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Himouto! Umaru-chan
Himouto! Umaru-chan
Nov 5, 2:44 PM
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Nov 4, 3:54 PM
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Ballroom e Youkoso
Ballroom e Youkoso
Nov 2, 6:04 PM
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Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Nov 13, 9:06 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Nov 10, 2:30 PM
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Oct 15, 4:47 AM
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Azton 7 hours ago
love your profile picture! where is it from?
sushiisawesome Nov 11, 10:44 PM
Just felt like it, I suppose. To be completely frank with you, I just wanted to see what'd happen if it ended up in a challenge vote and everyone wondering how it'd end up there. I mean, people nominated freaking SAO for the relations list at one point in time, so I figured that me doing the opposite and trying to get a show that's as universally beloved as LotGH removed (even if I'd obviously fail) would draw interesting reactions.

As for I don't think it's good enough...well, I can rag on all day, to be honest. I find the characters insanely tedious to listen to with a lot of forced dialogue about politics, I don't find the strategies that impressive, I find the direction to be all over the place (the soundtrack imo doesn't fit the show), I find a lot of the characters insanely unlikeable and their behaviors' insanely inconsistent with what the show portrays them as (Reinhard laughing like a sociopath and drinking wine after a terrorist bombing as well as a later scene where he literally promises genocide against people above a certain age, Yang not caring about his comrades in the military time and time again even though the show portrays him as someone who cares about civilians and his comrades early in the show, the complete bullshit that is Oberstein convincing Reinhard to join his side even though he'd just get shot in an actual military regardless of motives etc.) and I find the show an absolute drag to sit through and watch.

I bear no grudge against anyone who likes the show, mind you. I just don't think the show is remotely good.
AfterGlow Nov 6, 10:42 AM
Yo. How's life?
Emperor_Lyon Nov 5, 2:03 PM
Probably not, I would definitely have to rewatch the anime to write something about it and I haven't really been watching too much anime recently.
pumpkinmuay Nov 3, 9:32 AM
Jesus fuck that's a long ass time.
pumpkinmuay Nov 2, 1:15 PM
Man, I was almost certain you did. Same tbh, I don't remember anything about it (just that I fucking hated it so much I didn't finish it).

I've been back around for a little while tbh. Merely adding whatever I'm watching (which recently has been a decent amount), I just never bother to use the forums so we haven't spoken in what now 2-3 years?
pumpkinmuay Nov 1, 2:39 PM
Man, whatever happened to your angel beats review? I swear you wrote one that nailed the show perfectly but I can't seem to find it from looking through?
Volcania Oct 24, 8:35 PM
I meant Apollo Justice in my first part of the last message and how they involve him in the main series at this point, sorry if that was confusing. You have 2 law offices and 2 characters that can lead a whole game by themselves. The way I see it you can potentially make a spin off series for Khurain on it's own. Just saying, they have all the options but I'd still miss him in the PW games if they decide to do so. I have as much of an idea as you do for what future titles will look like.

All of the ones you listed have a very interesting premise. I'm looking forward to try out Dragon's Turnabout as I was wondering how life would play out after said ending myself.

Making a case sure is hard work, but take your time. What's the progress at nowadays? You should be missing 300 frames at max I'd guess?
Maybe I can play it alongside AA7 one of the days. :^)

You gave yourself one hell of a task for a character, but I'm hooked. Just don't get discouraged if it isn't near perfect, you always have to make compromises somewhere. I'll be rooting for ya.
Volcania Oct 24, 9:58 AM
I can see that, I just hope he doesn't get the Edgeworth treatment where he makes little appearance every now and then in the future. But that's the problem if you have to many characters you become attached to, someone is gonna come short eventually.

All my yes for Athena, she has potential, and it'd feel weird to not see PW as much, but they should focus a little more on others at this point.

I agree mostly with your ranking, T&T was my favorite from the original trilogy. I have a little more love for the old ones though, and actually never played PLVPW. Should get on that.

i liked case 2 in AAI2 for what it created, not so much the case itself. I was just surprised how much is relevant later on.

You made me interested in Ace Attorney Online, can you recommend me a few good ones? Also, let me know when your fangame is doing progress, I wanna try it out!
Volcania Oct 23, 8:36 PM
Sorry for the fucking book, read this when you take a dump or something. Give the man an inch he'll take the whole shaft.

I can see both sides regarding the ending. I liked it, but hey - after SoJ who knows what we'll get? At this point I'm just curious who they focus on in the next few games. It's awesome to have different playstyles if they choose to mix the cases up, one with the Khurain Kingdom and the "traditional" court, but wouldn't it also be a little messy? Maybe PW will pass the ball soon and becomes more of a support character. I'll hold my breath on that one, but they rarely fail to connect the dots.

Haha, it was really weird to start with DD but I had no idea what I was doing at the time.
My order was DD -> Trilogy -> AJ -> AAI1 & 2. I must have missed out on quite a lot of references back then.

Truth be told, I didn't know what to expect after DD, but each game packed it's own charme and there was no title that I didn't play through within a week or two.

