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Sinankooesa May 23, 4:02 AM
I can see what you mean.
I guess it also depends on how strict you are with shows your watching (like on this site I see people being very harsh with their scores, even giving shows they like 2/10 because "it wasn't special"...or they give everything a 10).

That sounds very nice. And overall, it does look like a fun show all things considered and I am interested in giving it a shot at some point.

Yeah, in the grand scheme of things, it's really nothing too special, outside of a few neat ideas.
But compared with other isekais, that are just cynical products to make some quick money for the's really a breath of fresh air. And that's great, but also kinda sad, that we got to the point, that an "ok" show is now what we consider a "Great Isekai"
Sinankooesa May 23, 2:15 AM
I mean honestly, not every show you watch has to be a 10/10 masterpiece, that you will be thinking about for the next few months or even years. Sometimes, just watching shows that are ok or even trash isn't that bad euther. It gives you an appreciation for those great shows, you can still find some good stuff in ok shows and you watch stuff the general community isn't talking about and spoiling constantly.

Oh that's cool.

Magical Destroyers looks pretty interesting to me too, though me being a fan of magical girl anime in general, that's to be expected.
Although I do have to admit, I do get a bit annoyed by each years attempt to make a new "mature" magical girl show and the result usually being that it has to be edgy and like someone attempting to do Madoka with the whole "magical girl is suffering" angle (which is the show I blame for this rise).
Meanwhile, you watch something like Precure (one of Toeis golden cow franchises intended for younger kids)...and it still has more mature characters and ideas than any those shows that are trying to parody it.

Speaking of, I actually just finished an actual good isekai, that felt like the studio behind it actually put some effort into it. It's called "Handyman Saitou in Another World" and I think it was from last season.
Sinankooesa May 22, 5:53 AM
Ooh, I see
Don't know, if I could actually watch a show, that I'm not really interested in, except for one character. At most, I'm sure someone will probably upload a "best of (character name)" or "(Anime Name) Funny Moments" video on to Youtube so I can see, if I missed anything.

Ooh, what stuff are you interested in, if I can ask?

Only show I watched from this season so far is "The Great Mission" (that Toei anime that's based on the game show, where people run away from hunters and do missions to get money). It's honestly pretty mediocre and the things the anime added are completely clischee and standard for this type of show, but it's at least somewhat fun for what it is.

There's 1-2 shows this season I do have my eyes on still (especially "The Dangers in my Heart"), but I haven't watched them yet.
Sinankooesa May 21, 10:27 PM
Of all the anime that have come out now, I wouldn't have expected you to watch the sister incest isekai 😆
Landonime Apr 28, 3:55 PM
1v1 me in Pokemon pussy
Landonime Apr 28, 3:04 PM
You wanna fight about it?
Landonime Apr 27, 11:24 PM
Hey I saw your review shitting on me Yu-Gi-Oh GX. listen here mother fucker. How about you come and say that too my face
Sinankooesa Apr 26, 11:49 AM
I mean, it is pretty cool, that the theater seems to be still big in Japan (and honestly, there's certain things a stageplay can do, that a movie or show, animated or live action, just can't). But like you said...almost every anime, game or other related thing does get turned into a theater play at some point.
Hell, Crunchy started uploading the Persona 5 and the Tokyo Revengers Stageplays here in Germany...

I definitely feel for the fans.

Oh yeah, the King Project or whatever it's called.

Honestly though, how many mixed-media franchises are there in Japan, that actually ended up being good/successful?
The only ones I can think of are all the ones by Cyrusgames, Uma Musume and stuff like that...
Sinankooesa Apr 25, 12:23 PM
They made a stage play of it??

Especially insulting considering how fashion is a theme in CLAMPs manga and especially in Tokyo Babylon, since the sister is apparently a big fan of sewing outfits, there's like a ton of different outfits both main-characters wear (haven't read the manga yet, but I did see some screenshots and stuff).

