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Kenja no Mago
Kenja no Mago
Apr 17, 8:50 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Apr 17, 8:50 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Apr 17, 8:50 PM
Watching 15/25 · Scored -
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Apr 12, 6:43 PM
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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Apr 12, 6:42 PM
Reading 18/? · Scored 7
Aho Girl
Aho Girl
Apr 12, 6:42 PM
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13-09-39 Apr 9, 2:02 PM
nice opinion m8 on OPM2. I think you're right that it's not THAT bad but we gotta admit that it's a downgrade. Better than expected though. Basically your post on the forum sums up the show perfectly (at least for ep 1) and i hope that it gets better from here (i hope)
theanimenerd999 Mar 16, 4:58 PM
bruh ya should see yu yu hakusho man
Cynder360 Feb 26, 2:52 PM
Sorrry I keep replying so late, I'm not good at keeping up with responses haha ^_^;

Targets seem kinda pointless to me in the first place since it just puts needless pressure on students, they should just go by the average grade you get.

I wish exams were tested properly by the people who make them so time frames would be right as well. In one of my geography exams, I only finished about half of the paper when the time ran out, especially since that was the real thing. Sometimes I just wanna work my way up the government so I can entirely reform the system so that future students don't have to suffer all this shit but alas, I'm not the type of person who could do that.

It's awesome you got the grades you wanted! Breaks pass by so quickly but they're so worth it after long stretches of work~ especially the 3-month one I had after GCSEs. It sounds like a long time but GCSEs sucked the life outta me welp.

Anyways, watched anything interesting lately? Also, love your pfp, I've tried getting into KH but I find the first one incredibly tedious in terms of gameplay/story.
Attackonfiller Feb 9, 1:57 PM
Thx :) you've got some nice favs yourself ^^
Aasgo123 Feb 5, 9:25 AM
Haha that's good to hear.
Yeah lol, I've been really procrastinating on doing it for this reason. XD. Yeah these OVAs and specials are so easy to forget while updating the list. :/

Yeah agreed, it would have been better to end it at that point but it had already gone downhill by that time.

Yeah I'd really like to see rest of the story too. I will probably get around to seeing the old series too.

I see! I did really hope that they improve Broly's origin because it was so silly in the original story so I am glad to hear that. Hmm, well I thought it was likely it would be the case with pacing given the amount of story they were going to go through. Yeah I heard about the script length issue. Hopefully we get to see the whole thing in a new anime but not like they did with Super XD. Animation is definitely the main reason I've been so hyped for the movie. What I've seen from the trailer has been crazy good.
Ah I see. Honestly that shot where SSB Goku and Broly charge at each other kinda looked distracting even in the trailer. Haha that's great to hear XD. Man I really hope Gohan and Piccolo are given a decent role again. Really loved them during Z. Gohan's transformation part and some episodes after that during Cell Games is probably my favorite part from the whole series. He was so badass!
Yeah it is really weird to have character names in the song . Man I am really excited to see this movie.

Lol what XD. But I guess Toradora still probably has more fans. XD.

Yeah that's really the perfect way to put it. Hmm, I really hope we get a great and satisfying ending. I'll try to catch up with the manga soon.

What?? Chainsaw and explosives?
That's...really weird. Man might as well have them fight instead of cooking, wtf. I really think this series should be done at this point.

Hmm, well yeah Taboo Tattoo was decently animated. Hopefully OPM 2 is too. Hopefully J.C. Staff deliver something decent despite all these shows with low production values.

Haha I see. It is probably going to be the show I watch next. Hope I enjoy it too XD. Yeah lol, Rikka was all over my reddit feed. XD.

Yeah agreed, directing was amazing. I plan to start Promised Neverland soon too.

Yep I hope so too. Yeah agreed, MAPPA really is very experimental. I am not sure if it works since I don't know how their anime sell but they adapt old manga, weird manga and now weird original with Zombieland Saga. It's really nice to see.
Yeah agreed, I too really like what P.A. Works do as a studio. They've made anime original stuff on so many genres in the past few years. Also agreed that I haven't enjoyed lot of those anime but I appreciate that they try to do something so unique. Yeah same, haven't watched their best anime yet. Haha no worries, always great to have such discussions.

Hmm I see. Well it makes sense since they can't really adapt everything if the routes are so different from one another. I still liked it a lot.

Oh I see. Yeah agreed, some games are just hard to transform into anime. The detective part in Danganronpa and Ace Attorney is what feels the progression earned. i realized this when I saw so many people complaining that mysteries in Ace Attorney were so easy to figure out while anime was airing. It tends to feel that way when you are just sitting back and watching it rather than doing the detective work yourself.

Yeah Kamiya would have been great for Iori! Would have loved to see Sugita too. While the anime is good, like you said, the anime just somewhat lacks the energy that the manga has.

Yeah really excited for SnK season. By far my favorite arc in the series.
Wow, that's really really unexpected from Madhouse. That's some serious drop in quality.

I've only watched first couple of episodes of Banana Fish, I need to get back into it. Oh yeah totally forgot about High Score Girl, I ended up liking it a lot. Haven't watched Planet With yet.

I haven't gotten around to starting JoJo 5 yet. I really wanted to start it when I would have enough time to keep up with it. I ended up watching part 4 in bits and pieces like 4-5 episodes together and then no episodes for some 1-2 months. I think it kind of reduced my enjoyment of it. I recently rewatched it and liked it a LOT more. I see, I am still on first season of Fairy Tail and will probably not able to catch up while it is airing XD. Yeah, enjoying Alicization more than previous seasons. Yep agreed. I had heard from LN readers that this arc was much better than the previous ones so I was a bit hopeful. Well I don't mind either way if they keep up the production values. Yeah I really loved Golden Kamuy's second cour a lot.

Yeah I really need to start TenSura. Can't believe I still haven't started it XD. Yeah I recently watched the first half of Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru. I thought it was quite decent. Boarding School Juliet was fun, I liked some of the comedy and the fact that it was a romance rather than a harem also helped it, although quite a lot of it was also cliche and overly dramatic. Still a decent series I guess. Yeah I liked Zombieland Saga too, it was fun. Bunny Girl Senpai was decent too. I ended up liking Yagate Kimi ni Naru a lot. Something about it was really weird. It was kind of a slow burner that hit very slowly but hit really hard. I still can't exactly point to what I liked about it so much. Yeah agreed, 2018 had some great anime and in general all seasons had some good anime. More Gintama is always amazing XD.

Yeah, I too noticed this. Somehow the number of 2+ cour anime has started increasing again. I remember we talked about increase in split cour a long ago and attributed it mostly to production issues, but I really like the fact that we are starting to have more and more multiple cour anime and hopefully we keep seeing more of these. Yeah agreed, if it is going to be incomplete in some ways anyway, I would really like if it were able to cover a large chunk of story anyway to at least give some sense of fulfillment. For this reason, I have recently started reading manga of a lot of one-cour anime with ongoing source material which will probably never get another season.

I am yet to start the hyped ones like Promised Neverland, Mob Psycho 100 II, Dororo and Shield Hero. From the ones that I am watching, Kaguya-sama is by far the best one. I even started reading the manga after watching the anime. I am really enjoying it a lot so far! My roommate is a cat is fun, Boogiepop is interesting. Manaria Friends is finally airing, lol (best thing I've got to say about it). The others that I have started are Ueno-san, Endro and second seasons of Piano no Mori, Fukigen no Mononokean, Real Girl and Kemono Friends.
Attackonfiller Feb 3, 5:20 AM
Thx for accepting :D
Koustubh Feb 2, 12:49 AM
Koustubh Jan 31, 1:56 AM
Hey there! Thank you very much for accepting my friend request!
VerusAmor Jan 25, 6:30 PM
Ok cool, thanks man
VerusAmor Jan 22, 8:10 PM
Hey which is better, Gintama anime or manga? I was going to watch the anime cause I don't want to have to buy all the manga but if it's not good than I won't watch it
Aasgo123 Jan 22, 7:44 PM
Hey man how's it going? It has been a long time since we talked. A happy new year to you, although it's quite late already XD. How's everything at university?
Man I have gotten far too lazy. I also haven't updated my list in forever and have totally forgotten a lot of things I watched in between. And I watched some of the stuff so long ago I don't even know how to score it right now XD.

