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Cowboy Bebop
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Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season: Sono Ni
Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season: Sono Ni
Jul 19, 6:53 PM
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Renn Jul 17, 1:34 PM
Yeah I know you did :P

Just saying it is probably the best way to get deeper into everything. But the wiki does a fine job too.

Carnival Phantasm is a parody series of Fate and Tsukihime, and one of the only comedy anime I have given a 9 score to haha. Its amazing, 'nuff said.

Prisma Illya is.....notorious....for having sexualised moments between the characters.....most of which who are young girls......It basically started off as a parody of the Magical girl genre, devolved into a loli ecchi series, then started to pick up again in the later series when it shifts to the more serious tone you expect from the other entries. ( also Shirou is amazing in it, my personal favourite version of him). It also has Bazett Fraga McRemitz in it, which is the only Fate anime that has her in. Shes one of my favourite characters from the VNs, but as of yet, her story has not been adapted into an anime. So seeing her have a fairly big part in Prisma was great to see for me. (I wasn't there for the Loli's I swear)

Edit: Bazetts the one in my MAL profile pic actually.
Renn Jul 17, 1:23 PM
I didn't even see you comment, I was too busy writing a small essay haha.

Honestly, the way into the more deeper, complex stuff is through the Visual Novels. The very fact that its all text and the pacing of it is directly related to how fast or slow someone reads, they are able to go far more in depth into everything, the little intricacies of how magic works, the demon families that I was talking about in the Group watches and everything else. Theres only so much they can fit into 24 minute episodes of Fate.

I know Visual Novels are a massive time commitment though, especially as you'd likely just be going through a lot of what you've already seen in the anime / manga. If you're curious about specific parts, events, characters or whatever else, I've found the Type Moon Wiki goes into a lot of depth into them. I have spent many hours reading through different pages on there....
Renn Jul 17, 1:10 PM
I think I actually said that Kara no Kyoukai wasn't my favourite of theirs recently to you as well come to think of it. But basically, when I first joined the Discord server, the guy who created the club, Ryan (RychesShadows), gave Kara no Kyoukai to me as a recommendation as it is one of his favourites. At this point I hadn't seen any of Type Moons other works, though I think Fate/Zero was on my PTW at the time. And yeah I couldn't get into them at all. The more darker themes like that particular scene in Movie 3 etc really put me off, I had to really push myself just to get through them. There were a few moments that I really liked, but ultimately they weren't for me. I even fell asleep a couple of times watching certain ones....which I never do when watching anime :/

And then Arf pressured me into watching Fate, one that he had recently got into, and was pushing and pushing until I finally relented. I fell in love with the series, and watched the lot, from Zero and UBW, to Carnival phantasm and *ahem* Prisma Illya. I then went from that to playing the Fate/Stay Night VN, and from there into the Tsukihime VN. Tsukihime was an interesting one as its kinda a balance between the really dark, fucked up themes of KnK (along with sharing a lot of similarities like the eyes) and the more light hearted character moments that fate had. I gave KnK another chance after that, and found that I surprisingly really enjoyed it the second time around. I think it was a mixture of being slowly eased into the darker themes with Fates darker moments and Tsukihime, along with understanding a lot more of the lore and backstory as to what is going on. Theres not only all the similarities to Tsukihime, but a lot of references to Fate as well, the root that the Grail connects to is what the main villain is after in KnK, it focuses heavily on the "origins" of people, that is mentioned a few times in fate, such as Kiritsugus "origin bullets" he uses against mages in Zero, the counter Guardians (what Stay Nights Archer belongs to) are mentioned at one point as well. Finding all the little ties between all these series is what made me so interested in it, the whole shared universe thing isn't seen all that often, with the exception of say, the Marvel films (and the numerous failed copycats), and almost never seen in anime.

But yeah, for me personally, KnK was the worst possible entry point, but something I have come to really like in its own right since. I do still think its one that really isn't going to appeal to most people, and I still prefer Fate and Tsukihime over it.
agilityredfox Jul 16, 10:09 AM
I watched the anime for Corpse party and ended up giving it a 4 or something, it was pretty terrible. I can't imagine how fans of the game must have felt watching it. The trashy idol manga I read was awful, but it keeps my mean score down priorities

The original Utaware won awards for voice acting if i recall correctly, which helps the characters be more likable. There are a lot of people who get introduced and the original series consists of 3 main stories I think. Haku is very much a love/hate character, people either think he's incredibly or there are people like me with no taste. I will admit the animation hasn't aged well compared to other 2006 anime.

One day the club page will be back, it makes me laugh that it's been down for nearly two months but I'm hoping that clubs are an extension of forums that will be the next next thing they look at.
Wood94 Jul 15, 10:35 AM
I gave it an 8! I really enjoyed how it mostly just focused on the couples being adorable, and not so much the drama. (and I adore dramas) Yeah, I can totally see that about Narumi, but I also liked everyone too. I do tend to be drawn to any character Miyuki Sawashiro voices, and her constant teasing was something I found funny haha. Plus we got to watch 2 couples being soppy, HOW COULD I NOT LIKE IT.

