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Somali to Mori no Kamisama
Somali to Mori no Kamisama
Yesterday, 6:25 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu.
Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu.
Yesterday, 6:20 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
Yesterday, 6:10 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
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"Bungaku Shoujo" Series
"Bungaku Shoujo" Series
Mar 23, 10:19 PM
Completed 74/74 · Scored 6
Fuuma no Kojirou
Fuuma no Kojirou
Mar 19, 11:01 AM
Completed 42/42 · Scored 5
Zaregoto Series
Zaregoto Series
Mar 18, 2:01 PM
Completed 71/71 · Scored 4



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cnkbkjuh895 Mar 21, 10:46 AM
Definitely. Too bad the corona shitstorm started, because I was just about to start garnering friends off the internet. Now I gotta keep in the house, and watch hentai all day.

It really is useful, and I started keeping track of watched anime on my own list before using MAL, so I didn't have to take it all off MAL, luckily. Oh, you spoke of Umineko. That reminds me, I gotta finish the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni VNs. - Finishing the fourth chapter, and it's really good. The horror is toned down in the chapter, but it's fucking good storytelling. Speaking of Higurashi, have you played the visual novels?

It's very interesting how outside influences can cause such change in a whole half of the population. I'm just really into psychology, I guess.

The US really is corrupt. It's a good example of what NOT to do on many fronts. The US is fairly safe, and it's better than some of the middle-east, but it's for sure not good, and should be changed.

I haven't heard of Nordic Democracy... - After going down a rabbit hole of welfare states, and collective bargaining, which I both haven't heard of (I'm still young), I'm coming to understand what Nordic Democracy is all about. I read the wikipedia page on it, [1] and I'm glad I took the hour to learn what it's about. Nordic Democracy seems to be a good political model, although I don't know how it'll work in practice. Just like how people without the knowledge of socialism's past stumbling upon it are like, "Giving money to everyone, hell yeah!" But then they have to eat their dogs, and children if it comes into effect... That's what I'm worried about, lmao. Even if that was hyperbolic. The Inequality-adjusted HDI, [2] and World Happiness Report [3] looks to be good proof, but I'll have to research it a bit more. I just don't know enough about how most of the individual facets of Nordic Democracy functions currently.

Nazism is definitely extreme, and should be taken down. Not when it's an opinion, but when it's put into action. When they try to gain traction in the political environment, we shouldn't let them. And, gladly, democracy, and the majority of the world hating nazis work well together.

Oh, I didn't expect that. Are cartoons really that good? Now that I think about it, it makes sense. More bad, more good. If you make the website before anyone else does, you might make a really popular one. Someone might've already made a cartoon list website, though.

Makes sense. Someone may never add/update those more obscure titles, so you take on that role.

I've been putting in effort, that's all I know. Also, typesetting has been boring, so I won't be doing that. I'm just keeping it at a .txt file along with the raw scans. I don't really know how to post it if it's like that on the big manga websites, however. And having my own website won't bring in any readers by itself, so...I'm kinda just stuck at the point of finding people who will like my work. Guess I need to learn advertising now that I have worthwhile content...

True. American court is run through money, and messed up ideals. Females who cry rape don't get punished if they lied, even. It's all a mess down there (I live in Canada; it's probably the same here, but I have not much of a clue about Canada's politics).

Sorry for taking a while to reply. I've been depressed as fuck, so it's not just these messages, but everything that has slowed in my life.

(Glad we aren't in a professional environment, else these references would be shut down hard...)
Kaato69 Mar 12, 4:41 PM
Kaato69 Mar 11, 5:24 PM
How does it feel to waste 7 years of your life?
cnkbkjuh895 Mar 10, 3:49 AM
It's more a distant dream; you're right.

It was more crushing, the resulting anxiety, and depression. Yeah, talking about any serious feelings is important. It's effective to lift your mood, and/or subside your anxiety.

