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Gotta love the slapstick comedy. ^_^ One Piece has more of a story whereas Gintama is just comedic, but both very funny and enjoyable.
report Recommended by Grimmm
both main character are very carefree but when serious they are extremely strong. unlike naruto or some other main stream or so, gintama and one piece doesn't have a side talk/story since no one really like it and get on with the main point. although gintama doesn't really have a main point to the story besides the comedy and fighting that randomly occurs
report Recommended by pakin
One piece by story and funny characters similar to gintama TV series but it will never be Gintama :)
report Recommended by Strikersama
They both have similar storytelling methods. Both animes hardly take themselves seriously and crack joke after joke, but they have serious moments where the viewer can really connect to the characters.
report Recommended by makoa69
Both of them, are the #1 Shounen Manga, and the most entertaining animes, ever both have an amazing willpower,if you are a one piece fan boy, try Gintama
report Recommended by valenzy
Both are long series Both are comedies Both have intense action Both have a lot of meaningful stories and both have a lot of deep stories and plot
report Recommended by Professional2341
-Similar comedic style, though obviously Gintama focuses more on it -Both have characters that make the large amount of episodes worth it -Both dwell into the themes of 'protecting your nakama' more naturally than other shonen
report Recommended by thelectricow
Sure... there's a large difference, but both are on the masterpiece level both are very comedic and there is action in both animes . Do know that the first Episodes might be slow or average for many people. So it could be for you as well. But it will improve a lot afterwards.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick