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Beyblade Burst Sparking
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Gakuen Senki Muryou
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Gakuen Senki Muryou Recap
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Undead Unluck
Undead Unluck
Apr 19, 9:39 PM
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Uchuu Sensou
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Apr 19, 9:35 PM
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Seiya Apr 15, 1:24 PM
I noticed that you created a "reseed" thread in my club. That's a pretty good idea.

Speaking of reseeding, I've been trying to download the Creamy Mami OVAs, "Eien no Once More" and "Long Goodbye," but there's no seeds for them. If you happen to have those, let me know if you could reseed them, thanks.
krukrooo Apr 13, 8:48 PM
No problem dude. Thanks for the old anime recommendations. I'll probably check out the Space Warrior Baldios (Movie) some time in the near future.
Mienus Apr 12, 3:58 PM
With these numbers, this guy must spend every waking moment watching anime. No wonder database moderation on MAL is so slow!
krukrooo Apr 11, 9:38 AM
Can't wait for you to finish your "legacy" list. Probably will get some anime recommendations from that list since you seem to have great tastes. 11k anime completed. Goddamn.
Rinkahai Apr 10, 2:00 AM
How do you solve 11k anime lol, is that real?
Arzetya Apr 9, 6:44 PM
hehe, thanks you :)
Arzetya Apr 9, 6:50 AM
Your profile good, 44 anime shared, I haven't even found a staff / user who owns more than this.
juststeven0 Apr 6, 1:55 PM
I have a hard time choosing what's for dinner, valoon just flexes on me saying "Yeah, I watch everything at once" lmao
juststeven0 Apr 5, 6:58 AM
Valoon's new goal: Watching all of the classic movies pre 2000s xD
HypnoDiscKit Apr 5, 6:29 AM
Crazy stats, I like it
Ashhk Apr 5, 3:38 AM
Yeah I can see, but it's still taking a slot in your weekly schedule for so many years, like a lot of kids shows are currently doing the same for me (Mewkledreamy, Precure, Digimon, Pokemon etc etc)

Ah yes so you started with these ones, it makes sense especially that it's the case for so many people, actually that's weird because my first one was Kill me Baby xD and then I started with CGDCT shows/SoL like K-on for example, I wasn't into the other shounen famous shows back then but slowly I began watching every genres, for some reason I'm also rewatching Another right now, I don't really know why but why not.
It didn't improve now for your internet? I'm quite happy because I recently got the optical fiber and it's so great for downloading torrents when the seeders are good, like for the seasonals ones sometimes it's only 30s-1min to download on episode in 1080p
But yeah indeed that's some very respectable motivation and courage, I wish I was able to do the same but I started way too late (2018) so it's gonna be very hard for me at this point

The switch ones are not the best unfortunately, sword and shield are decent but far from being as good as NDS ones in my opinion

That gonna help, I will get to rewatch it at some point though.
And I didn't know for this one, but I suppose it's because the french anime community is pretty big, especially back then, you also have some french co-production such as Uchuu Densetsu Ulysses 31 or Taiyou no Ko Esteban if you saw them, I watched the french dub for these ones and I also available on YouTube directly

Hmm okay I see, I'm gonna save that message for when I'll watch it, I'll probably go for the french dub but don't know if it's a serious one or not, I mean Hokuto no Ken's french dub is ridiculous compared to the japanese ones and most sentences are being distorted to feel like a comedy show, it was because it was too violent to get broadcast on TV back then I suppose.
The only bigger figure I have for my case is Goldorak from UFO Robo Grendizer, I wanted to buy the DVD because it was available some years ago but didn't do it, but it's still available online fortunately (french dubbed too I suppose)

If it's made by Madhouse wow... it would be the dream xD

Yeah I guess it's because germany is really different, most spanish/italian words are transparent for me so yes it helps a lot

Haha, I like it too! Probably better than the remake ones for me, and for the sound hmm maybe it's my version, I will have to search for another one if it exists in a good quality

Yes that's too bad for most torrent, at least some online streaming websites are very complete for a lot of obscure anime fansubs like gogoanime for example, I recently watched Shichinin no Nana on it for example, but now I'll have to watch Keroro Gunsou for the character design part, but it's gonna be harder work for the episodes count xD too bad some of them are just IMPOSSIBLE to access, like you know that jojo's movie or that first hentai production :/

It's especially like the passion for obscure stuff and unknown anime is kinda dying or more like it's getting submerged by the number of newcomers this year (especially because of the pandemic situation) and most of them only watch the very popular/new stuff, side-sites like that didn't manage to make profits compared to the big ones and it's harder and harder, but yes nice that some are still here nowadays, I hope it will improve, what's worrying me is how Netflix is killing some anime by licensing them to not even doing simulcast outside japan, their productions are kinda the same for most 1-cour rushed ONA but sometimes to get positive surprises like Great Pretender

