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Full Metal Panic!
Full Metal Panic!
Dec 11, 7:14 PM
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Mad★Bull 34
Mad★Bull 34
Dec 9, 2:01 PM
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Giant Robo the Animation: Chikyuu ga Seishi Suru Hi
Giant Robo the Animation: Chikyuu ga Seishi Suru Hi
Dec 3, 1:45 PM
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Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Zexal
Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Zexal
Nov 28, 6:25 PM
Dropped 7/56 · Scored 4
Kidou Senshi Moon Gundam
Kidou Senshi Moon Gundam
Oct 14, 6:03 AM
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One Piece
One Piece
Jul 9, 7:39 PM
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LIQfilms 21 minutes ago
LofnEdda 12 hours ago
ROFL, that thread about sanity, did Kingski not realize I am shitting on Boku no Hero with my signature?
Kingski loves BnH btw
animeiscool561 Yesterday, 5:41 AM

On a side note, apparently in the Japanese version of Sonic Forces, Sonic calls Infinite a "masked prick" at one point
animeiscool561 Yesterday, 5:32 AM
Shame really.

I guess Kirito's pre-development self rubbed off on her so much he seems like the nice one now. They can have some fun with that.
IDK, it was still pretty cringe when he was pretending to act her out, but the joke about the Versachi briefcase was surprisingly funny. Like "oh wait, you still think I'm a briefcase".
animeiscool561 Yesterday, 5:01 AM
I guess SEGA didn't have Unleashed models in the new engine, but they made a Chaos model (even gave it an official artwork) just so it could be beaten up in cutscenes, so really I'm not sure. Spawning either additional minions to add to the crowd or multiple versions of it itself might've been fun, but the battle only lasts about a minute.

Also, SAO Abridged is back! Didn't think I'd see it again this year. My reaction was roughly
giannis85 Dec 13, 4:36 PM
Hello! If you planning to watch Full Metal Panic! (as I see) make sure to not drop it before episode 5, or 6 - that the school life/echii comedy clichés are stop, and action finally starts, heh! I also thought that the first episodes was nothing more than a parody of ''21 Jump Street'' (lol), but I was proven wrong, xd!
Now, if there's a flaw to the series is that the first season is from Gonzo - and their character designs were always not so great, but Full Metal Panic! TSR by Kyoto Animation (since Gonzo, from 2008 and onwards, is in the verge of bankruptcy) fixed that - not to mention that storywise, TSR is even better than the original, heh heh!
aoc445 Dec 12, 11:23 PM
Yep. I remember the “Altair would be a lot easier to draw if she was just wearing a jersey” line Meteora had in the recap, which spawned, to no one’s surprise, a host of fanart of Altair wearing a jersey.
animeiscool561 Dec 12, 7:27 AM

My issue is that the PR Team tried to hype him up and everything, but the writing fell asleep. R:C did a pretty good job of creating and resolving Altair’s hatred and the infinite possibilities with her powers. Infinite feels underutilized and underdeveloped (he literally just flies off at the end). It kinda sucks because you can tell Liam O'Brien is trying his hardest to make the character interesting, but the weak writing and standard dialogue puts his efforts in vain. Heck, he could've been really interesting. Even if he was an edgelord, Sonic could poke fun at that since he's dealt with Shadow and whatnot. He's got a cool design and his powers are pretty neat. I mean, not only can he shoot energy, cause hallucinations, fly, and is supposedly stronger than the entire cast, BUT HE CAN MAKE CLONES OF CHARACTERS. If he wanted (and if it was shown), he could've made his own resistance or army of heroes and villains, but...nope. The concept is used for a few cutscenes, a boss fight every now and again...and that's it.
animeiscool561 Dec 12, 6:18 AM

I just find it funny how there already happens to be a Primal Dialga in a spin-off and then they use that name in a main series remake.

And SEGA tried to do a similar thing with Infinite during in fueling the Sonic Forces hype train. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, aside from the voice. Though someone making an Altair AMV to his theme song would be pretty cool.
animeiscool561 Dec 11, 9:57 PM
I've noticed. Good job, funny title, though the amount of parentheses is quite frankly absurd. How long did that writing take? Maybe dial down on some of the references, first time peeps might not understand when you talk about Mahouka's lighting or how SEED and SEED Destiny use repeated frames.

It does make me curious for when you'll eventually get to Guilty Crown if/when streaming becomes possible since despite looking and sounding amazing, the writing, at its worst, can get near that level.

Also, here's a curious you think there should be Sinnoh remakes in the future? I'd been thinking about it, and as much as I'd love to see new additions to the lore, more cinematic presentation and an HD Cynthia model (provided current development sticks to Switch), Platinum as is is pretty modern with series conventions. Gen 3 was the last before the physical/special split and that already got remakes in 2014. Just curious for what's next for Pokemon now that they're off the 3DS. Would not want Gen 8 so soon.
sterl1 Dec 11, 7:19 AM
Quattro is a mad cunt. Char as a chance to make my fav characters tbh.

I heard Zeta improves in the second half. Rn it's shaping up to be a bit more interesting than 0079 narrative-wise. But the characters have dropped off. Dialogue comes off as a little immature and its portrayal of war is a little more unsavory and clumsy. So far it's alright tho. Remains fun most of the way thru. I miss the seeing the white base crew together tho.

moondragon84 Dec 11, 6:32 AM
Yeah, you said it, our own version of "big 3 of shit" Mahouka, smartphone and its big daddy, Handshakers.
moondragon84 Dec 11, 5:57 AM
To be honest, no show has managed to piss me off to the levels of what you feel towards Hand Shakers. Well, the closest one is Mahouka, its a show that combines everything i hate about anime and its retarded OP MCs and more to it. Its a combination of OP, non existent story, fanfiction written by a person that have no fucking clue what scriptwriting is nor does that person understand the purpose of it, drooling, incest and much much more.

So if i were compared to you then i say Mahouka makes my blood boil. If you asked me "moon, point me to a show that shows how garbage something can be" then i would point you to this show, it has it all included.
moondragon84 Dec 11, 4:56 AM
Excellent write up mate. Damn ,your hatred outgrows my own for Mahouka. Hand Shakers and codeblazefate hehe.
LofnEdda Dec 10, 4:52 PM
I have this certain pleasure whenever I watch double4anime and Forneverworld. And sometimes, I think "Why the fuck are their videos only about shounen? Not to mention, Dragonball and Naruto most of the time"