Late 2007? Damn. Happy anniversary then. You must be used to waiting a while for new games then, the longest I had to wait so far was a year for SoJ and it was killing me. The less I know about upcoming titles the better.

I don't know about the main cast of the trilogy. I somehow grew fond of the feys after a while, and never really disliked them. But I can't really explain why I liked them so quickly in the first place. Objectively speaking they might not be the most well written, but it was that feel of the protagonist being the wimp he is and how he just grew as a person along the fey sisters one case after another.

In a sense, it was really interesting to see him interact with his friends, and the stuff that happened early on. Loosing a mentor and friend, getting a new friend which is the younger sister of said mentor, having some good times with her. (Apart from all the dead people, kidnapping etc. - he pays for food so I guess that's great) Both are kind of stupid, but you know, the synergy is what makes it for me. It was just so cool to follow. That being said, a lot of PWs character is hinting and not actually showing so maybe he leaves a lot up to interpretation. Larry also serves very well for that, I'm wondering how much of an idiot Phoenix was even before he met the antichrist that is Dahlia. The glimpse we catched of it was pretty terrible. As they say, your friends are a reflection of you.

T&T had really strong characters in general, I like your picks, I'm most interested in how Iris is doing personally. I found it funny that they gave Athena a Tres Bien costume, they're going full fanservice with the maid outfits.

Compare T&Ts cast to the Berry Big Circus, I will take TT over JFA any day. Not to give them to much shit, I liked Matt Engarde, and the reveal around Ini Miney and her sister, but I gotta admit the latter was pretty ridiculous. Also, Shelly de Killer pretty much whenever he made an appearance.

Speaking about missing old characters, more Adrian Andrews please, and Sebastian as a fully fledged prosecutor.

Love trucy as well, best scene for me was when she "got kidnapped".

AAI2 was definitely one of the best. as soon as case 2 got the wheels rolling.. oh baby.

Also I'm assuming in your 3x3 you see the "red coated man" as the whole mystery behind it? I was so surprised how big it all ended up being. Usually they don't go all out on case 2 so I was baffled, but that still being a huge setup was just meta.

I'm gonna go all the way out here though, and I don't care if you hate me for this, but I was really not all that convinced with Simon Keyes. There was just something in me that said "that's it?" I wasn't disappointed, just honestly not nearly as shocked as I expected. I enjoyed the way to get there a whole lot more than the conclusion.

Dhurke is a favorite of mine as well, best dad. I too can understand your dislike of Maya a little, it takes the tension out of it if it keeps on happening but I'm attached to her so I always get a little nervous, and I'll probably still be if they pull it again.

With Kay I'm a bit disappointed, I liked her, but they could have made more of her in AAI2, she helped with the character synergy quite a lot though, but she could have been more.

animeiscool561 Oct 23, 6:43 PM
Did you mention TheCriticsClub was writing a Legend of the Galactic Heroes review? Feel like the 2/10 review is draining it unnecessarily.
Volcania Oct 23, 4:24 PM
He sure is a fine mofo. Apollo Justice was one of my favorite games of the franchise in general, but it seems I'm in a minority with that. I really like the Gavins and didn't play the games in correct order, and seeing Klavier in action after Dual Destinies made me wet my whistle. One of the few prosecutors who is actively trying to find out the truth. Also liked how well tied together the cases were, and the ending as open as it is. I need to replay that shit soon.

Didn't play or watch anything regarding DGS yet, I heard that there's a playthrough with english subtitles out on YouTube. Localizations sure are a bitch, aren't they?

Regarding Athena, I guess DD being my first game that I touched of the AA series makes it kinda obvious why I like her so much, but it's not like she got weak competition. :^) I lreally ike what they pulled with Apollo in SoJ, it prepares for at least a full fletched game with 5 cases that they could bring out on it's own without it feeling weird, maybe make it like AJ with the main focus being on him and his agency while not ignoring the other playable ones.

I personally miss a lot of the old school guys though, nothing against Rayfa, didn't like Nahyuta that much, not bad, but then again, competition is real. But there's no place like home if you know what I'm saying.

I'm missing Gumshoe as a support character, Klavier deserving a lot more focus in some of the future titles as well..

Dude, don't get me started on Daddy Issues Investigations 2. Had so many amazing characters. Ray was probably my favorite, Sebastian had good developement and both Edgeworths are fantastic characters.

Looking back at it we know surprisingly few stuff about PWs family. Huh.

Who's your favorite support character? I was always a fan of Ema.
Volcania Oct 20, 6:54 PM
Apollo Justice in your favorites? You're a god. He gets ignored WAY to much. Both PW and ME were great characters but something about AJ and his game (although he technically has 2 at this point) was really something. I have to admit that I prefer Miles though, I love him a little more than the others after the Investigations titles.

Edit: How did you like Athena? (If you played DD and SoJ yet) I wish to see more of her in the future, really like her synergy with Blackquill.
ladyxzeus Oct 15, 11:56 AM
I think it's an intermezzo for a S3, so it just presented characters and did nothing else :/
ladyxzeus Oct 15, 7:40 AM
Hey Lind, I saw you voted no on Thunderbolt 2. I thought you liked it, so I'm here to ask why. :p

Have a great day!