Like...the only good anime GoHands seemed to have made was the one where all the girls and women are giant perverts. Though I haven't watched that one yet, just saw a bunch of scenes from it in "Anime out of context" compilations.
Sinankooesa Apr 24, 1:26 AM
Damn, I see XD

The fact that it even got a sequel series is so weird to me. Like...which producer thought this was going to be the next big franchise? As if we wanted to see more of "what if an anime can give you motion sickness in less than 5 minutes?"...

Also, the more I hear about GoHands as a studio, the more awful it honestly gets...
I recently heard, that they were supposed to do an adaptation of CLAMPs manga Tokyo Babylon...until they were caught stealing the character outfits by tracing/taking them from fashion magazines.
And now the entire thing has to come to a halt and everything and people, who are big fans of the manga (some people I know even consider it one of their best), have to wait, if they will get an adaptation or not...
Sinankooesa Apr 23, 3:51 AM
I'm curious, since it's been...quite some time since it was made...

Do you still consider Hand Shakers the worst anime ever created? XD
AnimeSoap Apr 19, 11:10 PM
Hypocritical in what way? Yeah he doesn't actively convince Hina to choose her life over the weather but she could have chose to stay gone if she felt so strongly about being a savior.

The film doesn't go deep into details but it never says anything about it being a worldwide catastrophe or affecting Japan as a whole, it only ever mentions the rain not stopping in Tokyo so its safe to assume that's the area primarily being impacted. Realistically this whole situation wouldn't even be happening so it isn't farfetched at all to have flooding being limited to Tokyo given the context and we have no reason or evidence to conclude its a world wide phenomenon.

I disagree that its 100% sweeping the harm under the rug but I do agree that it is downplayed, particularly by other characters validating Hodaka's decision, but what would have been adequate then? An epilogue detailing all the damages or Hodaka being crushed by guilt?
As the saying goes: "there's no use crying over spilt milk", if I wanted to see a breakdown Its downplayed for sure but I feel it is adequate in this situation, people have started to move on and accept the new reality that is a flooded Tokyo. That's why even if Hodaka silently judges himself or feels guilty (which he does btw, check the epilogue scene if you don't remember) the rest of the world who doesn't know the circumstances behind the flooding is simply moving forward with their life.
Its not that nature is healing so its totally a good thing and Hodaka doesn't have anything to worry about, its that its been three years and people are naturally justifying and accepting the new reality. It probably wasn't easy for a lot of people, but life continues and the best thing you do can is move forward. Additionally, even if Hodaka worried non-stop about it, what good would it do? It would literally just ruin his life since he can't do anything but accept reality.

So, what is facing reality? Sacrificing someone for the sake of others? How about the masses who benefit from Hina's sacrifice, are they facing reality? If anything, expecting someone to sacrifice themselves to change your circumstances is far from facing reality. And actually coming to terms with reality would be accepting the fact that the rain wont stop and there is nothing you can do about except adapt and overcome.

I also disagree the film makes the final call regarding his decision, it shows Hodaka coming to terms with his decision but that doesn't exempt him from scrutiny from the audience nor does it mean the audience has to agree with Hodaka. Sure, it does set a certain mood that supports Hodaka's decision but if the intention was to force the audience to agree with him the whole epilogue would have been different.

I understand your frustrations with Hodaka as character since he is definitely shoddily written (not to mention his terrible backstory and motivations to run away) but the overall theme and message of the movie goes far beyond his questionable character.

Sinankooesa Apr 17, 1:01 PM
That's why its a blessing and a curse that most anime nowadays seem to follow 12 episodes. It's a blessing, because you don't have to slug yourself through 50 episodes, where maybe only every 5th or 7th episode is story-relevant and the rest is only really filler.
A curse, because some stories do need longer to be told. Also, it gives us stuff like "(Insert Anime here) the 3rd season, part 2", which is like...such a weird way of doing and labeling it.

