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Hinamatsuri is like a spiritual successor to Gintama, these shows have a very similar tone and style of humour. Both feature characters from the underworld with a heart of gold. Both are about forming unorthodox family units from friends, colleagues acquaintances.
report Recommended by blu_d
-Both of them have the same type of hilarious comedy. Each character has special traits and make you laugh because of their personal circumstances. - Both have emotional scenes and feels that hit you when you least expect it - Gintoki is taking care of Kagura and Shinpachi while he's not exactly the typical parental figure so hilarity ensues. In Hinamatsuri, Nitta is bringing up Hina and he is pretty similar to Gintoki in terms of personality.
report Recommended by Danae
-insane comedies with some drama here and there -Japanese urban setting -bizarre scenarios -wide cast of memorable characters -notoriously lazy female main cast wielding tremendous power -homeless people
report Recommended by DurangaVoe
The crazy humor, mix of funny and touching story telling Hinamatsuri just reminds me of Gintama and you never tell where the story is going
report Recommended by kisb
Funny as hell. You just starting to laugh even nothing funny happened yet. Funny characters and storyline.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
The humor and delivery for both shows is very similar. The both deal in sci-fi, with Gintama maybe a little more so. They also both have some pretty deep moments.
report Recommended by WampaStompa