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CodeBlazeFate Yesterday, 7:54 PM
Resasuke did nothing wrong
Poseur Jul 11, 11:30 PM
random guy on internet
Poseur Jul 11, 6:33 AM
My 10 greatest rock albums

1) X-Aspirations
2) Brainbombs- Obey
3) Art Bears - The World as It Is Today
4) Camberwell Now - The Ghost Trade
5) Cerberus Shoal - The Land We All Believe In
6) Slint - Tweez
7) Storm and Stress - Storm&stress
8) Tsigoti - Private Poverty Speaks to the People of the Party
9) Crass - Feeding of the 5000
10) Shit and Shine - Ladybird
Poseur Jul 7, 6:16 AM
Ruckus-filled punk. This rekkerd demonstrates the highest quality punk songwriting with hooks galore. X-Aspirations has some of the finest songs and highest (in-your-face) aggressiveness levels of any punk album. Every song is as catchy as pop songs and full of energy, like a constant series of refrains & choruses that often don't really repeat. As such, it's one of the most continuously listenable & enjoyable punk albums: with many times the replayability & satisfaction, and none of the boredom or monotony. Every track on X-Aspirations makes me think 'THIS HAS TO BE GREATEST SONG EVER' - and they truly are. Steve Lucas sings with such passion & emotion that its shocking. The cathartic rage in 'Waiting' well thats just sick. 'I Don't Wanna Go Out' is still sort of zenith of rock music. The abrasive/jagged style of guitar on this appears to be influenced by Gang of four. Get this LP for yerself, punks cos its gonna be a valuable part of your lifestyle. Funny, dark, catchy, weird & grungy. Diverse punk attack!

Not to be confused with the more popular American band X of the same name, of course. The Australian X. Actually better than the LA band. Gotta admit that Aussie punk pretty much rules all and drives a fucking bulldozer over the American bands.

Poseur Jul 7, 1:12 AM

renders all other rock music useless those poms & yanks have nothing on this...
CodeBlazeFate Jul 5, 3:39 PM
Did I Lind?

Did I?

They better bring clubs and blogs back by the end of the week. I have missed those features for too fucking long.
CodeBlazeFate Jul 5, 1:22 PM
How did MAL manage to do everything wrong for 40 days in a fucking row?
literaturenerd Jul 4, 4:44 AM
I've yet to read the novels myself, although I'm aware they are now available on Amazon. They are on my reading list currently, but it has become a bit backed up. It might take me a little while to get to them.
literaturenerd Jul 3, 2:38 PM
I heard the space axes were completely added, but I guess he did have tomahawk in the novel. Fair enough!
literaturenerd Jul 3, 2:15 PM
What was the image? MAL hasn't restored that function yet.
RedInfinity Jul 2, 6:28 AM
Correction: MyAnimeList does everything wrong.
literaturenerd Jun 27, 3:09 PM
I kind of liked the dislike button as weird as that sounds. Let's say I review some obscure series from the 1980s or 90s and it gets 3 helpfuls. Did people see the review and disagree? Did they simply not see the review and/or not care? The dislike button helped me figure out which reviews people were really reacting to and whether or not they were paying attention.
literaturenerd Jun 27, 11:40 AM
I REALLY wish they hadn't changed the review system. The new system is shit! Little to no feedback makes it difficult to improve as a writer.
literaturenerd Jun 27, 10:44 AM
Congrats on getting the top review for New Thesis. While I disagreed in a couple areas, we are more or less on the same page in regards to that title.
Poseur Jun 27, 4:59 AM
I hate Yuasa Masaaki

I detest kaiba and what makes my hate even greater is I don't know what this means for my feelings for this guy. Watching this anime has made me seriously doubt if the majority of his other stuff was actually as good as I once held it up in my mind, or if I was being fooled then too.