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nx6 Feb 13, 12:45 AM
hirahira said:
Shuffle and Ichigo 100% are the only harems I've watched/read where my best girl won...

Okay, so I finished Ichigo 100% yesterday, and as far as I can tell no one really "won", so I assume you mean the manga.

I will say though, it was a very balanced harem. Normally there's one or two girls that seem like the best ships, but I don't think that applies here. They managed to get a girls in for every type, and even threw in the teacher and two underclassmen in the OVAs.
nx6 Oct 29, 2018 11:58 AM
If they allowed polygamy, it would have to go both ways. The governments plan of having boy+girl sets of everyone wont work if they allow guys more than one wife because you'll end up with a shortage of girls to go around. but if you allow polygamy both ways it kinda makes the whole marriage concept feel a little unnecessary (everything becomes orgy ending). Also, wasn't one of the goals of this society to reduce crime because there wont be jealousy and shit over relationships?

So I'm gonna say, no, I don't think polygamy is allowed.
nx6 Oct 28, 2018 11:08 PM
I didn't realize you were reading Love and Lies. XD
I'm guessing since it's still publishing we're no closer to him picking the girl.
nx6 Oct 28, 2018 9:40 PM
Well, enchilada casserole is good, so I can't knock you for going back again, but 25 minutes? How small is this town? Or, are you really out in the country alone? There a town I drive through on my way to work, it's only about 6100 people -- and they have what looks like a large grocery store right smack in their commercial area.
nx6 Oct 28, 2018 2:04 PM
Sooooooo? What did you do for your birthday? o.o
lanblade Sep 18, 2018 8:51 PM
Celebrate with me and buy a $2 lottery ticket. Hopefully with our powers combined we'll get good luck.
NatsuDragneel12 Sep 18, 2018 5:08 PM
That's pretty amazing still , i cant compare to you even a bit lol
NatsuDragneel12 Sep 18, 2018 3:21 PM
For how much time do u even watch anime ?
nx6 Sep 14, 2018 7:58 PM
You gave them both a 6. Did neither one follow the manga?
nx6 Sep 14, 2018 6:15 PM
I felt like something light and silly.
It's being added to HiDive three episodes a week. The subtitles should be new for Sentai's license, but I assume the dub is from the original Funimation version.

They're going to start adding the alternate (Shaft) version after this one.
nx6 Sep 1, 2018 6:42 PM
Yeah, that was probably back when licensees felt they needed to change things to make them more marketable or PG in content, and there weren't a bunch of pissed teen/20-something otaku to call them out on it.
nx6 Aug 31, 2018 11:22 PM
Oh man. You're watching Voltron!
That was probably the first anime I ever watched. But I don't count it because I was like a little kid when I watched it and I didn't know what anime was at the time. It was on TV, so it was the English dub I was watching, ofc.
nx6 Jul 30, 2018 12:20 AM
Asa-senpai best girl. : D
But I was actually rooting more for Rin x Kaede as far as the story goes -- until she became kinda a yandere.

This show felt really mediocre when it started, especially having the King of Gods and the King of Demons simultaneously move in with no explanation why they were interested in Rin taking the Throne. It got better as everyone's personalities started getting more twisted. I knew something was up with Asa when she was in the hospital the first time and so against Nerine trying to use magic to heal her. I kinda wondered why Rin never asked Primula to help Asa get rid of her excess magic, since her problem had been virtually the same thing. Kinda funny to have a blonde character like Kareha be just a side character.

As I told someone else on here -- I was expecting more ecchi in this series. I guess that's reputation that preceeds it. There really wasn't a whole bunch of fanservice other than everyone flashing their panties so much. I do think the drama helped the show enjoyment, though.

Even Google knows who you're talking about.

I didn't like the last episode much, not really because Asa was the one he chose, but mostly because it went right back to how super-haremy the first part of the show was. I mean, after all this time he's picked a girl and instead of the others accepting it and moving on they're all "I'm still going to keep loving Rin-sama/kun", and while they're working to make themselves better, they're doing it as part of some plan to please the MC and win him over, instead of for their own benefit.
nx6 Jun 22, 2018 10:59 PM
I might have to start reading Wotaku Koi. Kinda annoyed they introduced that new girl right at the end.
nx6 Apr 27, 2018 12:06 AM
Nice Steins;Gate lineup on your favorites list.