True. Nothing wrong with having everything listed out. And you can list some things not listed on websites. For example, I list the order of anime watched, so I can see what my first anime is, (Blend S) and my latest; both super easily.

Ohh, that's an interesting take. Now that I think about it, loneliness may be linked to interest in such subjects. Also, the female section makes a lot of sense. Less females are into 'geek culture', or whatever you'd wanna broadly call it, because the average woman has more interest surrounding them than the average man. ₛᵢₘₚₛ

The worst cultures can be learnt from, the best cultures can be borrowed from (to a certain extent). Some people are too damn scared of their culture being erased, but the important things won't ever go away, the base beliefs. That's something people look over. What makes your culture different won't disappear, because you stopped raping children as a weekend ritual, lol. (That was a bit hyperbolic, but I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say. Small beliefs borrowed into a culture won't make it fall into a slippery slope of radical changes. Unless it's being injected deliberately, and methodically, but that's some conspiracy shit... *ᶜᵒᵘᵍʰ* ʲᵉʷˢ *ᶜᵒᵘᵍʰ* jk, lmao. Been reading some neo-nazi shit recently...)

Oh, that'd be cool. I haven't watched a cartoon in, maybe 3 years, but I would still check it out; because I wonder how a community of MAL users going onto MCL (MyCartoonList) would end up like. Would it be dysfunctional, or coordinated? I guess, depends on the type of people going onto it.

That's actually really cool, helping the community of MAL to grow. Also, speaking of unconventional work, I've been translating a manga called Kyoshokujinshu (not adding the text to the manga, but translating in separate .txt files). 3 pages away from finishing the third chapter, and that's in a span of 2 days. (Ch. 1 = 35~, Ch. 2 = 30~, Ch. 3 = 25~) It's been really fun, actually. I haven't posted my translations, and I wonder if I should.

For some, I'd say religion is something to quell their anxiety about death. They can't handle the fact we won't exist once we are dead, and rush to find an answer, and that one logical fallacy comes into effect. (I forget what it's called, but it's basically this situation. Someone wishes for something to be a certain way, true, or false, so they believe in the first thing they see that tries to confirm their wishes.)
cnkbkjuh895 Mar 4, 9:09 PM
That's good thinking, having them all on the Switch. Seeing OOT looking as great as BotW would be amazing. (Not artstyle-wise, but graphics-wise.) Although, I wanna experience them all in their original graphics beforehand.

That's weird. What do you think could be causing it? Global warming, or something other? I don't really know much about environmental stuff, so I wouldn't know.

Love's weird, definitely. It does good, and bad. I've only had a single crush, and my crush was the catalyst for my dropping out of school, causing the next 4 years of depression, severe anxiety, and detachment from real life. (As in, I became emotionally unstable, and slowly accrued too much social anxiety.) But I learned so much from that experience. When you like someone, you shouldn't hesitate to tell them, mainly. You'll regret it more than with any rejection you may ever receive.

Lists are cool. A clean list is great. I'm also a bit of a list freak myself. Lists for anime, manga, light novels, non-light novel stories, visual novels, non-visual novel games, and many more. What I've viewed of all of those are listed in text documents.

I can't say anything for Game of Normies' quality, but it's definitely a 'normie' thing. I agree with you on that. Having differing opinions makes for good conversation. For example, I thought Evangelion 3.0 was close to the quality of End of Evangelion in it's storytelling. Many people say otherwise, but I still believe it. Now, I want to question why normies are a thing. Was it nurture, or nature? Most would say it's nurture, but I think it's a mixture of both. People are born with specific tastes in their genetics, and then they conform a bit into becoming a normie. So, without the intervention of societal pressure, they might've been less normie-ish, but still would've had some aspects of being one. At least, that's my opinion, and I don't know genetics for shit, so don't take my opinion as if I'm a scientist, or something.

Other cultures are an interesting thing. And it's helpful for my writing, so it's both, useful, and interesting.

