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Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season
Oct 7, 9:02 PM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 6
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Oct 7, 7:55 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt
Oct 7, 7:54 PM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 7
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Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Oct 1, 5:15 PM
Reading 233/? · Scored 8
Oct 1, 5:15 PM
Reading 199/? · Scored 8
Oct 1, 5:15 PM
Reading 653/? · Scored 10


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SenpaiJay98 Yesterday, 8:04 AM
For Excaliber they can have Episode 1 stop at chapter 3(page 10) which has a good end for a episode
and have Episode 1 be the rest(since it's action heavy form then on for that arc)
SenpaiJay98 Oct 15, 11:40 AM
I can see the one shots being skipped for maybe ovas? But I cal also see them putting one shots for episodes that finish to early, and maybe make Excalibur and idol only 2 episodes long(since Excalibur is heavy on the action in the end)
SeanHarvey810 Oct 15, 8:54 AM
how long does it take to get that much anime on completed?
Omnivision Oct 8, 10:12 AM
Hey GDG, I have a quick question for you: Can you send the link to that really chill Danganronpa song you shared with me yesterday? I enjoyed that a lot but I can't find it on Youtube.
ChrnoTodd Oct 5, 7:44 AM
You dont know me but I love reading your posts xD
Plus ultra!
SenpaiJay98 Oct 1, 11:36 AM
That new Gintama opening is Fire

I'm glad that they didn't spoil deaths and were so vague on the last previous arcs
Frostbytes Sep 17, 10:12 PM
Hmm I see, yet to play Rewrite. Yep you can expect something like that.
Frostbytes Sep 17, 2:47 PM
Ever17 was once the top sci fi VN until s; g took its throne eventually but it's really payoff heavy VN as I said, some of the side routes are really boring and repetitive, even though at the end everything comes together. Umineko manga adaptation is pretty much faithful and clears up some of the parts of the VN too, for example ep 8 is generally considered better in the manga for the confession side stories and all.

Huh I see, yeah that's pretty apparent lol. You should add the list here maybe
Frostbytes Sep 17, 1:43 PM
I see. I have played ever17 too and it's quite good, although it's a heavy payoff, most of the success of the entire vn lies in the true route but it probably has the best usage of the medium as a whole connecting everything across the routes. You will probably enjoy umineko since you like mystery stuff, vn or manga(if you haven't done that already).
Frostbytes Sep 17, 12:55 PM
Certainly, I mean it's not really for the faint heart and possibly the weirdest thing you will ever experience, and you will need to have the philosophy resonate with you. That being said the story can be enjoyed for denpa/mystery stuff too but at certain points it was really painful to read, those scenes.
Frostbytes Sep 17, 11:49 AM
Kasumi's route serves mainly as a buildup for the infodump, it's also the first recommended route and also the first route in the original version anyway.

Yep I expect him to do that but 14 ep so RIP.

I can certainly give you an idea by the tags provided

There you go lol, it is highly acclaimed for a long time in Japan anyway.
Frostbytes Sep 17, 10:31 AM
I think it's a popular opinion that Kasumi was meh along with her route. I couldn't really like Rea much as a character, maybe it's because how the romance was forced could be one of the reasons but I felt she got gradually boring as the VN progressed. Still a character very much the VN needed lol considering her role.

Not only cool fights, but since DI is a multi mystery route VN, some of the things wouldn't make sense without filling up the backstories. Only hope is that Masada is the scriptwriter so let's see.

Well if you are going for subahibi, be prepared for your life, since it's honestly one of the weirdest and unique VNs you will play(for me at least) with some traumatizing h -scenes. The philosophy will either resonate with you or won't, but what I really liked about subahibi is how the end message is simple and poignant even if the story has layers to it interpreting Wittgenstein philosophy.
Frostbytes Sep 17, 9:32 AM
Hmm I see. Personally my thoughts can be summed up in this


-Great prose and dialogues, some of the monologues are really memorable.
- Fantastic set of antagonists which easily surpass the main cast, seriously the members of LDO are charismatic on their own and a warped set of characters, with interesting backstories to understand their mentalities. As much as I loved Rusalka, Trifa, Reinhard, Mercurius, Beatrice and others stood out on their own, with the "Other stories" section also helping it.
- Nice amount of self-awareness which doesn't feel forced. Although Ren gets some poweups now and then like your shounen mc, he his himself flawed as a protagonist where he only takes a side everytime in a route not being able to save everyone, although he himself claims it as his "own genre" and plays on the expectations of a fantasy/shounen storyline.
- Great visuals, soundtrack, nothing to say there.
- A well developed intricate mystery, more or less


-Except for Kei, romance is pretty weak. Kei only worked since they were polar opposites of each other so the interactions were developed better, Rea was pretty weak, same goes for Marie, Kasumi(she had a nice confession scene tho)
- Some plot conveniences here and there, like the ending to Marie's route as I previously said felt a bit undewhelming to me.
- Climax of Kei's route felt a bit accelerated for some reason to tie it up.
- some people can find Ren's fast poweups a bit annoying, although personally I don't consider it a flaw since his character was designed in such a way.
- First route suffers the "Fate" route syndrome, i.e. infodump one although it's handled in a much better way here.

The main cast is quite bland in comparison to the antagonists yep, also the dialogues are purple-prose y and has a grandilquent style so it can be a hit or miss for people. I think I enjoyed the VN mainly for its literary references(Odysseus, Faust, Wagner's Ring cycle, etc), the antagonists and the clash of ideals, its self awareness and its take on shounen/chunnige tropes(DI is a commentary on typical chunnige and the plot conveniences in a way send one of its messages too). Both Rusalka and Mecrcurius stood out for me, especially Rusalka with her backstory and her personality references.

I don't think anime can do a good job since it's only adapting marie route that too 14 ep. It will end up like most other VN adaptations.

Will you try out subahibi? Since those two were the most hyped releases of this summer for VNs.
Frostbytes Sep 17, 7:51 AM
I saw your comment in fall pv thread about looking forward to Dies Irae, did you read the VN? What did you think about it?
-Alians- Sep 16, 9:51 AM
Gintama, Utsuro no Hako, 20th century boys, Grand Blue, Oyasumi Punpun and FMA:Brotherhood. Is it even possible to share all those as favourites?

Not to mention: Steins;Gate, Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, Ping Pong and Hunter x Hunter (2011)