random unconnected stories for one or few episodes length with some great story line behind the scene. Secondly it's the characters, Gintoki resembles Spike in all respects, they're both easygoing attractive guys with some dark past and fellows that was their friends but now they're enemies; you can beat me up one more time, but I think Kagura was created under  read more 
report Recommended by Iahel
Both anime are hilarious parodies, and both have 'trollish' main characters that make their respective anime funny. They both have action, too. Also, both anime have masochistic female characters. 
report Recommended by usnb-bjuN-SU
Very similar protagonists. Both are poor and do odd jobs from strangers for some cash. Both Gintoki and Yato are seen as mostly goofballs but have very dark pasts and made many enemies along the way. The series are both relatively lighthearted and comedic but have moments of high intensity and action.  
report Recommended by SerB3128
one is about college idiots drinking alcohol, the other one is about idiots in general, the one real thing they have in common is that they are fucking hilarious, both make my face and stomach hurt too much because of their sheer stupidity 
report Recommended by Zero_r2
Their sense of humor is pretty similar. If you enjoyed either of them, you will definitely like the other one as well. 
report Recommended by koffin
Both are similar in the way that they are both samurai anime with some anachronisms and silly humor with the protagonist being very strong. Even the main girl character of both series eats a lot.  
report Recommended by SatokoChan
Incredibly phenomenal comedies that is self aware, full of surprises and really gets its target audience. (In Japan respectively.) References and parodies are predominant in both shows; but it is able to diversify story elements that really flesh out each individual character through a series of short stories and drama that audiences are able to relate to. AND.... IT REALLY KNOWS HOW TO PLEASE THEIR FANS~  
report Recommended by IchiroEX
Hinamatsuri is like a spiritual successor to Gintama, these shows have a very similar tone and style of humour. Both feature characters from the underworld with a heart of gold. Both are about forming unorthodox family units from friends, colleagues acquaintances. 
report Recommended by blu_d
Comedy with surreal setting. Putting sci-fi elements into the realistic environment. Can be looked as both a pure comedy show with action sidekicks, or animated action show with certain degree of comedy. Must admit that putting comedy in that kind of setting is also a lot of fun. If you only have experienced school-life love comedy then it's about time you try something else. 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Similar humor, randomness, almost all characters is abnormal, and both is so funny. 
report Recommended by Passionate-kun
TONS of Bleach references in Gintama, also the characters are similar and both have that punk-shonen feel!  
report Recommended by BadLuckTuck
in both animes the protagonist will do anything for money, although in get backers it is more to get back something lost or stealed. 
report Recommended by sebbu
well, both are based on Shounen Jump Manga series. it's the switching between random comedy and some action based plot without difficulty that somehow gives these shows a similar feel. Also, a main chast of charas are introduced and make (random) apperances now and then...overall randomness level is higher in Gintama though. 
report Recommended by DarkLaila
Both are random, funny with great characters. Both have aliens and both were being made by Sunrise~ 
report Recommended by Lyle
Both are endlessly hilarious comedies with many amazing characters and funny situations. Both Gintama and School Rumble were also directed by the same person, Shinji Takamatsu, and I think it shows. Like one, you'll love the other. 
report Recommended by Touka
Similar amount of "seriously wtf" humor. The two characters in Senyuu are very Hijikata and Sougo like... and so if innocent killing and stabbing of another innocent person amuses you... they are very alike. 
report Recommended by Clouded-Flame
Both revolve around a normally-realistic setting combined with alien and supernatural elements, and are built around a group of characters who take on non-specific jobs. Neither really has a plot, and both hang more on their huge casts than anything else. 
report Recommended by Lindle
Assassination Classroom is about a school's class E (the lowest class in their prestigious school) being assigned a top secret mission to kill their teacher, a bizarre happy-go-lucky alien octopus, by the Japanese government. Their teacher plans to destroy the Earth by next March if they fail their task. Gintama is about a misfit trio who work as Jack of all Trade types in a strange Edo-like era with up-to-date gadgets that has humans and aliens from all walks of life. The situations in both series are random and unpredictable and both shows are absolutely ridiculous, yet really funny. Assassination Classroom would fit right into  read more 
report Recommended by Ocean_Tide
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is the romance version of Gintama. It has the same kind of humor. While it is a Romance, it spends its entire time making fun of the Romance genra, exactly how Gintama spends all of its time make fun of Battle genera. Both are 10/10 in the humor department. ... Similarities, hmmm.. They both take place in Japan.. I think. While not having much in common plot/setting/genera wise, IF you are looking for something that is fall on the floor spray milk out your nose funny, then go watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. (Or vise versa..  read more 
report Recommended by Kaizoku_Mugiwara
Both shows parody other anime series. They're both random, high-paced and very funny. 
report Recommended by bbcan
I guess another derivative have spawn from hell. You got both main character that has versatility to do different task and some stuff for jokes and laughs. Though Hoozoki no Reitetsu is like Dante's Divine Comedy that elaborates pessimistic virtues in hell while Gintama that has more variety and spices in its series that displays mostly realism. 
report Recommended by Azraniel
Both are hilarious comedies with lots of random moments, sometimes not even making sense but still laughtable. While Gintama is more shounen, Nichijou is more slice of life. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Ixion Saga is a somewhat failed attempt to replicate the style of anime Gintama introduced . If you find yourself thinking that Ixion Saga seems unrefined or a good concept executed badly , Gintama is for you . Now if you actually like/love Ixiong Saga then Gintama is your new favorite series . 
report Recommended by allos
Both series does comedy in an unconventional fashion - they can make the most mundane course of action seems so interesting, layered with bunch of ridiculous yet sensible explanations. By the end of it, you will have drasticly different perspectives on things like "why is ass better than breast?". Be prepared of rolling on the floor, laughing.  
