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You can beat me up, but they're really almost the same. Firstly it's the plot structure - combination of serious and comedy episodes is the main feature for both, different length (26 eps vs >150 eps) doesn't stop them from showing some bizarre and random unconnected stories for one or few episodes length with some great story line behind the scene. Secondly it's the characters, Gintoki resembles Spike in all respects, they're both easygoing attractive guys with some dark past and fellows that was their friends but now they're enemies; you can beat me up one more time, but I think Kagura was created under   read more
report Recommended by Iahel
What makes both series similar is the episodic progression of their stories. For instance, most of the episodes are one shot plots that take the characters across the galaxy trying to earn a decent buck while meeting new and old pals along the ride. Each series has it's share of seriousness as well as wacky humor. Lastly, Gintoki and Spike both have fuzzy hair.
report Recommended by Animagine
In both animes every episode is unique. In different style and without an overall continuous plot. Also the main characters are very similar. Always broke and doing jobs for money
report Recommended by paalis
Both are about chill male characters who can't tolerate injustice. The characters do work and are hungry for money. Kagura is like a mix of Faye and Ed, having Ed's childishness and Faye's impulsiveness and combativeness.
report Recommended by Angry_Anime_Nerd
The similarity lies in the main protagonist of both series. Both Gintoki and Spike are laid-back, cool, casual 20-something year old men who had a dark past. Now, they just find random jobs with their partners and go through their daily lives. They have their fair share of bad habits, but when it matters, they pull through and become badass.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both anime are mostly episodic and both mix comedy and action. The protagonists of both anime at first seem indifferent and laid-back,but in reality they hide a dark past and both are skilled fighters.
report Recommended by Smokey_R
they both have short random and funny episodes and good action scenes and in both anime a small group of people take on jobs to earn some money. but gintama has better comedy and cowboy is classy and has more action. but they do resemble each other a lot
report Recommended by Stantuijp
I never thought I would compare them, but I can see many similarities. First, both belong to the same study, Sunrise. Then, in most important aspects, we have the MCs, Gintoki and Spike, both have a sad and dark past who have decided to overcome, but they still feel guilty. Their personalities are similar. They have an old comrade who became the enemy. In both anime, Yorozuya and the team aboard the Bebop, are quite peculiar and charismatics. These groups are poor and unable to complete any work. The series are episodic, Gintama more focused on comedy and satire, accompanied by drama and action, while   read more
report Recommended by Rikki
While Gintama is longer and more comedy oriented (although it gets very serious when it needs to) it has the same basic layout as Bebop. Group of misfits trying to scrape by in life through various jobs, they almost never come out of it with money but there is usually a take away message. You also start off not knowing much about the main characters as their stories unfold throughout the entirety of the anime.
report Recommended by Goober-fish
The two series constantly switch between comedy and drama, being very good at both. Both shows are set in the near future, where our present technology is merged with sci-fi components, like flying cars and space travel. Both main characters, Gintoki and Spike, have a mysterious past and now work as freelancers taking crazy jobs for money - which they screw up more times than not, often because of their sense honor or for just being sloppy. Both are also constantly haunted by their past, in the form of old comrades that turned into outlaws or old friends that passed away.
report Recommended by AnotherGuy
- Both have an MC whose past is mysterious and dark - Both animes have both light and serious tones around them - Both have characters that are similar to each other: - Sadaharu is like Ein as their the dogs of the group - Shinpachi is like Jet, being the straight man of the group - Kagura is like Ed, being the goofy kid - Takasugi is like Vicious, being the antagonist who the MC has worked or fought with - Both animes are based on more or less a free lance jobs   read more
report Recommended by H897
Both the animes tend to provide us with an odd job MC who are gintoki and spike who though they appear to be lazy they tend to be skilled fighter, with a part dark history related to their past . Both the stories shows intergalactic traveling and aliens too
report Recommended by SolidH2O
Main characters from both shows have tragic backstories and are philosophical.Both are poor,one works as a bounty hunter and the other as a freelancer.Not as ambitious as other shounen heroes but they make sure to keep the show interesting with their unique personalities and great punchlines!
report Recommended by RfnRaffy
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