MyCartoonList would be pretty cool, and having it linked with MyAnimelist's community would be even better. But MyAnimeList's staff is already working really hard, and they couldn't afford to have millions of cartoons added to their workload as well. From a different company, however, maybe. (On that topic, what do you moderate for the database?)

Yeah. I'm fine with religion, until it turns bad. Which it usually does... Helping someone commit suicide is a morally fine thing in my opinion. Stopping them is better, but helping is still morally fine, and definitely shouldn't be illegal. Also, just in general, people are sadistic. Have you heard of the Hatla Massacre? Shitty people doing shitty things. I only learned of it today on Best Gore, but they killed 30 to 60 all for their retarded, racist beliefs. That includes citizens that weren't in the opposing army.

Yeah, they'll probably secretly release it, if they ever do release it on their platform. Unlikely, but I'm hoping. (I really wanna see reactions from the outrage-type people.)

cnkbkjuh895 Feb 28, 3:05 PM
Sucks... Writing being deleted is the worst.

You definitely gotta finish OOT. All I know about Majora's Mask is it's a sequel, but in a competely different dimension, and there's a weird moon, and 72 hours to do stuff. Even before your saying so, I've heard it's better than OOT, and OOT is 9/10 for me (and the horror aspect has me intrigued). I don't know much about it, but I'm ready to play it at any time. Also, I've heard Skyward Sword has a bad control scheme, so a port would be nice, before I even have to try playing the original.

Somewhat. That analogy was a bit off, because the USB was free. If someone were to choose to steal 1, or 3 USBs, they would steal 3. That's a better way to phrase it, in my opinion.

Are insects really dying off? I haven't seen any, but that's just because it's winter right now. Once it turns warmer, I'll have to see. (Or, maybe it's just in different regions of the world.)

Yep. Happiness is the meaning of life, and finding happiness is the meaning of life before you find the meaning of life. Yeah, I didn't think about it that way, love is hard to figure out either way. It's easier to understand what it is, though, once you've experienced it. You get the general feel of it, I guess.

Creations piling up...that's basically my only problem with art. There's too much! And...normies... I don't wanna seem like an average 4channer, but I don't like normies. Mainly, the lack of difference in some people. That's the type of people I would call 'normies', because they are only normal, with no traits that are interesting at all. They don't differ, or try to be something. Like a cog in the machine, without wanting to be special in between the billions of cogs, they merely spin.

That's very interesting. So, 'best friends' in North America would be referred to as 'friends' in Germany?

True. MAL has a fair bit of stupidity, but not as much as IMDb. The users on IMDb have trash mental rating systems. With anime, or basically anything else, you gotta watch it yourself to form a full opinion, that is correct. Of course, you can have an opinion through someone else's opinion if you have great trust in someone, but that shouldn't be taken as anything in debate. Those are kinda like placeholder opinions before forming your own.

It's definitely for the better, more publicity, and all. I don't think Ishuzoku Reviewers, or any future anime, will be cancelled from western influence. At least, I hope not... If the SJWs get a hold on anime, I'll be fucking pissed. With the whole Gamergate thing a while ago, I've been hoping they don't fuck around anymore. Also, the whole comic situation is shit. I don't read comics, but I felt for comic readers when forced diversity became a thing prevalent in comics.

It might stay off the radar of many, because it may not be picked up by Crunchyroll. I'll be watching, though. Hopefully, it does get picked up, and then causes some more chaos in the sensitive media.

Yeah, threads like that are a thing. I think I added you to a list of anime lists which I could find new anime to watch from, but then, one day, I just messaged you, because it seemed like I would get along well with you.
cnkbkjuh895 Feb 21, 8:54 AM
Oh, you definitely gotta finish it. It's a great game, and 100%-ing it has been fun. You could say it's tedious, having to find all the different secrets, but I'm having fun doing it anyway. (Also, on the topic of Zelda games not finished, I haven't completed most of them... But I'm sensing that finally finishing Ocarina of Time after all this time is the last straw on the camel's back for playing them all.)