This is what I planned to do first for Hiragana and Katakana I already started a bit but indeed for the other part it's just so difficult when it's not your mother tongue, it's even the same for most names and you can see that directly in most anime when they spell it, it looks random for me for the choices of Kanji.
Thanks for the learning tips, it's gonna help for sure, and I can see what you described for that feeling, also one thing I realized is that I memorize a LOT of words/sentences just thanks to the titles for most anime, because you know for most of them you memorize both their japanese names and the translation in english, for example Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo -- God's Blessing on This Wonderful World, and with that many anime we know it makes easier to remember what's the meaning for these words, this is basically how I remember hmm let's say 25% of my japanese knowledge
I really hope it will be the case someday, I would also want to learn chinese but it's even harder XD

This is how the economy works unfortunately, they just love to complicate things like that and it will never change, well you can still try to contact some studios like Toei but I even doubt they would take the time to reply, the industry is what it is and nowadays it's mainly towards the biggest other ones, it would be possible if you started your business 15 years ago though.
Sometimes it's both with how high the prices are for no reason on some titles, but yeah, it's not well done and it's getting worse and worse

Hahaha, actually when they speak french (which is quite often especially in 00-10s titles) I facepalm because it's always so weird, like the french in ZnT or Gosick for example, and recently we had a cover of France Gall for the Hisone and Masotan's ending theme, and if you want to get an idea on how bad the pronunciation is: I didn't even realize it was in french the first time I heard it... it's incomprehensible because of the EXTREMELY strong accent, fortunately we have an edited version with the original song and it's much better XD
This is what I thought unfortunately and it's all the ones I already use, then RIP, it's gonna be hard if it's sometimes you can't manage to find on these ones :/

It's probably that I'm a sucker for mid 00s/early 10s animation and anime in general xDDD, anyway for most stuff on this season I'll wait for them to stop airing to catch up/binge watch them
The synopsis sounds so much like a kid's version of [C] xD
Yeah obviously sometimes you can get something that you liked even for these adaptations, I try to positive xD
Same for me really, I don't really like split cour but at least for me it's like they already announced a S2 so I'm happy, I mean it's better than just a single cour.
If you're more into entertaining/funny things than heartwarming for this genre then you'll probably prefer it :D
We'll see for these ones, but for Cestvs I would say I was kinda hyped by it for the story, but if it's from an older manga then it makes sense, I might enjoy it. Yeah it received a lot of hate but I can see why, I didn't fully watch it yet but I just laughed at the "clang" sound from this show and not in a bad way actually, it kinda hypes me xDD I mean this:
Ueki is one of the most bizarre shounen I've ever seen but one of the most entertaining ones at the same time, especially that the powers are very original for every character, for example the power of the MC is that he can change garbages into trees, this is not something you usually see in a shounen anime, it's like the older weird my hero academia xD I hope that you'll enjoy it

Yes it should be that, and then we're getting another cour for summer so I'm hyped.
Totally! Even though a 2nd season was not really needed in my opinion since S1 did a good job for the character development etc, but I hope we'll get to se Tae waking up!
Well if the trials are weird/original like the OG then I'm gonna enjoy the entertainment part of the show, good thing that it's licensed on Wakanim so I'll be able to watch it properly, we'll see that soon :)

It's especially that for me the cases were just rushed and it didn't manage to capture the personality of the characters (except for Maya) but for example in the anime Phoenix acts more like a kid (and picking Izuku Midoriya's voice actor isn't a good idea for him in my opinion) but in the VN he was very sarcastic and had a lot of inner monologues, they didn't apply that in the anime is this is mainly what disappointed me overall, at least one thing that made me happy is that we got Godot's theme at the end, I didn't think they would put it in xD
I still need to play to Apollo Justice though, but I'll probably like it XD

Yeah I'll need to do that, is the Higurashi's manga good if you read it? I plan to read it after the VN to complete Higurashi 100%
I feel the same to be honest, that's probably why the VN felt better for me even though I didn't finish it yet, but I'm not a fan of it especially because of the characters like Okabe, I didn't like his personality :/ and it's true for 0 but it wasn't that bad for me, just not as good as the S1

Now at some point I'll need to go with Key's ones (like Clannad for example), should be interesting to compare xD
Nirdesh2kk Apr 4, 6:48 AM
thats hell of lot anime that you have watched. By the way when did you started watching anime?
juststeven0 Apr 2, 6:32 PM
You make everything look easy xD One hell of a life goal you're going for though
Ashhk Apr 2, 12:44 PM
OMG my message is so long, i didn't even realize while typing xD

Hahaha yeah, OLM once again, did you fully watch it?, I would never get the courage to do it to be honest

So what were your first ones when you started to watch anime on your own? (I mean not during your childhood)
You should have fun with soulsiver, especially the fact that the game combines two regions at once, so 16 gym leaders overall and 2 champions (Lance and Red at the very end, which is one of the strongest or maybe THE stronger pokemon trainer out of every games)

