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Cool Devices
Cool Devices
Apr 4, 12:53 PM
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Shaman King (2021)
Shaman King (2021)
Mar 9, 5:37 PM
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Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna
Mar 9, 5:36 PM
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Shaman King: Red Crimson
Shaman King: Red Crimson
Mar 7, 3:24 PM
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Tokyo Aliens
Tokyo Aliens
Mar 7, 3:21 PM
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Delightfully Fuckable and Unrefined!!
Delightfully Fuckable and Unrefined!!
Oct 25, 2022 6:31 AM
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purplemoon_ Apr 13, 5:12 AM
Yay nice to see someone else with excel saga in their favs :)
Kraanerg Apr 6, 5:08 PM
Ah yeah, I understand, I feel easily connected to depressing people and works. I grew up with some Alice in Chains, they were my favorite from the grunge scene back then. I couldn't get much into anything post-Laney though. Eh, I liked some Pearl Jam back in primary school but I really hate that Vedder guy and they rip-off almost everything in a lazy way.. not for lack of talent, specially talking about the drummer and bass players, great guys (Matt played in avant-prog band Tone Dogs)

I guess much of what I hear can be put in that goth/bdsm club thing, and I'm also into idm and techno and minimal synth and all.. and I play in some events like that with my projects, though I never looked like part of any goth thing. I'm more like early industrial/powerelectronics guys LOL

I only really liked NIN's debut and Downwards Spiral :x NIN is a band I respect and could discuss for a long time, because I have some serious issues with Trent while I think he is obviously good and did some brilliant works. His late material is very uninspired though. And I'm open minded, if you prove me I'm wrong, OK, but I'm guessing if you spend a month with me showing 80s industrial acts you'll notice Trent got in a looping of recycling a same drone with some piano notes here and there, etc xD

Ah yes to all those shoegaze bands. I don't listen to it AS MUCH because for example I heard MBV enough to have all tracks backed up in my mind forever. Really like Slowdive and Lush. Dead Can Dance is my least favorite, for everyones surprise. But I like it. I had a couple of weeks phase when I heard their debut and Within The Realm many times. I guess you'd like Miranda Sex Garden and Cranes' Wings of Joy, fantastic albums. Also Comus' First Utterance, which Current 93 rips off and do as many covers as possible. Cocteau Twins I still hear all the time, I even have a t-shirt, great influence. If you listen to my music you'll notice even in my harsher music some influence of post-hardcore, shoegaze and all this mellow/depressive stuff. Trip-hop is another story: I like it but is not something I can listen anytime, for some reason. Bowery Electric had an album I would hear always. I had the first Portishead that I heard a lot for a certain period of time then never wanted to listen again. Not a fan of Massive Attack.. Now Tricky is good! I should listen again, thanks for reminding. Lately I was listening that Hooverphonic debut though, what a great album, one of the best trip-hop things I heard.
Will drop a song I like from those post-whatever things:
Also, listen to Asylum Party Borderline and Picture One, my favorite coldwave act and the most depressive/nostalgic. Their other album with a spider on the cover have a brilliant opening track but I didn't like anything else.
Ugh, I have my daily job + producing music and soundtracks and taking care of my label and projects.. plus I have 5 cats and a dog. I try to read some everyday but some months I simply fall asleep or forget everything I read last night by the morning. I try staying away from social media but in the end, replying these little things are the closest I have to free time and resting.
Oh yeah, Cool Devices. Some eerie feeling in those OVAs.
If you have some time, check this album, and tell me what you think, before replying anything else and prior to any other link I sent above. That's me :D tell whatever you think, even if it's the worst crap you ever heard, just don't tell me you think Trent is better than me, or I'll be very mad, keep that to yourself xD

RenaPsychoKiller Mar 22, 2:48 PM
Yep that's the one in the link.
ryo-san Mar 18, 6:29 PM
Girl do you mean the movie in which Miki mizuno played the detective by guilty of romance? The woman chasing the garbage truck to her affair partner's home at the end?
Kraanerg Feb 1, 12:22 PM
Last year I started digging the late Deftones material, I still have a few albums to go, but I appreciated almost everything. I must admit some of the supposed most "extreme" tracks sounds much the same, but the more emo parts and tracks are fantastic. Idk, Chino's voice is really unique and sexy. There were a few tracks from his side projects I also enjoyed. But one way or another, I keep getting back to their old songs very constantly. I was thinking about how Korn managed to counterbalance both the aggressive tracks/passages with the most melodic so well-done in their early works. I mean, other bands, even Deftones, my fav from the genre, has this feel like, take Be Quiet And Drive, there is a segment they play the palm mute 0000 guitar riff with screams, and it's totally off.. as 'hey, this track is too melodic/soft, let's remind the listener we're a heavier band to keep the pose', totally unnecessary xD

Oh, Nirvana.. it's the kind of cycle thing for me. As a kid, I loved it; then I turned into an edgy teenager and felt meeh these guys are not extreme enough, too basic and too mainstream yadda yadda.. then the more I grew I learned about Cobain knowing everything about avant-garde and weird shit, their bassist played with Flipper (seminal noise-rock act that influenced from no wave bands to posthc/math and idk, Fugazi) and... well, there's nothing good to say about Grohl, but the rest of the guys were really cool. I don't revisit them in ages but when I hear their music playing at places I always get surprised. Anyway, even during times I felt like had enough of them as a teenager I kept listening to Bleach. That album is surely raw the way I like it! Other hand, one of my top favorite rock bands of all time, besides developing a much more chaotic sound, was strongly influenced by Nirvana: have you heard Unwound? I don't know cuz their self-titled (released later but actually their first) is more hardcore oriented, but Fake Train, where they were kinda trying to ding their own sound, is very Nirvana-oriented, sometimes cheaper, sometimes noisier; not their best though still a good, angry downer release. Hm dunno what to reccomend from them in case you never heard of.. since I like most of their material but my favorite album and songs were the ones I took more to get into. Well, this is one of my favorite tracks from them, I feel it's one of the most devastating songs ever, that section after the chorus really strikes hard.