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
If you liked gintama for its lame but awesome comedy, you'll love DMC! 
report Recommended by Jagara
Both are outright hilarious with a great supporting cast backing up the mains..... Although the setting and premise are different both have non-human beings living amongst the regular humans allowing for some funny and clever situations! 
report Recommended by BladerJC
Gintama is also full of reference type humour and is pure crack on crack on crack. It continuously makes fun of any and all anime titles so the more anime you watch the better it gets. I've been watching it over and over again ever since it started airing and I STILL haven't gotten sick of it, or failed to find new puns. Highly highly recommended! 
report Recommended by teenoli
Imagine Gintama's ridiculous, progressively more insane comedy, but focused on three high school girls. 
report Recommended by wolffanghameha
Both have the Shinsengumi with Hijikata, Okita and Kondo in it. Though Hakuouki has a Shoujo setting and Gintama is Comedy and not as true to history as Hakuouki might be. 
report Recommended by psychoLISSI
I think both of these are pretty similar in terms of random comedy and all the spoof/parodies they have. They're both pretty enjoyable. 
report Recommended by PandaPuff
Endlessly hilarious shows. Both feature parodies of pop culture especially animes and extremely random humor. 
report Recommended by lordblackness88
- the randomness are the same - 1 character similar Kyon and Gintoki How? Well, to start with Kyon talks like Gintoki. Because whenever Haruhi says/does something annoying, abnormal, silly etc. Kyon rebuts back to her but not in direct, he just says it in his mind just like what Gintoki does too. -both animes are funny  
report Recommended by pamelakwan
Well, gintama is random and parody on several animes and Baka test is random and a parody on several animes too and they are both funny, (in other ways though)! Gintama is sometimes a bit more serious than this one, but that's the only difference. I recommend both of them! 
report Recommended by Ungirl
It was during the second season I surprised myself thinking "Oh I have Gintama's vibe here, oh here too, oh crap just like Gintama's humour, Oh that face....looks like Kaguya or Gintoki". Both have a similar humour sense, the dirty WTF vibe it can give you, Both have similar weird face in fun situations, Both deal about some violence/combat scenes. Golden Kamuy have a deeper and darker scenario, Seinen Like Gintama is more child friendly with a loooot more culture and funs moments. Golden Kamuy seem like a darker mature gintama like with a real scenario and real goal. 
report Recommended by cainael
Do you like following the adventures of a chill protagonist, whose childish behavior hides his true strength and maturity? Do you enjoy comedy anime in general? Both these shows feature a man working in all sorts of occupations and missions. The shows are mostly episodic and each episode comes with it's own set of side characters that the protagonist guy has to assist in some way. 
report Recommended by mimiiria
The over-the-top execution of an absurd situation is carried out the extreme in both Tonari and Gintama. The Tonari manga has better artwork. 
report Recommended by ced1106
Comedies where the humor exhibits high level of randomness and is based around weird situations. Both also show references to other anime or pop culture. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
The main characters from each are very much alike; they are immature adults who can are ruled by their vices. They're both Sci-Fi shows and the aliens in both are typically humourous in appearance. The style of humour is relatively similar too, although whilst Space Dandy is more goofy (in a manner similar to Lupin), Gintama is more deadpan and revolving around anti-climaxes. The stories are sort of similar too. They both feature a nearly broke team lead by the protagonist who in Gintama, do odd jobs and Space Dandy, hunting for rare aliens. They both have hearts that will overcome their overwise prominent greed and  read more 
report Recommended by Lanf
Gintama is held up by the comedy which provide good laughs throughout the series. Yondemasuyo Azazel San is a great, short anime with comedy throughout. Both shows rise towards the actiony climax within each arc even though it was brought up by jokes and laughs. Yondemasuyo Azazel San revolves around summoned demons and detective cases. In Gintama, the 3 main protagonists live in a city along with the Amanto (aliens). The three work as the Odd Jobs and take on many cases, some of which are detective cases 
report Recommended by 07SYD
Although Gintama may seem totally different from Bakemonogatari, I think they both have an intelligent aspect to them. If you like the drawn out dialogue of Bakemonogatari, I think you'll like Gintama. Bakemonogatari progresses its plot very slowly and Gintama progresses its plot(if there is a plot) very slowly also. They both focus on the characters rather than the environment and the story surrounding the characters. Bakemonogatari has other things similar to Gintama such as 2-4 episode arcs, humorous and occasionally emotional dialogue, and unique characters. If these things appeal to you in Bakemonogatari, I think Gintama is for you.  
report Recommended by drbananas
Both have lots of references to other animes. 
report Recommended by Chuxie
While the settings are very different, and Seitokai is almost exclusively comedy, both have: -absurd humor -character archetypes -LAUGHTER IS REQUIRED. You MUST laugh. 
report Recommended by SheasonDuerulo
I don't know why but Yahari reminded me of Gintama. First of all the protags of both anime are in a group or a club which helps people or lend a hand to them. Both protags are lazy and hikkikomori types. Both anime have very dark themes even though the comedy and comical dialogues of both the anime are above par. Both can provide us for good moral lessons. 
report Recommended by cchigu
I agree! Can't believe Gintama only has 1 rec. I have seen the first 3 recommendations above this one, but while watching the anime, I actually thought about how much it really reminded me of Gintama. Handa-kun and Gintama are my type of humor. Both have hilarious situations, but the cast, which slowly expands, brings it to that LOL level. If you're looking for a similar characters, not here. But, if you're looking for that same type of comedy, THIS is it. 
report Recommended by GorgeousLove
Similarities: Sarcastic, Nihilistic Philosophies for humorous purposes, Parodies that breaks the 4th wall, High detailed animation during action scenes, Some costumers are usually a plot device to the story. Differences: Themes, settings and fanservice. 
report Recommended by Azraniel
Similar in story aspects, about characters being introduced, then developed by the very powerful main character helping them out somehow.  
report Recommended by MaikuTachibana
I know what you are thinking: What does boxing anime have in common with a sci-fi samurai comedy? Well to be perfectly honest, almost nothing. If you enjoy each for their story, then this recommendation isn't for you. Now with that out of the way, the reason I recommend these titles together is because they have the same foundation; and that foundation is toilet humor. If you enjoy the perverted jokes that are very present in Ippo, then you will love Gintama, because each episode is about 18~ minutes of that. 
report Recommended by TurtleHermit
Both are goofy comedies/parodies with a wide pool of bizarre side characters, sometimes parodying: other anime (more typical to Gintama), RPG tropes (entire GuruGuru, but some allusions appear in Gintama too from time to time) but they both mostly build their own jokes that the shows work with throughout their runs. Comedy in both is quite random in both, but more dirty in Gintama. Gintama gives more time to each arc, while Mahoujin Guruguru's pacing is extremely fast (which luckily works rather well, even though it is apparent even to me, who didn't read the manga, that way too much content is packed into these 24 episodes). 
