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A.I.C.O.: Incarnation
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B: The Beginning
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Devilman: Crybaby
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Liar Game
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Ashita no Joe
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Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Kyou kara Ore wa!!
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SenpaiJay98 Dec 12, 8:50 PM
Damn, it looks like JoJo part 5 isn't happening for awhile, David Productions just announced Captain Tsubasa remake with the Jojo Part 4 director making it
SenpaiJay98 Dec 12, 6:30 PM
I don't a fight at the school is going to happen, looking back on all the Important Gintama fights, only 1 took place in a location that we knew before(and that was Jirocho vs Gintoki at the Graveyard), the rest were at a place that weren't really a specific location

You think Sorachi is going to pull a cliffhanger next chapter?(since we have a break This week, then the chapter, then Another break)

For the animation, I feel like Yoshiwara, and 4 Devas was the most consistent, but I don't think they're so far apart from the other arcs as others make it seem
SenpaiJay98 Dec 12, 4:15 PM
I wouldn't consider 2015 under the 2017 production...mostly because of Fujita leaving as Chief Director, different artstyle from 2011 and 2017, and I think that they didn't start production on Rakuyou till a couple months after Episode 316 aired(mostly because the picture of the Joui they had was a stillframe and the chapter for that stillframe came out on the same week as the episode Rakuyou was too early in to start production on it

Would you be ok if the animation levels was like this if Silver Soul is 2 cour with no breaks?

Episode 1=596-598= B/C level animation
Episode 2=599 and 600= C/D level animation
Episode 3=601 and 602= C/D level animation
Episode 4= 603-605= B/A level animation
Episode 5=606-609= C/B level animation
Episode 6=610-612= C/B level animation
Episode 7=613-615= C/D level animation
Episode 8=616-619= B/A level animation
Episode 9=618-621= B/A level animation
Episode 10=622-625= B/A level animation
Episode 11=626-628= C/D level animation
Episode 12=629-631= C/D level animation
Episode 13=632-634= B/C level animation
Episode 14=635-638= C/D level animation
Episode 15=639-642= B/C level animation
Episode 16=643-647= B/A level animation
Episode 17=648-650= C/D level animation
Episode 18=651-654= C/D level animation
Episode 19=655-657= C/D level animation
Episode 20= 658-661= B/C level animation
Episode 21=662-664= B/C level animation
Episode 22=665-669= B/C level animation
Episode 23=670-672= S/A level animation
Episode 24=673-675= C level animation
Episode 25=676 and 677= C level animation

If you want to use a comparison for the animation levels S+=235(lol, but it's Top tier)
S=180, 305
S-=145, 214, 246, 304
A+=211, 142, 320
A= 61, 104, 178, 263, 301
A-= 60, 141, 213, 255, 260, 280, 314, 328
B+ 103, 105 144, 179, 215, 259, 279, 308, 313, 317, 319, 323
B= 59, 143, 177, 245, 281, 295, 312, 315, 324, 326
B-= 58, 102, 163, 244, 257, 261, 311, 321, 335
C+=140, 212, 245, 258, 307, 310, 316, 318, 325, 334
C= 101, 139, 181, 210, 302, 309, 322, 327
C-= 146, 300, 303
D+= 306
D-= 27
F-=209(entire recap)
SenpaiJay98 Dec 12, 2:12 PM
Do you think that Rakuyou, Porori, and Silver Soul are under "one" production?(kinda like how 2011, Enchousen, and Movie 2 was "one" production, or Boku no Hero with Season 1, 2, 3, and Movie)

And if that's the case, maybe Silver Soul being 2 Cour won't be as bad as we think it is with production(as long as they make all the Dialogue/Comedy heavy episodes into C/D level episodes, but make the action episodes B/ A level, maybe one S level for the Final Utsuro fight episode)
SenpaiJay98 Dec 10, 5:40 PM
I hope one of these happens

Can you answer my question, "I know that we were told a month before the 2014 Jump Festa OVA, but were we told about the 2015 Jump Festa OVA before it aired at Jump Festa?"
SenpaiJay98 Dec 10, 1:18 PM
If Silver Soul arc is 2 Cour Straight(no breaks), then I see Episode 12 ending at Chapter 631(Takasugi comin at the end), and Episode 13 ending at Chapter 634(Kamui cominng at the end)
Uchiha_Shadow Dec 10, 12:48 PM
Damn, you finished Danganronpa/Zero, that shit was crazy, I had the plot twist spoiled for me in a way(I visited the Wiki page for Ryouko and saw "Junko Enoshima" on the side), but I never actually got what it meant until the end, it was that crazy. Imo the best Danganronpa after SDR2.
SenpaiJay98 Dec 10, 9:09 AM
Confirmed, Silver Soul starts Janruary 7th
SenpaiJay98 Dec 9, 10:03 PM
I mean, we did get that with Jirocho and Katsuo, "do you really need a flashback" lolololol(I can't wait to see this animated)
SenpaiJay98 Dec 9, 9:27 PM
Yeah I see that also, but I was kinda hoping Shachi would have a part in rebuilding or getting some of the injured people out of the war zone
SenpaiJay98 Dec 9, 9:02 PM
Reason I said Katsura, is because they told Gintoki to wait for them to get there, Shachi and Asameon since they were shown/teased in chapter 611(my theory is that Asameon will take Hitsugi's head somehow), I don't see the series going to 75 Volumes though(unless the Epilogue is like over 5 chapters lol)
SenpaiJay98 Dec 9, 6:48 PM
IF Gintama is ending in 11-13 chapters(judging by how much it would be till Volume 74) can you see Sorachi bringing back the Edo Army, Joui 3, Asameon and Shachi, in a satisfying way for the Final fight?(with satisfying epilogue)
SenpaiJay98 Dec 8, 4:02 PM
BTW, the comic, "Invincible" is ending in 2 months(and the ending story arc is satisfying so far)
SenpaiJay98 Dec 8, 9:54 AM
I'm searching up everywhere and can't find a announcement for Jump Festa 2015 before it aired at Jump Festa
SenpaiJay98 Dec 8, 9:16 AM
Maybe they can do a repeat? (12 minutes, and instead of a SA trailer it'll be a SS trailer?)