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Shiranuma Oct 15, 2017 10:33 AM
Happy Birthday!

giannis85 Oct 15, 2017 5:13 AM
Happy Birthday!!!
giannis85 Sep 15, 2017 11:57 PM
Hello! I read your review on No Game No Life and I agree with the most things you are saying! I also give it a 9 since even through is not a masterpiece (as its most devoted fans call it) is definitely not just another light novel adaptation! I agree that the ending feels rushed, but until the light novels to be finished, we need patience in order to see a sequel (and not a prequel, like the movie)! The story trully impressed me, despite that I knew it was an light novel adaptation (which the story in those, always have flaws) and I didn't expected too much, and it trully satisfied me! Now, the fanservise part may had drew harsh criticism, but in my opinion it is just a ''necessary evil'' in modern anime, so I didn't care about it! As for the animation, it was just awesome! Overall, that anime is one of the few light novel adaptations (a misunderstood genre) that they adapted right into anime and that they really entertain the viewer! It's a pity that anime-fans believe that just because SAO has a bad pacing, then every other anime based on light novels has, but that is definatelly NOT true! Now, Madhouse fans thought that just because in 2014, Madhouse made one of the worst anime of the decade (I'm looking at you, Mahou Sensou) and thought that the studio was finished, then No Game No Life of the same year (and also based on light novels) may have been the same and ignored it... but those that started watching it, they didn't regret it, heh! So, even through I recognize that the story has indeed flaws, I still believe that is a great anime! As you also believe, I guess!
Kustodian Sep 10, 2017 3:07 PM
Hey, I just wanted to say, your review of Madoka's third movie portraits exactly how I felt with it. So thanks! While watching the movie it was a perfect 10/10, but after the ending I was unsure whether it became a 9 or an 11 xD. Anyway, I rated it 10 and founding your review re-enforced my point of view. It's just an amazing movie that's not supposed to be enjoyed. Great review ^^
Shiranuma Jan 5, 2017 7:48 AM
Oh no I started to turn otaku =:O
Thnx4dafood Dec 31, 2016 2:06 PM
Thnx4dafood Dec 25, 2016 11:56 AM
RMVTerrell Dec 17, 2016 10:21 AM
The first movie made in 1995, then the next one you should watch is GITS innocence
RMVTerrell Dec 12, 2016 10:15 AM
you watch it?
RMVTerrell Nov 25, 2016 2:00 AM
You haven't seen the movie?!


here link:

Go Now.
Thnx4dafood Nov 24, 2016 12:05 PM
RMVTerrell Nov 18, 2016 1:11 AM
I just wrote my first review ever on Animelist, i finally got around to watching Ghost In The Shell the 1995 Movie, and i simply felt the need to write down some of thoughts i had.

Tell me what you think :)
RMVTerrell Jul 10, 2016 10:11 AM
"What would you have done?"

I'm not sure i have an answer to that question, nor am i sure that i am supposed to, or even want to.
I feel as if that isn't the right question to ask.

It exudes this almost desperate yearning for a solution to all of our problems.

When i watched the final episode of shinsekai yori, i didn't feel that at all. The only thing i felt, was a desire to feel the pain they felt.

"I did say it was the greatest experience, but I certainly didn't feel that way at first. I simply thought that it had a seamless story with a happy ending. It was not until later when I actually thought about what the story was all about that I fell in love with this anime."

You once thought that was a happy ending? Wow, though your probably not alone in that.

I didn't feel that way at all.

As i said before, not once did i truly cry while watching this anime, until i saw the look on squealers face, as he stood next to the body of his dead messiah. Before that point i despised squealer. The entire time during the last episodes i looked on in anticipation of how he would loose this battle. Of how he would squirm, as he ran in fear of his own death.

But that entire mindset i had instantly flipped once i saw the expression on his face. It wasn't one of fear, it wasn't one of anger. It was of pain. At that very moment the situation became clear to me. It became clear because once i saw his face, i instantly realized what the writers were trying to do in that scene, they were trying to make you empathize with the antagonist. Which is rarely ever seen in stories.

Here is a link to the scene just so you can see his face again:

The build up made it even more painful as the unfolding of events continued. To get hit with kiroumaru's death, then to see that saki had killed the 10 year old daughter of her friend, and lover. Then after all of that, to see the pain on squealers face. It was all just so overwhelming. But squealers face was that tipping point for me. Enough to make me cry like a new born baby.

"In actuality nothing changed."

Exactly, i remember at the end saki had written a sort of time capsule letter for people a 1000 years into the future.

I will definitely check out Fate/zero thanks for all these great anime suggestions!