report Recommended by DurangaVoe
Both shows are very funny, but sometimes they have serious moments. In both series, attention is paid to "strange" organizations, whose leaders possess great charisma. 
report Recommended by Kns-
The dog bites Holmes' head and Sadaharu bites Gin's head. There isn't anything else I understood from Vampire Holmes so I think if you like protagonists being bitten by giant dogs in the head you will like both of these a lot.  
report Recommended by Zbysiex
Both of these anime were produced by Sunrise, both of them frequently break the fourth wall and make excellent use of parodies. Additionally, both anime are surprisingly educational and they're among the most fun anime that I've ever watched! 
report Recommended by Joyshishi
Both uses the combination of sociopathic comedy and anti-comedy as an entertainment. Character dramatization are backstory reliant though tearjerking in sometime. The OST of both series are almost the same. Only difference is the themes and art-style, moe & anti-moe. 
report Recommended by Azraniel
Peace Maker Kurogane is a historical drama that is set during the Bakumatsu and is told entirely from the Shinsengumi's perspective. It is not incredibly historically accurate (though it is more true to history than Gintama and is set in the real world rather than an alternate universe) and the Shinsengumi characters are, of course, portrayed differently here than in Gintama, but the series might interest fans who are curious about the Shinsengumi. 
report Recommended by Aikoh
Both shows take a familiar concept and turn it on its head, and both feature some very clever and subversive humour. The chances are that if you like one, then you'll like the other. That said, Tentai Senshi Sunred may actually be easier to get in to because of the length of each episode and the length of the series. 
report Recommended by Archaeon
Both series take place in bizarre alternate universe late-Edo-period Japan after the arrival of aliens. Both series have random, crazy humor and very entertaining characters. Oh! Edo Rocket has more actual plot and drama though. Also both feature the talents of Kugimiya Rie (Kagura/Shunpei). 
report Recommended by kasumisama
Theme's different, but both share a boke and tsukkomi shtick, and characters have additional background provided for "serious" depth. 
report Recommended by ced1106
Although Stranger: Mukou Hadan is not a comedy anime and Gintama is mainly a comedy, both have the same vibe, atmosphere, era, and great sword fights. If you liked serious arcs of Gintama, you probably like Stranger: Mukou Hadan as well. I highly recommend both to watch if you like the samurai theme. 
report Recommended by Shuryu
if you like adventure and comedy action. Gintama will be perfect anime for you 
report Recommended by Mal_functionz
You laugh. You cry. You feel hyped. You feel excited. You think. You let your emotions out. Being my favourite and second favourite anime i can certainly say that they bring out everything you have with great characters 
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
The core style of both shows is pretty similar. Both shows are comedic and have single-episode stories as well as longer ones that carry through a few episodes. However, comedy is not the whole point of either show. When you least expect it, things can get serious and intense. So they both share in this style that mixes comedy with serious and heartwarming moments. The main characters are also both... demons.... though it's not literal in Gintama. They're both easygoing at first glance but they often know a lot more than they're actually letting on and they hide their badassery until it's needed. I think if you  read more 
report Recommended by teajjeje
Extremely funny series with random moments and funny side story episodes in the middle of the episodes with odd yet funny characters who creates random moments, also the series are about a trio who helps people along with heavy focus on the side characters. They can make you laugh and be emotional/sad in the same episode. 
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
Well, the genres are completly different if I may say so myself but when concerning the characters, both anime are on par. Both Gintama and Baccano! have instant love characters and they both invlude characters that are so crazy, it's simply hilarious.  
report Recommended by Jasonbear
Both shows are light hearted and funny at the same time first but as the story paces, it gets more serious and here's whats interesting: IT GETS EVEN MORE BLOODIER AND BRUTAL. Gintama and HxH has references to other shows but HxH only has one whereas Gintama has a lot including HxH. Gintama and HxH are set in a modern/fantasy setting with both humans and strange beings alike and they participate series of missions/adventures to get paid and to achieve status in society. Both have gangs who have different goals and are supported by unexpected and former allies.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both are comedies with hilarious and absolutly random moments. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both anime are setted in feudal japan and modern era mixed enviroment. Both have kinda useless and careless main character. While in Gintama the main character is samurai and samurais not approved by goverment are banned and swords are being confiscated, in Bakumatsu Rock the main character is musician and musicians not approved by goverment are banned and guitars are being confiscated. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Comedy that makes no sense. 
report Recommended by MJSpice
The main characters in both series are similar. Gintoki and Handa are adults who I find really alike. They take care of people younger than themselves, like how Gintoki gave Kagura a place to live and Handa entertaining Naru. These two series give off almost the same aura, feelings, and atmosphere. The story is also set in Japan for the both of them. Comedy is something that isn't lacking in any of the mention anime. Moreover, the life lessons in these anime is the real deal. I truly believe that Gintama and Barakamon are good anime to watch. 
report Recommended by pieceofpeace
Similar comedy style. Gintoki and Ronald are similar too, both have their own agency and a freeloader/coworker moves in with them. 
report Recommended by bmw830
SimilarVulgar and crazy humor Similar themes with characters Similar way the story grabs you if Gintama condescended Mendoksai main character who will then run off and try to carry everything on his shoulders alone Similar quality I cannot stress this recommendation enough This comparison and recommendation were first made by Gigguk on trash taste.  
report Recommended by Oshino_Edan
Nonsense adventures, critics to society hidden in jokes, references to other mangas and animes - and even to things in ocidental culture. Everything to make you die of laughter. Katte ni Kaizou is like a Gintama made for the Shonen Sunday universe. 