The only shows I watched, that were drama and that I can remember, were Sarazanmai (definitely a strong and good show with some good themes about human connections...could have honestly used more than 11 episodes to explore its other themes it introduced and then ignored) and Wonder Egg Priority (I only watched the first 3 episodes of it and I plan on watching it again soon).

(Ya Boy Kongming I definitely need to continue too)

But yeah, if a show has something that interests me, I even watch genres I usually am not too fond off. Like I'm not the biggest mecha fan around, but what draws me into "The Big O" is, that its more a mystery, detective kind of show with a lot of religious symbolism, where the protagonist just happens to have a giant mech. It keeps me engaged in its world and its mystery, while the mecha fightsare just a fun way to have a big showdown with the villain of the week or to advance the plot.
AnimeSoap Apr 16, 11:50 PM
This was a role that was forced upon her not something she took up on her own volition, by the time she finds out the fate that supposedly awaits her she's almost gone. She begrudgingly accepts her fate but that doesn't mean that's what she wanted herself, the scene where she breaks down crying after she can no longer wear the ring Hodaka gave her support this.

I do agree that the script is lacking regarding her own feelings and decision but it wasn't just Hodaka's decision either. Yes he played a major role by going to the shrine but as far as we know that was the only way to get her back after she was spirited away AND it also depended on Hina wanting to go back, which is demonstrated when she jumps to reach Hodaka and exemplified further in the continuing dialogue.

It was Hodaka's decision to save her but that doesn't mean she didn't want to be saved. Like I said earlier, Hina is a 15 year old girl, not the second coming of christ and suddenly becoming a sacrifice for the greater good doesn't change that. Of course she would prefer to stay alive with her brother and Hodaka and its more than clear that all she needed was an extra push to realize she doesn't have to be the savior, she quickly jumps at the chance to get out of there after all, it was her choice when actually given two options.

In terms of the implications of their choice, its mentioned and showed that the endless rain and flooding phenomenon is restricted to the Tokyo area so assuming they unleashed a worldwide catastrophe with untold global harm and destruction is erroneous at best, its definitely trillions of dollars in damage for Japan though. Human beings adapt and in this case its no different, its more than just ignoring the harm. Of course he isn't punished for his role in flooding Japan, no authorities believe all the supernatural shenanigans to begin with and he is only punished for his role in resisting arrest and shooting firearms like a dumb ass.

I also disagree that its painted as the absolute morally correct choice, Hodaka does struggle with the implications of his decision but ultimately decides it was worth the consequences. He also acknowledges that Tokyo being underwater is a consequence of their actions and rejects the convenient excuse of Tokyo simply going back to nature and that the world has always been crazy. There is no morally absolute correct or wrong choice but this is the choice the characters made, and for them it was subjectively the correct one.

AnimeSoap Apr 16, 8:56 AM
Hey, your Tenki no Ko review caught my eye, particularly the bit on your stance regarding the ending and Hodaka deciding to save Hina.

You say it was an inconsiderate, immature and illogical decision but expecting human beings to always make rational choices is far from realistic. Human beings, more often than not, do not behave in a rational manner regardless if they're a 16 year old boy or a 36 year old man, behavioral economics has long supported this. Sure, the utilitarian decision would have been to let Hina sacrifice herself for the sake of Tokyo but why is that something she has to do in the first place? Why are you expecting a 15 year old girl to selflessly sacrifice herself for the greater good as if she was Jesus Christ? She isn't the child of god or a savior, she's a 15 year old teenage girl and expecting her to sacrifice herself for your sake and others is just as selfish and morally questionable as Hodaka's decision to save her.

You reprimand Hodaka heavily for being morally bankrupt and not following utilitaristic principles but these same principles completely disregard Hina's individual rights and volition, what exactly is ethical about that? You also tag the decision as "outrageous", so does this mean you would whole-heartedly sacrifice yourself or a loved one for the greater good? I sure as hell know I wouldn't, and there is nothing morally bankrupt about not wanting to be the second coming of Jesus. Ethical dilemmas aren't black and white, and like many other this one too exists in shades of grey.
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