The 'if both is illegal' thing, I completely forgot. That's correct. If both are illegal, then there's no longer any output for people's feelings, and when that happens, some of them choose the most rewarding pleasure-wise, even if it's horrible. Also, your comparison to drugs is on point.

I'm definitely not prepared for anything to happen... Mentally, not fully. Physically, definitely not. But, by the time anything significant happens, in maybe 10 years, or later, I'll definitely be more prepared. The signs will be there before it even happens. At least, I hope so...

Yeah, we all have our own things to live for. That's why I believe the meaning of life is to find your own meaning. In the past, probably 9 months ago, I hated that kind of thought process. Because I was so depressed, I thought that was too optimistic, and fairytale-like. I guess, it's a thing you can only understand once you have it. Kinda like incels not having love, so they don't realize how great love is (although, I have no qualms with having no one).

Creation is amazing. I categorize art as anything created, so I love seeing differences in things created/formed. Speaking about loving differences, I love seeing different personalities, and opinions, because they are different. I love seeing different people, because they are different. I don't hate difference, because I am different from everyone else, myself. I would hate myself if I hated difference. It would be hypocritical for me to hate difference. Although, if someone had a perspective of merely themselves, and a small group of people who think almost exactly like them, then it wouldn't be hypocritical to think so. It would just be slightly narcissistic.

Yep, friends are great. By the way, we'd be friends at this point, correct?

Forming your own opinions is good, but I like a plethora of opinions, on top of mine. I like my opinion being challenged heavily, and seeing a new outlook of any certain topic by opinions I see reasonable. So, I watch the anime, but I also see opinions on it. I watch an anime, because the opinions on it are good enough, or bad enough (I like watching bad anime sometimes), but I don't let other opinions sway mine. I just use them as guideposts to find new anime to watch.

Yeah, stuff surrounding anime can be interesting. Shield Hero's rape accusation caused the anime media to get a bit riled up. Same with Goblin Slayer's rape scene. And the impending Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi shitstorm for many things you'll have to see once it starts. I don't want to spoil it, but it'll be funny seeing the reaction to the edginess. (Hopefully, it gets enough attention to even get a reaction.)

Sure did take me one hour. I don't like skimping on putting out my opinion, even if this is just a chat. Also, fun fact: I think I found you from one of those 'biggest, legit anime lists' threads.
CocoaCawfee Feb 18, 2:35 AM
Hello can you change the profile picture of Miyano in this image
horridhendy Feb 16, 3:36 AM
Almost 9,000 anime seen and InuYasha:Kanketsu-hen is 2nd in your favourites - a sign of great taste :)
Ashhk Feb 15, 11:30 AM
Most of the time I don't know the word like it's not clear in my head but I understand it, my brain get used to the translation of the sound with the subs and not to the word itself, that's why there are lot of sentence that I can't remember or say orally but I understand them while watching anime, I don't know if it's understandable xD
Ashhk Feb 15, 11:15 AM
Yes because after spending so much time listening to japanese you're completely used to it and it sounds very natural, but i'm sure if you keep up like that you will understand everything
Ashhk Feb 15, 11:04 AM
I need to check it, i'm watching it on crunchyroll so the subs are professional but it's still really funny :D

I hope I will be able to speak and read japanese too, for the moment i'm still a begginer I just understand some words and some sentence and it's really hard to understand raws
Ashhk Feb 15, 10:35 AM
Yes I enjoyed Tesagure! Bukatsumono especially for how accurate their description of the clubs was xD
You are fluent in japanese to watch that much unknown animes ?
Ashhk Feb 15, 10:30 AM
I'm trying to do the same but 150k episodes lol I hope I will be able to watch that much
Ashhk Feb 15, 10:21 AM
You really watched everything in your list ? if yes you're a god