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Both have an awesome blend of comedy, action, fantasy and sentimental drama though done in different styles. -EDIT- Forgot to mention that they both have an amazing OST 
report Recommended by CherryHawk
It might seem like a bit of a long shot, but Gintama and Darker than Black do share similar elements especially in story structure. The obvious difference is that Gintama is full of slapstick and dirty jokes while Darker than Black has no comedy at all (that I can recall). The similarities come in its story telling; once Gintama establishes its world and characters the show focuses on telling stories about new guest/side-characters usually in 2-3 episode arcs. Darker than Black does the same but in 2 episode arcs. The protagonists, Sakata Gintoki in Gintama and Hei in Darker than Black, usually play a  read more 
report Recommended by Kylax-
Although the plot and setting differ greatly, there are a few subtle similarities: 1. Gin and Dante are alike. They're both slackers and like sweets - they're also in debt. 2. Devil May Cry and the Yorozuya both do jobs for people. 3. Both have good action.  
report Recommended by Mirorin
You can root for every character, pretty weird and hilarious, set in amazing worlds.  
report Recommended by FatCaiman
Hilarious anime with lots of easter eggs, fourth wall breaking and references. 
report Recommended by Piromysl
Both animes have that slapstick type of comedy. Both also deals with a lot of toilet, perverted and idiotic/ lack of common sense jokes that will make you laugh out loud. Other than that, storyline differ. 
report Recommended by hokeymon
Very similar humor and mood. Lots of characters with completely different ideas of how situations should be handled. They are both some of the rare anime that make you actually laugh the majority of the time watching. I can imagine Oyasumi as an arc in Gintama and it would work completely fine. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
- Both have quirky characters - Both have ridiculous but hilarious comedy - Many references are made to things in Japan - Parody is used very well - Both MC's own/work at a small business  
report Recommended by Menzo-
- Gintama makes quite some Doraemon allusions and parodies. There are obvious ones and less obvious ones - While the vast majority of Doraemon episodes consist of very short gag stories, there are occasionally also ones, which fall out of the usual typical-traditional-Doraemon formula. These are sometimes itself parodies, absolutely totally absurdly over the top, have Sci-Fi, Fantasy and occasionally even Adventure and Action elements and more than just once a quite touching part to it, just as many Gintama episodes have as well.  
report Recommended by shina_luna
Both rely heavily on absurd, character-driven humor that cause you to bust a gut while rolling on the floor laughing. They also have a bunch of diverse charactors who are good breakaways from traditional tropes. 
report Recommended by Ichigo_Gyunyu
Both are comedy and parody animes, lots of stupid jokes and references to japanese stuff in general. You also can't stay 5 minutes without laughing with these 2 
report Recommended by ren6
Well to be honest I have only watched one episode. It was about how they met their counterpart members from the past. I cracked up the whole episode when it turned out that they were all black! 10/10 without doubt.  
report Recommended by BigHeadMo
Both are comedy/parody shows. Gintama mainly parodies shonen while Kurumi parodies mahou shoujo.  
report Recommended by RAWRfizzz
Far-fetched? Possibly, but at its core Gintama and Kuuchuu Buranko are anime focusing on an individual's story in a world where everyone has a story. While Kuuchuu Buranko tends to delve into psychology their focus on storytelling and the use of an indirectly/directly involved protagonist leads to heart-warming tales. They also have their fair share of dirty jokes. 
report Recommended by Kylax-
Both have Space, and Sci-Fi tags. Both have a great sense of humor and the element of comedy is dominant. Both protagonists are cute but behave in a funny or stupid way. No actual plot in any of them, but once you start watching you always want more.  
report Recommended by ReikaUchiha
Really different setting, genre, and Story line. But sometime Gintama, show some thing behind the anime screen, from key animation, studio rooms, debate for new story, anime staff problems, etc. like Shirobako, but with hilarious jokes. 
report Recommended by blueflash97
Same style of humor with deep meanings behind it, many references and parodies . Both have really good characters. 
report Recommended by animelover110499
offbeat comedies about aliens that move to Japan and the goofy situations that arise from this interaction between aliens and humans.these anime mix sci-fi elements with a kind of humour that thrives on characters wrecking havoc in the most chaotic ways. The result are parodies that may not be for everyone but that are likely to appeal to the same audience. 
report Recommended by Monjoex
If you have watched Gintama, you would have realized the story is about more than the three main character: it is about the town of Kabukichou. No character in Kabukichou is insignificant. Soredeom Machi wa Mawatteiru remind me of Gintama, specifically the communal aspects that were made possible by bringing together different unique perspectives from the residents, be it: fisherman, cop, vegetable seller.  
report Recommended by kaitotrinh
Both are a little random episodes, with a little connection, you can miss some episodes and feels normal about it, have only a few arcs. All new episode is a new short story, that makes what the anime are, some you will like, others love, and some, maybe hate. The main characters have the same perfil, little lazy guys, with a logical's reasoning not to strong, but they live for only what they love, one dueling(GX) and be a honored samurai(Gintama). They have really closed friends, whose be with then in all confusion and show what is true friendship and others that aren't so friendly, maybe  read more 
report Recommended by TheLe0
Both heavily feature historical law enforcement agencies. Onihei is serious while Gintama is a parody. If you enjoyed the historical aspect of Gintama, try Onihei.  
report Recommended by RAWRfizzz
While Gintama and City Hunter don't seem too similar at first glance, theres definately traits the two share that make each series enjoyable. First, both Gintama and City Hunter are action based. While Gintama involves elements of both Fantasy and Science Fiction due to its mixture of Feudal Japan-like Samurai elements and futuristic society, with the addition of aliens. City Hunter is a bit different as it has a more Hard-Boiled, Detective story, kind of setting. On another note, both original Mangas where serialized in Shonen Jump Magazine. Both Animes are paced similarly, as they both revolve around a "Jack of all Trades for Hire"  read more 
report Recommended by SakuraStardust
I can't believe no one's made a recommendation for these two yet - Nanbaka and Gintama are so alike! They're both anime that parody the comedy genre. The fourth-wall breaking's a recurring theme in both, as are the references to different anime throughout the shows. The gag humour is hilarious in both - Nanbaka doesn't even try to make sense most of the time and knows it, and Gintama's humour can be very similar. The characters - even the side characters - are loveable and great fun to watch. Nanbaka does have a lot (and I mean a lot!) more sparkles and glitter - even at its  read more 
report Recommended by AmishaelMA
they both very funyy and both have martial arts and in Ranma ½: have a very srtong hearm for women and fo man  
report Recommended by meliodas56
-great fights -really good characters -both start of a little slow, but get better after a while -both main characters have pretty tragic pasts, which are revealed later on in the series -both art styles are unique NOTE: Gintama is mainly a comedy and has less fights than sds. 
report Recommended by JCB_onee
Both are like a parody to their following genre, cautious hero parodies typical isekai anime and gintama parodies typical shonen anime, and both protagonist even though now powerful were once defeated and lost it all 
report Recommended by Ginsoka
If you're interested in more character-driven comedy series that are able to switch from serious tones to more lighthearted tones, Gintama and Tatoeba Last Dungeon both fit that criteria.  