RMVTerrell Jul 2, 2016 5:04 AM
Its 3 am, and i just finished watching the last episode of shinsekai yori.

The first thing i have to say, is that in terms of the world construction, it was literally a world i deeply wanted to create. For a long time now after watching the movie Chronicle where a bunch of kids were able to move objects with their mind. I've have been imagining that as the perfect fantasy world. I would spend hours lost in my imagination, simulating epic battles and stories in my mind. Essentially with that power, you could do anything. With enough skill, force, control, and more importantly, understanding of the inner working truths of our universe. You could lift mammoth sized rocks, You could heat it up and turn into magma, you could split the rock into tiny sand like particles and fling them at people like bullets. With enough understanding you could split the rock down to its more and more basic constituents even further to the point where you can split the very atoms that comprise it. You could collapse air onto itself heating up and turning it into a ball of plasma, then releasing the pressure at a small specific point around the sphere of superheated compressed plasma, causing the material to eject outward with such force, it would become a beam of white light cutting through anything in its path. Just like in Chronicle, you could eventually pick your own self up and fly.

The greatest thing about all of that, is that it all make sense, none of it relies on some illogical plot device, all of it is literally physics at work.

What this show did with it was also very interesting, essentially your ability to control things was only based on your aptitude and ability to conceptualize something that effectively matched the functional process of what you were trying to control. Hence fixing glass matching telomerase repair.

I'm actually very tempted to write a novel based off of these mechanics. The heart of the story would focus on the human strife for survival, for power, and for knowledge. It will kinda take on a FMA approach to the desire for truth. Some other things i wish to write is fan fiction detailing an alternative ending for FMA and the anime Planetes.

Anyway back to my thoughts on shinsekai yori.

Many things in that anime moved me, but rarely did anything truly bring me to tears..until the last episode. When i saw the look on squealers face as he stared at his dead messiah. That look..hit me hard. The entire time during the show i was suspicious and even hated squealer. But when i saw his face..i couldn't control the tears. I realized that at that moment, all his hopes and dreams, everything he had worked for, all the lives that perished to make this dream real. Are now lying dead on the ground beside him. He didn't show anger, he wasn't fearful of his own life. All he felt was pain..So much pain. I almost want to cry writing this right now.

the tears only got worse as i saw him explain his reason for doing all this to saki, and as he stood there on trial, saying to all what he was, that he was human, and being laughed at for it. Then for him to be tortured, to go through so much mental, then physical pain. It was amazing.

And no one cared, except for saki, she is one of my most favorite characters. She represents what i desire others to feel, but am always disappointed for because almost no one i meet shows it.

People are always so quick to show anger towards a specific group of people. But many times fail to realize the true disparity of the situation. That these people who "wrong" you, are only doing such, because they are forced to do so due to their circumstances...Do not confuse me, this is not some naive plea to tell everyone to hug and get along. No. Because that would be ignoring the truth of the situation. And the truth is that both parties are simply trying to survive.

The least i want people to feel, more specifically what i want them to yearn for. Is to feel the pain from the disparity of what this really is, which is the human condition. Essentially, to cry from empathy, as you and your enemy kill each other, and for your enemy to do the same. And once the fight is over, for whichever victor to grab the losers dying body, and caress it.

The problem is that people purposely desensitize themselves from empathizing with their enemy, because it makes the whole process of yearning for their destruction, so much easier.

Another thing i deeply loved about this anime, was its completely invisible boundaries between homosexuality and heterosexuality. I actually wish they were less light with it, and showed more of these intimate moments and more vividly and viscerally as well.

I myself am not homosexual, but that doesn't mean i cannot empathize. The sensation from passionately caressing another human being, is something that i yearn for regardless of sex. I am actually jealous of women because they get to hold each so tightly, while such things between males is looked down upon in our culture.

This aspect of caressing was particular one of my favorite parts from the anime Kill la Kill. I loved the scene where the mother satsuki intimately touched her daughters body. So many people seem to look at that scene, and hate her mother on the idea that she was raping satsuki, but i think that's a limited view of what was actually happening. I also absolutely loved that scene when ryuko turned evil, and joined sastuki's mother and nui in passionate caressing of each others bodies.

Overall this world was deeply constructed, probably the most logically complete fantasy world i have come across, though i had much of a problem relating with much of the deaths occurring due to the shock of it all and trying to grasp the entirety of the situation. But the pain i felt at the end of this story. Is something that i deeply yearn for, and its was almost intoxicating when i finally did feel it.

Thank you very-very much for giving this experience to me.
RMVTerrell Jun 24, 2016 12:10 AM
Thanks for the suggestion, watched the first episode and i am already intrigued.