I must say I have been very tempted to watch it myself, I have heard it's very character focused and it gets emotional, so that is very much my type of thing. I am trying to catch up on all that season, so when I get to it i'll let you know :)
Wood94 Jul 15, 10:06 AM
Great to hear from you Ami :) Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, and I would love to speak to you about WotaKoi at some point now i've finished it!

Poll here -

Knk has 6 votes by itself, yet we generally only get 4 or 5 people in, so hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm -_-

Renn Jul 15, 5:23 AM
I shall add it to my plan to watch list :3
Renn Jul 15, 5:04 AM
As mean as I am, I can't forgo my admin duties, so heres the link :)

And tbf I would say that KnK is probably my least favourite of Type Moons main works, While I do like it a lot, its Fate and Tsukihime that I love them for.
Renn Jul 15, 12:22 AM
I'm proud of you XD

I think 4 is a reasonable score, as much as I dislike it, i will admit there were a few moments that I did like. It was only when it slowly went bat-shit crazy, when they threw in ghosts, robot turtles, jumping into video games and all of the rest of the many many "filler" episodes that made me scream "oh dear god just stop!"
I do think my intelligence decreased significantly while I was watching it.

But it wasn't really until the sequels that my problems with became really apparent. Not sure if you have seen them yet or not but theres original series > Christmas special > Spring special > Love Hina again (a 4 ep finale OVAs). To put it in perspective tye original got a 3 from me, Christmas got a 6 (about the only part that i actually rather liked), and then it takes a massive drop with spring and again being both 2s.

As for that Kara no Kyoukai comment, I'm going to choose to ignore it. You may not be too pleased with whats winning the polls for the next watch though :P
agilityredfox Jul 8, 9:08 AM
Yeah I really enjoyed PunPun, I finished it a few days ago and had to ponder over the ending a bit. It certainly did take a tonal shift towards the end with Aiko's return and know. It wasn't quite clear what happened to her after punpun left her with those kids to watch over her though :| I can see why it doesn't have an anime, it just wouldn't work in that medium, there are some concepts in there that are intrinsically Japanese too, like the population having a collective subconscious that was represented by "the dark spot" as well the general attitude to what constitutes a religion or cult. Tanabata was used to depict Punpun's destiny which I liked too. If you're interested here's an interview with the author where they talk a bit about punpun

I'm now just reading a terribly trashy manga about an idol who falls off a building and becomes a ghost attached to her biggest fan. Clearly I only read the finest manga :p as for watching stuff i'm just picking up seasonals at the moment, though nothing has been fantastic, some promising comedies though.

Oh no D; thanks for letting me know! Hopefully Wood will be back to hosting them by then so there will be less issues. who knows we might even have the Club page back up!

Still watching Utaware?
agilityredfox Jul 2, 1:55 PM
Sorry for the late response, I'm not used to comments that aren't shitposting D; Ofcourse I feel honoured! You're watching the original 2006 Utaware then? What made you decide that? The animation is a bit dated and the MC can be a bit wooden at times as Renn kindly pointed out to me. I only watched it because I rented the sequel VN on PS4 and decided I had better see the prequel. It's not for everyone but if you like intense world building and foreshadowing hints then you're in for a treat! but based on your track record I'd say you have a little trouble finishing

Are you still enjoying PunPun then? I find it fascinating that a crudely drawn bird can actually invoke some kind of emotion.I'm up to the point where PunPun gets drunk wth his landlord.
agilityredfox Jul 1, 2:51 AM
Hey Ami, Here's the link to the poll as promised.

Oh, and just a reminder, it's me hosting this week so prepare to watch the completely wrong season of the wrong show. :)
Wood94 Jun 29, 12:30 PM
Hey Ami, would you be able to resend me your Group Watch recommendation list? I may have not saved the file I copied it onto... -_- sorry
Renn Jun 24, 1:02 AM
Dragon age is great too 👌 Anything from bioware is (when EA arent trying to ruin it that is). I even really liked DA2 despite how incomplete and rushed out the door it was. Biowares strong suit has always been the characters and the writing anyway.

Discords alright, much easier to have discussions on than MAL, but yeah it does take a lot of time out of your evenings.....i think my record was staying up on it to 3am.

You're still on Love Hina? I feel really sorry for you, noone should have to submit themselves to that unless its someone I dont like and I want to inflict physical and mental pain on them. Look on the bright side, its almost over!! .....until you realise you have 2 movies and the conclusion OVAs yet to watch......
Wood94 Jun 22, 1:45 PM
Its totally on my soon-to-watch list, just waiting for it to finish airing and for myself to finish off that 100ep series of mine :)


And I so hope so, I really did rely on MAL quite alot, and it's taken this time off for me to realise that. Well it must have been a month or so now, so heres hoping we're back soon...