report Recommended by ManWild
Action-packed anime that heavily involve samurai & uphold the values of their respective eras. Dororo is much like a segregated serious arc of Gintama's; while the stories are incredibly different, the way they are told brush at air's width. Expect ruthless bloodbaths & gore in unison with intense action that will urge your heart to race along with the blood spilled in those scenes. 
report Recommended by soulstyce
While Darling in the FranXX is primarily a sci-fi anime, Gintama also mandates a large portion of sci-fi too. They are both used to involve action-packed battles; whether it contributes to the action or is the matter at hand. They wonderfully display the contrast between their sci-fi elements & non-fictitious values of their worlds. 
report Recommended by soulstyce
Gintama's Hijikata Toushirou is made after Hijikata Toshizou, the real person (as well as other Shinsengumi guys). Watch this OVA if you want to learn some information about Japanese history 
report Recommended by Nemo_Niemand
The main characters, sakata gintoki and glenn radars. They both have this bad past where they were in war. Both shows use the sames visuals too for this. They're standing on a bunch of corpses (of the soldiers in the battle) while regretting being a joi rebel/mage of justice. Despite being fairly strong, these characters act like a fool for most of the show. 
report Recommended by joegonzalez722
Space battles? Interplanetary missions? Worlds beyond Earth? Look no further than Gintama & Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It almost seems as though Gintama can be compared to anything, and one of them is LotGH (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) whereby both take the action to different planets & engage in fantastic space wars. 
report Recommended by soulstyce
Ever Both Gintama And Princess Connect! Re:Dive Funny MC Pecorine And Kagura Both Same Main Characters Is Big Eater And Yuuki And Gintoki Both same Main Characters Sword fighter Not Really Princess Connet! Re:dive Have slapstick 
report Recommended by Zonecommander26
Both Save World And Funny Three MC And Parody Gintama and Eizouken Eizouken Story for school club Gintama Story For Save World 
report Recommended by Zonecommander26
both characters has a white hairs both characters has a pass both characters has more friends both characters has a weapons plane bow and bokuto both has a storyline gintama is a comedy anime and azur lane is a battleship game anime 
report Recommended by poland20
Both share a lot of similar voice actors. Both have great comedy and lovable characters. 
report Recommended by simplyAsimp
Amazing Protagonist. Great Comedy. Emotional Drama. Well-written Characters. AND BEST SHONEN FEMALE CASTS 
report Recommended by Biggu3ToKindan4
both are neutral protagonist both are have weapon like bokuto and magic crossbow both are have friends both are have enemies like witches and amanto and both are have great storyline and great ost gintama is a comedy anime and magia record is a magic anime 
report Recommended by poland20
Although Gintama is much longer in length both are extremely funny and share similar humor at times. The fate series and Tsukihime (which are the series that makes carnival phantasm what it is) are both extremely serious but we see them really happy in Carnival phantasm through humor. In Gintama there are serious arcs, sad moments are darker parts (the fate series and tsukihime) but at the same time have hilarious episodes like the ones in Carnival Phantasm. 
report Recommended by strictviewer
Based Comedy. Funny Faces. And the never ending Jokes XD XD XD 
report Recommended by rendito
Their both funny yet serious, ya get me? 
report Recommended by AnimeGamerDave
Despite the difference in themes, both shows are carefully crafted character-driven comedies that capitalize on the comedic skits to make the audience invested in the characters and thus enhance the emotional impact of the serious arcs. They both use the tropes of their respective genres in creative and self-aware ways and have a penchant for meta, fourth wall breaking humor. 
report Recommended by dejablu
This may seem like a stretch, but both series have a lazy, low-voiced, but very funny main character. This main character ends up driving the majority of the humor in both series. Plus, there are some perverted jokes in both series ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). 
report Recommended by donut_jelly
More so than the first season, the second season of Saiki Kusuo includes short arcs in its storytelling that closely parallel that of the whole Gintama series. In general, both Season 2 of SK and Gintama feature similar storytelling, similar humor, and similar strengths in characters - particularly in each character's eccentricity, especially the main characters themselves. After all, both MCs basically have a show named after them :) 
report Recommended by donut_jelly
There are a lot of similarities. The main character of both shows are very similar. Both are lazy and aloof. Yamazaki is literally a reborn Shinpachi, both are nerds and both love anime. They are both comedies that can get real whenever it wants. Gintama and NHK have dark humor and especially a dark storyline. If you have cried to gintama, you might also cry to NHK. Many similarities between the two and if you loved gintama you will most likely like NHK too. 
report Recommended by 5perm
both are space anime with absurd aliens. Also both of them are gag anime 
report Recommended by kyoutoryuu
Both series make parodies of other anime titles and both are funny as hell! Both series share similarities with their protagonists Ryotsu and Gintoki: both are lazy, childish and money hungry, but when desperate times arrive, they are always there to help their friends. 
report Recommended by DiogoAttitude
-Both have the same type of immature humor -They share a lot of seiyuu in common -The characters don't have similar designs, but they act similar 
report Recommended by thelectricow
MC is funny but when it matters, he will become a badass. Both have though past which coearly affects their lives. The main heroine is also auite attractive and she has pure goals. 
report Recommended by Salokannel2
it have different setting. but both have a lot of potential to inspire people to do good thing rather than right if you have to choose. both have an enjoyable story that you can take slowly. 
report Recommended by Rendhart
If you lost it when watching hilarious references and gags, or cried when things got real for a moment then this is the show for you. I can't recommend it enough. JUST DO IT! 
report Recommended by mimiiria
Both shows that are hilarious in their episodic comedy, with the ability to do more serious arcs efficiently. Also they both share the theme of aliens living in an existing Earth city along with the normal residents 
report Recommended by Wolfzun
Both get into full swing with their first episode and have a similar parody show  
report Recommended by AnimeDude_14
This first season of Gintama is 90% pure comedy and the characters are very funny and hilarious. The remaining 10% are serious arcs that makes this anime even better and makes it my top favorite anime series. My favorite characters in this series are Gintoki and Tsukuyu. I recommend this anime because it can change your life. 
report Recommended by renzpapunas
Very similar styles of comedy and randomness. It feels like they're very much the same kind of anime however one is japanese and one is chinese. The other difference is of course the budget these had. One is Gintama and the other one is an ONA. 