Well can't really blame you because the manga was a real clusterfuck, especially towards the end.

Ah I see. Thanks. I actually did see Origin recently. How's Iron Blooded Orphans? I might check that out next.

Haha, that's really nice (and lucky). So how was the MHA movie? And the DBS movie?

Hmm, seems weird to license it after the anime would have lost hype completely. Classroom of the Elite doesn't exactly seem to be an anime people talk a lot about now.

Oh that's great to hear. I've been meaning to get Hakomari novels for a while. Although I always hold back because the 5th volume is apparently always out of stock (on Amazon in my region).

Gintama's "final arc" was so amazing. It was like a perfectly "Gintama version" of Gintama, if that makes sense. Mix of everything that makes it great. So many cameos, it was great. Haven't caught up to the manga yet though.

Hmm, Shokugeki's drop in quality really was something. I still haven't watched the 3rd season but the manga does keep degrading in quality. Although I haven' read for the past 8-10 months I think.

Well the new pv didn't really show much animation, art looked okay though. Hoping for the best but I am still not fully convinced.

Yeah true the last arc really seemed to be trying way too hard but it ended up being terrible. But I've heard good things about SSSS.Gridman though, so time to move on I guess.

I loved Golden Kamuy a lot more in the second cour. Great series!

Hinamatsuri was hilarious. I plan to start the manga really soon. It was definitely one of my favorite anime of the year. Yeah I was really nervous towards the end of Megalo Box but they decided to go for a relatively happier ending. I've started reading Ashita no Joe recently.
Yeah lol agreed about Ore. I'd really like to see something in this genre in the vein of Zombieland Saga.
Yeah I'd guess so since the manga has so many chapters and they're probably rushing/cutting lots of stuff.

Yeah I like S;G 0 too. Although I felt direction was lacking at times. After watching the entire show now which one do you prefer? Anime or the VN? Haha I see. I have never owned any console, it is mostly just buying games off steam and playing them on PC for me (which is also not a lot in all honesty), so I've never played any Persona game, although I'd really like to. That is why I held up on the anime. Yeah true though, anime is for promotion of the game so I can see them not allocating that big of a budget for the anime, especially given the number of episodes.

Yeah Grand Blue is definitely one of those series for which I prefer the source by far. Although I did still enjoy the anime, just not as much as I thought I would.

Well SnK S3 ended up being erratically paced. Some parts did have improved pacing but some good things were also cut. Although I am really looking forward to the next cour. Yeah I still need to watch Overlord. I really liked Asobi Asobase. I also ended up liking Chio chan Tsugakuro from the summer season. Hataraku Saibou was fun too. Hanebado was visually very impressive but the story and drama were very disappointing. What other anime did you like in Summer and Fall? And which anime are impressing you the most in winter so far?

Alright then, I'll go with the broadcast order for the series. Thanks a lot.
halcyon- Jan 12, 9:08 AM
Do you think Sorachi will be able to wrap the ending in a satisfying way based on ch 699? There's only 2 chaps left. π_π and only 50+ pages each... I just hope there are no questions left unanswered.

What anime are you watching this season?
Lu4n4264 Jan 5, 12:48 PM
Oh, I realized that your anime tastes are a lot like mine, so I wanted to ask you a question. Are you enjoying this Boogiepop wa Warawanai that was released yesterday?
Cynder360 Jan 3, 4:11 PM
Hmm... since it's so early into the year I'm not 100% sure how target grades will alter over time, but in high school our targets pretty much stayed at the same level and they just encouraged us to do the best we could and aim for the next grade up if we were doing well.

And that's exactly why I'd rather do coursework as well to count toward the final grade, I'm awful at working under a strict time limit so having deadlines and free time to work at home would be so much better.

Whew, I'm glad your exams went okay, hopefully you'll get good grades too ^_^ I hope the rest of your break has been/will be great too!
terminador_2397 Jan 2, 4:34 PM
Happy New Year!