Yes it's especially nice when you watch it as a kid, the opening for S1 is so great and nostalgic xD I think there is a full french dub for the anime but I'm not sure, at least it exists since I watched it french dubbed back then, English one should exist as well probably, but yeah at least it's a kid anime so it's still easy to follow even when you missed some characters, but S2 is longer than the first one so it takes so time xD

Yes Saint Seiya is something I watched a bit when I was younger because it's pretty famous here (it should be the same for Germany?) but I didn't start it yet because I don't know if I need to watch the later seasons too or if I can just wait and watch them later if they're not important because most of them are low rated ://
Yup I saw that recently and also one of the directors did the recent Gegege no Kitaro as well, but yes it's always surprising to see these titles back 40 years later, and it hypes me to catch up on them when they announce it, I don't know what we should expect to see later but to be honest I would love to see another long-running shounen remake like Dragon Quest or Shaman King recently... imagine if they remake yu yu hakusho for example! :o

Italian should be fine, at least better than raws xD since for these languages, it's easy to at least deduct the meanings of most words but for the raws sometimes it's more difficult and it's harder for the older ones because of the sound quality, which reminds me that the 60s Dororo anime that is available online has an HORRIBLE audio quality and I started to fix it back then but didn't continue yet, I should do it because it's not really hard to do even though I need to do a render fo every episodes but it's better than watching it with the sound on only one ear :x
At least most of the anime are licensed now, it's way better than back then or 10 years ago, you can't always rely on fansubs when it comes to obscure titles xD

But did you managed to learn the whole writing thing? Since it's much more difficult than our regular letters, I need to focus on doing that and it would be way easier to understand the language overall, I think I'm still a beginner at this domain

If you want to license it then yeah try to make it as neat as possible, otherwise it's not really important if it's not perfect, but for the price I'm sure it's high unfortunately, and I don't even know if they can sell it to a regular customer and not an agency, especially that you need to pay them monthly I think, so if you want to do that create your own company that is based on licensing and releasing older and unknown anime, hey when I think about it it's a pretty good idea, even though it's mostly only for nerds and huge anime fan, but it would be great to get an official platform which makes that

Damn they only did 2 eps then :/, that's great if you can speak Russian too, did you facepalm at Golden Kamuy S3's Russian part? xD
Also do you have some sites to find raws for these unknown anime? (except for nyaa)

Yeah there is already 2 eps released for Edens Zero, strong FT vibes obviously especially for the characters, but it has that 2010 feelings I would say, I watched it with an odd source and I liked the fact that the colors were saturated and the quality not really good, I don't know why but I love watching anime like that, like for example I rewatched ZnT recently in 360p and I enjoy it more than 1080p anime xD
For Subarashiki Kono Sekai yes but also beware of game adaptations since most of them are inconsistent for the direction quality, especially the mobile ones, so I always lower my expectations when the it's a game adaptation, even though I'm looking forward to seeing this one too.
Yes for 86 the LN is highly praised, and it's spit cour by A1 so be ready
I read the manga for Nagatoro-san, indeed it's some pretty good slice of life takagi-like work even though it's much lewder and if you know the author he mostly did R18 doujin, his characters weird expressions are highly recognizable, even by watching the trailer it seems like the studio managed to capture that aspect, so it should be pretty good!
Fumetsu no Anata e is by the one who did Koe no Katachi, be ready for emotional ride xD
Yup for Cestvs, but don't know how to feel towards the full CGI animation
And for iruma I loved S1 especially that it has that old comedy anime feeling (which reminded me of Ueki even though the plot is very different... oh damn also when I think about it I would love to see a Ueki remake, same for MÄR even though this one was more "classic" for the anime/isekai part but still enjoyable, kinda reminded me of Monster Farm for its characters)

Hmm I'm interested to see how will be the Tensura spin-off, I don't even know if it's full length xD, also I can't wait to see Zombieland Saga S2 I really liked the first season.
And also the Battle Athletess remake (or more like alternative version) the older anime was fine and kinda interesting for the space/sports aspect even though I feel like the beginning was better with all the trials (I liked the bike one with the Chinese girl for example) but I wonder how will be that new one, it seems like it's with different characters though

I see it's understandable, hmm not really often but some of them are just 100 times better than the anime adaptation like for Ace Attorney for example, I played the VN trilogy first and I loved them, I would say 9/10 overall, and then I got to watch the anime adaptation and facepalmed really hard, it was rushed so much that the fillers cases felt better than the normal ones, only the last case with Godot was decent, but otherwise the anime is worth a 4/10 for me, you see how big is the difference xD
There is also Umineko that I need to read by Ryukishi07 since it didn't get a full anime adaptation (fans are still hoping for a remake since we got that higurashi Gou + Sotsu new season but I doubt it will happen)
Steins;Gate one is apparently better than the anime, otherwise I don't play them often since it takes a lot of time to complete them as you said but most of the ones I played were worth it.
juststeven0 Apr 2, 12:35 PM
Lend some to me ? ;_;