report Recommended by Rashio
Both are set in Historical time periods and follow main characters that often find themselves in comedic moments yet they can be absolute badass' at the same time! 
report Recommended by saiyan_junio
Both are very comedic series that involve perverted humor, though Kill la Kill has more of it. They also involve very OP main characters - Sakata Gintoki from Gintama and Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill. They don't sound very similar but they actually do have some similarities - especially if you like perverted comedy! :) 
report Recommended by donut_jelly
Similarities:-Zany humor -intense fight scenes -Lazy MCs -Poop and barf jokes Differences: The jokes in Gintama are mostly about the anime itself(it's self-aware and breaks the fourth wall) and there are references to other anime like Naruto, Bleach and Dragon Ball Z. Panty and Stocking constantly jokes about sex, and the poop jokes are more constant. The Gintama franchise is much  read more 
report Recommended by YoungAnimeDoctor
Both are good comical anime, with strong basis on characters and character arcs. They both have incredibly well written characters, whom one will be rooting for after knowing them. Also the story is well written and emotionally compelling. From my perspective both are very similar.  
report Recommended by Ravi_Tripathi
Both series have: -main trio consisting of the MC and two younger characters (a boy and a girl) he looks after -they start off doing odd jobs for people and eventually reveal the MC's mysterious backstory of his time during a war -a mix of comedy and serious moments (though NGL stays more dark and serious most of the time) Most of the similarities between these shows are with the characters and how they interact with each other, rather than the worldbuilding (Gintama is about the samurai era with alien technology and No Guns Life is more of a futuristic cyberpunk setting) but they have a somewhat similar tone  read more 
report Recommended by mirp448
The similarity that they have is having over the top comedy, although having different settings and genres (other than comedy). 
report Recommended by Amin-kun
Both anime with funny slapstick comedy Both anime equally funny if not Gintama is funnier Both Male Mc have the same VA (Sugita Tomokazu) But in Gintama Not only comedy but it has a good plot and plenty of great action scenes. It can make you die of laughter at the same time it also can make you cry.  
report Recommended by MonkeDLuffy
The protagonists work regardless of the risk, and always end up penniless. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
The male main characters' personalities are quite similar, also another pretty similar thing is how in a lot of the serious moments comedy breaks up the heat. It's just quite similar and if you have liked "no game no life" you and you feel like watching a slower paced "no game no life" then try Gintama, though if I had to put a percentage of how similar they are it would be around 40%. 
report Recommended by imsomeone
The main plot for both are far different, one being about samurai and one about school life. Both of these anime seemed to have the same feel to them, great slapstick comedy, and lots of spoofs and references. both made me laugh constantly, and for the most part are light-hearted, with a few tender moments. 10/10 for both hope you enjoy. <3 
report Recommended by AntiIgnorance
General setting wise, both of these shows mix just a little bit of historical fiction into a largely fantasy setting. Gintama is set in Japan while Tears to Tiara is set in Medieval Europe. Beyond that, the most striking similarity are its main characters. Both Gintoki and Arawn have silver hair and red eyes, and they are (or in Gintoki's case, was) known as a devil because of their fighting ability. Even some of their mannerisms are similar. Both of them are slightly lazy, Gintoki more so than Arawn. They are both slightly silly at times, but have their serious, profound moments too. 
report Recommended by Selinea
If you like Gintama for it's randomness, puns, oldschool anime references and parodies, and don't gross over some perviness, then Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera will please you aswell. 
report Recommended by twy
Both are comedic using well made characters that uses characteristic that does not goes along with the usual anime tropes. This recommendation are only for those who are searching another anime with similar type of comedy use, other than that this two animes are totally different. 
report Recommended by kimwonshik
Very surprised this has not been recommended yet. Gintama and FLCL are along the top of my favorite lists for their craziness and randomness. Sure, we've got different things going on, the arc-based-200(+?) episode, pure comedy Gintama and the more serious, short OVA FLCL, but plot elements aside, watchers will definitely get engrossed in the whackiness nature of both animes. Highly, highly recommend both not just for their fun, random nature, but their great execution, art, characters, sound, and storyline. 
report Recommended by S2VX
Similar comedy and historical/samurai setting 
report Recommended by ninetythree
both share the same type of random humor, though in Gintama it is more diverse, more episodes, bigger scope. 
report Recommended by Strayuzu
If Gintama is shounen crack, then Ouran is shoujo crack. They are both utterly random and hilarious. 
report Recommended by hanabira
Both are hilarious sci fi anime and they both ran in shonen jump 
report Recommended by BleakBurst
I know this may seem like a bit of an odd recommendation, but I do genuinely think that these shows share a lot in common. For one, although the humour in Steins; Gate only really lasts for the first few episodes before only appearing in rare cases it's very similar to the sort of humour in Gintama in that the characters are weird and quirky and have really amusing interactions with each other. So whenever there were humorous episodes/moments of Steins; Gate I was reminded of Gintama. Another way in which these shows are similar is that both of them are really funny when they're supposed to  read more 
report Recommended by SaraSlurpsCoffee
Random episodes mixed together with plot-filled episodes. But Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun is more random and more ecchi, less funny than Gintama. 
report Recommended by Dunkjoe
Well, it´s not because they´re both episodic. But how they deal with it. A bit hard to explain, but they both deal with a certain situation linked with a moving past (though gintama deals with people and mushishi with mushi). In both, the solution might leave you a bit sad or rather relieved because anything can happen. But there are big differences. Gintama is mostly meant as a humurous/parody show whereas mushishi is very serious. Gintama has 201 eps, mushishi 26. A part of the 201 consists of filler, arcs, special eps, character dev eps etc. That's why you cannot compare many eps with mushishi but  read more 
report Recommended by Eucalyptustree16
Both series are equally hilarious in very creative ways and the supporting roles are all equally interesting to enrich the enjoyment level as a whole. If you have enjoyed Gintama you will also enjoy the other too. 
report Recommended by xxbluebirdxx
Very much like Ikebukuro in Durarara, Gintama takes place mostly within the confines of Edo (Tokyo). Both the cities have a bunch of odd ball characters that make regular appearances in various episodes and bring in their flavor of humor and drama. Gintama is more episodic, but the feel you get from both the anime is quite similar. Both series have yakuza wars as well. 