Since you're into 90s stuff a lot, I believe you're into Gregg Araki? I'm not particularly a fan of all his films, but I think Doom Generation pretty much sums up all the aesthetics I grew up surrounded by, great one; also I believe the soundtrack had Cocteau Twins and loads of alternative music, and even Coil (my fav group ever, I never take off their shirt which is even in my propic LOL) though perhaps a very random track.. would have changed my life if I had watched that movie earlier and found out some Coil song like Love's Secret Domain in it.

About not being too much into all sort of underground stuff: of course that's not a problem, in fact is healthier. Once you get used, you start changing and turn into a boring person, start enjoying mostly the stuff once you thought it was poor and cheap, or anything weird, then you get addicted to find more and more of all kinds of media... though in the end, what that was for? You die and you leave some terabytes of rarities to no-one or a collection of books and records someone will think is just porn or obscene or childish/nonsense and sell for cents. But be my guest if you need any specific reccomendation of anything, I'm sure I'll be at least able to help, if my memory helps me first - that's why I log all my things, watch/read lot of crap then forget everything next week.

Hahaha actually actually, lately I've been really busy, but when I have some free time I still end checking some profiles to learn something different, but I spent like... 5 or 6 years away from MAL or at least not logging constantly since I had enough of anime during a lenghty period. Tell me if you ever check (or need any recc on where to start, I did all kind of material in all kinds of quality too) my own music and stuff though, I appreciate any feedback, specially bad ones.

Btw damn, I still didn't reach Sailor Saturn in the Sailor Moon TV series. But I believe she shows up in Season S, right? It's been my favorite season til now, goddamn over-the-top, nonsense monsters, and it's on Netflix so I can watch before going to sleep in my bed.. I first said 'oh no' when I noticed they only had the pt-br dubbed version (?) though it makes it even funnier, worst voice acting ever!

See you ~ and sorry, sometimes I end writing too much.

Kurt_Irving Jan 5, 8:02 AM
Have a wonderful Year of the Rabbit later this month (coming out prior to Phil Collins' birthday this time).

Hopefully, Year of the Rabbit will be the year I'll read Sorcerer Hunters and Digimon V-Tamers. I'm 60% into Linebarrels of Iron. Time for me to read the chapter finale and move on to other manga.
Kraanerg Jan 4, 12:26 PM
Hi there, fellow pet lover. Interesting favorites, funny thing it brings me back to my personal faves during 2000s (see your account is also pre-2010), so I felt a bit nostalgic, sorry. X was fantastic and I still think it deserves a proper ending. And I don't see people with Higurashi in favorites so often, was my top fav when it came out, a shame I never tried the visual novels. Unfortunatelly my memory sucks and I can't even remember most of these titles. I plan to re-watch/read some, such as Nana that was in my top3 for years. I really liked the Erementar Gerad anime but from what I remember now, it's a bit of a cheesy formula, but now looking at the manga after your faves, I notice the series is longer than what the adaptation shows, perhaps I should try someday. I have that feeling if I revisit most of my old favorites I'll feel disappointed, as I usually do with half of the shows I liked back then, and that's what makes Cowboy Bebop so special and remains one of the few 10/10 in my list, everytime I end rewatching any part of it, it feels even better.

Yousei Teikoku was also my favorite j-rock group from that era. Funny to see someone with Oasis in favorites in MAL hahaha I actually heard their albums again a week or so ago and felt it was much better than I recall. Morning Glory (song) is brilliant. And Deftones.. they were essential when I was growing up and I still feel the same if I re-listen Around The Fur and White Pony; though I can pretty much enjoy anything they did, specially the more emotive hahah..

Kurt_Irving Dec 27, 2022 1:42 PM
Hello miss! You have great overall taste in anime.
thinkpad Dec 26, 2022 7:46 AM
z_ach Nov 29, 2022 12:29 PM
Your list is so slick nice
SmugSatoko Nov 15, 2022 12:03 PM
Oh, someone else who has Higurashi as their #1! I'm shocked you haven't seen the rest of it, especially with all the anime you've seen. When you want to watch the Kai specials, let me know and I can PM you a link to my Google Drive. (I uploaded them since they're hard to find.)
yaru Nov 1, 2022 3:24 PM
I spent the Halloween working/selling at a comic convention, so didn't celebrate it, but saw a lot of cool cosplays!
I stopped watching anime for a while and was really into reading webtoons instead - just started watching again because of the new Bleach. And you? <3
yaru Nov 1, 2022 10:43 AM
Life still feels the same as it did back when we were talking in 2013! None the wiser! How is life for you?
Our friendship will be ten with two more months to 2023!
almightybismarck Oct 11, 2022 11:05 AM
Liked your favorites and a review.
LewdOneeSan Sep 18, 2022 3:57 AM
Oh sht queen's back! All I remembered was that you hadn't logged in for a while so I thought we lost one of ours! :D
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