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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!
3 hours ago
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Hetalia Axis Powers
Hetalia Axis Powers
3 hours ago
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
4 hours ago
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GrapefruitNeko 5 hours ago
It's okay to like gag anime. Sometimes I get in the mood where I want to just watch something totally brainless too. Xp Tiramisu is doing that for me this season though the humor in that is like more rauncy than other anime I've seen too. I actually don't want to watch Tokyo Ghoul cause the idea of it creeps me out too much. I mean, I got recommended Kekkai Sensen which has a lot of blood in it and it took me a while to get into it but I liked the premise and ended up liking it. But the premise of Tokyo Ghoul doesn't appeal to me, but it's popular so that's okay! I know I didn't want to watch Attack on Titan for a long time because I didn't like the first episode but then I ended up forcing myself to watch it because some of my favorite seiyuu are in it and ended up enjoying it.

Yeah, Free is so cute. I like all the main characters and am looking forward to season 3, though I think Haru is too emo but he's funny sometimes!

The LoGH remake is interesting. I'm not sure if it will convince me to watch the original yet or if I'll feel like it's necessary after this but if you like space soap operas or space battle strategy that's like what it is. :) No offense to old/classic fans either, someday I may feel like I want to jump back a few decades to watch some of them but for now I have a lot of 2000s and 2010s I'm interested in. The art for Akatsuki no Yona appeals to me and I heard it is a reverse harem sort of. XD I will probably give Black Bullet a try later on. That kind of genre can be hit or miss for me, it really depends, since I have enjoyed some things that have loli charactes but gotten annoyed by other things. I did read a plot summary of King's Game the other month when I was curious about it and thought, "I'm glad I didn't try to watch it." I mean, I do find some survival game stories interesting but probably the darkest one I watched was Deadman Wonderland which was left open-ended and really annoying because of that. I think the manga has an ending but at this point I don't think it's worth it for me to read the whole story again, and I don't like starting manga in the middle. Shoujo manga is fun. I haven't watched many shoujo series but I try to read a shoujo manga once in a while. :) I like seinen anime but more skeptical to pick up those manga cause they might have a lot of R-rated content, though I don't mean for slice of life genres.
GrapefruitNeko Apr 20, 10:54 AM
Awesome, I'm glad to hear it. I have been watching Saiki since winter. :) I remember I was interested in watching Baka to test after AC but when I tried the first episode I didn't get into it. Also I have never watched/read Tokyo Ghoul. Yes, this week especially I was shocked at how people reacted to Darling in the Franxx! Missed meetings is frustrating to watch but we have to see what happens next... I am trying to watch 4 seasonals + 2 already finished, but there's a lot I wanted to watch this season. >_< I really want to watch Akatsuki no Yona sometime, maybe next year, lol.
I liked Eternal Summer but it kind of got dramatic at the end of the main series. The OVA was a cute extra episode. :) This season I started BnHA3, the Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake, Comic Girls, Rokuhoudou, and Last Period & some short series. I was going to watch Gun Gale Online too but now I am planning to wait on it, to avoid trying to watch too much at once. I saw you were watching Black Bullet before. Would you recommend watching it?
GrapefruitNeko Apr 19, 5:59 PM
How are you Amishael? Is there anything you like watching this season? ^_^
ChrollosWaifu Apr 14, 4:48 PM
I'm super behind on Gintama, wah. It took me like a year to finish the first series, but once it got going - wow! What's been your favourite series so far? I noticed you like Barakamon, too. I hovered over it for a solid hour yesterday before settling on Berserk instead. Do I start with Barakamon or Handa-Kun?

Heh, I have 2 10's actually! Hunter x Hunter was my only 10 for god knows how long, but I bumped Gurren Lagann up recently. To answer your question though, both of them gave me a feeling I rarely get. They both made me experience all the feelings (I laughed, cried and god knows what else), and I definitely got much more attached to the characters than in other shows. In regards to Gurren Lagann specifically, it delivered a really positive and inspiring message along with great entertainment. When I watched it (final year of university), I think I needed that extra push of motivation, heh.
ChrollosWaifu Apr 14, 12:19 PM
Oh my goodness - could it be, another person who liked Nanbaka?!

We are a rare breed
Renn Apr 13, 9:38 AM
That is very true haha. With the more "whiny" characters like Yuki or Shinji (except end of eva shinji...) I do tend to find more relatable than annoying (In those situations I would very much act the same way...). but even I'll admit they arent as fun to watch or as interesting as, for lack of a better term, absolute badass protagonists.

And in defence of my scoring for Mirai Nikki, I first saw that when I just getting into anime, that phase where everything feels like a masterpiece haha. I still think its fun to watch, but if had seen it for the first time now I probably wouldn't have rated it as high.

And yeah I started writing those comments and thoughts on my list a while back, but it was frustrating trying to fill in the blanks. Theres a fair few that i just put as being "forgettable" XD
Glad to hear someone takes the time to read them though haha.

And yeah sure! I'd love to hear of any you ever find that you'll think I'd like :D
Renn Apr 13, 2:52 AM
Just having a little nose through your list, and I find it funny how some we agree on 100%, and others we are at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum on haha.
Wood94 Apr 12, 9:34 AM
Ooo nice, glad you still liked Baka and Test overall anyway. Will you be watching S2 straight after, or will you come back to it at a later date? I tend to watch all the seasons of a show back to back if I can, my memory is terrible and I just know i'd forget important things if I left it... It just keeps me in the mood of the show too.

I'd happily take anything :) I am a complete manga newbie but I am more than happy to give some a go. I love shoujo anime anyway, so they'll be right by my street! Funnily enough a friend recommended me Taiyou no Ie recently too, I should totally get to it. But yeah, that totally sounds like my type of thing.

Ah, that flew right over my head xD *shakes fist*
Renn Apr 10, 1:26 PM
Oh yeah........I had completely forgotten about that.... :|

And yeah, I liked the movies, though they got a lot more darker, psychological and philosophical (but batou gets his own movie so I'm happy about that)

And yeah Taiyou no Ie sounded really good. I do have a big soft spot for romances, though granted not as big a soft spot as Wood does xD
Wood94 Apr 8, 1:25 PM
I have not been following Franxx actually, but from what you said it has totally caught my attention haha.

Baka to Test, for me, is one those anime that I added to my PTW aaages ago but I just never feel like i'm in the mood for it. I do have a softspot for shows that know what they are and don't care, I find those to be the most fun.

Tanaka-Kun is another one of those I wouldn't mind seeing some day, I have recently really fallen for those relaxing type of shows. Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

I'll be the first to admit it's a silly thing to be put off by, but it's just one those things that really irks me. But I have heard good things regardless, and I do plan to get to it at some point anyway. If you have good things to say, then i'll try and get to it soon :)

And haha I know I have barely touched the surface, my criteria is generally quite specific when looking for something to watch so I guess i'll just have to be a bit more open minded. But please do, i'd love to hear some suggestions!

Wood94 Apr 5, 12:28 PM
Totally agree with all that about ReLife, I was squealing, giggling and crying throughout it all xD As you said, it ended just the way I wanted it to.

And haha, I do feel like i've run out of romance anime sometimes but I think I just have to dig deeper. I have had Gekkan Shoujo on my ptw for a while actually, but i've always been put off by hearing the romance in it doesn't go anywhere? I hope i've heard wrong, but yeah everything else about it does sound like my type of thing.

Bokurano was very "dark", but not in a grotesque way. I do quite like a feelsey story, and I found it to be very much that. It was certainly more about the characters than the mecha fights, which I really liked.

Have you started anything new recently?
Wood94 Apr 5, 1:06 AM
Yeah it wasn't, I don't watch anime to critique it so I am certainly not saying it was a bad anime or anything, I just didn't enjoy it :( Oh well, I think i'll be re watching Steins;Gate to prepare me for Steins;Gate 0 next, that should rekindle my love for the time-travel genre.

That's totally why I loved Rei too! And whilst I do agree Rin didn't make it easy for himself or the others throughout 90% of the show, I still ended up liking him towards the end. But yeah, Rei was my favourite.

OOOOO, how did you find ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen by the way? I really liked the main series anyway, but those final 4 episodes really made their way into my heart. I adored them!

And yeah that is very good point, it does put into context just how much I love some series.
GrapefruitNeko Apr 4, 4:50 PM
Ooh, cool, I'm so glad you like it! Makes me want to re-watch some of it. :D
Wood94 Mar 28, 5:00 PM
Ooo, I really liked Free! I loved how it focused on their friendship, and I found it to be really quite wholesome and motivational. Plus I just loved the main cast! Rei best boy ;) ... or maybe Rin..... or Haru..... oh they were all great haha

Oh boy, it sounds just as adorable as I hope it is. I chose to watch Bokurano first as if I end up hating how dark it gets, then ill have Gakuen Babysitters to soothe me after :D But wow, I am so so so looking forward to it.

As for Kokkaku, i'm personally not liking it all that much. The time-travel genre is one of my favourites, but this one just isn't my type of thing.
Ayato-Hiragi Mar 28, 12:24 PM
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