report Recommended by jonnyhan
Both are set in the "past." Both leads seem to be ridiculous morons but still manage to beat the bad guys at the end of the day. They are comedies also and have a small team of people that help the main character. 
report Recommended by BsAsUn
I watched only Red Riding Hood parts but it was really fun and i think that jokes are so gintama-style. The didn't have subs but this anime is easy to understand. 
report Recommended by alfija
Both features good comedy sense and some great action scenes. As Smile Precure is aimed at lower age, so it's much more "cleaner" in the choice of comedy templates and of course it has the usual transformation sequences which some boys may not like. But beside these, there are a lot of good episodes, full of funny and sometimes heart warming moments. To some extent it's contents resemble shounen manga.  
report Recommended by bottle
They both are involved with other worldly strong sword fights with many special effects. 
report Recommended by sapphiresky
Samurai. Manly. Epic. Funny. Both are amazing series that dare to go beyond the impossible and provide an infinite amount of entertainment. 
report Recommended by myungsoo
Both these animes talk about Samurai and has swords and best of all both of them are hilarious! 
report Recommended by mazen
Both contain two strong female protagonists with a strong bond, are highly skilled for combat fighting (high action), end up fighting against one another, and they're both pretty gory animes. Kagura also closely resembles one of the main female characters in Noir Certain tracks/songs are also similar with the siren-like voices.  
report Recommended by keitasama
Both Anime have elements of comedy, but Gintama's comedy is a lot better. Where Himawari!! ends up in averageness, Gintama goes all-out and makes you laugh really hard. Also both Anime somehow share other similarities (Ninjas and Samurai) and there are also other things like spaceships. (Similar to the Amanto in Gintama) So basically, if you enjoyef watching Himawari!!, I'm sure that you'll love Gintama. 
report Recommended by BillysNipple
While waiting a possible 3rd season of School Rumble, you can watch one of the wackiest comedy anime of all time - Gintama, which has silly characters and tons of shameless parodies which will make you laughing and rolling on the floor~ 
report Recommended by Dj_Frog
Gintama is also randomness but with less innocent cute humor...much less actually, but humor is humor, nevermind how dirty it is XD if you can laugh at it you're having fun. 
report Recommended by liavalon
Both use complete crazyness (Is that a word?) to produce a hilarious anime. 
report Recommended by MistaNight
It's another crazy anime with fun and bloody humor and of course - crack shinsengumi if one sadistic Okita is not enough for you XD 
report Recommended by myth720
Pretty much, Irresponsible Hero meets Irresponsible Captain At first glance these shows don't share alot off thing except that they both play out in a time were aliens exist and that they both are in the Parody category on MAL. Since I saw Gintama before Irresponsible Captain Taylor I pretty much had all my expectations down on paper. So why does these shows clash together? Let's take a look at the Main characters Gintoki (Gintama) is pretty much lazy/Irresponsible to everyone that hasn't got to know him. The same goes for Tylor (Irresponsible Captain Tylor) Both characters have hearts of gold and are honest and goods  read more 
report Recommended by Ranzkin
If you like crazy, random humor, with some weird loose reference to history, you will like this series. I saw on japanese blogs that peple who like Gintama often like GMB. 
report Recommended by dostha
both talks a lot, but naruto intends to tell more of the story, while gintama is just random comedy. naruto gradually gets stronger while gintama , the protagonist is strong from the start  
report Recommended by pakin
these anime both have a future setting combined with a past old setting. both stories are samurai, but both have mechanical that looks like the future. 
report Recommended by pakin
both have aliens that come to the earth. gintama has action and ano natsu have romance but both have comedy, gintama has more comedy 
report Recommended by pakin
At times they leave you thinking - "what the hell has just happened". Plot? Who needs solid plot? 
report Recommended by shine_heaven
Both feature realistic martial arts/swordplay for the fight scenes and both also use alot of comedy to lighten the mood. The only difference is that Gintama is more comedic while Kenichi focuses more on the fighting aspect. 
report Recommended by AndyLikesAMV
Both are hilarious as heck. 
report Recommended by MJSpice
Both are set in a future where Earth is populated with aliens. 
report Recommended by MJSpice
Aliens, wacky characters, slapstick antics, very funny. Gintama can get more serious at times, and Urusei Yatsura can focus more on romance, but both are shows I can sit down and enjoy with a good laugh. 
report Recommended by Yatsura
Both are comedies whose humor stems from the character's absurd actions and the side-splitting reactions of the other characters. Both use similar facial expression in their gags. 
report Recommended by Exkalamity
~ focuses on the MC and helping different people with their problem in every episode. ~ always lacking of money, its funny to see how they are trying to save the money XDD so can you eat marshmellow for the whole day (gunjou no magmel) or only eating the rice and bread (gintama)?! ~ beat the monster for their customer and trying to save them. So that they can earn the money, but not all of them. Mostly. If you are Gintama fans, then you might like Gunjou no Magmel!  
report Recommended by kawaii36
Both are enough similar about random comedy style, in some episodes, these, ends up in the same way and also have some references from pop japanese cultures, manga, anime and movies. In a few words, despite gintama and sunshine have different demographic, these series have some features in common. 
report Recommended by Baka_93
Gintama is a great show and everyone should watch it once or twice! Osomatsu-san follows about the same kind of humor. 
report Recommended by Niagra
The only similar thing between these two is the dirty jokes, the whole plot is totally different. but when it comes to the jokes, both have similar dirty jokes. but Seitokai Yakuindomo is more focused to relationship jokes, while Gintama has a variety of dirty jokes. 
report Recommended by skywind08
- Both make parodies to other anime series. - Have humor and comedic moment. - Pop culture references. 
report Recommended by Ariffdesu
Both has Parody.Fun, in a really own way, and a main character that's not necessarily a "hero", and just do the things as they want. 
report Recommended by supersayajim3
Episodic comedies with action mixed in while the whole series of Gintama is mostly a comedy every now and then the series tends to get very serious with only a little bit of comedy; Trigun shares the same thing and the main characters for both of the series have a dark past and have a name for themselves because of the things they've done or caused. 
report Recommended by RX-782
The Herald has very similar behavior of the MC of Gintama, Sakata Gintoki, including being there for their friends, they are both called Gin. 
report Recommended by MarceBzeAnime
They may be extremely different, but they're also extremely hilarious. You will laugh your ass off! 
report Recommended by Hanasanaide
Althrought the story is diferent, both are comedies full of randomness and unexpected jokes. Both main characters are making troubles for other, consciously or not. If you liked one, you´ll like another. While Gintama has more action, Popee the Performer is more dementia. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Slapstick, partially surreal comedy with characters acting stupid and full of popculture references and parodies. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both have similar style of random, unexpected and silly humor. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
While the plot of these anime have almost nothing in common, the linking part here is the protagonist, who on the contrary are similar - both are good for nothing leecherous, laidback and calculating "trash of society", but in serious moments turn into dependable, clever and strong people who protect their close ones. Coincidentally, they are also both voiced by the same dude. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both are gag comedies. Both main characters are extremly lazy, unable to do work properly and being taunted by others. Gudetama is more for the kids while Gintama has also some action. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both are comedies following daily lifes of group of people involving random moments, hilarious gags and references to other anime. While Gintama is more shounene, Shin Strange+ is more shoujo. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
These comedies are absolutely littered with references and spoofs, parodying both well known works and obscure titles - as result requiring quite large knowledge of various subject to fully enjoy it and get most of the jokes. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both are crazy comedies whit gull of gags and action. While Gintama is shounen, Sabagebu is shoujo.  
report Recommended by abystoma2
They are almost like family. Both of them goof around while having a story "secretly" put in. One of them gags with living daily in society and struggling with problems most of the time about the government, while the others gags with living in prison and being locked in one place (with the daily escaping attempts). Some times I could relate the to of the anime together, the only difference is that Nanbaka goes to a story much faster (and it has less episodes/seasons of course) in comparison with Gintama. Also, Gintama is more vulgar in jokes than Nanbaka. 
report Recommended by LemmiLeaf
When everything seems to be funny and goofy, suddenly everything turns dark and painful. That's the similarity between two of my favorites animes. 
report Recommended by krsp
The Monster Hunt arc, along with some other episodes which parody JRPGs, is identical to the overall concept of Mahoujin (which is also comedy), with pop-up windows and other genre elements. 
report Recommended by Seyfert
Mainly, the comedic styles are very similar, for example the pattern of one character doing something over the top and bizarre, and then another character pointing out the idiocy of doing whatever they did. A lot of details are similar as well, like the female lead being tough and scarfing down food. 
report Recommended by iwant2dollars
Might be a bit of a stretch, but Gintama and Hanada Shounen-Shi both have crude humor. Both MCs are (dirty) jerks on the outside, but are actually fairly kind. Both have emotional/feel good moments and are covered with sprinkles of funny. 
report Recommended by Mirorin
The slice-of-life elements of both usually contain individuals debating the merits of various anime series, although in Genshiken the focus is on a fictional one (with Gintama including wider cultural references). 
report Recommended by Seyfert
The art and character design of mouretsu pirates feels very similar to gintama. both series are set in a world where space travel is the norm and space pirates roam the galaxy. mouretsu pirates doesn't have the samurai theme but both main characters fight with swords. 
report Recommended by lyuhak
Both have parody and random comedy as their main attraction 
report Recommended by Ewulf
That might look like a strange recommendation, but I really think they are pretty similar in one main aspect: Both share the same kind of "randomness" humor. So unlike "normal" comedy shows, a lot of unexpected stuff happens that would not even be possible in normal life in most cases. So if you like Gintama, you MIGHT also enjoy Paniponi Dash. It's pretty underrated in my opinion. 
report Recommended by MikuLove39
Have you ever wondered how Donten ni Warau would have turned out, if insted of Orochi, aliens would have been the main antagonists? And what if Donten ni Warau would have been more of a gag anime? Donten ni Warau may then have turned out more like Gintama, since Gintama takes place during the same era as Donten ni Warau, but with another dilemma; aliens invading Edo. The three Kumô brothers are a bit like the Yorozuya of Gintama, as they help people that are in need of help, with Tenka Kumô resembling Gintoki Sakata in a way. They both hide their thoughts and worries behind  read more 
report Recommended by keiyaku_
- A peek into life during the Edo period in Japan - Both have moments that take place in Yoshiwara, the historic red-light district - MCs with quirky, eccentric, and straightforward personalities - Great music 
report Recommended by cornonacob
Based "organization" is helping the people and fulfills their desires . Both anime have different references, orientation rather on the Japanese audience, difficult to understand foreigners without footnotes . Often each series - single episode .  
report Recommended by fischermori
Both SW Visions and Gintama both have samurai (Jedi) mixed with scifi setting of space travel and aliens. SW Visions has more Japanese style settings and characters too than regular SW, which makes it similar in feel to Gintama. Also, Gintama had an arc parodying SW once too. 
report Recommended by bmw830
The comparison between a long running comedy anime and a regular short running anime sounds weird. But both Gintama and Index are light styled series, involved in "modern/futuristic" worlds (Gintama shows a modern Edo Period governed by the Amanto, Index shows the futuristic Academy City secretly controlled by Aleister Crowley). Both main characters (Gintoki and Touma) seems to not really care about the governing factions (Bakufu /Scince) or the hidden factions (Joui / Magic), but they have allies in both sides, supporting them when they have to fight. Also, both live with a hungry 14 years old loli and her pet (Kagura and Sadaharu / Index  read more 
report Recommended by krsp
While they're very different genres they have a very similar feel. Their both comedies first and foremost but have their serious moments and it feels natural. Both have characters that are very easy to get attached to and fantastical premises. Both are just really enjoyable series. 
report Recommended by Nitzer
They both feature similar gag comedy and over the top characters. Househusband shares the most similarity with the moments in Gintama in which characters are put into unfamiliar situations (which is frankly most episodes). Many of the members of the Shinsengumi in particular have similar traits as Tatsu, and watching Househusband reminded me of many of their goofier arcs. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both are very self-referential comedies with a well written cast of characters. If you enjoyed the episodes of Gintama where they just talked around the kotatsu all episode, Joshiraku is very similar to that. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Very similar loud and random comedy, with distinct and unique characters. I could totally imagine an episode of Honda-san being played out in Gintama and it would fit right in. They also both occasionally balance out this over the top comedy with slower, more slice of life character moments. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both have random and insane story line with lovable characters, hilarious moments. You might get lost in the story but don't worry everyone does.  
report Recommended by burnout26